15 Disturbing Stories Of Twins Who Were Way Too Close

Siblings have a connection that many people can't understand, but twins, especially those that are identical, are connected in a way that's unmatched. Physicians have documented twins that make up their own languages and dress exactly the same for the entirety of their lives — and there's nothing wrong with that. Things get a tad sketchy when siblings who shared a womb together, start developing habits that result in the deaths of others. There are plenty of true crime shows that tell stories of friends, couples, and siblings who kill together, but twins who commit violent crimes are especially interesting. Researchers try to study if people are born with killer instincts and have been debating the nature versus nurture topic for decades. What happens when a murderer shares the same DNA as their twin? Does that mean they're also prone to devious behaviors?

The sets of twins on this list are closer than most siblings who share the same face, some even more so because they relied on their other half to help carry out terrible misdeeds. There is the tale of the twin who was so dedicated to his brother that he went to prison in his place more than once, yet there are the sisters that have a severed relationship because one tried to kill the other out of jealousy. For those of you who always wished that you had a twin sister or brother, you may change your mind after reading about these siblings.

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15 The Street Walking Twins

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When Katelyn and Sarah Lothrop were 19-years-old, the North Carolina natives were both arrested on prostitution charges. The teens were advertising their sexual services on Backpage.com under the names "Kerri" and "Krystal." They had help from their so-called pimp Michael Lewis who was also taken into custody and charged with aiding and abetting prostitution. He would rent hotel rooms for the girls and he was responsible for monitoring their online presence by booking their clients.

The identical fake redheads were both charged with aiding and abetting prostitution, but Sarah found herself in more trouble. She had additional charges of assault, communicating threats, and breaking and entering. You can take a guess at which twin was the one with the wild side. Blame it on the hair color.

14 The Evil Twins

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Pat and Pete Bondurant, also known as the Big Boy Killers, were convicted back in 1991 of second-degree murder. The twins both weighed in at 300 pounds and in their small Tennessee town they had a following of young people who treated them like drug lords. In 1986 Gwen Dugger and her brother Ken visited the brothers' farmhouse where Ken's car had broken down. Pete was attracted to her and while Ken went off to take care of the car, Pete and Pat drugged Gwen. She was raped while unconscious before Pat beat her to death with an ax handle. Pete then got a gun and shot her twice. Pete served 25 years in prison for the crime before being released and Pat has a scheduled parole hearing in 2019. Who knows what these two will be up to once they get back together.

13 Ursula and Sabina Eriksson

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Swedish twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson took the media by storm in 2008 when the two had some sort of twins-ish mental breakdown. While riding public transportation, the driver of the bus thought the women were acting strangely so they were asked to leave. Later they were walking down the side of a highway when all of a sudden they both attempted to cross but were hit by cars. When the police came, Sabina was arrested for punching a cop and Ursula was rushed to the hospital. Later on that year Sabina served one day in jail for assault, and upon leaving she walked down the street with nowhere to go. She ran into Glenn Hollinshead who was walking his dog and after talking, he took pity on her and invited her to stay in his home. Sabina stabbed Glenn to death with a kitchen knife, fled the scene, and was later found hitting herself in the head with a hammer before jumping off a 40 foot bridge. She survived and was sentenced to five years in prison because of her mental state.

12 The Mother-Killing Twins

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Jasmiyah (Jas) and Tasmiyah (Tas) Whitehead were girl scouts and honor students, but the twins went over to the dark side in their teenage years. They lived with their great-grandmother for two years before they moved back in with their mother, Jarmecca Nikki Whitehead, who lived in Georgia. In 2010 Jarmecca was found beaten and stabbed, and according to Jas and Tas they just happened to stumble across the gruesome scene when they got home from school. However, a week before Jarmecca was killed, she called the police three times complaining that her teen twins were unruly and unstable. During the trial, the great-grandmother testified that when the girls lived with her, she had to put deadbolt locks on her bedroom door because they kept stealing from her. The both pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and were sentenced to 30 years in prison.

11 The Confusingly Named Twins

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Lisa Rose and Liza Rose Trout (seriously?) not only shared DNA and nearly-identical names, but they also shared space on the same prison block. The craziest part about it? They were there for completely separate crimes. Liza made her way to jail first and was locked up for a pending DUI charge — her third since 2009. Her identical twin Lisa joined her on charges of child endangerment after dispatch was flooded with calls from people on the street who complained of an extremely drunk woman pushing a kid in a stroller. She ran the stroller into the street sign.

The stroller fell over with the child inside and Lisa left it there for minutes as she talked to herself and tried picking up items off the ground. Too bad those items didn't exist and she was just grasping for air. Lisa's boyfriend said that she had a problem with abusing prescription drugs.

10 The Stabbing Twins

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Parties are supposed to be relaxing environments where people go to socialize and hopefully not end the night by making poor decisions. Khiry Ford thought he was going to spend an evening hanging out with friends, but instead he was stabbed repeatedly in his chest, back, legs, and rear end. His attackers were 19-year-old twins Deo and Charles Tamale who assaulted Khiry after he confronted them about stealing phones from other people at a party.

After the twins were arrested, the pair even were recorded telling their friends on the outside to find the person who was giving details about their crime to the police. They were both convicted of murder and found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice for their efforts to nobble witnesses.

9 The Mentally Ill Twins

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Some siblings need more help than others, and such was the case of 48-year-old twins Edwin and Edward Berndt. Their neighbor called the police to say that they hadn't seen or heard from 88-year-old Sybil Berndt, the twins' mother, for months. When they showed up to check on her, officers discovered a home in disarray. The stench was terrible and there were flies living in the curtains. When they searched the house they came across Sybil's dead body on the floor, face down. The twins told investigators that while they were watching the NCAA football championship game, their mother walked into the room, slipped and fell. For three days she lay there conscious and talking until she finally died. The men just left her there. They were charged with murder but a jury saw differently and didn't think the twins should have been arrested in the first place. One of the brothers was found to be severely mentally disabled while the other was diagnosed with having Asperger's syndrome.

8 The Violent Twins

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Peter and Michael Versluys were arrested and charged with rape and brutal beating after the assaulted a prostitute. The two hired the woman to perform sex acts on the both of them but once she was finished they refused to pay her. They beat her, one of them with a baton, and then stole her pants and ran off. The victim was left on the street and a pedestrian walking by found her and helped her. She had a broken nose, injuries to her head, and multiple fractures on her face. She has to have surgery and received a metal plate, 20 titanium screws, eight staples in her scalp, and molded plastic to fix her nose.

During the trial Peter said he was remorseful and he claimed that the incident was a result of him being drunk and high on LSD. He received 23 to 50 years in prison for sexual assault and armed robbery. Another six to 15 were added on for the beating. Michael received 12 to 30 years.

7 The Dedicated Twin

Ronald Anderson had a bad habit of getting into physical altercations with his wife, resulting in his arrest. When police officers responded to a call that Ronald had choked his wife until she was unconscious, they arrested him, only to discover that he was already in jail. In fact, they had arrested Ronald, but his identical twin Donald was serving time on his brother's behalf. He told investigators that he had taken the fall for his twin multiple times during their lives, including serving in the military by going to Korea in place of his brother. Ronald repeatedly had run-ins with the law and for whatever reason, Donald always served his brother's time so that he could enjoy freedom, no matter how terrible of a person he was. This is the complete opposite of sibling rivalry. Donald should be indebted to Ronald for life.

6 The Jealous Twin

The Hanz twins story was one that gathered much publicity when the media caught wind of the jealousy that almost resulted in one sister killing the other. By all accounts, Sunny and Gina were close identical twins who loved each other. They shared almost everything — even becoming co-valedictorians in high school. However, things went sour when Sunny went to jail for stealing her friend's credit card before doing a little shopping. Gina was no angel, either; she reportedly stole $40,000 from both family and friends, so Sunny pressed charges against her for grand theft. When they were 22, Gina bought garbage bags and Pine Sol and had two teenage boys as her accomplices on her attack against her sister. They tied up Sunny and her roommate and placed them in the bathtub before police burst in to save them. Gina was sentenced to 26 years in prison and begged for her sister's forgiveness.

5 The Mail Bomb Twins

Scottsdale, Arizona diversity director Don Logan was seriously  injured when a package that was mailed to him exploded in his hands. Fingers pointed to identical twins Dennis and Daniel Mahon who were known to be vocal racists and members of the Ku Klux Klan. In their 60s, the twins stood accused of building and delivering the bomb to the African American government official, an act a judge deemed to be "domestic terrorism." Daniel was acquitted of all charges, however his brother was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Throughout the investigation and the trial Dennis always claimed that he had nothing to do with the bombing, but a female informant told detectives that the crime was carried out on behalf of White Aryan Resistance.

4 The Murder-For-Hire Twins

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In 1992, Betty Wilson went to an AA meeting only to return home and find her husband, Jack Wilson, beaten and stabbed to death in their home. She told police that she had no idea how or why her husband was killed, but during their investigation they came across a man named James White, an alcoholic with a shady reputation, who said that he was hired by another woman named Peggy Lowe to murder Jack. Police would soon find out that Betty and Peggy were twin sisters. Peggy worked as a first grade teacher and Jack was a handyman at the school. She paid him $5,000 to carry out the crime.

In separate trials Peggy was acquitted and Betty was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life without parole. Peggy's attorney's painted her out to be a wonderful church lady who would never hurt anyone. Even though James confessed to the crime, he later recanted. He was sentenced to life in prison.

3 The Death Row Twins

Florida twins Donte and Dante (really?) Hall stood accused of killing two men at a house party back in 2006. Donte's girlfriend, a stripper named Angel Glenn, was hired by someone at the party and when she arrived, she realized it was a perfect opportunity for a robbery. She called Donte and told him he should come by because there were lots of valuable items there that they could steal. He showed up with an AK-47 rifle along with Dante who was also armed and a scuffle occurred that resulted in the deaths of two men at the party. Donte was convicted of first-degree murder and a jury voted in favor of the death penalty. Dante, however, was also found guilty but was sentenced to life without parole. The reason Dante got a lesser sentence is because the jury believed that he was there during the altercation, but they weren't convinced that he actually shot anyone.

2 The Killer Twins

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Killing must have been in Stephen and Robert Bruce Spahalski's genetic makeup because these twins were murderers without even knowing about the other's evil deeds. Stephen was the first to act on his killer instincts while he was a teenager when he stabbed a store owner to death. His life was riddled with crimes including kidnapping, robbery, and violating his parole. While locked up, a corrections officer showed him a newspaper article about his brother who had been recently arrested. Robert strangled his female neighbor, his female best friend, and his girlfriend. He confessed to all of the crimes nearly 15 years after they occurred and said that many of his killings were because of his violent cocaine habit.

1 The Silent Twins

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The curious case of June and Jennifer Gibbons is one of the creepiest twin stories in history. The girls were called the "Silent Twins" because they refused to communicate with anyone other than their immediate family. They developed their own secret language and had speech impediments. In order to help them gain independence, they were separated at 14, but they both soon entered a catatonic state until they were reunited. They got into trouble with the law for arson and theft before they were committed to Broadmoor Hospital where they stayed for 14 years. It was there that they decided in order for them to truly live separate lives, one of them had to die. Jennifer told her doctor, "I'm going to die. We've decided." Then, in 1993 the girls were released and just hours later 29-year-old Jennifer died right next to her sister. Her autopsy showed that she passed away from a mysterious sudden inflammation of the heart muscle. June has gone on to live a quiet and peaceful life in England.

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