15 Disturbing Images Taken At Playgrounds Around The World

Playgrounds are places for kids to go to get some energy out while their parents relax and watch it all happen. Sometimes, people have playgrounds in their own backyards, and other times, the playground is the hottest spot to hang out for the kids in the neighborhood. Some playgrounds are amazing, while others barely stay put together. Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy going on playgrounds either. Sometimes, everyone occasionally enjoys going on a swing or down a slide. Unfortunately, though, in some horrifying cases, kids and adults aren’t the only ones to enjoy being in a park. Playgrounds can be homes to things much more sinister than we’d ever imagined.

Think of your top five favorite horror movies. There’s a good chance that there’s a scene that takes place at the local playground or park at some point in the movie. It’s a common community staple, so of course, there are going to be some freaky happenings at these well-known hot spots. Playgrounds are supposed to be childhood sanctuaries, but there are certainly some playgrounds around the world that don’t meet any of the qualifications that a local playground for kids should. If a tragedy occurred in a neighborhood, there’s always a chance that the local playground is linked somehow.

What do you think of when people start talking about playgrounds? If you have children or other little kids that you take to the playground often, you might get a little freaked out next time you go after seeing this list. Here are 15 Disturbing Images Taken In Playgrounds Around The World:

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15 A Syrian Playground

One of the most devastating thing happening in our world today is the horrifying attacks occurring in Syria. It can be easy to close our walls to those looking for help out of fear of what might happen to the people in our own communities. What we have to remember when we close those walls, however, is that we’re also shutting the door in the faces of the children who once called this playground their own sanctuary. At one point in time, children were able to run up on this park, climb on the monkey bars, swing on the swings, and slide down the slides. They can’t do that anymore. If they went back here, who knows what kind of horror they would face? All of the memories made, friendships that started, and laughter that happened here is now gone, just like the places many of the children used to call home.

14 Who's Lurking In The Back?

The photograph above was taken at a park one dark night when the photographer and the subject of the picture believed that they were alone. Upon review of the photographs, however, they soon learned that they were certainly not the only two on the playground at that time! If you look behind the girl, in the very back of the photograph, you can clearly see a dark figure staring at the girl. Luckily, the girl got out okay, along with the photographer, but imagine what horror might have happened had she been alone. Many predators and creeps frequent parks and playgrounds looking for their next victim, and this could've been one of the predators. Unfortunately, you can’t make out his face, but luckily enough, maybe taking the picture was enough to scare this guy away, allowing the girl to get home safely.

13 A Haunted Swing Moves On Its Own

One concerned dad posted a video of a swing going on its own when he was at a park with his children one cloudy day. When it comes to swinging sets, they're pretty much always going on their own whenever a gust of wind hits them. Although it’s still a creepy sight, it’s certainly not uncommon, and most of us don’t think twice when we see it happening. There was something different about this swing, however. It was going at a much quicker pace than anything else on the park, and the wind wasn’t even that bad that day. As you can see in the still from the video, the rest of the swings aren’t going either. It’s all about the way the swings go back and forth, too. They move differently when controlled by someone else versus when the wind is controlling them. This swing certainly moved in a way as if a human was swinging back and forth inside.

12 Would You Still Play Here?

Since playgrounds are outside, there’s no denying that there are going to be some wildlife interactions between the patrons of the playground and the nature surrounding it. However, this sign takes it to a new level. Of course, if you go outside, you should be aware that you might run into a snake. If you live in the Midwest, you don’t have to worry about rattlesnakes; however, pretty much everywhere in the world is home to some sort of garden snake or water snake. However, you don’t see signs for snake warnings everywhere. It’s just sort of a given, like running into spiders. The fact that this playground felt it necessary to include a sign that warned against snakes means that this location is probably known to have a higher than average number of snakes. Would you still let your children play on this playground?

11 What Exactly Is That?

The photograph above was taken at a play area that happened to be located next to a historic castle filled with a rich history. The photographer wanted to snap a nice picture of his niece playing with the friendly geese on the grounds of the castle. It wasn’t until he got home that he realized he might have captured more than just a picture of his niece. In the background, you can make out what he believes to be two knights holding shields! It makes sense since it was located next to a castle. Critics of the photo state that it’s probably just a guy hopping onto a bike; however, the thing that makes that hard to believe is the fact that these knights don’t show up in any other photograph that the uncle took that day. He also stated that the eeriest part of the photograph was the fact that the “ghosts” appear to be in black and white.

10 A 6-Year-Old Boy's Ghost Swings Every Night

The photograph above was taken at one of the most haunted playgrounds in the world. There wasn’t an orphanage that burned down here or any other sort of tragedy involving a group of children. This playground is haunted by one lonely little boy from Nevada who was struck by a car being driven by a drunk driver. He chose the playground closest as the place he liked to go and chooses to swing on the swing set every night. If you take a picture of the swing set at night, you’ll almost always get an orb in the photograph, like you can see in the picture above. There's also a rumor that if you go to the playground alone, you might see the little boy swinging, but some say, if you make eye contact with him, he'll turn into a demon and vanish. It’s certainly an intriguing story but not enough for us to want to visit this terrifying sight!

9 Someone Looking For A Playmate

The photograph above was taken of some kids who just wanted to have a good time jumping on a trampoline. What the picture actually ended up capturing was something pretty disturbing lurking in the background of the girls! As you can see in the picture, zoomed in way behind the children, you can make out what looks to be the strange shape of something much more sinister than just some kiddos jumping. The mother of the girls took the picture and, like the rest of the moms on the list, didn’t see the figure until she was reviewing the pictures later. The thing that makes this particular image so creepy is that it’s so hard to tell what exactly the figure might be! It doesn’t look human and has a demon-like shape that makes our skin crawl! Obviously, the girls are fine; however, it’s probably a good idea to keep them inside at night and away from the trampoline!

8 We'll Pass On This Ride

When it comes to designing things for children, one of the best qualities the design should have is that it’s inviting, warm, and welcoming so that the children will want to use the item. It seems like the design for this playground ride missed pretty much everything on the checklist of things children’s equipment should have. The worst thing about it is the demon sitting on top of the ride. What kid would look at that thing and decide they still wanted to spin around with something so horrifying looking? If you want to traumatize your child for life, it seems like this is the place to take them! Not only is the demon terrifying, but the overall wooden design of the ride looks awful as well. We feel like we'll have splinters all over our bodies just looking at the picture. We’ll pass for now, but thanks anyway to the designers of this playground.

7 This Haunted Playground Is The Resting Place Of Several Dead Children

The playground above doesn’t look too out of the ordinary in terms of your average community park. It’s taken close to nighttime, and there’s a thick layer of fog, so it automatically seems a little creepy. Other than that, however, there’s nothing else that would indicate that this is a scary picture. There aren’t any ghosts creeping in the background, and nothing is popping out to us as sinister. The scary part of this playground is the story behind it. It's located on the grounds of an orphanage that burned down several years ago, killing over 5 children in the fire. Apparently, if you come here at night, you can hear the screams of the children burning alive in the fire. You can also sometimes catch the swings going back and forth on even the calmest of nights.

6 A Mom Catches A Spooky Little Girl At The Playground

No parent ever wants to find anything disturbing at the playground. It’s hard enough to watch your child in a busy place, hoping they don’t get into a fight with another kid, get knocked off of a tall structure, or god forbid, get swiped by a child predator. One mother felt her blood go cold after capturing the photograph above. It wasn’t until she got home and began reviewing her pictures of the day that she noticed a strange figure in the grass that she certainly didn’t see when she was there earlier. Once she zoomed in, she realized she saw what she believes to be the ghost of a little girl. There aren’t any stories or tales of missing or murdered children around the area of the playground, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a place for ghosts. Of course, there are critics of the picture who claim it’s fake, but what did the mother really have to gain by choosing this particular photo to fake?

5 Whose Idea Was This? 

Like we’ve previously asked, who do they get to design some of these playgrounds meant for kids? This one is way more terrifying than the other. The thing about children is that they don’t always understand the difference between reality and pretend. They certainly like to do their fair share of pretending by playing in different scenarios and such; however, they don’t have the mental ability to always understand that something like this is fake. It may be funny to expose your children to certain things that scare them to get a funny reaction from them; however, it can actually be a traumatizing experience for the kid! There are even plenty of adults who would see something like this and run the other way! We just want to know who saw this design before it was even in any physical form and decided: yep, that’s exactly what we need to put right in the middle of a child’s sanctuary.

4 Yeah, That's A Great Idea For Kids

One important design consideration, aside from aesthetic pleasantness, is making sure the rides are actually safe for the children. Somehow, this design made it through all the stages of production and is now available for children everywhere to hang themselves on. Honestly, it might be a good idea to make something that kids can climb and swing on, but something that looks almost identical to a noose? It’s a wonder that this structure is actually still up and available for children and that there weren’t enough parents who complained about the structure to have it taken down! Who would look at this and let their little kid go and play on it? What's even the point anyways? There isn’t like a landing spot to arrive at after climbing the ropes. Would you let your child climb on these?

3 This Used To Be Okay For Kids To Play On

Every once in a while, you might go to a playground and see a structure that makes you wonder how on earth anyone allowed it to get made for children simply out of safety reasons. Sometimes, things seem too tall or too unstable to allow uncoordinated kiddos to jump around on. This photograph certainly takes the trophy for most WTF structure ever. The photograph was taken of a very old playground that no longer exists and was demolished once it was found to be a little too unsafe for children to play on. Um, yeah, you think? It existed at a time when people weren't as concerned as we are now about child safety; however, it still seems strange that it was allowed to be made in the first place! People complain kids these days aren’t as tough as they used to be, and maybe we can blame that on not having 20-foot-high monkey bars.

2 No Thanks

Most of the structures on the list so far have been so terrifying that we wonder how they got made in the first place. Maybe this one’s horrifying appearance can be blamed on the fact that this park is no longer in good shape and that the wear and tear from the weather and the play area's just being used, in general, has caused it to look as scary as it does. Still, we can’t imagine that, in its prime, it was that much greater. Remember in the movie Hocus Pocus when at the end, SPOILER ALERT, the main witch got turned into stone? We don’t want to know what this guy might have looked like before he got turned into a scary wood and plastic structure! Someone free his horrifying soul! On a more serious note, however, let this disturbing playground be a reminder of how NOT to design a playground.

1 We Can't Even

This has to be a joke, right? Sometimes, when things are made for children, we picture a bored adult behind the scenes pushing the limit just to see what he might be able to get away with. This is definitely one of those situations. There has to be a group of adults behind the scenes laughing at the power they have and what weird-looking things they were allowed to put up, right? Because if people designed this and didn’t see how problematic it was, they were seriously disturbed. It’s like Disney’s version of the human centipede. Even kids who see this have to be pretty confused about what’s supposed to be happening here. Out of all the pictures on the list, more so than the photos that included ghosts or stories of haunted playgrounds, this one has to be the most disturbing -- for completely different reasons.

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