15 Disturbing Confessions From Six Flags Employees

Summer's finally here, and you know what that means: Time to hit the theme park. And what better place to visit than Six Flags, one of America's most famous attractions! But is it really such a good idea? Let's face it, these experiences can often become a complete nightmare. You walk around in the searing heat, surrounded by crowds of loud, obnoxious people, and the scent of disgusting fried food fills your nostrils. You want to go on a ride, but are forced to wait hours in line with a bunch of other frustrated, impatient people. I'm not saying it's not fun - but it does have the potential to turn into one of the worst experiences imaginable.

And that's before you even consider what these employees have to say about their experiences. Because if anyone can tell you why you shouldn't go to Six Flags, it's the people who work there. Often, these people have worked there for many years, and have seen just about everything imaginable. And as you might have expected, some of these things are incredibly disturbing. These range from deaths and accidents to more subtle things like how they make their food, or the cleanliness of their bathrooms. After reading these quotes, you'll probably think twice about visiting Six Flags, because one thing's for sure - these employees are probably never going back there ever again in their lives.

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15 Hit By A Ride


Perhaps the most disturbing confessions from Six Flags employees are the ones that detail the deaths of guests. While this is uncommon, it does happen. But more often than not, it's the actual employees that die. This is because they're allowed access to the parts of the ride that are inaccessible by guests, and these are the areas that are most dangerous. This Six Flags employee shares a brutal confession about the death of an employee that happened while she working at the famed theme park:

"One [accident] happened in station at the ride Revolution. Everyone has their own theory as to what happened, but it basically comes down to two scenarios. It happened in the station and she was crossing over to the other side but was hit by an incoming train. She could have been goofing off and trying to beat the train jumping to the other side, others have mentioned suicide, and maybe she tripped? That seem highly unlikely."

14 Suspected Suicide


The same employee gives a shocking account of the second death that occurred while she was working at the theme park. This one might be even more shocking:

"The second death was an international exchange employee at Scream. They were doing a morning gate/track walk (checking all gates and surrounding area before the park opens to make sure everything is secure). Part of opening procedure is to cycle the trains a couple times by themselves, and another couple with an employee riding. Anyways so a train was sent and they were walking in an area they shouldn't have and got hit. I can not imagine this to be anything but suicide. You would hear/see it coming. It was said that the employee had headphones in, but I can't imagine they didn't feel the train coming either. If you look at a YouTube video of the ride, they got hit in the loop that circles a few feet above the ground, which is extremely suspicious."

13 A Guest Picked Her Up By The Neck


Sometimes the biggest danger isn't the rides, it's the guests themselves. Sometimes they've had a bit too much to drink, they're on drugs, or they're just angry, violent people. Such was the case when one Six Flags employee was picked up off the ground by her neck by a guy twice her size. Wow... I can't believe that people like that even exist. I bet he felt really strong picking on a little girl... What an asshole... Anyway, here's the account:

"The scariest thing I've heard is that a week after I had quit, a friend was working at Green Lantern. A guy was too tall to ride and she had to tell him so. He then picked her up off the ground by her neck. When questioned by police, he said he was just joking around. It is unbelievably lucky that this happened at Green Lantern because it is the only ride in the park that has cameras. It caught him on tape."

12 You Can Pretend To Be Disabled


Many people will find this cool, but I find it pretty disturbing... People actually get away with pretending to be disabled in order to beat the lines. And it's actually illegal for them to inquire about your disabilities, so they won't try to question your intentions. Here's one employee's account of a time where this happened:

"If you get the flash pass, cool. But you can also go to guest relations and get an ADA (American Disability Act) pass. Even if you are not disabled we can not discriminate. This pass allows you to have wait times instead of physically waiting in line. You can't use the pass for more than one ride at a time. My advice would be to do as many rides as possible would be to get the ADA pass, a flash pass, and also physically wait in line. That way you could pretty much wait for 3 rides at once. Just tuck your flash pass away and hide your wrist bands when using the ADA pass. Anyone can get one because it is illegal to inquire about disabilities. You can't get a wait time for more than one ride at a time, but you could have a wait time while you physically wait in line for another ride! Helps to make sure you can get on as many rides as possible."

11 Poop Everywhere


This is why I personally hate theme parks. They're just so dirty and gross. Although I had no idea there was so much poop lying around everywhere. I guess people actually just squat down and poop in the bushes? Or even on the sidewalk? I would hope that it's mostly kids doing it, but somehow I doubt that. Whoever these employees are, they deserve a much higher wage for the (literal) crap they have to put up with. Here's what one employee had to say:

"It's crazy how much poop we find. In the line, behind vending machines, in the middle of the f*cking paths. Most of it can be contributed to all the feral cats running around in the park, but sometimes you can just look and tell that it was a human that did it. I sometimes wonder what the encounter would be like if I ever caught someone in the act."

10 You Won't Really Be Punished For Cutting In Line


If there's one thing people really hate about going to a theme park like Six Flags, it's the long, never-ending lines. But according to this Six Flags employee, if you cut in line and get away with it, none of the employees will actually punish you for it. He even goes as far as saying that they don't even have a procedure for dealing with people cutting in line. The only way you'll get in trouble is if there are tons of guests pointing you out, which is pretty rare. It's pretty disturbing to me that the staff doesn't even care about a huge issue like cutting in line. Here's what the employee has to say:

"I can tell you that we really don't have a procedure for [cutting in line]. If you manage to cut without any guests in line noticing, you're fine. If a ton of guests are pointing fingers at you saying you cut in line, I'll give security a call. Most often what happens is that some kid will try to cut in line to be funny, and when someone notices him he just walks back to where he was."

9 Confined To A Wheelchair


There are lots of sad stories that come out of Six Flags. They don't all involve deaths. One person reveals a story where a guy jumped a fence to grab his hat, got in an accident involving the ride, and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He tried to sue the park but lost the lawsuit. Probably one of the most common things Six Flags employees say about the park is the amount of people who lose their hats. They tell them time and time again to hold their hats in their hands, because they will lose them. A lot of people don't listen. So if you're reading this and you're planning to go to Six Flags, always take your hat off and hold it in your hand. Here's the sad story:

"Had a teacher that was on jury duty for a lawsuit involving this. Guy climbed the fence at Six Flags to grab his hat, got injured and ended up wheelchair confined for the rest of his life. Sued the park and lost."

8 Girls Love To Flash Their Assets 


Well, I guess it depends on your definition of "disturbing," but I'm sure a lot of moms and dads (well, maybe not dads) would be pretty offended and concerned to hear that young girls are making a habit of flashing their boobs for the cameras on certain rides. And the staff don't care - in fact many of them say that it makes their day, and they look forward to those moments. You're probably familiar with the type of cameras I'm talking about - they're the ones that take your picture as you're going down the ride - then you can buy those pictures after you get off the ride if you want. Lots of people have staged hilarious, elaborate photos of themselves for these photos, but it seems the good old-fashioned boob flash is a favorite among the staff:

"Lots of stories from the photo guys about girls flashing their t*ts on Goliath in front of the camera and stuff like that. People apparently will pull 'em out mid-ride for the camera on Goliath fairly often."

7 His Arm Got Completely Crushed


Some of the bravest staff members working at Six Flags are the ones that do the maintenance on the rides. Often, these people aren't very well-trained, and they put themselves in risky situations for pretty low wages. One Six Flags employee talks about someone she knew whose arm was completely crushed when he was working on the brakes on a ride called Tatsu. Now, he has no feeling in his arm because the nerves were all crushed. Here's the quote:

"One of my bf's coworkers was working on something to do with the brakes at Tatsu. I'm not sure exactly why it happened if it was negligence on the employee's part or what. Basically his hand and forearm got crushed. He didn't feel it because it cut off all his nerves. He had major surgery, and still works there. His arm is fine but I don't think he has full feeling anymore."

6 Creepy Comment From Guest


We've already talked about guests who become violent, but there are also examples of guests who act creepy towards the employees. People who have worked there for many years rack up a lot of these stories, and they've seen some pretty strange people during their time at Six Flags. Although this story is pretty creepy, it doesn't actually involve any physical abuse, which is good at least. But if I were her, I would have felt incredibly uncomfortable in this situation... Here's her story:

"I've had a couple of strange regular guests. I would say the weirdest encounter was when a guest asked me to make sure that I helped his children get strapped in. I reassured him saying that I would check all my guests seats to ensure their safety. I did so cheerfully and he said word for word, 'You're so sweet, you're so cute! I wish I could take you home and play with you all day.'"

5 Disgusting And Annoying Obese Guests

An overweight man wears a shirt patterned after the American flag during a visit to the World Trade Center, Thursday, May 8, 2014 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

One of the biggest things Six Flags employees complain about is fat and obese people trying to get on the rides, and ruining everyone's experience at the park. There are a lot of stories about obese people getting angry at the fact that they can't ride the rides, even though it's clearly because of safety hazards. But perhaps the most disgusting story came as a result of a woman who asked a worker to reach between her sweaty flabby thighs to grab the seat belt:

"I took my kids to Six Flags America recently and wound up next to an obese woman on the Apocalypse, a stand up roller coaster where the belt is pulled up between the legs and clips to a harness that lowers over the shoulders. She couldn't reach the belt and asked one of the attendants for help, adding, 'It's down there somewhere. I don't care what you touch when you reach around.' The guy looked absolutely terrified and stammered out some kind of excuse that was polite and disarming, even though I'll bet he was thinking something like, 'I would rather shoot myself in the head than reach between your sweaty thighs.'"

4 The Food There Is Gross


This is pretty much a no-brainer, but yes, the food at Six Flags is gross. It's easy enough to come to this conclusion as a visitor. The smells almost make you want to throw up, and the level of hygiene there is pretty appalling. And it becomes even worse when you've just gone on a roller coaster, and you're already on the verge of throwing up anyway. But what you see on the outside is nothing compared to what the workers experience behind the scenes, as one employee confesses. This is actually from a site where employees review their experience of working at Six Flags. Needless to say, this employee gave Six Flags only one star:

"Let's just say that the 'behind the scenes' of the food places, would never make you want to eat there as a patron. Fast food joints are 1000 times cleaner. Pay is minimum wage and you'll die of old age before you ever saw $20/hour as an employee."

3 Questionable Safety Regulations


Probably the most important thing about any theme park is safety. That's what's going to stop people from dying or having serious accidents, and if people die, then your reputation is ruined and your park is probably going to have to close down. So that's what makes it all the more disturbing when you hear Six Flags employees complain about safety regulations. In this case, it seems like he or she is complaining more about the lack of safety for the employees rather than the actual guests, but it's still unsettling and disturbing. He talks about "broken equipment," and "broken ladders." That just makes me want to shudder. Read his disturbing confession for yourself, and see what you think:

"If you enjoy being put on unsafe, broken equipment 20ft in the air and working on broken ladders, this job is for you. The place is very segregated into cliques. I put a lot of work into the Entertainment department and not only never advanced, but was pushed out for illness."

2 Theft Is Common


Another thing that's becoming a major concern at Six Flags is crime. Apparently this is becoming more and more prevalent as the years go by, and it's something that Six Flags is devoting more and more resources to address. There have been lots of complaints about people getting their cars broken into at the parking lots, and it's becoming fairly common. But as this employee reveals, crime and theft happens within the park on a fairy regular basis as well:

"One day during the summer when I was a rides supervisor, I saw a guest running down the train tracks. As he was running there were objects falling out if his pockets. After further examination, they were all stolen phones. As soon as I realized this police officers and security guards sprint past me and tackled the guy to the ground and arrested him. I had never seen anything like it!"

1 Lots Of People Tripping On Acid


Maybe the most disturbing confession of all is the fact that tons of people are now going to Six Flags while tripping on acid and other hallucinogenic drugs! Read the confession for yourself:

“I don’t mind working here for the most part, but constantly having to convince paranoid, hallucinating customers that they aren’t going to die is getting a little old. Today I had to shut down the Krazy Kups because this tweaker had wriggled out of his seat and was howling at the top of his lungs every time I tried to approach him. It took me nearly an hour to convince him he wouldn’t be electrocuted if he took my hand. Nowadays, I wait by the park entrance and keep an eye out for anyone laughing maniacally to themselves or staring intently at their fingers—at that point, I can already tell I’ll be pleading with them to come down from the Looney Tunes character meet-and-greet stage before the day’s up."

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