15 Disturbing Pictures Casey Anthony Doesn’t Want You To See

Casey Anthony quickly became one of the most hated women in America after being found not guilty of murdering her young daughter, Caylee Anthony. The case was widely covered with the entire trial being available to watch when it was taking place. Many people thought for sure that she had done it only to be shocked to find out that the jury found her not guilty. The main reason they could not put Casey behind bars is that they couldn’t prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that she had committed the crime. To this day, many people still do not know exactly what happened to poor little Caylee.

The case gained popularity because of the nature of what was happening. This was a common young woman whose daughter vanished out of nowhere only to be found with duct tape and little other evidence weeks later. The explanations from her mother and grandparents were very flaky; they weren't able to piece together a story that made sense. Still, because of how little is really known about the case, no one can really say for certain what happened. The only one who will ever know the truth about what really happened to her is Caylee, and she’s been silenced for eternity.

Whether you believe Casey is innocent or that she’s a terrible mother who deserved worse, these next photos might change the way you look at the case no matter what side you’re on. Here are 15 Pictures Casey Anthony Doesn’t Want You To See:

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15 Her Google History Was Suspicious

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If you put any of our browsing histories on blast for everyone to see, many of us would probably die of sheer horror. No one wants their search history to become public, but when you’re Casey Anthony and you’re charged with murdering your own daughter, all privacy is instantly lost. The thing that was strange about Casey’s search history was that she got 84 hits for chloroform. Since Caylee’s remains were found with duct tape over her mouth, many people speculated that Casey had murdered her young daughter using the chemical combined with the tape. Others claim that the search was completely unrelated. Another incriminating search from Casey was for “neck-breaking,” another strange thing to pop up on the feed of a supposedly innocent mother. These searches were some of the biggest hints that Casey might have had some responsibility for her daughter’s death, but they still weren’t enough to actually put her away.

14 She Convinced Everyone Caylee Was Still Alive

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Caylee Anthony was missing for 31 days before anyone reported that she hadn’t been seen. Casey’s mother was actually the one to make the 911 call, stating that she hadn’t seen or heard from her granddaughter in 31 days and that her daughter's car had smelled like someone had died in it. Throughout the entire 31 days, while Caylee was missing, Casey was out partying and enjoying her new life as a single woman. When she was seen at the competition and partying with friends, she was telling people lies about how Caylee was with her grandparents or with her nanny. Not once did she mention at all that Caylee was missing. She stated that she believed that Caylee was safe with someone and that she was no longer her responsibility for the time being.

13 She Loved To Party... A Little Too Hard

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There’s no denying that Casey Anthony loved to have a good time. This is just one of many photographs you’ll see on the list of her partying. No one is saying that just because she's a mother, she’s not allowed to have a good time. But Casey seems to take it to the extreme. Almost everyone who drinks alcohol has at least one story of when they drank a little too much and got sick because of it. But how often do those people get sick in public restrooms and take selfies while doing it? It’s okay if you let your drinking get out of control every once in a while, but Casey seems like she’s a pro at puking in the porcelain throne. She doesn’t seem to have the greatest of friends either as they love to document such situations. Perhaps those were just pranks, but they still don’t look good for Casey.

12 She Competed In A "Hot Body" Contest 4 Days After Caylee Went Missing

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If you have children or even small babies that you love in your life, the thought of them going missing probably makes you sick. You would probably do anything in your power to find out what happened to the child and where they could possibly be. Now, everyone handles anxieties, fears, and mourning in different ways, but Casey Anthony certainly has the strangest way of showing her fear over her daughter going missing. Casey was seen participating in a “hot body” contest just four days after Caylee, her young daughter, first went missing. Sure, maybe this is something she’d planned for a while and had worked towards, but it still seems pretty crazy that she would be caught in such a vain competition while her daughter was out there missing. This only gives a hint that Casey knew exactly where her daughter was the entire time she was “missing.”

11 Wearing The Flag

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Everybody enjoys celebrating America on the fourth of July, but Casey does that in a strange way as well. She decided that the best way to get attention on America’s own holiday was to wear the flag as a dress. Regardless of what your feelings on using the flag properly might be, this seems like a bit of a reach for Casey. Her being a crazy partier and making bold choices in the fashion department aren’t signs that she’s a murderer, but photographs like these certainly helped demonize her around the time of the trial. Many people see it as an attempt to get attention, further proving that Casey may have had a motive to kill her own daughter. Losing a responsibility meant Casey would have more time in the spotlight at parties and across her social medias. These photographs might just show a young mom who liked to party, but others think they paint her as the perfect killer.

10 At Least She Wasn't Driving?

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We’ve all had one crazy night in our lives we wish we could forget. For most of us, though, that’s one night! Not several! Casey seemed to get caught way too often in embarrassing scenarios likely caused from drinking. We could easily look past this behavior if it didn’t happen so often, but all of the photographs of the nights she’s had hint that this might have been a common occurrence. In her defense, some of these photographs might have been taken on the same night, but that can’t be true for all of them. The sad truth is that it seems as though many more pictures exist of Casey’s embarrassing party lifestyle than of her with her daughter. It seems clear that Caylee didn't have a pretty large involvement in her toddler’s life. But even with all these photographs, a jury still wasn't convinced that Casey was a cold-blooded killer.

9 She Showed No Fear Or Remorse While Her Daughter Was Missing

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Casey’s defense was that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the pool and that her father had hidden the body so that Casey would not get charged with child neglect and sent to prison. If that's the truth, then that means Casey still at least knew that her daughter had died! No matter what the truth is, whether it’s that she didn’t know what happened to Caylee or that she was aware of her death, Casey never showed any fear or remorse for what had happened to Caylee. No matter what she believed while Caylee was missing, Caylee was still missing, and you’d think her own mother would be saddened by that. The fact that she showed no sadness, fear, or misery while her daughter was lying dead in an unmarked grave proved that she was either involved in the death or trying to cover something up.

8 She Got A Tattoo That Means "Beautiful Life" While Caylee Was Still Missing

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During the time that her two-year-old daughter was missing, Casey decided to get this tattoo which reads “Bella Vita.” That translates into “beautiful life.” What kind of mother would want to get that tattoo while her daughter was missing? Perhaps it would be a way to mourn the life of a young one taken too soon, but Casey’s timing was all off. Caylee’s dead body had not yet been discovered at the time that Casey got this tattoo, so what exactly was the point of the ink? This photograph was actually used as evidence to paint a picture of how little Casey cared about her missing daughter. There’s no beauty in life when your own child is missing! All of this strange behavior only made things worse for Casey. Some believe that perhaps she was trying to play it cool to cover things up; others believe it was her expressing her newfound freedom as her daughter rotted away alone.

7 The Party Had To Stop Sometime

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The photograph above was the first mugshot taken of Casey after being arrested for the murder of her daughter. The defense believed that Casey had planned this murder in order to gain newfound freedom and enjoy her party lifestyle without having to perform motherly duties. Casey was arrested after her mother called 911 stating her granddaughter was missing and that her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body. Until Caylee’s body was found, that was the only evidence investigators had that Casey was responsible for her daughter’s death. Casey had claimed that a nanny was actually the one who had taken the little girl and that Caylee hadn’t heard from her. Still, if this was the truth, why hadn’t she contacted authorities? Later, we would learn that the nanny story was completely made up, as was her job at Universal Studios that Casey had claimed she was working on while her daughter was missing.

6 Smiling In Court

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You thought Casey’s behavior while her daughter was missing was strange? Well, jump to after Caylee’s remains had been found and Casey was sent to trial to argue her innocence, and we see a whole new strange side to Casey. She was often seen smiling and smirking in court, something you wouldn’t expect from a grief-stricken mother. Her defense was that Caylee had drowned in the pool and that her father had covered it up. No matter what story Casey spit out, she had still lost a daughter in the process! She was a mother who had lost an innocent child, and no matter what the truth of the situation was, there was nothing to laugh or smile about in court. And these weren’t just polite smiles or faces of content. She had devious grins and strange smirks that only made her look guiltier. We’re curious to know what she and her lawyer might have been talking about that would have made her smile so wide.

5 How Did She Pay For Her Lawyer?

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One of the rumors about Casey Anthony during the trial was that she had traded sexual favors for her lawyer’s defense. It makes sense, as she was caught using stolen checks to pay for things, as well as lied about having a job, meaning she was probably close to broke. She still had a great defense team who was able to convince a jury of her innocence even with hundreds of pieces of evidence against her. The allegations are just that, allegations, but they still add more mystery to who exactly Casey Anthony is. The media went crazy with this story, so who knows what to believe? When a case gets so popular, a lot gets twisted along the way to make for an interesting story. Even though we don’t have any way of knowing for sure, this rumor certainly seems plausible given Anthony’s past.

4 She's Attacked By The Public

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As we’ve already discussed, the public wasted no time in making Casey Anthony one of the most hated women in America during the time of her trial, and still to this day! Although some believe she got away with murder from the criminal justice system, it’s clear that she will never live a normal or satisfying life in public again. From this picture alone, we can see as cameras chase after her while she was going from place to place. The media has actually settled down at this point, but during the trial, they made sure everyone knew her face and just how evil she really was. Anyone who is rumored to hurt a child instantly becomes demonized in the public. When it comes to a young woman who is seen as more promiscuous and less lady-like, that hatred certainly becomes extreme. The public loves having a woman to hate on, and Casey fit all the criteria for someone they were supposed to loathe.

3 She Has To Keep A Low Profile

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Although many people think the verdict in Casey’s case was unjust, she’s certainly been convicted by the public. She can’t live anywhere without people knowing her name and what she did. She tries to mask herself in public, but even with glasses and a baseball cap, we can still see that it’s the evil woman who allegedly killed her child. There are even rumors that she's still living in housing provided by her team of lawyers because she's unable to make money on her own. Although she isn’t sitting behind bars rotting away like her daughter did, she’s still certainly a prisoner in her own home. Will she ever be able to have a family of her own again? Will anyone believe her innocence enough to have children with her again? Is that even what she wants?

2 She Sells Her Own Photos To The Paparazzi Now

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Recently, as we can assume, times have been tough for Casey Anthony. No one wants to hire her, and she has trouble making genuine friends. She depends on her lawyers' money to stay alive. Whenever she finds herself needing extra cash, she either tips off the paparazzi as to where she’s going so they can get pics, or she has someone take pictures for her and sells them herself! It’s pretty pathetic when you have to contact the paparazzi to come follow you around. Most celebrities would also hate to have the paparazzi around them! That is the sad pathetic life that Casey Anthony has to live now, however. She is trying to paint herself as a celebrity even ten years after her daughter died. You’d think she would've dyed her hair and changed her name, but it almost seems as though she enjoys being in the spotlight.

1 She Might Have A Show With O.J.

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As if Casey’s story wasn’t grim enough, there’s now talk of her getting together with O.J. Simpson to star in a reality show about their acquittals. O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife although most of the evidence showed that he had done it, much like Casey’s case. O.J. is currently serving a long sentence for unrelated crimes, though he’s set for possible parole this year, meaning production could begin soon if they decide to go forward with it. The show would revolve around their lives after the trials and basically have them play victims in a cruel world. It doesn’t seem right for them to profit off of the deaths of their loved ones, but it's still something that they’re reportedly interested in. Would you ever watch the show if it ended up being made? After seeing these pictures, do you still believe what you did before reading this article about Casey Anthony?

Sources: Wikipedia.org, dailymail.co.uk

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