15 Disturbing Nightmares That Became Reality

Dreams are super mysterious and unknown to us. We just go to sleep at night and wake up remembering some random stories that happened in our heads but actually never took place. We call them dreams, and we pretend that it has nothing to do with real life. Oh boy, how surprised you would be to know the number of people who claimed to know the terrible future before it even happened. The worst thing is that they could do nothing about it. I totally understand this sounds very controversial and hard to explain using science or logic, but creepy things happen. Can we be so ignorant to call it a coincidence and just leave it the way it is? Or should we just call these people delusional and dissociate from them? We all know that dreams have a deeper meaning, which we cannot explain with our limited brains.

There are plenty of unfortunate people in the world, who witnessed these so called premonition dreams but couldn't do anything to change the future. The funny thing is, we will never be able to check if these people actually have some psychic powers, or they just made it all up to get some extra attention. These stories are definitely creepy AF. Enjoy!

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15 Nightmare About A Creepy Child Abuser

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A 16-year-old girl had a vivid nightmare about a man who was abusing little children. She didn't recognize the man was or where he lived, but she could remember his appearance in the dream. That man was a long, slender, and in his late 30's. Anyway, one day, the girl was minding her own business when suddenly she saw that man from her dreams. It turned out that he just moved into her neighborhood. Needless to say, the girl freaked out big time. I mean, who wouldn't? She just decided to stay away from the man and hoped that he would stay away as well. In a couple of weeks, she saw the same man on the news. His name was Harry Robbs, and he was involved in a huge sex ring. This story happened in New Mexico in 2003. All the facts about Harry Robbs matched her dream; we just have to decide if the girl was saying the truth. No matter what, it is freaking scary.

14 Reeva Steenkamp Knew Oscar Pistorius Would Kill Her

Do you still remember one of the most controversial trials in history? Oscar Pistorius, a hero who competed in the Olympics with prosthetic legs, shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and became the most hated person in the world. Oscar Pistorius received six years in prison for this crime. However, there is one more twist to this story. Apparently, Reeva Steenkamp had a premonition when she was 14. She saw a man shoot her. After waking up, Reeva painted this dream. Naturally, everyone forgot the painting and the whole situation altogether. However, today we know that Reeva had seen her future. Her parents showed Reeva's painting to the internet, and it is disturbingly accurate. I mean, Reeva painted herself as an angel flying to heaven, while a gunned man was standing next to her. You can believe whatever you want, but it is downright disturbing.

13 Autistic Kid Knew About His Death

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One teacher told a story about his friendship with an autistic boy. They had a powerful connection, and whenever the teacher had to leave, the kid would say "Goodbye, see you tomorrow!" The teacher would reply "Bye, see you in the morning!" This little routine lasted for two years, until one day when the teacher was leaving, the boy only said "Goodbye." Naturally, the teacher replied "Bye, see you in the morning!" and did not think too much about this inconsistency up until the next day. When he arrived at work next day, the autistic boy was not there anymore. The poor kid was dead. Only then did the teacher realized the boy knew about his death all along; he must have had a dream or some kind of premonition the day before he died. There is a lot of proof that autistic kids can feel more than regular people.

12 Martin Luther King, Jr. Had A Dream

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We all know that Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that one day the American people would rise up and defy segregation and institutionalized racism. Apparently, Martin Luther King Jr. had a lot of dreams and premonitions about his death. On the day of his death, Martin even stated to his colleague that he is probably not coming back from his trip. And he did not. Yes, this powerful and influential man knew about his fate and still kept on going. It is hard to tell if Martin Luther King Jr. believed in nightmares or he just knew that it is impossible to change his fate, but one thing is for sure - the world lost a true hero that day. It is a good reminder that it is better to be safe than sorry and trust the gut feeling.

11 Woman Had A Dream About Her Brother's Death

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One woman explained how she had a dream that medics were pulling out a dead body from the tall grass under the trees. She told that it was not an ordinary dream because she could perfectly see every single piece of the landscape and it was as clear as real life. However, she could not see who was the man in her dream. Of course, the woman did not react too much after waking up next morning and lived her life peacefully until the next month, when her brother died. Apparently, it was a very brutal death, and a number of medics had to take the dead body out of the tall grass under the trees. Believe it or not, it was the exact same place that the woman dreamed about. What is even scarier, this woman had never seen the place before the accident. I always find it hard to believe these premonition stories, but it is also impossible to think that someone would make this stuff up. It's hard to imagine how must the poor woman felt after finding out that she knew about her brother's death all that time.

10 Dreams About World War I

Carl Jung was a very respected psychoanalytic, who spent a lot of time trying to figure out other people's dreams. He has a lot of work published in the field, but one, involving himself, is particularly interesting. A few months before World War I, Carl started having very freaky dreams. He saw how the sea's water turned into blood and yellow waves washed thousands of bodies to the shore. On top of that, the water stretched all the way from the Alps to the North Sea, exactly where World War I took place. Carl Jung had those nightmares for quite a while. Actually, he dreamed the last one in June 1914 and World War I started in July 1914. Of course, Carl Jung never experienced anything similar again, because there was already enough violence in the real world. A lot of people believe nowadays that Carl Jung knew that a huge tragedy is coming.

9 Plane Crash Of Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Lynyrd Skynyrd was huge back in the 80's. Ronnie Van Zant, the founder of Lynyrd Skynyrd, had earned his name as one of the top rock performers in the industry and things were going great. However, on October 20, 1977, everything changed. The group had a regular flight to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they planned to have a concert. The plane took off on time, but it never reached the destination. Due to the faulty engine, the pilots had to crash into the nearby forest. Sadly, Van Zant and Steve Gaines, a couple of backup singers, and both pilots died right away. Other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd decided to disband the group. The scariest part of this story is the fact that JoJo Billingsley, the backup singer, had a dream about this accident the night before the flight. She told everyone about it, but no one took it seriously. Well, after those stories and Final Destination movies, I would believe in a premonition dream.

8 Muammar Gaddafi And His Female Bodyguards/Escorts

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Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Gaddafi is one of the most controversial dictators of the 21st century. Colonel Gaddafi controlled Libya up until his death in 2011 and people were terrified of him. Also, the world was super disgusted about the fact that Gaddafi used to make his female bodyguards sleep with him. Of course, no one could do anything to stop him. Anyway, one guy claims that he knew about all this debauchery even before it happened. According to the guy, he had a dream where he was actually one of Gaddafi's female bodyguards and experienced an array of sexual violence within his dream. I know, it sounds so freaky, but the date of the dream was earlier than the information about Gaddafi's female bodyguards went viral. It only leads to one conclusion - the guy must have had a nightmare which turned out to be true. We are living in a scary world, folks.

7 A Guy Saw His Cousin's Death On Himself

via: worldofescapes.com

This one is especially creepy to me. One guy had a nightmare where he got in a car crash and died. It was such a vivid dream that the guy could remember the tree he hit, the bones he broke, and the weather of the day. He even wrote it all down in his journal so that people would know this was a premonition. Also, he got a little bit paranoid and stopped driving his car around areas that were similar to the one in his dream. So, the time was passing by, and no one crashed. Naturally, the guy calmed down and forgot about his nightmare. That is exactly when the crazy stuff happened. The guy's cousin died in a car crash, and all the details precisely matched with the premonition dream. The cousin even broke the same amount of the bones when he hit the tree. It appears that the guy experienced his cousin's death and that scares the living hell out of me.

6 "Daddy Hit Me With A Hammer"

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One day, a girl from a good family started telling everyone ”Daddy hit me with a hammer." Of course, no one was happy to hear such a lie, but the girl just could not stop repeating the phrase. She also never explained why is she saying such a thing, but it seemed like she knew that her dad hit her. Eventually, everyone stopped paying attention to this strange behavior. So, the Christmas Day came, and the family decided to decorate the Christmas tree. Everything was going great, and the tree was looking beautiful. Dad only needed to do a couple of corrections, took a hammer and started working. Suddenly, the hammer slipped out of his hand and fell right on the little girl’s head. That is when everyone understood why she kept repeating "Daddy hit me with a hammer," all the time. We will never know if the story is 100% legit, but it sure looks like those premonitions can be real.

5 Kid Had Dreams About His Past Life

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How would you react if your kid suddenly started talking about his past life? I, personally, would think the kid is going crazy and needs some help. However, Cameron was a perfectly healthy, 5-year-old child when he started remembering his past life in Barra, a remote island, 220 miles away from his home in Glasgow. Apparently, there was no chance that he would have seen or heard about that island on a TV or from his friends or family. That made his mom a little worried, so she got in touch with a professor who was dealing with similar kids. In the meantime, Cameron had more dreams about his past life. He started recalling little details, such as his dog's breed or the color of his house, from his life in Barra. So, the family decided to visit Barra and check if Cameron was right. It turned out that most of the things that Cameron had a premonition about were true. You can even see his reaction in a documentary called The Boy Who Lived Before. It is spooky.

4 American Airlines Flight 191

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273 people died on May 25, 1979, when a McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 plane terribly crashed minutes after its takeoff. This crash is one of the most terrible accidents in the American Airlines’ history. However, there is more to it. David Booth was a man who had the same nightmare for ten days in a row. He witnessed how a plane flips over on a runway and bursts into flames. Naturally, David Booth got terrified and felt that something is wrong. He contacted Federal Aviation Administration with his concerns. Officials listened to David and even concluded that he is talking about Boeing 727 plane. However, they did not do enough to avoid the accident. Of course, we cannot blame them. Let's be honest; none of us would take this kind of evidence seriously, especially, when so much money is at stake. Sadly, this time David was right and his nightmares stopped right after the accident. We might know the fate, but we probably cannot do a thing to change it. Or can we?

3 A Life-Saving Nightmare

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A guy had a dream in which a blue Ford F150 hit him and his friend Eric, while they were walking to the Salvation Army. He even remembered the plate numbers of the car. In the dream, both guys died from the impact of the crash. So, after a year, this same guy and his friend Eric were walking down to the Salvation Army. They needed to cross the street, and the green light was on, but for some odd reason, both guys hesitated to walk. As they were standing on the pavement, the exact same blue Ford F150 came speeding across the street. It is so scary to think that all the conditions, including the license plate of the truck, were the same. I can only imagine how blessed both guys must have felt, realizing that they had tricked death. Naturally, no one will ever be able to check if the guy was telling the truth or just fishing for attention, but even the slightest chance that this kind of thing can be true terrifies me.

2 A Nightmare About Falling Off The Ladder

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One kid had a number of nightmares about falling off the ladder. Those dreams were so vivid that the boy could remember the smell, weather, pain, and yellow jacket hanging by the ladder. It was terrifying, so the kid decided never to touch a ladder in his life. However, the nightmarish dreams ended, the boy grew up and was not afraid of paranormal things anymore. Of course, one day, when he was helping his friend to build a house, he climbed a ladder and felt down. Only then the man realized that his dream was coming true and that horrible feeling overtook him once again. He could even see that same yellow jacket from his dreams. The man decided to keep this story from his friend and went home as if nothing ever happened. The next day, he found out that his friend has also fallen off of that same ladder. The man realized that he was supposed to fall off the second time instead of his friend. He also knew that it would have been a deadly fall for him.

1 Kid Knew His Uncle Got Murdered


Is there any worse nightmare than seeing your beloved ones killed? I surely doubt it, and I guess that one kid would agree with me. That kid had a nightmare about his uncle's death, and it intimidated him to the core. When he woke up in the morning, he wanted to get some comfort from his mother. However, when the kid entered his mother's room, he saw her crying. It turned out that someone has actually murdered his uncle that night. We can keep denying premonitions and all the paranormal stuff and live our lives without any fear, but all these terrible stories suggest there is more to the world than the naked eye can see.

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