15 Disturbing Pics Captured In Parking Lots By Security Cams

For those who drive often, there are unfortunately many mundane obstacles people have to face, while on the road. Such daily driving headaches could be waiting in traffic, or having to sit and wait in one lane because of ongoing construction. Other people, for the most part, can be traumatizing as well. Let us face the reality that people are generally selfish. It takes a rare individual to be patient and think about others while driving. Every now and then, you’ll get a genuinely nice person to halt a busy traffic lane to let you squeeze in. You may be courteous to each other by waving hands to show appreciation, but this isn’t always so. Most of us have busy lives, things to do, and places to go. So of course, you’re going to run into drivers who like to cut people off, switch lanes abruptly without proper signals, ignore stop signs, ignore pedestrian rules, or even worse, steal your parking spot. When you think of parking, people generally don’t tend to think much of it. Street parking is horrendous, and most try to get away from it by parking in garages. However, garages aren’t always the safest places either. There are a lot of creepy things that happen all over the world, but who knew some of them take place in parking garages? Thankfully, with the addition of security cameras, some of these scary moments have been taken as evidence. Below is a list of 15 Disturbing Pics Taken In Parking Lots By Security Cameras.

15 Daylight Robbery

When you think of robberies, most people’s minds imagine a shady guy in a mask, probably armed, dressed in dark clothing, and going about his intention in the dead of night. Stores are equipped with cameras, but in that intense and usually brief moment (right before something dangerous goes down), the camera is useless. Furthermore, most don’t think robberies or crimes happen in broad daylight. What could possibly drive a person to just act on visceral intentions? Most criminals would say that crimes committed in daylight are more risky because you’re going to be noticed, especially by security cameras. Well, this is exactly what happened in a parking lot when a man was captured on a parking lot security cam, robbing another individual during the day by his red truck. The camera quality is not great, but obviously, you can make out who the culprit is and who the victim is.

14 Bear Caught Stealing

At one point, many people have all heard animals rummaging through garbage. Depending on where you live, people have reported everything and anything between possums, coyotes, and other furry creatures breaking into human trash bins in order to steal a quick late night snack. Raccoons are probably the most notorious animals, which are most common and are definitely the most skilled creatures at breaking and entering garbage bins. Yet, you can guess that the humans who owned the security camera behind their restaurant lot, were absolutely floored when they saw this massive animal trying to get some good eating. The restaurant back lot is where staff go to take breaks and park if need be. The lot also houses the restaurant garbage bins and is equipped with security cameras, due to previous reports of intruders going through the garbage. No one would expect it was a massive bear causing all the raucous.

13 Hit And Run Captured

For anyone who has a decent soul, one of the worst fears that some drivers can have is accidentally causing an accident or hitting an individual. Some can even feel remorse when they hit an animal with their car. The intention to actually hit something, in order to cause injury or death, is extremely cruel, irresponsible, and malicious. Unfortunately, there are a lot of crazy people out in this world, who really shouldn’t be driving, but do drive and in the end, cause a lot of hurt and pain. In a North Carolina gas station parking lot, a driven vehicle was captured on security cameras hitting an individual late at night. By the image, you can clearly determine the force of the hit, and obviously see the victim being hit so hard that his entire body rolled over the vehicle. The legs are sprawled out uncontrollably. It is absolutely shocking to witness.

12 Ghost Caught In Parking Garage

When people think about hauntings, most people picture a dark castle, a dilapidated and abandoned home, a disturbing mental facility, or some sort of grave (or burial) site where the dead might roam. Nobody really links parking garages and ghostly hauntings together in their minds. It’s pretty random to think that parking garages might be the new hot spot for the creepy paranormal, and most didn’t think so until some interesting footage and evidence was captured on parking garage security cameras. Check out this one disturbing image of a ghostly figure passing behind a black car. The image is so visually clear, that you can make out the figure’s white gown and long black hair. You can also make out what seems to be an arm as well. Obviously, the profile is hidden by the hair, or at least what seems like hair. The figure doesn’t pay any mind and is seen just moving on its way to wherever it needs to go.

11 Haunted Oklahoma Car Impound Lot

Continuing with the theme of ghosts captured on security parking lot cams, here’s one image of a ghostly figure that made national headlines from Oklahoma. In the summer of 2005, the witness was just doing her daily night duties monitoring the impound lot’s security cams when she saw something strange. The woman basically was stunned to see what looked like a floating ghost, which was frantically seen going back and forth from one part of the lot to the other. The footage has gone viral and is a clear evidence that ghosts don’t just haunt abandoned castles and graves. By the picture, you see a floating white head and arms, with the rest of the body missing. Many viewers, and the witness herself, speculate that the ghostly figure was from the night’s three-car accident. When the vehicles from the accident were brought in, the ghost must have come too, not wanting to leave behind its ride.

10 R*pe Caught ‘Down Under’

Moving away from ghosts and going to the other side of the world, we now go to the ‘Down Under’. The location is the parking lot belonging to the University of Sydney in Australia. Most students who attend a college or university (no matter the location) are always promised some form of safety measures provided by the university. Also, typically, university grounds are probably one of the safest and most heavily-secured areas, because of its academic purpose. However, there’s always a chance of some risks happening. No university is guaranteed absolute safety, unless that university is enclosed in some massive bubble. Take this horrifying image for example. A female is captured in a parking lot camera going about her daily life when, unexpectedly, a male stranger is seen aggressively approaching her. What the image doesn’t show, is the following frame of the s*xual attack that is all captured to the side of the camera.

9 Dangerous Clowns

Many people are fed up with the whole ‘clown’ phenomena. Clowns appearing off to the side of the road alone, or knocking at windows and doors of homes, is officially drawn out. Everyone (except the clowns) are done with the trend. The random people dressing up as clowns and causing mayhem are actually doing no favors for those who actually make an honest living as clown entertainers. Many in the community voiced concerns, saying these pocket of individuals don’t represent who they are and what they do. Unfortunately, this parking lot footage in Montebello (California) is not going to be doing any favors in decreasing the stigma of clowns. In the footage, you clearly see a woman fleeing, as a man wearing a clown mask is seen making a run with her bag. According to the Los Angeles Times, the clown-masked individual was armed with a knife which you can barely make out in the image.

8 Boston Brawl

As you get older, it’s basically assumed that you’re also supposed to get a bit wiser. Sometimes, it takes longer for some people to get a clue to learn lessons and to grow up with understanding that their behavior is not acceptable. Some people make a decisive choice not to learn or grow with their age at all. Thus, they are perpetually stuck in their unattractive impudent ways. This image is a prime example of humanoid buffoonery at its finest. It’s okay to disagree with other people, but how you react shows the depth of your experience and maturity. When alcohol is mixed in, it all goes to the f*****g wind. In Boston, a parking garage footage went viral when a massive (and it’s probably the most massive) brawl took place in a garage. It was all captured on security cams. The cause is unknown, but the incident left one victim dead.

7 MMA Fighter Kidnapping

If we’re going to discuss more disgusting acts of blatant disregard for other people and disrespect, then we can look at this image. This parking lot garage footage caught an MMA fighter (Rodolfo Ramirez), in the state of Arizona, carrying an unconscious woman like a limp sack over his shoulder. The footage caught him red-handed in not only s*xually molesting the unconscious female victim, but assaulting her as well. Allegedly after to confrontation, he kidnapped her and brought her back to his home to continue his crime. Then, after he was finished with her body, he decided to abandon his victim at a random intersection. The woman was not alone, but the friend (at the time) had to temporary leave her behind in order to get their vehicle. You can only imagine the panic and shock when the friend came back to a completely deserted spot, where she left the victim.

6 Alien Ghost Caught On Cam

This parking garage footage went viral when it captured a weird unknown figure on its security camera. The image is blurry and has a bluish and greenish hue, but what the viewer can make out is creepy. At first, you think it’s a ghost...or is it? It’s pretty much assumed that ghosts are see-through. Can ghosts be opaque? Well, this footage clearly shows that, or maybe it’s not even a ghost at all. Is it an alien? It definitely looks bizarre and out-of-this-world, that it possibly could contend as extraterrestrial. What makes this argument strong is that the figure is standing in front of a black vehicle, situated next to a motorbike. You can make out its thin black peg-like legs, a massive white frame (or dress), and its black head. The head is probably the most unusual part of the figure. There’s no distinct facial feature—nose, eyes, lips.

5 Crazy Lady Looking For Batman

Check out this eerie image caught in the stairwells of a parking garage. Security cameras are all over the place. They’re mostly situated in the vicinity of the main garage on multiple floors, but some might forget that security cams lurk in the corners in the stairways as well. One particular night, all was calm and quiet, until some random female was caught going up and down the stairs of a parking garage. The caption on the image found on Photobucket, claimed that the female was looking for the secret “Batman” cave. I think someone needs to mention to her that: one, the cave is secret on purpose; two, that Batman is fictional and so is the ‘cave’; and three, out of all the places, you’re not going to find anything in a parking garage. Least of all, the Batmobile. Her delusion will probably come to a horrifying stop once she just sees a lot full of basic cars.

4 Off-Duty Drunk Santa

Everyone always looks forward to spreading hope, love, and a little bit of the holiday spirit. In this next disturbing security image, you can no doubt see someone who has taken in too many holiday spirits. If you’re someone who still believes in Christmas miracles, or the pure innocence and goodness of Santa Claus, be prepared to have your whimsical hopes dashed. Here in this grainy captured parking cam is a drunk Santa Clause who is so inebriated that he’s completely passed out in the middle of the parking garage. How horrified would it be for a parent, as they’re leaving with their child to go home, to discover an intoxicated and inebriated Santa on the cold concrete floor of a parking garage? How will the parent manage to explain that to his/her kid who still believes? If there was ever a holiday miracle, that parent probably would wish for that Santa to disappear.

3 Car Falls Off Parking Garage

This next shocking footage was caught on a parking lot cam in the state of Maryland. Just think for a second about getting into your vehicle, ready to go home, buckling yourself in, checking your mirrors, and starting your engine. You think you put the car in reverse to back out of your spot, but instead, you and your car plunge forward. In this image, a driver did exactly that. The SUV plunged four levels down onto the sidewalk. The passenger wasn’t injured (surprisingly), and by the looks of the footage, it seems no other people were harmed either. The area where people would normally walk is deserted and completely vacant. This event was all captured live on the security cam. Seeing the footage, it must have been such a fright to see, but also must’ve been an absolute shock to those who were near the parking garage in this typically quiet Baltimore township.

2 Mystery Fog

This shot was taken in broad daylight (as you can see), and it seems like just any other ordinary day in a parking lot filled with cars. What this parking lot security camera captured is a misty fog that seems to appear from out of the blue. It’s not as noticeable, but if you look carefully at the red-circled parts of the image, you can notice something strange floating around above the parking lot. The glare of the sun doesn’t seem to help the image, but if the observed mist can be spotted from as far as the distance of the camera (and during the day as well), this mystery object must have been very visible. No one knows what it is. Some have speculated just plain fog, but since the mist is only concentrated in one area and moves together, others doubt that it could be just plain fog. What do you think?

1 White Car Vs. White Car

This final image is a testament to the disturbing actions that people make under extreme circumstances. When I mentioned that drivers face many struggles, and that one primary struggle are other drivers and parking spaces, it wasn’t meant to be taken lightly. Behold this captured security cam footage at the entrance and exit point of a parking lot. Just think if you were just a normal passerby when suddenly, you heard the loudest crash of your life. I’m pretty sure you would be shaken. However, what if the crash didn’t stop? Two women, allegedly vying for the same parking space, got into their feelings and decided to play demolition derby with their vehicles in broad daylight. These women were obviously out of their minds, both refusing to let each other pass by, and began smashing their cars into each other. It might be sad to say, but neither of them got the parking space.

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