15 Embarrassing One Night Stand Stories From Around The World

Woody Allen, the Academy Award-winning American film director, once said that “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing," and yeah, we all must admit he has a point. We can’t live without sex. It's a natural need and cannot be left ignored for a long time. In some way or another, we fulfill our need for that carnal pleasure, a one night stand or a long time relationship, or else we have to take matters into our own hands. Well, everyone has one or more embarrassing hookups to their name, but most people are secretive of them because they don't want to embarrass themselves, while many people feel the urge to share what they have gone through. In fact, they have "a lot" to say about those terribly embarrassing encounters they’ve had.

These 15 shocking one-night stand stories have been handpicked from a wide collection of experiences. The lust of these people made them look out for a temporary fix through ads, mobile apps, and websites. No matter how much control you have on your mind, when it comes to the image of undressing a hot dude/chick while your eyes scan them up and down and teasing and biting and actually doing the deed, even the strongest-willed people lose control. Lust is a very powerful force, and it controlled the better part of their brain that day. So, they went out, they found someone to hook up with, and began to enjoy sex. But what happened after that? Read on!


15 She’s Pregnant? Oh! I Didn’t Do That!

A guy had a pretty awesome hookup on his first one night stand but the experience had him terrified for more than a year. The girl he slept with told him that she was allergic to latex so there was no way to use a condom. So they did it without using one. After a few weeks, the guy found out that he had contracted an STD. Luckily it cleared up soon after he visited a health center and got himself treated. He heaved a sigh of relief after that day. But he was not destined to be spared. One day he got a friend request from that same girl on Facebook. When he checked her profile picture, he found out that the girl was in a hospital with a newborn baby. The terror made him have a double take and he rushed to check the date when he had had sex with her. It was 6 months prior to the date of her profile picture update. He checked like crazy for symptoms of premature childbirth in the baby, but luckily, the baby was healthy. The guy realized that he wasn’t the real father of the kid. But these incidents made him realize that sex, though fun to experience, can be very dangerous.

14 The Bad Teacher


“Miss Galore?” said a 5-year-old kid who found his half-naked teacher walking in the kitchen. It was a one night stand for her with the kid’s father whom she didn’t know well. The lady was actually thirsty and went to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Suddenly, her student appeared from behind and called her. She tried to cover herself as much as she could with a rag and turned. After seeing who was standing in front of her, she realized that she had been sleeping with one of her students' father. It had so happened that the kid’s parents were separated and the kid used to come over to his father’s place occasionally, and the lady had never met his father before. When everything got revealed and damage control went into overdrive, the woman tried her best to make the situation better and ended up making pancakes for the kid. The funny question is, how in the world did that pre-school kid recognize his teacher from behind without seeing her face? Well, the best teachers are unforgettable, even from behind, I guess.

13 Banged & Busted

A guy in his early 20s met a beautiful girl in a bar. His friends told him to go home with her and finally, he took her to his house. His friends left the bar and the boy went with the girl. A few hours later, his fun turned into a nightmare when the duo heard police sirens and violent knocks on the door. The police arrested both of them and later his friends came to find out that the girl was just 16 years old and but had criminal records in several states and other pending charges. Since the girl was a minor, the guy also got arrested. One of his friends shared the story saying that when the girl met this guy in the bar, she told him that she was 24. She did not appear to be a minor at all, his friends said. Well mistaken or not, for the police, an offence is an offence!

12 Hello Brother!


When you’re in a different city and end up at a private place, your body yearns to make things a bit risque. And you set out to find someone to hook up with. A guy in a different city was staying at his friend’s place and visited a club. Luckily, he got a girl who was also not a local. The duo went to the girl’s brother’s place who was living in the same city. The girl told the guy that her brother is out and won’t come home anytime soon. The couple started making out on the couch in the front room and things took a wrong turn from there. The door opened and the boy saw four men entering the room. He ran out of their sight and managed to hide in the bathroom. It was pretty clear that her brother arrived early. When the guy was about to escape from the window, the girl came in and said that her brother was really drunk and his friends brought him home, and that it was safe to resume their activities. Yikes.

11 The Videotape

What could be worse than meeting your one night stand partner’s ex-boyfriend? What if that angry ex-boyfriend starts recording those moments on his mobile phone? Not good, right? Such an incident actually took place with a 21-year-old guy who was lying naked in bed and with a girl, who was on top. The girl’s ex had a key to her apartment and he entered the room shouting “Now everyone is going to know how much of a slut you are.” As it turns out, the guy was frustrated because the girl had allowed her dog to lick her face before coming to bed with him, her ex, showing up with a camera added fuel to fire. But he was subdued soon enough, as the girl got furious and a big fight ensued between her and her ex. It was an awkward moment for the guy as he was just standing naked in the room while the girl’s roommate also joined the fight. Finally both the men left the place.

10 Who's The Real Daddy?


Some close friends planned a night-out. Now all of the boys had their girls except one, so he decided to go out of the bar and talk to any girl he found interesting. Having had no luck, he came back and saw a girl dancing alone. She was a mutual friend and finally, the duo clinched the deal and she took him to her house. She warned the guy not to make any noise since her father was home already. Somehow they snuck into her room and had sex. After a few minutes, the father found out that his daughter was with some other guy. He didn't waste any time and threw the boy out. While running away from her home, this guy heard something unusual and was literally shocked. He heard the girl’s father saying “Only I'm allowed to f*ck you.” Now he didn’t know if it was directed at him, or at her, but he ran straight home without stopping.

9 The Ball Smasher

This unlucky Reddit user shared his story discreetly, saying that he met a girl in college and found her cute. They both finally decided to go to her house and started to make out. Things were going pretty awesome as they had expected, but suddenly the girl got kinky. Okay, even that was handled. But something unheard of happened, which our user would never forget. When the guy was about to finish, she hit him hard in the balls and wanted him to bear the pain and reach the climax. Holding his swollen package, he did it, the poor boy had no option. Soon after that, the girl suddenly got off of him and went to sleep. The guy in pain was hardly able to stand as she had punched him very hard. After getting his balls smashed, the guy did what almost every man would have done. He left the place and never went back to her and avoided her as much as he could. Thanks to the stupid ball smasher, she taught him a very good lesson. Don't trust everyone. You might get your balls smashed! Ouch, that must've hurt like hell!


8 Sh... Happens


Things get out of control when your one night stand partner makes you clean their mess. This poor guy experienced way more than that. He picked up a girl from a local bar and they went back to his apartment. Both were drunk when they arrived home, while the boy’s roommate was playing a video game on his Xbox. The duo headed to his room, enjoyed some foreplay, and fell asleep. After an hour, the girl went out naked and peed in front of the roomie who was still playing video games. Both guys were stunned to see this and cleaned up the mess. The next morning, the duo had sex. The boy came from the bathroom, and experienced a putrid stench. The girl sprinted to the toilet pushing him away, and the guy found a puddle of her sh*t on the floor. He cleaned the floor and gave clothes to the girl. He never heard from her again.

7 The Morning Surprise

Two classmates were going to meet after a long time, and the girl decided to invite him to a party. They had a good time at the party, visited many places in the city together, then went back to her place and hooked up. The next morning, the guy got a solid punch to his head from none other than the girl’s boyfriend. Since the girl had kept him uninformed about the boyfriend, it was a shocking moment for him. Soon he stood up and punched him in return. Now the boy had no knowledge that he was her boyfriend, but eventually, he realized that and asked him to back off and settle it verbally. But even after several warnings, the boyfriend did not step back, and finally got his nose broken. The girl who had run away upon seeing her boyfriend hitting the guy, turned to his side and became furious at her classmate, eventually kicking the guy out. After all this drama, the guy left the place and vowed not to meet the girl again.

6 Please Don't Come In Dad


This guy had a pleasant night when he was alone in Vegas, but a terrible morning was awaiting him as his dad caught him in the act. His father had a flight scheduled in the morning, so the night before, the son got drunk. He was in the mood for some fun so he went out to a local club, where he met an older woman who was a divorcee. They decided to go for it. It was 7 in the morning and the duo was busy making out when the boy heard the creak of a door opening up. He rushed to the door and told his dad not to come in. His dad asked, “Why?”After mustering enough courage, he gulped and finally told him that he had a lady friend in there. He took his bag inside and continued with the lady. He later found his dad gambling in one of the casinos. Both the father and the son never discuss what happened that day.

5 Grandpa The Game Killer

A girl drove over to a guy's place for a hookup. When she got there, the guy asked her to stay outside in the car and wait as his grandfather was walking the dog outside. After a few minutes of waiting, she got the green signal as the boy’s grandpa had returned. She told him that he’s gone, so he asked her to come inside from the side gate. The nervous girl walked up and pushed the gate to go inside. She was welcomed by the grandpa who yelled at her furiously,“You’re trespassing. Get off my property. What are you doing here?” It was a scary moment but she somehow managed to tell him that she just came to see her friend. The girl then went inside with the guy who was sh*t scared of his grandfather. After a few minutes sitting on the couch, the guy said “Ok, I’m sorry, but I think it’s best that you go.” The girl then replied “It’s fine” and she left. Why the hell did this idiot invite her when he knew that his grandpa was a cockblocker?

4 Run While You Can


There are so many shocking one night stand stories and most of the Tinder stories are horrible. This story was also shared by a Tinder user who met a girl and after getting some ice cream and wasting time, they went straight to the girl’s house. While they were busy in the act and the girl was giving him a lick down there, her mom appeared. All of them were embarrassed and it led the duo to run out of the house. Luckily, the boy had his car with him, so they went to her college dorm. Once again, they got busy making out, but it was terrible, he said. The girl’s smelly vag worsened the situation. She insisted on taking a shower with her. He agreed and started waiting for the girl to go inside the bathroom. As soon as the girl stepped into the bathroom, he put on his clothes and ran away from the room.

3 It Happens Again

A girl went to Paris to meet a friend and his family there. Soon after dinner, everyone else left for the theatre while the two started to make out on the couch. Things went wild and the girl felt the guy pushing a champagne bottle into her from behind. The fun soon turned into a horrible memory when the girl started feeling her bowels moving, just as the guy’s mother stepped in to get her shawl, which she had forgotten. She found the couple naked on the couch and her son pushing a champagne bottle inside the girl from behind. The three of them were so stunned that he couldn’t think of anything other than pulling the bottle out. What happened next will totally gross you out. As you know, the girl’s bowels were in motion. The girl tried her best not to, but ended up launching a smelly piece of poop that landed on the couch in front of everyone. Can you imagine someone sh*tting on your couch next to the table where you eat everyday?

2 The Risk Taker


It was the second time this couple was meeting, because the first time, the guy was too wasted for their dinner date. The girl had fumed out of the restaurant. After many requests from the boy, she had agreed to meet him again. This time, the guy had to pick her up. The girl figured he would act normally this time, any sane person would. But she found out that he was drunk already when he came to pick her up. Their scary ride started and the guy ended up forcing the girl to kiss him. She was scared and propositioned to go for a walk instead. The duo set out for a few hours. When the guy got sober, she asked him to drive her back home. Since it was a day full of stupidity, they decided to part ways. He started forcing her for a goodbye kiss which he didn’t get. After putting their life at risk and making a fool of himself, the guy left and they never met again.

1 The Man Who Never Gave Up

What could be worse than sleeping with a person who, the entire night, couldn’t manage to get an erection? They tried their best to make things easy and less embarrassing, but nothing helped. They decided to go to sleep and passed out eventually. However, in the middle of the night, the girl found the boy on top of her. There was no glimmer of hope though, as she cast her glance down to see his package still hanging limp, with no energy in it. The girl asked him to sleep, but he was persistent. He asked her to talk dirty to him, so that they can have it up and running. As fate would have it, no magic happened and they went back to sleep. The stupidity of the guy reached its peak when, after waking up in the morning, he asked the girl to have a detailed discussion about what happened last night. Although it is obvious that not every man can be expected to act like a porn star in bed, it doesn’t mean that you can ask your partner to have a counseling session just because you couldn't perform.

Source: Reddit


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