15 Disturbing Stories Of Creatures Living Inside Humans

The human body is a host to a variety of different organisms. Sometimes though, gross creatures invade our bodies and completely take over.

The human body is a host to a lot of different organisms. This isn’t even taking into consideration our vital organs and living tissues that exists within us. For us to function at a healthy capacity, we must look at a microscopic level, and sometimes we find creatures that live within us. For example, if you’re a woman, you have an ecosystem living in your vagina that you need to take care, and make sure you don’t disrupt the pH balance. However, sometimes we find disturbing organisms living within our bodies that we weren’t aware of. Sometimes these creatures live peacefully, while other times these creatures can pose a serious risk to your health and cause some serious damage.

Believe it or not, it’s very possible to have things living inside of you that are not supposed to be there. This sounds like something that comes out of a horror story or a medical show, but there are more than a few stories of people finding unwelcome visitors hitching a ride inside of their bodies. While each of these stories end differently, none of them are particularly fun to hear about. Not only are these stories kind of horrifying, they can easily happen to us. Here are fifteen of the most horrifying stories of creatures being found inside of human bodies.

15 Botfly In The Eye

Let’s start off with something that sets the tone of the level of ‘horrifying’ that you’re going to expect from these stories. This story kind of hits all those high points, and does it in a way that you might just cry. A five-year-old boy in Honduras had a nightmare happen to him when they found a botfly in his eye. A botfly is a very gross looking parasite that can even lay eggs inside of you. Unfortunately, this botfly had managed to lay eggs inside his eye, and the larvae had to be removed surgically.

14 Squid Sperm In Your Mouth

Now that you’ve been sufficiently horrified, we can get to the heart of the matter here. While botfly eggs in the eye are pretty horrifying, there are a lot worse things that can end up in your body. One 63-year-old South Korean woman ate some partially cooked squid at a restaurant, but ended up feeling like something was spreading out in her mouth. The feeling kept going, to the point where she felt like she needed to see a doctor. Apparently, that spreading feeling wasn’t just random: the doctor told her that weird, swimming sperm creatures called spermatophores in her mouth. Talk about horrifying.

13 Finding 57 Maggots In Your Ear

Finding one maggot anywhere is pretty scary. Finding one in your ear is probably even worse. Finding 57 maggots would be a nightmare no matter where you’d find them. That’s why hearing the story about a 92-year-old woman finding 57 maggots inside her ear makes my stomach turn in a way I didn’t know was possible. Evidently a fly had gotten stuck in there, and had taken the time to lay eggs. They’d hatched, and had apparently been inside her ear for nearly two or three days before they were found.

12 Larvae Also In Your Ear

Evidently 57 maggots in your ear is a walk in the park compared to this story. One man in India went to the hospital complaining of a pain in his ear. He was probably hoping that it was just some random ear infection, but considering his story has made it here, you can probably guess how this is going to go. When a doctor examined his ear, he found hundreds of larvae hanging out in his ear. What was worse, they were literally feeding on his flesh. Putting aside the pain of what hundreds of larvae feeding on you must feel like, if they hadn’t been removed when they were, they could have ended up burrowing into his brain and killing him.

11 Plants Growing In Your Lungs

This doesn’t involve animals, but this is still horrifying and is apparently something that can happen to anyone. One Massachusetts man named Ronan Svedan had a bad cough that lasted for a long time. It even got to the point where he thought a tumor might have been the underlying cause. When he went to the hospital to get checked out, he was in for a huge surprise. It turned out that all the tests he’d gotten had pointed not to a tumor, but to a small pea plant that was growing inside his lungs.

10 Fish Swimming Into The Your Bladder

You might think that something like this is impossible, but it’s 100% possible, especially if you live in the Amazon or in India. There’s one kind of fish that’s attracted to urine in the water, and will follow that urine trail and swim up the urethra of an unsuspecting person. One Indian boy got a 2cm long fish literally swimming up his penis in this way. Professors Vezhaventhan and Jeyaraman treated the boy and eventually wrote a paper about it. This fish made it all the way into his bladder, where they had to remove it surgically. No matter how many times you’ve been kicked in the genitals, having a fish swim up there is incomparably worse.

9 Fish In The Lungs

This story also happened to a little boy in India, but this one is a lot worse. He was dealing with some breathing issues after going to play with his friends in a river. When he went to see the doctor, he got a major surprise. It turned out that his breathing problems were caused by a 3.5-inch-long fish that was swimming around in his lung. No one quite understood how the fish had ended up in his lung to begin with, but when the boy eventually opened up about what happened, it wasn’t such a mystery after all. The boy had been playing a game with his friends that was really popular among the locals: “Swallow the Live Fish.”

8 Eels In Your Bladder

We’ve talked about finding fish in your bladder that crawl their way up penises, but it’s also possible to have other animals crawl their way up there and into your bladder. For example, a man from China had a bath with tiny eels. That sounds a little nuts, but the eels were supposed to bite the dead skin off his body painlessly. Unfortunately, he ended up with a situation that was more than he bargained for when he ended up in the same situation as the little boy from India. To make matters worse, the 2-cm-long fish found inside the boy’s bladder was totally dwarfed by this eel, which measured a whopping six inches.

7 Eels Also In The Intestine

Eels don’t just end up in your bladders, you know. On top of that, some of these animals don’t actually end up in your body by accident. One man from China was watching some pornography when he got the bright idea to put an eel inside his body. That was crazy enough, but what he actually did was even more crazy” he got an eel that measured 20 inches and put it in his anus while it was still alive. Naturally, this isn’t the eel’s natural habitat, so the eel did its best to try and chew its way out of its new environment. The eel ended up perforating his large intestine and getting stuck in his body. Doctors were able to get the eel out, but the man ended up suffering from internal bleeding because of it. To be fair, since he did this on purpose, it could be said that severe internal bleeding was him getting off easy.

6 Maggots In Your Hair

This one is particularly horrifying for me, in large part because a lot of effort goes into my hair. Back in 2007, a Colorado man had this awful itch in his scalp. He tried shampoos, ointments, and any other product he could get his hands on, but the itching just got worse and worse. Eventually, he was in pain that could be described as unbearable. When he finally got himself to a doctor and they examined his scalp, they found botfly maggots making a home there. To make matters worse, each botfly was about the size of a penny. Pennies aren’t that big in the grand scheme of things, but when penny sized objects are causing unbearable pain to your scalp, they may as well have been the size of buildings.

5 Tapeworms in your intestines

Tapeworms are basically exactly what the name implies: they’re long, parasitic creatures that can sometimes be found living inside people. They can live for decades inside of a person, sometimes up to 25 years. There are a lot of stories of tapeworms growing to astonishing lengths and living for a long time inside people, too. Some of those tapeworms end up being several meters long. Imagine having something inside of you that’s literally taller than you. That’s what we’re talking about here. The longest tapeworm to ever be found in someone’s body was an astonishing 82 feet long. Some people live in spaces that are smaller than that.

4 Worms In Your Brain

A worm in your body is one thing, but a worm in your brain is something very different, and a lot more disturbing. They don’t have the space to grow to massive lengths in your head, but they can do a lot of damage. One 50-year-old Chinese man had awful headaches that wouldn’t go away, and ended up going to the hospital for them. The doctors ended up finding this rare species of tapeworm called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei living in his brain. This is a special sort of revolting, especially since we’re often conditioned to think that our brains and bodies are more separate than they are.

3 Worms In Your Retina

Just when I thought I found the craziest story about a worm living somewhere in the human body, that story is outdone by the idea of a parasitic worm swimming around in your eye. Back in 2010, a man named John Matthews from Iowa was finding that his vision was getting hazy. He was also seeing dark spots in his field of vision that he couldn’t explain. He went to his eye doctor to check things out, and his doctor found that he had a parasitic worm swimming in his eye that was eating away at his retina. His story isn’t the only one, either.

2 Cockroach In The Ear

We’ve talked a lot about things in our ears. We’ve touched on stories of flies laying eggs in people’s ears, and while that’s pretty terrifying stuff, this is somehow more horrifying for reasons you will understand. An Australian man named Hendrik Helmer was dealing with horrendous pain in his ear, and he went to the doctor thinking a spider had made it into his ear or something. I don’t know why that’s the first assumption he would have made, but I’m not here to judge. When the doctor got a look at his ear, Helmer found that he was wrong. It turned out to be an inch-long cockroach. They tried vacuuming out the invader with no success, so Helmer had to get the thing removed by a doctor wielding a pair of tweezers.

1 Your Twin

Sometimes the foreign invader inside your body isn’t a maggot, a roach, or a sea creature trying to crawl its way into your bladder. Sometimes it’s a human, or at least a human-like creature living off you. There have been a few cases of this happening, but one notable case was the one of Sanju Bhagat in June of 1999. He went to the doctor and found out that his belly wasn’t the result of not having an exercise routine, but was the result of his twin living off him parasitically. The creature was half formed and had even developed hands and feet before it was removed in a decidedly creepy operation.

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15 Disturbing Stories Of Creatures Living Inside Humans