15 Dying People Who Are About To Leave Absurd Inheritances

We'll be honest. This list is pretty harsh. On one hand, making this list means you are super rich and that life is awesome. On the other hand, it also means you're dying. Now, announcing to the world that these insanely rich people are dying and leaving behind massive fortunes is kind of sick, especially since the details on the health of many of these people are kept away from the public. Still, as humans in their 90s, each and every one of these kazillionaires are dying, and no amount of money can change that fact. In the next few years, almost all the members on this list will be gone. There may be one or two stragglers that keep on trucking for four...maybe...five years, but this is the way the world works.

We got to thinking about inheritances and wondered, who is due for a huge payday? Obviously, being the children, the spouse, and/or the siblings of a rich person pretty much means that you were already rich, but you're about to be a lot richer when that person dies. Recently, we had David Rockefeller and Henry Hillman die. Much of their combined $6 billion fortunes have now passed to their children, just as their own family fortunes were passed down to them. We decided to take a look at these incredibly old and incredibly rich people and see what kind of money is going to be passed down to their children in the not-so-distant future. Here are 15 Dying People Who are About to Leave Absurd Inheritances.

15 William Moncrief, Jr. - $1 Billion

William Moncrief Jr. is a businessman and oil man out of Texas. With an estimated worth of about $1 billion, Moncrief Jr.'s fortune came to him early. When he was 10, his father discovered a 6-billion-barrel oilfield in East Texas. From that day on, Moncrief Jr. has been a very rich man. He then turned those riches from his childhood into even more money, digging for new oilfields in places they aren't thought to be, a practice known as "wildcatting." This paid off big time for Moncrief in 2010 when he founded "Davy Jones," an offshore field that holds up to 6 trillion cubic feet of gas. That's approximately $5 billion at the lowest right prices there. Moncrief's got five kids that he'll have to divvy up his fortune to, but each are set to take in about $150 million.

14 Marcel Adams - $1.1 Billion

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Not a whole lot is known about Marcel Adams, except that he's crazy rich and 97 years old. Worth about $1.1 billion, Adams was born in Romania in 1920 and was forced to work in the labor camps during the World War II. Eventually, he fled and made his way to Quebec City, where he began working as a tanner. Not long after that, Adams invested a bunch of his money in real estate and quickly amassed a small fortune. Adams then founded Iberville Developments and began building commercial real estate. Even though he's retired now, Adams' fortune is still in his hands and will be passed down to his four children when the time comes. The estimated inheritance will amount to more than $200 million for each child.

13 Charles Munger - $1.4 Billion

Charlie Munger is Warren Buffett's partner. He was the long-time chairman of Wesco Financial Corporation and is currently the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's conglomerate. Munger got into law and founded a real estate law firm. He ended up leaving the law side but stayed in the real estate world, focusing on developments and investments. Today, Munger is worth more than $1.4 billion and his two daughters, who are both successful lawyers on their own, will become multimillionaires. This is what we assume. However, Buffet, Munger's ol' pal and partner, is a touch famous for his stinginess when it comes to his own kids' inheritance. Even though his kids are filthy rich because of him, Buffett has said that he will not be giving his entire fortune away to them. That being said, Buffett's fortune is a lot larger than Munger's at over $74 billion. We didn't include Buffett on this list because of his comments about inheritance. Besides, he's a young pup at only 86 years old. Munger's two kids should get about $600 million each.

12 George Joseph - $1.5 Billion

Worth more than $1.5 billion, the 95-year-old George Joseph is one of the few richies on this list who wasn't born into loads of money. After getting a degree from Harvard under the GI bill, Joseph started selling life insurance door to door. When he noticed that many customers asked if he also handled other types of insurance, Joseph suggested to his employer that they expand their insurance offerings. They refused, so he left and started his own insurance company, bundling the various types of insurance together. Later, Joseph saw a need for automobile insurance that offered rates dependent on your driving record, something that didn’t exist at the time (all insurance was the same price). He then started Mercury Insurance and it became a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Joseph has five children who will be benefiting from his intense wealth soon. They each will take home close to $300 million.

11 Stan Perron - $1.8 Billion

Worth more than $1.8 billion, 94-year-old Stanley Perron is a businessman who made his fortune mainly in real estate. Perron started with owning a fleet of taxis in Australia. He then moved on and built a few skating rinks. Perron first struck it rich when he invested in Pilbara, a region in Western Australia that granted him a significant percentage on any future royalties made off the land. Well, he would receive millions off that land when they found iron ore and tantalite there. He then got into trucking and the automotive industry, moved back into real estate, and then settled into investments. Perron has three children who are going to be happy and sad at some point in the next few years. Sad that their old man has passed on, but happy that they each collected more than $500 million in inheritance.

10 S. Daniel Abraham - $2.1 Billion

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S. Daniel Abraham is a 92-year-old rich man with six children. This guy didn't make the bulk of his money from real estate or investments. He made his money from health products. In 1945, Abraham saw an ad for an itch relief cream. He sought out the product and purchased the rights to it. Then, he sold it to doctors around the country. His company was called The Thompson Medical Company. Then, in the '50s, Thompson realized that America was getting a little lazy. Because they were lazy, they were getting a little tubby, and, because they were lazy, these tubbies couldn't lose the weight. So he created a gum that would make people not want to eat, calling it Slim-Mint gum. Years later, he would introduce Dexatrim weight loss pills, which made him a multimillionaire. After that came his big breadwinner, Slim-Fast. That made him into a billionaire. Now he's worth $2.1 billion and his children are set to inherit $300 million each.

9 Aloysio De Andrade Faria - $2.3 Billion

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At age 96, Aloysio de Andrade Faria is close to being the oldest billionaire in the world. Said to be worth about $2.3 billion, Faria took over for his father at the Banco da Lavoura in Brazil. He later changed the name to Banco Real and made it into one of the most successful banks in the country. After selling the bank, Faria bought one of the largest Guarana plantations in the world and got into palm oil production. Faria's five daughters are already rich, but they are going to be a lot richer in a few years. Each one of these women will inherit $400 million.

8 Alexander Spanos – $2.4 Billion

The 93-year-old Alexander Spanos is worth 2.4 billion, which is pretty incredible when you see how self-made the man is. Spanos is a well-known real estate developer and is the owner of the Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL. When he first started out, Spanos borrowed some cash and bought a truck. He then sold sandwiches to migrant workers out of the truck at lunchtime. In a few years, Spanos had made $1 million dollars. Since it was the '50s and sandwiches were like $0.10, those must have been some damn good sandwiches. He then invested that money in real estate apartment buildings. A few years later, he founded A.G. Spanos Companies. Within 20 years of that, A.G. Spanos Companies was the largest apartment building developer in the United States. Dude is rich. His four kids? They're going to be very rich as well. The inheritance for each kid will be close to $600 million.

7 David Murdock - $2.7 Billion

These days, the 94-year-old David Murdock is worth about $2.7 billion. He made his fortune in several different areas, including real estate, petroleum, mining, and beef. Murdock has only one living child after his two other sons died in tragic accidents. But we're interested in Murdock's early story. This guy was drafted into the war and went away. When he came back, he was homeless. Then, something insane happened; something out of one of those stories that are never true. This one, however, Murdock swears is factual. One day, while sitting there homeless and not selling drugs or doing anything illegal, some good Samaritan approached Murdock and said he wanted to invest in his future. He gives him $1,200, which is about $12,000 today. Murdock then buys a diner, which would cost about $6,000,000 today and turns it around for a profit. Less than a year later, he's almost doubled his money and off he starts on his journey to a billion dollars. If you're bad at math, Murdock's one child is set to take in the vast majority of his father's wealth. We're not sure on the exact numbers, but we'll be safe and say his inheritance will be around $2 billion.

6 David Consunji - $3.3 Billion

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David Consunji is one of the richest Filipinos in the world. He founded and is the current chairman of DMCI Holdings, Incorporated, a consolidation of several different contracting companies that Consunji owns, many of which he built himself. After becoming a civil engineer, Consunji worked as a concrete inspector and saw a need in the construction and contracting business. He started with D.M. Consunji and built his empire from there. Today, he is worth $3.3 billion and is 95 years old. He has eight children, a few of which already work for him. These eight children will have to split up their father's wealth, taking about $400 million each.

5 Karl-Heinz Kipp - $4.7 Billion

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Karl-Heinz Kipp is 93 years old and is worth $4.7 billion. He founded the Massa, a chain of German department stores, and that made him very rich. Even though he's sold the chains, he reinvested all that money into mega real estate. Now, he owns hotels and resorts around the world, holding some of the nicest properties ever built. He only has one living child, a daughter named Ursula, who will be bringing home a lot of bacon should Kipp ever stop living. His deceased son and his daughter both have several children as well, so the grandkids will be taken care of in every way imaginable. This makes us wish our grandpa wasn't broke. His one daughter should inherit about $2 billion.

4 Sumner Redstone - $4.9 Billion

Though he's stepped down from his appointments to protect his health (and others because this guy is a loose cannon), the 93-year-old Sumner Redstone is still a very rich and powerful man. Worth about $4.9 billion, Sumner is the majority owner of CBS Corporation and Viacom. He's essentially a media giant who owns everything. After taking over his father's chain of theaters as a young man, Redstone realized that the content was more important and lucrative than the distribution of that content. Therefore, he invested in Columbia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Orion Pictures, and Paramount, the media content makers. You know the saying, "content is king?" This guy invented that phrase. He's the real king. Later on, Redstone would purchase Paramount as well. His two kids are very rich, but if this old-timer ever does die, his children will have so much money they won't know how to spend it. They will each inherit more than $2 billion.

3 Robert Kuok - $12.2 Billion

The 93-year-old Robert Kuok is worth $12.2 billion. That's a lot of billions. When it comes to inheritance, the issue his kids have is that there's so damn many of them. Technically, there are only 7, but that's about six too many if you ask each one of the siblings. Kuok is a Malaysian-Chinese businessman and an investor. He is apparently the richest Malaysian alive. Kuok made his fortune in the sugar business and took that wealth and invested it throughout the world. He owns many bottling companies for Coca-Cola and owns the Beijing World Trade Centre. His $12.2 fortune will surely go to his children, who will probably feel slighted at receiving less than $2 billion per child.

2 Anne Cox Chambers - $18.8 Billion

At 97 years old, Anne Cox Chambers is one of the oldest billionaires around. There's some dispute about whether Chambers has already given her wealth to her three children or not. Bloomberg insists that she already did but Forbes has kept her in their list. The latest estimates on Chambers' wealth had her listed at $18.8 billion. Chambers got her money because she was born to James M. Cox, a newspaper publisher who founded Cox Enterprises. This private media company has grown into an empire throughout the years, and Chambers has a stake of interest in the company. For the past 40 years, Chambers has run the company and added to her riches, something her children will get a real taste of soon. The inheritance is said to be $5.1 billion each.

1 Liliane Bettencourt - $44 Billion

The 94-year-old Liliane Bettencourt is said to be one of the richest people in the world, who is worth about $44 billion. In fact, Bettencourt is the single richest woman in the world. Even more amazing, Bettencourt only has one child, a daughter, so in a short period of time, we will have a new richest woman in the world. Bettencourt is the daughter of Eugene Schueller, the founder of L'Oréal. Over the years, Bettencourt has just managed to stay rich, not really adding to her wealth but not damaging it either. She was involved in a big scandal in 1987 in which a famed photographer was accused of exploiting Bettencourt. He was said to have received gifts from her valuing over $1 billion. Why can't we find friends like that? Imagine getting an inheritance so large that you instantly become the richest woman in the world.

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