15 Disturbing Facts About 'The Human Ken Doll'

Rodrigo Alves looks more like a Ken doll rather than a real human being.

Barbie and Ken were sensational dolls back in the day. All the little kids used to play with those dolls and dream about growing up being as beautiful as Barbie and Ken. A lot of guys are still living with the idea that Barbie is the standard of a pretty girl. Who would not love to meet a tall and gorgeous blonde? In the meantime, girls are dreaming of finding someone who would remind them of Ken. Well, we should probably be careful of what we wish for because those dreams might easily become nightmares. Let me introduce you to Rodrigo Alves a.k.a. the 'Human Ken Doll.'

Some people say that it is stupid to focus on outer beauty in our lives. Rodrigo Alves is definitely not one of those people. This guy is obsessed with plastic surgeries, and it looks like he cannot think about anything else rather than his body. As for today, Rodrigo Alves looks more like a Ken doll rather than a real human being, and that is disturbing, to say the least. On the other hand, it also fascinates a lot of people all over the world, and Rodrigo Alves is becoming the next big celebrity. Rodrigo is one of the pioneers of "a new kind of beauty," and media cannot get enough of him. I cannot tell if people are making fun of him, cheering for him, or just trying to understand what the hell is going on in his head, but one thing is for sure - people are eager to find out more about the 'Human Ken Doll.

15 Rodrigo Alves Spent Over $373,000 On His Procedures

I respect everyone who decides to have plastic surgery, but personally, I am a fan of natural beauty. Not only it looks better, but it is also so much cheaper. Let's take Rodrigo Alves for example. This guy has spent over $373,000 to look the way he looks today. That is crazy. I mean, a lot of us don't even make that much money in a whole decade, and Rodrigo Alves just spent it to become a Ken doll. This might tell a lot about the world we are living in, but it is a discussion for another day. As for now, Rodrigo Alves used all this money to look like a joke to the majority of people. To be honest, if someone offered me $373,000 to get the looks of Rodrigo Alves, I would probably refuse. The good thing - the 'Human Ken Doll' is happy about his looks, and my opinion means nothing to him. Isn't that the most important thing?

14 The 'Human Ken Doll' Used To Be Fat And Ugly

Rodrigo Alves said that he was fat and ugly before all the plastic surgeries. All the internet trolls replied, "At least he is not fat anymore." That is a mean thing to say, especially, when we know that Rodrigo Alves was bullied in school. You don't have to be a psychologist to understand that all the bullies had a lot to do with Rodrigo's behavior these days. Before the surgeries, the 'Human Ken Doll' was living his life with so many insecurities, thinking that his body is a pile of trash. And it does not matter if Rodrigo Alves was fat and ugly, he did not deserve to feel this way. No one ever does. As for today, the 'Human Ken Doll' is openly talking about his past, and he only regrets not going under the knife earlier. No matter what we think about Rodrigo, we have to admire his (delusional) positivity.

13 Rodrigo Alves Has Had 51 Surgery Procedures

The 'Human Ken Doll' is one of those crazy people that you will never be able to understand, no matter how hard you try. One look at Rodrigo is enough to know that he is not like anyone else. However, could you have ever guessed that this man has had 51 astonishing plastic surgeries in his life? It means that Rodrigo Alves goes under the knife once every three months. I wish I had that much free time. Seriously, all the doctors must be his best friends by now. The 'Human Ken Doll' had every surgery that you can think of, including removal of the first layer of his skin and implanting a fake six-pack. I don't want to sound ignorant, but the further he goes, the creepier he looks to me. Let it be a great reminder that trying to hide all of our flaws might only expose us even more.

12 The 'Human Ken Doll' Is A Holder Of A Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Book of Records is the most entertaining book ever. I totally recommend reading it to see for yourself. There are some downright creepy and bizarre records in that book, and Rodrigo Alves has one of them. Guinness World Records contacted Rodrigo after his 51st surgery and said: "We are pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted under the following title: Most cosmetic procedures." Congratulations, I guess. Anyway, the previous record holder was a 60-year-old American lady, Cindy Jackson. She has had 47 cosmetic procedures in her life. So, our hero of the day, Rodrigo Alves, is ahead by four surgeries and his record is safe for now. However, he said that "Personally, I'd like to see an award for "most extreme make-over," because plastic surgery turned me into a different person, it's made me happy and famous." Well, if this award existed, I bet that Rodrigo would be a favorite to win as well.

11 Rodrigo Alves Cannot Breath Properly

It would be foolish to think that a human's body can stay healthy after 51 plastic surgeries. No matter how good are those doctors, there are always some mistakes and complications. At the moment, Rodrigo Alves cannot breathe properly because of his nose problems. The 'Human Ken Doll' decided that the best cure for this problem is the poison itself, so he is going to get some correctional procedures, which will have to fix his nose. He claims that all the plastic surgeries have a "domino effect" and it is impossible to stop going under the knife after you try it once. It sounds like a foolish thing to say, in my opinion. The 'Human Ken Doll' is only 33-years-old, and he is already facing some serious health issues. If I were him, I would seriously consider quitting this strange obsession. Apparently, Rodrigo cannot have both beauty and health, so he will have to decide what is more important to him.

10 Rodrigo Alves Once Quit Plastic Surgeries

On August 2016, Rodrigo's body rejected his 6th nose, and that caused a lot of complications. The 'Human Ken Doll' suffered necrosis, and his skin started to die slowly. His "perfect" face was about to get destroyed by a sickness. Naturally, Rodrigo Alves was shocked to see such a thing. He even claimed that it was the last plastic surgery ever because health is more important than beauty. That is a very noble and wise thing to say, and I believe that Rodrigo Alves meant it. However, drug addicts also mean to quit every time they face near-death situations. Oh yes, Rodrigo has already had eight surgeries after he "quit" and it looks like all the fame made him forget about any health problems he has. That is exactly how all those nasty addictions work: We find stupid excuses to do whatever we like doing. Sadly, sooner or later, we have to face the consequences, and I am only hoping that Rodrigo Alves will be ready to confront his.

9 The 'Human Ken Doll' Claims To Have No Addiction

A lot of people are saying that Rodrigo Alves is addicted to plastic surgeries. When a few reporters asked Rodrigo to give his opinion on this matter, Rodrigo only said: "There's no such thing as being addicted to plastic surgery." I would have totally believed him if he added: "I can stop getting those cosmetic procedures whenever I want." Oh, wait... Isn't that what all the addicts say? Anyway, after claiming that he has no addiction to plastic surgery, Rodrigo Alves stated that he is getting another one in a week. We might disagree on what an addiction is, but it surely sounds to me that Rodrigo is an addict. According to him: "Plastic surgery is constant, it's like getting the MOT on a car." That only means that the majority of people in the world are living a very ugly and messy life. When was the last time you had plastic surgery, huh?

8 Rodrigo Alves Inherited A Lot Of Money

Getting plastic surgery is a luxurious thing to do. I mean, Rodrigo Alves has spent over $373,000 already, and it looks like this is not the end. A lot of people from all over the world started wondering where all the money came from. Some thought that Rodrigo Alves has a very rich "sponsor," others claimed that he is a part of a criminal world. The reality is much simpler, though. The 'Human Ken Doll' inherited a lot of wealth from his rich grandparents. We can only guess if Rodrigo Alves' grandparents would be happy seeing him all transformed into a doll, but who knows. The fact is - Rodrigo is a lucky guy, who inherited enough money to become a creepy looking celebrity. He is an independent man who does whatever he wants with his money. He chose the path of vanity. What can I say... Good for him!

7 The 'Human Ken Doll' Is On A TV Show

We all know that most of the reality TV shows are staged pile of garbage. However, there is something about those shows that keeps us interested. I sometimes think that we watch reality TV shows to see how low people are prepared to go for fame. It is funny, miserable, and makes us feel better about our lives. So, as long as there is a group of people watching those trashy reality shows, the producers will have enough motivation to come up with new ideas. This time, the 'Human Ken Doll' and other plastic surgery maniacs are coming to Hollywood for a new reality TV show Plastics Of Hollywood. If you are tired of looking at fake bodies on Keeping Up With Kardashians, I must say that Plastics Of Hollywood might not be for you. Oh yes, Kim Kardashian looks like a natural beauty after seeing guys like Rodrigo Alves. That moment when you think that TV producers cannot come up with anything more stupid...

6 Rodrigo Alves Burned The First Layer Of His Skin

Rodrigo Alves suffered from bad acne when he was a kid, so it is not a surprise to see him going crazy about his skin. Rodrigo stated numerous times that getting a porcelain-like skin is his top priority in life. Apparently, the 'Human Ken Doll' found a way to make this dream come true. There is this one surgery which removes the first layer of your skin with the help of carbon dioxide laser. I don't want to get into details here, but after the procedure, skin loses all the blemishes and scars. That was the last Rodrigo's cosmetic procedure, and now he looks even faker than before. I only wonder if plastic surgeons can make Rodrigo's skin thicker because he will have to withstand a lot of criticism in the future. As for now, Rodrigo thinks that losing the skin was the right thing to do. Well, only time will tell who is right.

5 Rodrigo Alves Once Had Three Procedures In A Day

I can only imagine how hard it must be to find the courage to go under the knife for the first time. First of all, it sounds pretty dangerous to one's health. Second, after reading all the horrendous stories of doctors f-ing up, I bet that waking up after surgery is even scarier. It is very hard to imagine that moment when you look at yourself in a mirror and see a completely different person. Well, I guess it is similar to getting a tattoo - only scary for the first time. Our hero of the story, the 'Human Ken Doll,' once had three plastic surgeries in one day. I know - that is crazy! Three plastic surgeries sound a lot for a lifetime, not to talk about one day. I can only remind you that Rodrigo once said that "plastic surgery is a constant." I always thought that eating or breathing is a constant, but apparently, Rodrigo found a whole new meaning for this word.

4 Rodrigo Alves Used To Be A Steward

Rodrigo Alves said that he could partially pay for his plastic surgeries because he used to work as a steward. Apparently, stewards earn quite a lot of money nowadays. Ok, let's stop counting other people's money and focus on important things. The fact that the 'Human Ken Doll' used to have a normal job shows us that this guy might be a little strange, but not yet spoiled. Rodrigo Alves stated so many times that he needs no help from other people and he is an independent guy. That is a highly respected way of living. However, I cannot let go of the thought that someone looking like Rodrigo Alves could be my steward on a plane. Even though the 'Human Ken Doll' thinks that he is hot, he still looks scary to me. That said, I bet that the airlines that hired Rodrigo Alves must have been happy with him. I mean, it's like hitting two birds with one stone: You get a steward and some free marketing on top.

3 The 'Human Ken Doll' Is On A Quest For A Perfect Body

All of us have goals in our lives. Some people want to be doctors and save lives; others choose to be artists and bring new colors to everyday routine. What is the goal of Rodrigo Alves? He wants to have a perfect body. This goal is a little tricky as there is no such thing as a perfect body, but we can only wish Rodrigo all the best in his quest. So far, he had 51 cosmetic procedures, and people say that he is only getting further away from a perfect body. Oh yes, Rodrigo Alves is becoming a big joke on the internet, and only a very few are taking him seriously. That might be because of his arguably stupid mission in this life, or those very extreme methods to reach it. That said, the 'Human Ken Doll' is not in the mood to quit, and he is prepared to spend all the money in the world to get a perfect body.

2 Rodrigo Alves Has Had 8 Nose Jobs

I have a feeling that the 'Human Ken Doll' really hates his nose. I mean, he has had eight procedures on it. With Rodrigo's tempos, I would not be surprised if he is getting another nose job at this actual moment. Anyway, the official number right now is eight. It gives me the creeps. Of course, a couple of those corrections were due to Rodrigo's health problems after his body rejected the new nose implant. We already know that he has problems breathing, and it makes a lot of sense why. I could only suggest Rodrigo to consider fixing all the health problems and quitting the surgery business, but that is easier said than done. Also, those eight nose jobs cost Rodrigo $107,000. If you ask me, his nose does not look $107,000 prettier. That is just another classic way how to waste your money like a pro.

1 Rodrigo Alves Can't Eat Solid Food

Rodrigo Alves would never agree with someone who says that plastic surgery is a sign of vanity. In contrary, Rodrigo believes that plastic surgery is a must for anyone who wants to live a quality life. However, this quality is sometimes interrupted by the complications. After one of many surgeries, the 'Human Ken Doll' could not eat food because the stitches could open up and lead to an infection. He also said: “I could not have a hot shower during the 11 days because the steam could result in dilated blood vessels on my face and that would lead to a hematoma.” Well, if you ask me, having no shower for 11 days is nowhere close to being a good-looking and perfect man. So, Rodrigo Alves had to go through a lot of painful moments because of his surgeries. A lot of us would just stop this madness and start wasting money on something more fun, but the 'Human Ken Doll' is too passionate about his body, and there is no doubt that we will hear more about his journeys under the knife.

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15 Disturbing Facts About 'The Human Ken Doll'