15 Disturbing Things Hot Celebrities Do To Stay Skinny

It’s not easy being a celebrity when it comes to working in Hollywood. There are certain expectations when it comes to their weight and living in the standards of what the industry considers to be bea

It’s not easy being a celebrity when it comes to working in Hollywood. There are certain expectations when it comes to their weight and living in the standards of what the industry considers to be beautiful. They’re not like us; they can’t just indulge on French fries and cheeseburgers whenever they want to even when they tell you differently. I can’t tell you how many celebrity interviews I’ve watched where they gush about all the French fries they are eating, and then you look at their perfectly toned bodies and think: LIES! It’s all just been a pack of lies. Just look around Hollywood, and you will see that there isn’t much body fat going on there. Even Jonah Hill went on a diet in order to be part of the movers and shakers like Leonardo DiCaprio. They are expected to be thin even if it affects their health. Celebrities will go to many extremes especially if they have to quickly prepare for a role or go to an event like the awards shows where cameras will be everywhere.

Celebrities may tell you that they eat perfectly healthy and stay on a proper workout regime to stay in shape, but there are many that do some pretty drastic and sometimes scary things to stay in shape. They will tell you that they have good genes inherited from a grandmother in Paris - but don’t buy into it. They are not pounding down Reese peanut butter cups and having their good genes save them. Here’s what the celebrities are really doing to stay so thin.

15 They Drink Massive Amounts of Coffee

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We aren’t talking about our version of drinking lots of coffee. I know myself that my eyes will not even open properly unless I’ve had about three cups in the morning…and then three more in the afternoon. But these starlets are on a whole new level. Often you will see photos of celebs walking around with their Starbucks cups, and you may assume that it’s just the extra caffeine they need in their life, but that’s not the case at all. Caffeine can actually be used as an appetite suppressant if used in excess. Plus, it also gives you more energy, so you are likely to keep moving. It’s not healthy however; it may be a short-term fix, but long term caffeine creates a stress response that actually causes cortisol and insulin to rise which tells the body to store fat not lose it.

14 They Take Heavy Drugs

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I’m not talking about the over the counter diet pills, but more like cocaine and heroin. Lindsay Lohan has been pulled over and arrested on more than one occasion for drunk-driving, and on one occasion the officers found cocaine in her pocket. She wouldn’t be the only young starlet that did the same thing. Paris Hilton has also admitted to taking Adderall for her supposed ADD. Both of these drugs are known to be used for weight loss, and any decent party girl will have access to these types of drugs in large quantities. These days, young celebrities are using Adderall as a tool to diet, and they are becoming addicted to the pill in the process. Celebs like Paris have been arrested over the years, and Adderall has been found in their purses. It’s great for party girls because it helps them stay awake longer and completely kills their appetite for food.

13 They Are Obsessed with the Gym

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Going to the gym and keeping in shape is key for anyone to live a healthy lifestyle but a good thing can become bad thing quickly if it’s done in excess. For a celebrity, it’s literally their job to stay in shape, or they may not get the next gig that they want. So they will do anything to keep in shape. When a celebrity has a fitness goal, they can often go to extremes to achieve it. Kate Hudson was desperate to shed the baby weight after giving birth to Ryder, and it’s rumored that she spent three hours in the gym daily for three months to get it off. A general manager at a Hollywood gym by the name of Amber Kenain said this about a certain celebrity: “there’s one singer-actress who works out at my gym for about five hours a day, even on weekends. She spent her birthday here.”

12 Boiled Eggs for Everyone!

When it comes to getting ready for an event or a role, a celebrity will go to any extreme to get her body to where it needs to be. There were rumors that swirled around the set of Cold Mountain about a famous celebrity that refused to eat anything but boiled eggs all day long. It was like it was her whole diet. She would have them for breakfast and then again before the night was over and that was all she ate the whole day. It’s not even unusual, David Kirsch who is a celebrity trainer says, “I had a client who was getting ready for the Oscars and all she ate was one meal a day - of two boiled eggs! I was able to persuade her to add some almonds and a protein shake and some vitamin supplements. It's a self-defeating strategy, you need to eat enough, and particularly protein, to build lean and toned muscle in the first place."

11 The Liquid Diet

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There are a lot of dieting fads going on in the world these days, many companies that claim it’s the best way to lose weight. One of those diet schemes is the liquid diet. Many celebrities will completely forgo solid foods when it comes to fitting into that dress for awards night. There have been so many celebrities spotted at functions or dinners with their friends, and you will see them sipping on water all night. Marcia Cross admitted to how difficult it is to stay slim in the industry, “it’s like they pay me not to eat. It’s a living hell.” She wouldn’t be the first celebrity that felt that way I’m sure. Some of the fads these celebs are following are ones like the Lemonade Diet, Master Cleanse or Dreamgirls. It’s not just women either; many male celebs will do the same in order to drop weight quickly. Jared Leto did a Master Cleanse when he had to shed fat quickly for a role.

10 They Fast

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Ahhhh…not eating. I couldn’t live in a world in which I spent days not eating or eating very little. But the reality for these stars is they often fast if they are required to lose weight quickly. The shocking thing is that they will still go to the gym to burn off calories even though they aren’t eating. Paris Hilton visited Nobu recently and when the waiter asked what she wanted all she ordered was mineral water. Many stars will go whole days without eating, and Marcia Cross is one celebrity that doesn’t stay quiet about it. She has often been spotted dining with her husband Tom Mahoney and even though he’s eating a full meal she will often sit there and sip juice. “Not eating is a constant struggle.” Gunnar Peterson calls this process, "You're an idiot" diet. "I had a client who did it, and I thought he was ill. His skin was grey, and his eyes had terrible dark circles under them. He was shuffling when he walked, and this was after only ten days!"

9 Using IV’s

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If you think that fasting and juice diets are bad well, you are in for a rude awakening with this one. There is something in the celebrity world called the IV diet, and it’s no joke. Imagine getting your nutrients through IV; it sounds like madness to the average person, but celebrities are doing it all the time. They check themselves into a fancy hospital to get the nutrients their body needs without having to eat at all. Who knows why they do these maddening things, at the very least they should be consuming juice or smoothies. They are willing to go through sticking a needle in their arm than risking having to gain any weight. It’s a horrifying and very dangerous way of living. It’s just one more reason why living the life of a celebrity isn’t as glamorous as they make it out to be.

8 They Use Laxative Teas


Just saying laxative teas make me shudder in horror…it just sounds wrong. Ya know? What is wrong with these people? When it comes to losing weight, though, these celebrities don’t mess around, they mean business. Britney Spears is one celebrity that eats whatever the hell she wants; she doesn’t care if it’s late night Taco Bell - if she wants it she goes for it. So she has to work extra hard to keep the weight off and has admitted that’s why she smokes, drinks Red Bull, coffee and has Adderall in her purse. The other thing she keeps with her at all times is laxative tea. Again, she is not the only one engaging in this bizarre behavior. Many actresses are drinking this diet tea pumped full of laxatives, and they are doing it up to ten times a day. "The latest trend among models is mixing laxative tea with the master cleanse diet. All they drink is master cleanse and laxative tea."

7 Smoking

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There's nothing like using smoking as a means of eating throughout the day; after all, it is just chocked full of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs...not. A lot of people smoke, not just some celebrities; but most people don’t use it as a means of losing weight, and we can all generally agree that it's not good for you. It’s commonly known that if you quit smoking that chances are you gain more weight, it’s because smoking kills your appetite and if you’re not smoking, then you are probably eating. Katherine Heigl is most known for her role on Grey’s Anatomy before she screwed up her own career, and she was well known for taking the opportunity to light up every chance she got. She’s not the first, and she certainly won’t be the last. When it comes to losing weight, if it means getting the role of your life, celebs will do anything.

6 They Become Peanut Eaters

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Celebrities are weird. You know it, and I know it. I’m not talking about adding peanuts to your diet cause lets face it lots of people eat peanuts. Unless you are allergic to them in which case I’m sorry for your loss. What celebrities are doing is just eating peanuts alone. As soon as they start feeling those hunger pains, they pop a handful of peanuts in their mouth and carry on with their day. Gelband is a trainer for supermodels, and he said this about one of his clients: "I had one girl who was living on Diet Coke and peanuts. She drank three to five Diet Cokes a day and ate a big bag of nuts. If she got hungry, she smoked. Her eyes had huge bags under them, and she looked wasted. When we tried to work out, we had to stop every five minutes. It was awful."

5 Hormone Injections

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There are just some things you shouldn’t do to your body and messing with hormones is one of them. When it comes to staying, thin celebrities don’t care if they have to inject themselves with substances that could result in harm. One such diet is called the HCG diet, and it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone that shows up in your body when you’re pregnant. They are also required to stay on a low-calorie diet while doing the injections. It’s crazy because the weight loss is probably due to the low-calorie diet and these celebs are just injecting themselves with these harmful chemicals for no reason. They take a lot of risks on their bodies which is unfortunate because risking your health is not worth getting in that Vera Wang dress. But these celebrities are actually engaging in these weird fads just to drop a few pounds.

4 They Wear the Patch

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You know when you want to quit smoking you can get those Nicorette patches as a means of quitting? Celebrities, however, are using them as a weight loss fix. The weird thing is these celebrities aren’t even trying to quit smoking or don’t smoke at all, but they will put the patch on as a means of killing their appetite, so they don’t have the desire to eat. Crazy right? But it’s just another wild way for them to either keep weight off or to shed the pounds. Peterson says: "I had one guy using a Nicorette patch, not to quit smoking but to stop food cravings! This is a ridiculous approach and definitely won't work." Celebrity trainers all over are constantly freaking out over these weird fads that their clients come up with. Why not stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine?

3 The Baby Food Diet

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I’m not going to lie, I actually know people that do this, and they aren’t even pulling in million dollar paychecks. Anyways, we have heard a lot about many diet fads that celebrities use to lose weight and one is the baby food diet. I honestly don’t know how they are doing it because I rejected baby food as a baby, so there’s no way I’m putting it in my mouth as an adult. For the ones that aren’t into a liquid diet, this one has a tad bit more texture to it. You would be shocked by the names attached to this diet of pureed vegetables. Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even the lovely Jennifer Aniston are shoveling in food that was essentially made for people without teeth. Celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson could be responsible for the trend. “I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity and break bad habits but still have your digestive system going. That’s when the baby food cleanse was born. You get to eat all day, these little puree things, and the chocolate pudding I did is pretty killer.” Gross.

2 They Wear Corsets…and Not the Sexy Kind

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Oh, the things women do to themselves to stay thin and beautiful. One of the most beautiful bodies in Hollywood could be attributed to Jessica Alba, and she’s had a baby! When people asked her how she lost the baby weight, she didn’t bother to be coy and say she had good genes. She openly admitted that she wore a double corset every day…all day and night! Ouch! I couldn’t even imagine it. She didn’t do it just for a night out on the town. Even if she were watching TV, she would crunch those insides no matter what. Alba can attest to the pain she endured: “it was brutal. It’s not for everyone.” Can anyone imagine themselves dealing with a newborn while at the same time wearing something that should have stayed back in the Victorian era? You almost feel sorry for these celebrities until you remember that it was their idea.

1 They Drink Vinegar

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I’ve tried it, and I’ll never do it again. It was suggested to be by a trainer I once had, and if you’ve never tried to drink vinegar straight, you have no idea the torture involved in getting your throat to actually swallow the mess. Megan Fox is a huge supporter of drinking vinegar. There’s no doubt about it; she’s one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, and that body she has is killer. After having multiple children, people wanted to know her secret to that body. Her secret is that she takes a shot of apple cider vinegar every day. Heidi Klum is another celebrity that does the same thing. There’s no doubt that apple cider vinegar has some great health benefits to it but health experts advise against it because drinking straight vinegar is hard on your system. Celebrities are using it as a means of cleansing their system.



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15 Disturbing Things Hot Celebrities Do To Stay Skinny