15 Disturbing Real-Life Horror Stories That Belong On Dateline

Daily it seems as if we're faced with shocking news of murder and mayhem happening all over the world. Whether it be in print or featured online, news sources are constantly covering horrendous happen

Daily it seems as if we're faced with shocking news of murder and mayhem happening all over the world. Whether it be in print or featured online, news sources are constantly covering horrendous happenings and each one is more baffling than the next.

There's nothing like those heart-wrenching stories of murder, but when partnered with suicides, they read like unbelievable crime novels. They have main characters, a supporting cast, a captivating story line, and the inevitable plot twist before the dreadful ending. It's easy to read through these tales as if they are imagined characters from a best-seller, but when you put things into perspective and realize that these are real people who took the lives of others before committing suicide, it becomes difficult to make the violence make sense.

All of these stories involve people who became distressed over romantic or familial relationships, the worst of which involve the murder of children by a parent. Children shouldn't lose their lives by the hands of those who are in place to protect and provide for them, but it's estimated that 81% of murder-suicides occur in the home. About 1,200 murder-suicides occur in America every year and nine times out of ten, it's with a gun. Researchers are finding that looking into the epidemic of murder-suicides is becoming a need and people should pay more attention to the reasons why many seemingly normal individuals kill their loved ones and then themselves and why crazy people exhibiting warning signs are often ignored.

15 Husband May Have Killed Wife And Kids After Strange Disappearance

As tragic as this story is, the circumstances surrounding the deaths of this family remain a mystery. One morning dispatchers received a call from a man who identified himself as Lance Buckley. He told the person on the line that he was calling to report three murders and a suicide before providing the address of the home. When officers arrived they found the dead bodies of Lance, his wife Amy, and their daughters; five-year-old Claire and 17-month-old Abigail.

It sounds like a cut and dry murder-suicide, but it wasn't. Lance had previously been listed as a missing person and disappeared on his way home from Howard University where he was a doctoral student just days away from graduation. Just 11 days prior to this, Amy had given birth to Abigail, and his family didn't believe he would just disappear nor did they believe that he was a danger to his family. Police finally tracked him down by pinging his mobile phone. While the reason for his disappearance still hasn't been made clear, authorities found him at a campground 60 miles from the university and he was returned home.

14 Man Stalked Estranged Wife

Be careful who you marry, because when the "I do" becomes "I don't," your significant other may not take the break up lightly. Blanca Vargas was preparing to take her kids to school when her estranged husband, Rodolfo Vargas, shot and killed her in the middle of the street before shooting himself.

To make matters worse, their three children were sitting inside of Blanca's SUV watching the whole incident. Neighbors said that they, too, watched as the couple fought and witnessed when things took a turn for the worse. Rodolfo's son said that his father moved out of the house and surprised Blanca by approaching her on the street. It's unclear as to whether or not Rodolfo planned on murdering his wife and then killing himself or if it was an impulsive act.

13 Former Pastor Kills Daughter

Daniel Randall was once the pastor at First Congregational Church in Rhode Island where he lived with his wife, Anita, his 27-year-old daughter, Claire, and their teenage son. Daniel battled through many issues and took some time to work through them at the Liberty Bay Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon. While he was there for his 90-day program his wife served him with divorce papers.

After his time in Portland ended, Daniel made his way to Maine where his family had moved. He bought a shotgun and when he arrived at his estranged wife's home, he ran into Claire after breaking into the garage. He shot her multiple times in the bathroom, killing her instantly. Inside the house police saw that before Daniel shot himself on the porch, he spray painted on the walls of the house. He wrote that Anita was a "vowbreaker" and that "Anita, it's all your fault."

12 Survivor Baby

Francisco Lotero and his partner Miriam Coletti seemed like the picture perfect family with their two small children. What the outside world didn't know is that the couple had entered a suicide pact with each other and instead of just killing themselves, they decided to take the lives of their entire family.

Neighbors called authorities complaining of a strange, strong odor coming from the couples' home. When police entered, they found the bodies of Francisco, 56,  and Miriam, 22, both shot in the chest. Their two-year-old son was also discovered dead, shot in the back. In another room police came across a seven-month-old baby covered in blood. The little one had also had a bullet wound in the chest but was still alive. He was rushed to the hospital and recovered from his near-fatal injuries.

A suicide note was found on the scene where the couple wrote about their fears of global warming and their anger that the government wasn't taking the issue seriously.

11 Traffic Dispute Turns Deadly

Road rage incidents used to end with people yelling expletives and giving one another the finger, but as the years have gone on, people are killing each other over being cut off on the highway. Knox County Sheriffs in Tennessee say that Jason Patrick Nasca, 41, and Nicholas Allen Strange, 23, got into an argument outside of a convenience store after having a traffic or parking dispute. The fight got out of hand and Jason, who had a license to carry a gun, got his weapon and then shot and killed Nicholas. In a strange twist, he then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide on the spot. Investigators say that the two men had never met before running into each other on the street, making this story a bizarre turn of events.

10 Man Held Ex-Girlfriend Captive

Roommates Brittany Enochs and Emily Sterling made their way to their apartment and stumbled upon a horrific scene. Their other roommate, Brittany Davis, was inside and being held captive by her ex-boyfriend, Derek Boykin. The girls were there for hours as Derek threatened them with a gun and questioned Brittany about her previous relationship.

Brittany's father had been calling her and got worried when she wasn't answering so he made his way to the apartment to check on his daughter. He stumbled upon the grim scene and when Brittany saw her dad, she took off and ran out of the door. Derek chased her and Brittany's father followed. Soon, gunshots rang out. Derek killed Brittany and her father in the parking lot. He ran back to the apartment where he had a standoff with police, but he eventually turned the gun on himself.

9 Father Takes His Own Life After Killing Daughters

Jerad Joseph Arismendez and his wife Carmen had been separated for five months and he was taking the breakup hard after she moved out of their house. One day, calls started to pour into dispatch from a Phoenix, Arizona neighborhood where residents claimed to have heard gunshots. Soon, a woman called police asking for someone to do a welfare check on her ex-husband because she was worried about him and their two daughters, five-year-old Audrey and four-year-old Ariah.

What police found was devastating. Upon entering the home, they came across the bodies of Jerad and Audrey who were already dead. Little Ariah was clinging to life, but she later died at the hospital. Carmen had gotten an order of protection against Jerad over claims of violence and harassment, but she never believed he would kill their children.

8 Father Drove Car Off A Pier

The Australian town of Port Lincoln was met with shocking news after it was revealed that a man named Damien Little not only took his own life, but the lives of his young sons: four-year-old Koda and nine-month-old Hunter. Police say that the successful football player had struggled with mental health issues for three years before he placed his kids in the car and drove off of a pier at high speed.

Before taking his own life and the lives of his sons, Damien posted a lengthy, cryptic message on Facebook. Neighbors couldn't believe that Damien would do such a thing because they only remember the parents as being loving and attentive to their kids. Damien's wife, Melissa, was understandably left grief-stricken and the incident inspired her to write a children's book that's expected to hit stores this year.

7 Star-Crossed Teen Lovers

In the footsteps of a Shakespearean tragedy, teens Brandon Goode and Alex Hollinghurst lost their lives way too early. The young couple were inseparable, even to the point of Alex moving in with Brandon, who was staying at his mother's house. After they were arrested together for marijuana possession Alex's mother made her return home. She ran away and soon the authorities were searching the city for the couple.

Police officer Robert German found the two sitting in a car in a Walgreen's parking lot. He recognized them from the alert that was placed, but after talking briefly and radioing in for backup, he was shot and killed on the spot. Brandon and Alex took off and five minutes later, backup arrived and heard two shots ring out. Police found the couple dead close by in some bushes.

6 Ex-Boyfriend Stalked Woman Before Murder

Just three weeks before she died, 21-year-old Rosemarie Reilly complained to court officials that her 21-year-old ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Kelly, was stalking her. Rosemarie was granted an order of protection after she detailed her frightening experiences with him.

"He follows me to and from school, has downloaded apps on my phone to track me, he has hacked into my social media accounts to see what I was doing," she once wrote."He calls me all the time even if I don't pick up. He hit me multiple times in the face, arms and legs. He strangled me until I couldn't breathe."

Five days short of her 22nd birthday, Rosemarie was at a friend's apartment when Jeremy showed up. There was an altercation and he shot and killed her before doing the same to himself.

5 Baby Dies Right After Receiving Transplant

Just six days after baby Willow was born she received a heart transplant. Doctors were amazed by her birth because when they realized she had a heart defect in the womb, they were certain that she was going to die before being born, but she made it. Her story was heavily covered in the media and people were inspired by the newborn's strength.

However, Willow died at two-years-old alongside her eight-year-old sister, Liana, and her five-year-old brother, Mark Jr., after her father, Mark, killed his family in a tragic murder-suicide. Mother Megan was also murdered after telling friends that her husband was abusive and posted on Facebook that she wanted to end her marriage. Mark shot and killed his family in the living room, along with the family dog, then wrote a note before shooting himself.

4 Wrestler Hangs Himself After Killing Family

Researchers are still trying to find the connection between professional athletes who endure multiple head injuries and the propensity for violence, suicide, and murder. Canadian professional WWE wrestler Chris Benoit drugged and strangled his seven-year-old son Daniel, bound his wife's feet and wrists before killing her, and then hanged himself. Bibles were left by each of the bodies.

Police found the bodies after performing a welfare check because Chris missed scheduled appointments. An autopsy revealed that Chris suffered from severe brain damage from years of wrestling, and many believe that his actions were a product of extensive injuries. Chris's father thinks that his son would have never committed these acts if it wasn't for his brain condition. However, there are theories that the Benoit family was murdered by someone other than Chris.

3 Mom Jumps To Death With Son Over Nose Job

Sometimes your significant other can say things that hurt your feelings, but it should never be a reason to take your own life. The family and friends of Anna Ozhigova wish someone would have told the Russian sales representative that because it's suspected that she killed herself and her eight-year-old son, Gleb, because her husband "oinked" at her.

Anna underwent plastic surgery and had a nose job but she believed that it left her with wide nostrils that made her look like a pig, thus ruining her smile. Her friends say the impact of the surgery ultimately led to the demise of her marriage, and soon Anna and her husband split up. She found herself a new boyfriend but was afraid that her ex would gain custody, so while holding Gleb tight in her arms, she jumped to her death from her parents' ninth floor apartment.

2 Parents Charged In Kids' Deaths

For parents, there's nothing like the pain of losing a child, let alone three of them. After an intense investigation, authorities determined that 14-year-old Brandon Warren shot and killed his 13-year-old brother Bradley and his 19-year-old sister Marnie before killing himself. The only Warren child still alive was 21-year-old Ellis, who had left home at 16 because of the terrible living conditions. The family had been under investigation by Social Services due to the "squalid" state of their home and if they didn't clean it up, they could lose custody of their minors. Brandon and Bradley had been sent to live with neighbors.

Parents Boyd and Nissa Mae were later arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse and storing firearms in a manner accessible to a child.

1 Father Abducts And Kills Sons

Christopher Cadenbach, 43, was avoiding police at every turn. He was wanted for a $100,000 domestic violence warrant and when officers went to find him, he seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet. What they didn't know was that Christopher went to visit his wife, Elisa, before going to see his mother- whom he then told that he would kill himself by "suicide by cop."

He then took his kids, five-year-old Ethan and four-year old Owen, and drove them to Cliff Cave Park in St. Louis, Missouri. An Amber Alert was issued for the children and police searched frantically for the man and his sons. A ranger spotted Christopher's car and as he approached, three shots rang out. Christopher had killed his sons and then himself.


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15 Disturbing Real-Life Horror Stories That Belong On Dateline