15 Disturbing Things Kids Told Their Parents

When parents reveal the creepiest things kids have ever told them, some of those stories send chills down your spine. Kids talk a lot and say many strange things every day, but you can never imagine just how disturbing and creepy they can be.

It is said that kids can see ghosts, they make imaginary friends, they communicate with spirits of the dead, and they can also see their previous life and explain how they died. Such cases are rare and don’t happen with everyone, but when such events take place, parents get to hear some of the most disturbing things from their kids. Some kids draw terrifying objects, while some kids just behave like they need an exorcism or a serious counselling session.

As we grow older, the memories start going away, but what remains is the terror of those unwanted experiences. It’s totally strange how sometimes things take a terrifying turn when parents hear something truly unbelievable from their kids without any warning.

In the spirit of finding the most disturbing kids stories, we have found some creepy things kids have said to their parents. Prepare to be terrified as these 15 stories will make you keep the lights on tonight. The stories are disturbing enough to put any horror movie to shame. If you think that this is an overstatement, just read all of them carefully and ask yourself what you’d have done if these kids had told you the same creepy things they told their parents.


15 The Scariest Moment For This Dad

Imagine someday you find out that your six-year-old daughter is planning to kill you, what would you do? A Redditor claims that his daughter scared him when she said that she is going to run over his head with the car when she turns seven. In the father’s own words, he described the incident saying that his daughter was in the back seat of the car and suddenly she told him that as soon as she turns seven, she will kill her father. When the dad asked her how she is going to kill him, she smiled and said: "I'm gonna drive over your head with this car." Soon after saying this to her dad, she said “oh! I am already eight.” Can you imagine living with a kid who is apparently planning your murder? Well, you have to because she’s just a kid and kids say random things, but what would you do if your kid sitting in the back seat predicts an accident accurately which is going to happen in just the next five minutes? Read on to see how the parents reacted.

14 This Kid Predicted A Car Crash He Was Going To Be In


“I don’t want to get glass on my face,” said a 5-year-old who started covering himself in a blanket during a 16-hour long drive. His parents revealed that the family was on a snowy highway and the kid started becoming restless. He covered himself out of fear of an accident, which happened a few seconds later. The family witnessed a pick-up truck carrying snowmobiles get hit while pulling out in front of some cars and a tractor. Fortunately, the family didn’t get hurt, but what their kid said left everyone speechless because he knew that an accident was going to take place in a few seconds. Have you ever heard your child saying something creepy like this? Next time, pay attention to what your kid has to say and if he says something creepy and unusual, be very careful because these special children know more than what we see. At least, in this case, we have no other option than to believe this kid’s sixth sense.

13 Daddy, Let's Bury The Newborn Because He's A Monster

There are times when kids don’t know what to say, especially when you introduce them to their newborn sibling for the first time, they either stare at them or try to touch them. But this 3-year-old girl said something creepy her parents couldn’t believe. When she was standing next to her brother who was just born, she suggested her dad bury the infant because she saw a monster, not a normal child. In her own words, she said: "Daddy it’s a monster, we should bury it." It’s pretty scary how a 3-year-old can speak that way. There are many uncultured families where people speak to each other in this way and kids learn from them, but these parents find it creepy and highly disturbing, which makes it very clear that what the little girl said was obviously not the case of bad parenting. She simply said what was in her heart or she saw something beyond what her parents could see at that time.

12 But Who's That Behind You?


Night terrors are common among kids where they see imaginary people and creatures who look menacing. If you or your kids don’t experience them, you’re lucky, but this mom is not. A mother shared her story on Reddit saying that her daughter was just 5 years old when she said something disturbing. The girl used to scream at the night and was terrified because of her dreams. Her mother said that one day when the little girl was screaming in the night, she held her daughter saying “mama is here,” and in response to her mother’s comforting words, the little girl said “mama? But who is that behind you?” The girl was obviously talking about someone she saw standing behind her mother but according to the woman, there was no one when she looked back. Don't you think that if you were home alone with your kid and your kid said that to you, you would sh*t your pants?

11 His Dead Grandmother Sings To Him

A lady was sitting with her sister and brother-in-law and was speaking about her father who died a few days ago. When everyone was speaking about the dead and thinking of fond memories, her nephew said something that left everyone stunned. The lady’s brother-in-law showed her the photograph of his mother who died when he was just six, and the kid started laughing. When everyone asked what’s funny in that and why he was laughing, the little kid revealed that he knows that lady (his grandmother) who was in the photograph. According to the kid, his grandmother comes to him every night and sings for him. "That's my special friend who sings to me," said the kid while staring at the photo and laughing. Creepy things get done and said many times, but this is something that is probably an answer to the most popular question “is there a life after death?”

10 She Wanted To Go Back To Her “Real Mother And Sister,” And Sadly, She Went


A 4-year-old girl called her mother by name for the first time and told her that she wanted to go back to her real mom and sister. The girl saw her family from her previous life, and told the lady that she had to leave to go back to her real family. Sadly, the little girl died three months after this prediction, but she left the world with an accurate prediction. The girl told her mother that "you would be having your own daughter and that baby will call you mom." The prediction turned out to be true as the woman later found that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a girl and the second child called her mom. It’s unbelievable how a 4-year-old can predict her own death and also the birth of a new child in the family. The girl’s aunt shared the story calling it one of the saddest and the creepiest things she heard a child telling their parents.

9 So, That Dream Really Happened?

When conspiracy theorists speak about aliens, most of us make fun of them and some people even try to disprove claims. What would you say if a 3-year old kid talks about aliens when he was never told about such things? One night a woman had a dream in which an alien was taking away her oldest son (who was 3 years old). The woman saw that the alien was holding the kid’s hand and was trying to pull him towards the window. The woman was about to scream out of fear, and then she woke up. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see her son turning the lights on in her room. The kid turned towards her and said “it’s ok mommy. The alien is gone.” This is not the first time a kid spoke about aliens, there are many kids who were never told about such things but claimed to have seen people who do not belong to the earth.


8 This Frightening Good Night Wish


A father of a two-year-old boy wished his son good night before going to bed but what this kid said was so terrifying. The son replied, “Goodbye dad.” The father then wanted to correct him so he told him that they don't say "goodbye," they simply say good night. After hearing this, the kid said that he knows how to wish someone good night but it was the time for him to say goodbye. The father on a Reddit thread says that he had to check on him several times to make sure that his son was alive and was still there. He said that the kid’s words, “I know, but this time it’s goodbye” left him speechless and he couldn't sleep because the experience was completely terrifying. He said it was a very disturbing thing for a father to hear from his two year old kid.

7 She Wanted To Play With The "Lonely Little Blue Girl"

A 3-year-old girl had the flu and soon after recovering, her mother took her out in the backyard to play with her. The mother was sitting and the little girl came back to her asking if she could play with the little girl sitting on the slide. The woman was shocked to see that there was no one on the slide and told the daughter that she couldn’t see anyone. The little girl then pointed towards the slide saying that there is a blue girl on the slide and she wants to play with her. The little girl insisted, asking her mother why can’t she play with her. The lady got scared and brought the kid back inside the house. The kid later told her mother that the little blue girl was lonely and she kept going outside to see the “blue girl” throughout the day and kept telling her mother about it.

6 This Kid Didn't Just Say It, He Did It


A father took his kid to a swimming pool and the kid suddenly told him “Daddy sleep.” It doesn’t sound scary because you haven’t read the full story shared by the dad. The dad revealed that when the kid asked him to sleep, the kid was actually pushing the father’s head underwater in the pool. Now, what would you call it? The kid was just playing with Dad and playfully he did so, or he was possessed and needed an exorcism as the demon inside him was trying to drown the man. We can only assume what the mind makes us believe, but the father, of course, was terrified because the words his kid said were disturbing. Who suggests someone sleep when in a pool and tries to push their head underwater? If your kids do the same to you, would you be able to see them in the same way again?

5 This Little Girl Used To Communicate With Spirits

A father used to take his 3-year -old daughter with him on his way to work every day. They took the same route every day and when they would cross an old cemetery on the way, the little girl in the back seat used to tell her father that people "in there" wave at her every day. One day she said that there's a school, some people, and a store. The father then told her that it's a cemetery and he explained what a cemetery is but the girl didn’t accept it. He was sharing these things with one of his friends and later they found that years ago there was a school and a store in that place. It was also discovered that a war was fought there and the soldiers were buried in that area. These revelations terrified the father, but what made him freak out is the fact that one day a lady (spirit) was asking the little girl to come in there. When the girl told this to her father, he never took the same route again.

4 He Died On The Titanic (And Was Born The Same Day)


A boy was born on April 15, 1992, the anniversary of the day the Titanic sunk. It doesn’t make his story creepy in anyway, but when he spoke out about his fear of water, it was a clear indication that he had some sort of connection with the ship. When the kid was three or four years old, he revealed the shocking reason why he was terrified of water during his childhood. He told his family that he was in a ship which was unsinkable. The ship hit an iceberg and everyone seemed to be very busy there. He felt cold and got completely wet. Soon after that he found himself in a room full of bright light and waited until this family came to him. Now, remember his birth date, which is the same day when the Titanic disappeared forever. Do you think that this boy is one of those 1500 plus people who died in the sinking of the Titanic?

3 A Car Will Hit Mommy, Very Soon

A little girl kept telling strange things to her father but he didn’t pay much attention to it. One day, she was repeatedly telling him that her mother stood in front of a car and the car squashed her mother like a shoelace. These words caught the attention of her parents and one day the father heard her saying "my mum got hit by a car and she died! We were all crying!" He shared this with his wife and his wife thought that the girl was probably speaking about something she saw in her dream. The mother asked the same thing to her daughter and got a shocking response. The little girl said “you were walking on the road and a car squashed you. Everyone was sad.” The mother asked her when she saw all this, the girl replied “Soon!” For obvious reason, the mother got upset and the family was terrified after hearing this from a 2-year-old.

2 This Kid Found Another Annabelle “Doll”


A man shared his creepy story about his 3-year-old son. One day, the kid said that he heard something in the basement and when he came back from there, he was holding a doll in his hand. According to the kid, its name is “Doll” and the doll tells him stories. When the father asked the kid what kind of stories the doll tells him, the kid replied: “Far away time, Doll was big big!” The kid said that the doll loves playing a game called “lay down and be quiet forever.” The scared dad then asked the kid to reveal more and the baby boy said that the doll flies here and there. In a sad tone, the kid told his father that when the doll opens its eyes, it hurts. “Close eyes Dada,” the kid told his father. One day the father asked the kid if he wanted to lay the doll down to sleep, the kid suddenly stopped and looked him dead in the eyes saying “No, tonight Doll say stay up, run around all night!”

1 Was She Possessed By A Demon?

A two and half year old girl who could barely speak two word sentences left her mother in shock one morning. Her mother remembers the day saying that she was half awake and felt like someone was watching her. She was very careful as she didn’t want to disturb the kid, but in the next moment, she saw her daughter standing near the bed holding a knife. The woman felt a change in the room’s air and she immediately jumped out of bad. She saw that her daughter was wearing her dad’s work boots, wearing a Dora mask and a diaper. The mother yelled and asked, "what the hell are you doing?" The daughter didn’t move an inch and said in soft voice "I’m watching you 'leep.'" The mother says that the word “leep” could be “sleep” which the girl didn't pronounce properly, but how was she able to do that much and say that long sentence without a pause?

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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