15 Disturbing Online Groups That Have Way Too Many Followers

Nearly everyone participates in online communities in some form or another. Some people are Reddit commenters, others participate in mom groups or mental health support groups (or both because, let’s face it, children can drive you crazy). Some people only use the Internet for Facebook, where they post pictures, comments, and chat with friends. And, some people are turned on by furries and advocate for drunk driving privileges.

Yeah, the fringe groups are pretty cringe-worthy, and their numbers are astounding. The guy in the cubicle next to you could be a member of Stormfront, a neo-Nazi community with more than 300,000 registered members. How would you know without ever seeing his at-home browsing history? The numbers of people participating in fringe communities almost guarantees that you’ve met one of their members, and probably don’t even know it. That’s the thing about these growing communities, the allure is strong because the anonymity is guaranteed.

The Internet is still a new frontier, not entirely unlike the Wild West because it’s difficult to police and there’s a lot of prostitution happening. Plus, Freedom of Speech entitles people to write about their preferences – even if the average person finds their community nausea inducing. These are some of the web’s more bizarro communities, and most of them advocate for unhealthy lifestyles that are downright frightening. You’ve been warned…


15 The Stormfront White Pride Movement

From Stormfront’s main page: “…a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all people.” Basically, “white nationalist” is a new way to say “neo-Nazi,” and “homeland for all people” is a new way to say, “Go back to Africa (or wherever).” It’s downright scary, and was created by a former KKK boss.

The site has more than 300,000 members, at least 100 of whom are guilty of hate-crime murders. Many posters openly promote violence against non-whites; yet, they claim not to be racist. They don’t like the terms white supremacy or neo-Nazi; yet, they refer to non-whites as “muds.” Stormfront is a frightening community of people trying to normalize racism by calling it “white nationalism.”

14 Clown Lives Matter


Remember the creepy clown sightings that dominated the Internet back in mid-to-late 2016? I found the whole thing both distressing and hilarious, and stopped shopping at a local grocery store when someone took a picture of a creepy clown hanging around outside it. There was even a rumor that clowns were going to start their own purge, and kill everyone in town the night before Halloween. Despite this, the worst thing about creepy clowns isn’t how creepy they are, but rather that they spurned the #ClownLivesMatter movement.

Gun owners were quick to photograph their weapons, and let the clown community know what they’d do if they ran into a creepy clown. Some of these posts were funny, including one with Madea (the Tyler Perry character) cocking a pistol under the words, “Let one clown come near me.” There were zero cases of an actual clown being shot because of creepy clown shenanigans, but this didn’t stop Clown Lives Matter for making light of Black Lives Matter, a movement that was created to draw attention to racially motivated police violence.

13 The S-xy Abortions Subreddit

Is it dark humor, or are members of the subreddit Sexy Abortions truly turned on by abortions? Based on the titles of their posts, I’d say it’s about 50/50, but I don’t know for sure because I refuse to open their content submissions. According to another subreddit, which provides non-disgusting descriptions of the Sexy Abortions subreddit, “it’s pretty gory/upsetting pictures of aborted fetuses, or jokes about abortion, and the general vibe of the sub is one of very dark humor…” That is very dark indeed, and not most people’s cup of tea; yet, there are legit thousands of posts.

The group’s description reads: “Pictures of your sexy abortions from your fap folder.” I can’t imagine why Reddit has allowed this group to persist, but they have. Reddit is not governed by the laws of free speech, and has the right to make decisions about what is and isn’t allowed on their site. They could easily delete the offensive subreddit, but they don’t.

12 Living Dolls And Guro Lolita Fashion


There is a community of women that desperately needs our help. They’re going under the knife to alter their appearances to look like dolls, including Raggedy Ann. I don’t get wanting to look like Barbie, but I really don’t get why you’d want to look like Raggedy Ann. She’s got yarn for hair, a triangle nose, and dresses like an old-timey bum.

I should note that although the living doll community is dominated by women, there are some men who are trying to look like real-life Ken dolls. Most living dolls use makeup and photoshop to alter their appearances, but plenty have gone under the knife to enlarge their eyes and give their bodies unrealistic doll-like proportions including human Ken doll Justin Jedlica. It’s a dangerous practice, but at least this doll community is living.

Guro Lolita Fashion (Gurololi) is a bit like the living doll community, except it’s made up of dead dolls. There’s a lot less surgery in this community, but it’s a hell of a lot creepier. It’s more like playing dress up on Halloween. You dress up like a doll, then splatter yourself in fake blood, bandages, and open wounds. Then, you take photos and share them on Tumblr because the Internet is a weird asf.

11 Zoophilia And The Beast Forum

Most pet-owners love their pets, but aren’t in love with them. Zoophilia is when that line is crossed, and a human is attracted to a non-human animal. Sick, yes. Illegal, unfortunately not. Bestiality, which is the act of cross-species intercourse is fortunately very illegal in the United States, but zoophilia is only an attraction to animals. Neither discussing one’s zoophilia or bestiality is illegal because it falls under protected speech, a constitutional right.

The members of the community,, share tips and tricks for raping animals, as well as adults-only images of sex crimes committed against animals. Disseminating these images is illegal depending on where you live, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of bestiality pictures and movies from finding their way onto the site.

10 Tales Of Rectal Foreign Bodies


There’s a growing community of people obsessed with rectal foreign bodies, which are the photos and medical stories of people who got items stuck in their rectums. More than two million people have visited a website dedicated to rectal foreign bodies, which includes anecdotal stories of the people who self-inserted foreign objects into their bodies, and then couldn’t retrieve them.

Some of the published stories are written in doctor’s jargon, such as a case report detailing the story of a man who couldn’t retrieve an adult toy. For whatever reason, he avoided the hospital and self-admitted to a psychiatric hospital. They evaluated him for a full two weeks before taking x-rays and discovering the adult toy. The draw for some is clearly that these stories are humorous; for others, the draw is that they fetishize the experience. Some of the people reading these stories and viewing these images are the same people making hospital visits to have toy cars and perfume bottles removed from inside their *ahem* butts.

9 Pro-Anorexia And Eating Disorder Groups

In the world of pro-anorexia online communities, anorexia is called “ana” and it has some of the same rules as Fight Club. The first rule is you don’t talk about ana, the second rule is you don’t talk about ana. A direct quote from a popular pro-ana website is “Don’t tell anyone you’re ana!!! Online buddies are great to talk to, but if you get a real friend or family member involved they’ll try to stop you.”

Goddess Ana is the one behind this dangerous advice, but no one knows exactly who she is. She’s actively advising young women, including school aged girls, to starve themselves. The community views anorexia as a good thing, and advises girls on how to effectively waste away. Some of Ana’s advice includes fasting multiple days a week and exercising at least 6 hours a day. Bullying is very common on these boards, including calling thin women fat.


8 S-----de Voyeur Communities


Encouraging a mentally ill person to kill themselves is a crime; yet, there are communities of people who participate in this activity all the time. They’re called suicide voyeurs, and their numbers are in the thousands.

In the last ten years, many people have live-streamed their suicide or suicide attempt. This includes a 12-year-old Georgia girl who hung herself while viewers watched. The video was shared many times, but none of the viewers notified authorities. This is common in the suicide voyeur community. No one knew the girl had hung herself until hours later when her parents discovered her body. This is a dangerous and sad trend. There’s a special place in hell for adults who encourage kids to hurt themselves.

Suicide voyeurs are known to stalk their victims in depression chatrooms. They look for emotionally broken people and encourage them to live stream their suicidal thoughts while the voyeur watches and sometimes actively bullies and encourages the victim to kill themselves. An American nurse was arrested in 2010 for participating in this behavior, so police are cracking down.

7 The Other Industry For Furries

Furries are highly stigmatized, but this post isn’t meant to criticize people who are in the furry community. It’s a fandom. I don’t get it, but a lot of people don’t get why I’m still thinking about Lost seven years after it ended. Fandoms are weird like that, and most furries aren’t about kinkiness, but rather they are fans of “a concept,” as Laurence Parry, editor-in-chief of a furry news website, puts it. “What if intelligent animals lived among us, or replaced us? From this, all else flows – art, crafts, stories, roleplaying and costuming.”

That being said, there is a weird side, a sub-community on FurAffinity. FurAffinity being the largest furry fandom site, but it doesn’t just cater to those who are evergreen fans. No, about 35 percent of the community is sexually active and disseminates sexual content. They’re driven to create and distribute adult furry entertainment, which they make in furry costumes. It’s weird, but because they’re consenting adults, it’s not the worst thing in the world…

6 Cute Dead Guys


Necrophilia is a pathological attraction to corpses. It’s a mental illness, but because the Internet is as insidious as it is informative, there is a support community for necrophiles. Meaning, they support and champion the sexual attraction to corpses, especially handsome dead men. is “where deaded dudes RAWK.” It features pictures of male corpses that necrophiles may find attractive.

The government should hire psychiatrists to monitor places like this, but with the huge amount of views and posts that would be way too expensive. Who knew there were so many necrophiles around? Some of the pictures are men in caskets and men in the morgue. Others are far more disturbing, such as ones of a motorcyclists who crashed and left blood splatters everywhere. There are really people attracted to this?

5 Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists

That whole flat earth theory is still a thing, and it’s becoming main stream. If you’re reading this and thinking that I’m the crazy one for believing the earth is round, do yourself a favor and ask a scientist. Because if you’re not a scientist and you think the earth is flat, all you really are is an a**hole. The earth may not be perfectly round, but it’s definitely not flat.

Flat earth truthers have a leader and his name is Eric Dubay. They congregate on the forums of his blog, which is called The Atlantean Conspiracy. He insists that the Church of England conspired with Aristotle (who was dead at the time) to hide the truth about the earth’s flatness. It has all your usual conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo, including New World Order and Illuminati bullsh*t with a little racism thrown in (see his article “Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order).

4 Pro-Drunk Driving Advocates


The logic of the drunk driving advocate is very stupid because alcoholics are very stupid. Sorry, not sorry. This is coming from someone who throws them back occasionally, but when I do someone else is doing the driving because I’m not an a**hole. No matter the hour, someone’s mom or dad is on the road, or worse someone’s kid. Don’t be a jerk – don’t drink and drive.

Pro-drunk driving advocates call the rest of us neo-prohibitionists. That’s a big word for total morons. Their arguments are classless and asinine. On the pro-drunk driving advocacy website,, the author argues “Of the 12,998 deaths involving a drunk driver, 10,792 deaths were the drunk driver or his passenger.” So, basically, they’re asking for the freedom to kill themselves and their passengers, and for us to ignore the other 2206 people they kill.

In an essay, another pro-drunk driving advocate argues that car crashes feel the same regardless if the driver is drunk or not. Convincing logic if you’re an imbecile, I guess.

3 Sandy Hook Truthers

The Sandy hook Elementary school shooting took place in Newtown, Connecticut in late 2012. It is one of the most tragic mass shootings in American history because it took the lives of 20 children, all between the ages of six and seven years old. Because America is filled with cretins, which is loosely defined as deformed idiots, there is a huge group of people who target the families of victims claiming they are part of an elaborate hoax to promote anti-gun laws.

Sandy Hook truthers claim the people photographed and videotaped at the post-shooting scene are crisis actors hired by the government to stage the hoax. They cite contradictory reporting as further evidence of a hoax; however, no one knew exactly what had happened. This is common after a tragedy of this magnitude when people are desperately seeking answers and reporting on whatever they can find.

Sandy Hook truthers, motivated by Alex Jones and Infowars, don’t care about facts or eyewitness accounts. Since the tragedy, they have harassed and even threatened the parents of murdered children. Let that sink in: Infowars readers are threatening to kill the parents of murdered children.

2 Feederism AKA The “Fat Positive” Community


A healthy body image is a good thing, but feeders aren’t your average body positive community. They claim to be “fat positive,” but in reality, they are promoting an unhealthy way of life. Their interest is to feed and be fed, also known as “stuffing” or “fattening” a person. In case you haven’t caught on, it’s a sex thing and a dangerous one at that.

The feeder likes to overfeed the “feedee.” They want the feedee to feel uncomfortably full. The goal is severe obesity, which is a life-threatening disease. The feeder takes pleasure in causing this weight gain in his (or hers) partner. It’s a form of sexual dominance, but isn’t it also a form of forced dependence? Once the feedee gets too fat for mobility, she will be entirely reliant on her partner.

There’s an even darker side to this very popular subculture. There is a farting element that I refuse to elaborate on. If you’re curious to know about it, you’ll have to Google it because you’re not getting answers here.

1 The Wizard Forums

This isn’t a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios or a visit to Pottermore, “the digital heart of the wizarding world.” Those locales are just excellent wizarding fandom locations. No, the Wizard Forums are a place for people who truly believe that they’re wizards. They are unwavering in their beliefs, and for that reason and more it’s a weird place to end up.

You can get lost in the innumerable stories of wizards discovering their powers. They’re among us, but they’re not really wizards even if they think they are. You wouldn’t think something as harmless as phony wizards would end up on this list, but there’s a lot of disturbing things on this forum. There is a place for vampires who feed on their lover’s blood. And, there’s instructions for all manner of sorcery, including how to hurt people, kill them, and force them to fall in love with you.


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