15 Disturbing Images Of Space That Will Give You Chills

Space is not a place friendly to humans. There’s not a natural way to get there, and once we spend millions on the research and efforts it takes to launch a human into space, there are drastic measures we need to take in order to ensure survival. We’ve lost many of our own to the wonders of space, and we’re certain they won’t be the last. Space is baffling to many and terrifying to more. Of course, looking at the stars is a great way to admire some natural beauty in the world, however, it’s also a reminder of just how small we are and how little we know about the world around us.

Literally, at any moment, someone or something could fall from space and have the ability to change our lives forever. It’s possible that something from space is the reason we no longer have dinosaurs roaming the earth. Many people believe the patterns in the sky and the way the stars move are responsible for our personalities and the way we act. The moon itself has the ability to change the way our water moves, potentially wrecking our food sources and causing huge amounts of damage. Let’s not even get started on the ball of fire floating in space that’s responsible for growing our food and giving us sexy tans.

There’s no denying that space is beautiful, but it’s also completely and utterly terrifying. Don’t think so? Check out these 15 Disturbing Images Of Space That Will Give You Chills.

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15 Life On Mars? 

One of the biggest mysteries of humankind is whether or not we’re alone in this huge universe. We’re constantly looking for signs that there might be life out there somewhere in the galaxy. The more we explore and learn about ourselves and the world around us, however, the more we realize we’re likely alone. Every once in a while, however, we stumble upon a photograph like this one. The figure in the picture is haunting. To some, it looks like a woman or a person sitting on a rock. Some even said it looks like a mermaid. Others believe it’s just a rock that happens to have a more human-like shape to it. The reality of this situation is we can’t say for certain what the figure is, but it’s likely that it’s just a misshapen rock, as all evidence points to the fact that it’s impossible to sustain life on Mars.

14 A Hand In The Galaxy

The photograph above is of the Nebula known as “Hand of God.” The reason it got the name, as you can see, is because of how it’s very closely shaped to a hand. As humans, we’re wired to look at something abstract and attempt to give it a shape and form that’s familiar to us. That’s why you’ll often look at a spill on the ground or strange pattern in the wood and claim that it looks like something or even someone, you know. When we look at this misshapen nebula, of course, we’re going to attempt to figure out what it looks like, similar to what we do with clouds. Even though this isn’t actually a hand, it’s still an eerie sight and not something we necessarily want to picture floating out there alone in space. If we ran into anything that looked like a hand, we’d be utterly terrified.

13 We'll Never Know What We're Going To Find

If you look at the image above, you probably think it’s a beautiful image taken in space. Just because something is beautiful does not mean in any way that it can’t also be absolutely terrifying. The reason Venus fly traps are able to get their victims is because of their gorgeous and inviting appearance. Sure, if you had your own personal spacecraft, you’d want to explore space and everything it has to offer. If you stumbled upon this cluster, would you really go right into the center of it? We don’t always have a way of knowing what dangers might be lying ahead of us. At least cactuses look prickly and don’t try to trick us into touching them. An image like this might just be a giant fly trap, waiting for its next victim to suck up into an unknown universe.

12 The Sun Is Terrifying

The sun is literally a giant ball of fire that has about 8 planets that completely revolve around it. The fact of the matter is, is that just like the stars in the sky we like to point at and make shapes out of, the sun is just that, a star. Without it, we would know nothing and have nothing in our lives. We rely on the sun to get Vitamin D in our bodies, light in our days, and food for our plants. The sun can also have the ability to kill us. If you’re outside for too long, your skin would burn up. If you stare at it too long, you could lose your vision. That’s all just if we’re millions of miles away from it. When you’re up close and personal, you run the risk of things like the image above. Solar flares are literally tiny explosions on the sun. This is the object that we basically worship day to day.

11 Bones In Space?

If you were walking through the woods or down the street one day and stumbled upon the sight that you see above, you’d probably get a little freaked out and assume the rocks strewn about could potentially be bones, right? Obviously, they’re not bones, as that would be huge news, but the fact that there are rocks that look so similar to the parts of a human body is still pretty eerie. Even though they aren’t bones, it’s still pretty scary to think about how they have the potential to have been shaped that way by someone or something. The reality of the situation is that there are plenty of strange looking rocks and other unidentified objects waiting to be discovered. We always assume we might find life on a different planet, but what if we found evidence of the afterlife? Perhaps an alien species that’s already gone extinct? The possibilities are endless.

10 A Lot Of Empty Space

When we look at photographs taken on other planets, most of them look like desert wastelands. They’re not filled with rivers, oceans, lakes, trees, plants, and living creatures like the gorgeous earth we live on here. The reality is we send robots to places that aren’t capable of hosting humans to study and explore for us. These robots take images and videos that we can then study here. How can we really know what we think we know about a planet when we only have tiny robots exploring it? As we know from our own deserts, there’s not much there, but there are still some horrors hiding, waiting to be discovered. We run the potential of stumbling upon something we might not want to in places that we think are empty. Are we prepared for that? Are we capable of defending ourselves against outside forces? Are we able to judge when a situation calls for a peaceful or hostile reaction?

9 A Hidden Face

One of the freakiest discoveries we’ve made so far on another planet was the image of this face. At first seeing it can be incredibly jarring, imagining what or who the face may belong to. It looks simply like a mask on the side of the building, but the reality is that it could be something much more than just a rock on the surface. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which we see familiar objects in unfamiliar items. That explains why we see faces when we look at electrical outlets, the backs of chairs, or sometimes our food. That is also the explanation that is used to determine why we see a face on the surface of Mars. That’s a simple explanation, but is there the potential that this rock formed into the shape it did for some unknown mystery.

8 We're So Tiny In Comparison

Obviously, the image above is not real, rather, a diagram to show our planet in size comparison to the others. We’re the tiny planet all the way on the left. You can probably guess that, as we’re the only ones with land and water able to sustain life. Or so we think at the moment. Looking at just how tiny we are compared to something as massive as Jupiter is absolutely terrifying. Right now, if you wanted to travel around the world, you’d have to spend thousands on airfare and travel for possibly days. Even getting to your favorite restaurant or store might take close to an hour depending on how rural your area is. The Earth seems so massive but even compared to a planet in our solar system we’re nothing but a speck. That’s just comparing the planets in this one specific solar system.

7 A Terrifying Comet

A comet, like the one above, is a ball of gas and dust. To us, it just looks like a rock, and in a sense, it can be. However, some comets are bigger than the cities we live in and even fewer are bigger than the planet we call home. This particular photograph was taken in deep space, and much like the dark part of the ocean, this is a terrifying place void of much light filled with things we aren’t aware of. This particular comet also has the ability to look similar to a bust of a person. Just like planets, we’ve determined that life isn’t able to survive on a surface like a comet. Just like everything else we believe to be true, there is really no way to say that this is absolutely the truth, however. Who knows how long until we run into a comet that has some sort of strange creature or matter on it. Who knows if we’ll discover that comet in space or when it lands on our planet.

6 We Know So Little

You may look at the picture above as a gorgeous image of the stars and galaxy above. You could also look at it and see the vast amount of space that we know very little about. Everything that we determine to be truth always has an element of uncertainty to it. We create hypotheses, perform experiments, and make conclusions all based on our own science and our own discoveries. It’s been that way since we first launched someone into space in 1961. The truth is, we really don’t know what is out there, and we can’t say for certain that what we think we know is true. At any time, we could run into something that we don’t have the ability to comprehend or understand. Looking at a picture like this reminds us of how small we are and how much we have left to explore and discover.

5 Everything Is So Big

The thing about space is that nothing is really all that tiny. When we explore the earth today, we discover microscopic life forms and diseases so small they could infect you from just a tiny paper cut on your hand. In space, however, it seems as though everything is super-sized! When we look at the sky, the stars look tiny. They’re just bright specs on a deep and dark night sky. When you get up close and personal with these stars, however, they’re massive! This particular star, for example, is also a bit unsettling as it reminds us of a pimple! This star is still a massive ball of gas and rock that is inhabitable and unable to be explored, making it all the more mysteriously terrifying. The bigger something is, the more terrifying it can seem to something as small as a human.

4 It's Mysteriously Beautiful

We’ve talked about how scary space is and can be, but just because something terrifies us does not mean that we can’t still see the mysterious beauty behind it. An image like this is absolutely breathtaking. Even the most talented of artists would be jealous in the natural color patterns of this organic light show. The reality of this beauty is that it is a black hole. A black hole is just as terrifying as you would imagine it to be. A black hole is a place in which there is such a gravitational pull behind it that even light cannot escape, making it void of light. We cannot see many black holes, and technically even when we’re looking at a black hole like this one, we’re seeing through it. No one knows exactly what a black hole is, why it’s there, or what’s inside, and we may never know. That is truly terrifying.

3 A Large Sunspot

As we’ve already discussed, the sun is pretty terrifying, and yet, we still worship it. Looking at an image of a sunspot like this is unsettling for other reasons as well. It’s rather porous and looks a bit like some sort of skin disease. In reality, it’s so hot that we would burn up just being near it. With how little we know about our own planet, we know even less about the sun that controls it. The sun is also a dangerous ball of fire that has the potential to harm us, and that’s when it’s acting normal. Sun spots like these are not normal and can also cause solar flares, like the one we saw earlier. This means that the sun is acting in strange ways and we don’t really know what to do about it. You may look at this photograph and see something beautiful, but really, it could be something dangerous.

2 We're So Small

You’ve heard this before, especially if you’ve been reading what we’ve discussed so far, but we can’t say it enough: we’re super small. Everyone you know in life, all of the things you enjoy doing, and everything that means something to you is so incredibly small. All of your problems that dominate your day to day life and all of the fears that hold you back are so incredibly tiny. Being small doesn’t mean that things don’t matter, but when looking at an image like this, comparing small machinery to the vast size of planets and moons, really puts into perspective the life around us and the world we’ve created for ourselves. The things that mean something to us feel so big and important, but an image like this can quickly humble us and remind us just how tiny we really are. It’s also a reminder of all the terrifying horrors we have yet to discover.

1 Images From Space Help Us Understand Our Planet

The more we discover about our planet, the more we realize we don’t know anything. That overwhelming sense of discovery is just a reminder of everything we still have to explore and in no way is a discouraging sign to stop. Being able to take images from space and being able to explore the galaxy around us really can help bring us closer to the truth about why we might be here and how we might operate. The image above is of an eye of a hurricane. Being able to see images like this is terrifying, remembering how little we are and how big the dangerous forces around us can be. It also helps us in determining the pattern and life of such a massive storm! This helps us in finding ways to stop these natural forces and hope for a better and much safer world.

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