15Her Google History Was Suspicious

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If you put any of our browsing histories on blast for everyone to see, many of us would probably die of sheer horror. No one wants their search history to become public, but when you’re Casey Anthony and you’re charged with murdering your own daughter, all privacy is instantly lost.

The thing that was strange about Casey’s search history was that she got 84 hits for chloroform. Since Caylee’s remains were found with duct tape over her mouth, many people speculated that Casey had murdered her young daughter using the chemical combined with the tape. Others claim that the search was completely unrelated. Another incriminating search from Casey was for “neck-breaking,” another strange thing to pop up on the feed of a supposedly innocent mother. These searches were some of the biggest hints that Casey might have had some responsibility for her daughter’s death, but they still weren’t enough to actually put her away.

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