15 Disturbing Videos Posted On Snapchat

Snapchat originally started out as an app that allowed you to share photos that would disappear after 10 seconds. Since then, it’s mainly become known for sharing videos of all the weird and wacky stuff its users get up to - and this is when things started to get dark. A tweet or Facebook post can be easily deleted if you regret it later on, but videos have a way of living on permanently on the net and some of these Snapchat users must really wish this wasn’t true.

From celebs making themselves look ridiculous to shocking evidence of animal cruelty and other serious crimes, Snapchat has proved it has its dark side too. Lurking among all the funny and harmless posts out there on the social media app are actually some pretty haunting videos. As for the darker videos on this list, the most haunting thing about them is perhaps the fact that their posts are out there for all to see and may possibly never be erased.

You certainly won’t be able to erase some of these videos from your memory once you’ve seen them. Fancy looking at gruesome surgery videos filmed in real time? How about an intruder doing their business around someone’s home? Disturbing stuff. From videos that capture the shocking moments before tragedy to ones of disgusting animal cruelty that will hopefully come back to haunt the creeps responsible, these are 15 Snapchat videos that reveal the darker side of the popular social media tool.


15 Two Men Who Slit A Dog’s Throat

Two sick and disturbed men from Louisiana brutally tortured a dog and recorded the whole thing on snapchat. The men from Arkansas named Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler were seen in a Snapchat video taking turns torturing the helpless animal, first by wrapping a rope tightly around the dog’s neck and in the next shot, the dog is dangling off the back of the horse, being strangled by the rope attached to his collar.

The man identified as Steven Sadler in the video is then seen slitting the dog’s throat several times. Disgusting. Shortly after sharing this horrifying Snapchat story on the app, the men were arrested for animal cruelty and are currently serving a 10-year prison sentence. Police were appalled by what they saw at the crime scene. Chief Allen Campbell of the Bastrop Police said “In our line of work, we have to remain neutral but we are human. It was quite disturbing.”

14 Teen Confessed To Murder


16-year-old Christian Bandemer was accidentally shot dead in 2016 when he and his friend were allegedly "play fighting" with a loaded gun in his home in Chicago. Bandemer’s friend and accidental killer, Anthony Mendoza, posted a full confession on his Snapchat account shortly after being arrested, in which he said: “I killed Chris and now I’m going to kill myself.”

After Mendoza was arrested and led into the back of a police car, he was so consumed by guilt that he took to the social media app while on his way to the station and confessed to the killing. Mendoza was apparently showing off a loaded gun to Christian Bandemer and Bandemer’s cousin when the gun went off and fatally wounded the 16-year-old victim in the chest. Mendoza had already been charged before making his video confession, but he still took to social media to "share" his guilty conscience with the world.

13 Orlando Club Shooting Victim

On the night of the shocking nightclub shooting in Orlando back in June 2016, one woman in the club was posting regular updates of the night - sharing fun, colorful videos on Snapchat before the shooting took place in the gay nightclub Pulse. The woman sharing these happy vids from her phone was Amanda Alvear and she was about to become a victim of the fateful shooting that evening.

Suddenly, the fun and good-vibe videos she was posting to Snapchat of her and some friends turned into video evidence of one of the worst shooting massacres in recent US history. In some of Alvear’s Snapchat posts, shots could be heard firing throughout the club and she posted a video in which she was tearing up tearing up trying to describe what was happening. Sadly, Alvear’s Snapchat videos were the last time her family and friends saw her alive - she was later named as one of the 49 victims of that night.

12 Marco Pierre White Jr. Openly Snorting Drugs


Thanks to one video recorded in the spur of the moment, Snapchat, and the world media quickly found out that Marco Pierre White Jr. was a coke addict. It’s one thing when normal members of the public film themselves doing crazy sh*t, but surely celebs must be more aware of their reputation when they post things to social media? Obviously not.

The model and son of chef Marco Pierre White was seen enjoying a drink with friends in a series of now infamous Snapchat videos, before posting a video in a hotel room where he starts openly snorting a line of coke on the table. Afterward he boasted “Rich. Famous. Cars. Money. Hate me, love me - I don’t give a f**k.” Pierre White Jr. has since kicked the stuff for his current girlfriend, but it doesn’t change the fact that he came across as a total d-bag in this snapchat post.

11 Urijah Faber’s Gross Home Intruder

The thought of an intruder in your home is scary enough - they might be out to hurt you or your loved ones as well as steal some of your stuff. But then there are the unique kind of trespassers that want to leave little "intrusions" around your home if you get my meaning. This is the disgusting and freaky scene that UFC fighter Urijah Faber walked in on when a woman broke into his house in 2016.

Faber shared evidence of the creepy break-in as it happened and came across some truly disgusting things while he waited for police to arrive. He found that the female intruder had locked herself in the bathroom and defecated on the floor as well as defecating and throwing up in other areas of Faber’s home. The sick intruder was eventually arrested, but Faber had a gruesome clean-up job, as he later posted a Snapchat pic with the caption: "Urijah 'The Janitor' Faber."

10 Woman Who Accidentally Killed A Tortoise


A well-meaning but pretty dim woman spotted what she thought was a turtle stranded on the road and attempted to save it by releasing it back into the water. Oops. Unfortunately, the turtle was actually a tortoise and almost definitely unable to swim. Before she attempted to save him, the woman posted various Snapchat pics of her "rescue" mission while boasting that turtle saving was a "hobby" of hers and that she loved and cared for all creatures. Oh dear...

If only her Snapchat followers had warned her of her mistake because she soon posted a video of her "saving" the poor tortoise by dropping him into a nearby pond. What’s even more disturbing about this Snapchat post (other than the grim tortoise death) is the fact that this was a supposed "hobby" of hers! This makes us a little bit concerned about how many more poor tortoises the woman has unwittingly drowned in the past.

9 Men Who "Danced Around" With A Dead Dolphin

When a couple of young men found a dolphin corpse in their back yard, they decided it would make a fun Snapchat video if they danced around with it. The students from Cork in Ireland discovered the dead dolphin lying against a wall outside their apartment block. It’s believed that the men were having a party in their student house at the time, so they brought the dolphin corpse inside to dance around with. WTF.

In the disturbing Snapchat vid, one of the men can be seen balancing the dolphin corpse on his shoulder while dancing with it and throwing it around the room, while his friends stood back and laughed. One of the young men also threw the dolphin out the window of his student complex in Cork. The local Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals slammed the reckless teens for the Snapchat post that was uploaded in May this year, saying: “The mind boggles with people’s stupidity. Anyone with any level of awareness would know it’s not right.”


8 Kids Who Trashed Hotel Room And Didn’t Give AF


Like many social media apps, Snapchat can be a way to show off and boast about how wild and exciting your life is. When people aren’t posting luxury holiday snaps and celebrity encounters, they’re usually doing something reckless and stupid. Take these five kids, for instance, who posted a Snapchat video of them completely trashing a hotel room in Sydney back in September 2016. Trashing a hotel room may sound like the ultimate rock n' roll thing to do, but not if you’re gonna film yourselves doing it.

In the video, the young men can be seen smashing lights, crashing through walls and doors and generally just breaking every object in sight. For the sake of one “wild” Snapchat video, their trashing escapades reportedly cost around $1000 in damages. Eep. I think we’d all find it therapeutic to smash up a hotel room, but how dumb do you have to be to post the evidence online?

7 Justin Bieber’s Bust-Up With Stranger

A random onlooker came across some video gold when they caught video footage of Justin Bieber engaging in a fight with a stranger in Cleveland and saved it to Snapchat. The video saw pop star Bieber getting his ass handed to him by a man while out in public. It’s not known for sure what the fight was about, but I bet it was fun to watch. The witness who captured the whole thing on their phone soon uploaded it to Snapchat with the caption “Justin Bieber getting his ass kicked!!”

The footage was later sold to the celebrity network TMZ and thanks to one passer-by, we can all enjoy Bieber being knocked down a peg or two (quite literally!). Bieber later took to his Instagram and posted a picture of himself with seemingly no injuries on his body, with a caption that boasted “Not a scratch on this pretty boy” - I think this comment alone makes us all want to beat him up.

6 The Surgeon Who Posts Live Surgery Footage


A Miami surgeon who gives himself the name "The Real Dr. Miami" on Snapchat has become a recognizable name on the social media app. Except he’s not the star of the show – his patients are. Or more specifically, the internal organs of his patients are. Eww. That’s right, this Miami surgeon (real name Dr. Michael Salzhauer) actually broadcasts footage of his surgery - often in real time - on his Snapchat account.

Bizarrely, this gruesome stunt of sharing blood and guts with the world on a daily basis has actually helped boost the surgeon’s business. Clients who are familiar with his gross Snapchat surgery vids have actually flocked to Dr. Salzhauer in the hopes that they may be featured in his upcoming videos! (Though hopefully not voluntarily). This sounds like some kind of messed up medical reality show of the future where people audition to be cut open for likes and shares. Nasty.

5 DJ Khaled Getting Lost At Sea

Fans of the record producer superstar DJ Khaled know of his tendency to post eccentric and tongue in cheek posts on his social media - especially on Snapchat where he regularly posts pics of his not-so-fit physique in a proud fashion. But one series of Snapchat posts from the DJ were no laughing matter. Back in 2015, Khaled got lost at sea and his followers went along for the ride with him.

DJ Khaled had left a party at fellow rapper Rick Ross' house when he hopped into a jet ski and tried to make it home. While trying to navigate through the waters at night, it became clear that he was lost and he shared every moment of his panic on his Snapchat account. Followers watched as Khaled was trying to jet ski his way to safety in pitch black conditions - a scenario that could’ve been deadly for the rapper and DJ. He eventually got home safe and saw the funny side of it too.

4 Kylie Jenner Driving Under The Influence


Kylie Jenner is something of a social media queen – she’s previously been named as the single most-viewed person on Snapchat as well as enjoying a loyal following of over 94 million over on her Instagram page. But someone should have reminded Kylie of this when she decided to document a night of drunk driving on her Snapchat. The 19-year-old "model" posted a bizarre and incoherent rant on her story while it was apparent that she was also driving.

Jenner’s 2015 video on the app showed her slurring her words and looking like a bit of an embarrassing mess while she boasted that Snapchatting is a “talent and hobby” of hers. For real? It’s posting videos, Kyles, not rocket science. I suppose it is a talent if you can post one while driving drunk and not get yourself killed. Irritatingly, Jenner didn’t face any legal consequences for this stupid stunt - unlike a 20-year-old man from Tennessee who was recently arrested for Snapchatting while driving under the influence.

3 Man Spotted "Bathing" Inside A Bank Of America

Comedic actor and writer, Gil Ozeri is known for his work on hit comedy shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Children’s Hospital. But he’s also carved out a name for himself on social media too. The multi-talented funny man is known by followers of his Instagram to post bizarre pictures of himself in odd poses and situations and this only got more ridiculous when he joined Snapchat last year. As funny as Ozeri is, however, one of his most surreal Snapchat videos was of a stranger he came across.

Ozeri was out and about one day when he spotted what appeared to be a man bathing himself inside a branch of Bank Of America. The man was apparently just sat there bathing in suds while wearing a shower cap...inside a Bank of America. Gil Ozeri may be at home with bizarre and surreal comedy scenarios, but this must have taken the cake for WTF factor!

2 Teens Feeding Cigarettes To A Horse


In one disturbing video of animal cruelty, a large group of teenage thugs from the UK posted a snapchat clip that showed them feeding a number of cigarettes to a horse. One of the teenagers could be heard laughing while recording the incident on his phone – adding laughing emojis to the snapchat post. The gang of around 15 to 20 youths was gathered around the horse in a farm in Surrey and one of them can be seen continually forcing one cigarette after another into the horse's mouth.

It didn’t take long before the Snapchat post (uploaded in late March this year) made its way onto Facebook, prompting one user to say that it was “a shame the horse didn’t turn around and kick them.” That’s the least these freaks deserve. The horse’s owner and farmer, Moya Hayward, revealed to the press that her farm had been targeted before by teenagers and that she had often received threats in trying to deal with them. Monsters.

1 Guy Locked In His Bathroom For 4 Hours

We’ve all been there - you get locked inside a room 'cause the handle breaks and you think you’re destined to be stuck there forever. A scary thought, even for those of you who aren’t claustrophobic. Eventually, though, someone comes and sets you free, but what if you found yourself stuck for an hour, two hours or maybe even more? One poor guy got stuck in his bathroom for 5 hours when the door handle broke. Luckily though, he did have his phone for company and he documented the whole thing.

The man tried to escape out of the bathroom window but ended up cutting his foot on a glass candle that fell onto the floor and smashed. He then got hold of a friend to open the door for him but the handle wouldn’t work from the outside either. Unable to kick the door down, he soon called the emergency services and was freed hours after posting his original Snapchat vid. This may not sound that freaky, but coming from a claustrophobic person - this is freakin' horrible!



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