15 Disgusting Things In Your Body That Are Only Seen Through Microscopes

We have always admired the beauty of the human body. We see beautiful people around us, with their enviable looks and sensational physique. And, we wish that we had their body. There have been movies, songs, and poems that not only admire the human body but also worship it to some extent. We talk about the charming smile of Julia Roberts. We are awestruck by the chiseled body of Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, no matter how much we are accused of the objectification of the human body, we do admire specific body parts of individuals. Think of Jennifer Lopez’ famous derriere, or the lustrous lips of Angelina Jolie or ample assets of Scarlett Johansson. Yes, we are guilty of admiring specific body parts, instead of appreciating the entire personality of a person. Women wish they had legs like Sharon Stone. Men wish they had biceps like Dwayne Johnson. And, of course, men always wish they had a certain body part like Tommy Lee, especially after they saw him with Pamela Anderson in that famous/infamous video that was leaked in 1995.

The bottom line is that we all admire the human form. Sometimes, we admire it in its entirety. At times, we focus on some specific parts. The interesting aspect of focusing on specific body parts in detail is that it might have a disillusioning effect. Under the microscope, there are certain parts of the human body that look totally disgusting. After seeing these pictures, your perspective about these body parts will never be the same again.

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15 Dental Plaque

There was a false notion in the past that tooth decay is caused by age. However, modern science has revealed that that’s actually not the case. If you can keep your gums and teeth healthy, you can enjoy youth inside your mouth for a really long time. In fact, with proper dental maintenance, it is possible to have magnificent teeth until the last day of one’s life. What we have to protect us against is dental plaque. These are harmful germs that come in masses that are invisible to the naked eye. These germs live in our mouth and also get stuck in between teeth. There are two kinds of dental plaque. One of these causes gum disease, the other causes tooth decay. Even though diseased teeth and gums caused by dental plaque already look quite bad, it looks even more disgusting when we see it under the microscope. It is weird to think that these things live inside our mouth.

14 Lungs

This spongy human organ filled with air is one of the major reasons why we are alive. Located in the middle of the chest, one half of it is on the right side and the other on the left. Air comes to the lungs through the windpipe. It passes through the tubular branches of the lungs that are called bronchi. There are even smaller branches developed by the bronchi. These are called bronchioles. And, the rest of the part is microscopic. A thin tissue layer, the pleura, covers the lungs. There are tiny sacks inside the lungs that help oxygen, as well as carbon dioxide, to pass between compartments. Under the microscope, the lungs look more creepy than disgusting. They look like an ancient cave that no human has ever explored. However, for some, it surely looks repulsive. It is a scary thought that the breath of fresh air you seek every morning passes through these chambers.

13 Swimmers

Pleasure is fine. Efforts to create a baby are also appreciated. However, it involves some parts of the human body that are not very pleasing to look at, especially under the microscope. While people may argue that semen is not the most attractive human fluid, anyway, even for the naked eye, the way it looks under the microscope is even more disgusting. When you realize that semen contains living objects, aka sperm, you also come to realize that things are not what they seem to be. Sperms look like disgusting worms under the microscope, no matter how important they are to the human civilization. Forget reproduction. When you imagine these living objects splattered around a human body after regular s*x, you may have second thoughts about how you end your “activity.” It is better if you see this microscopic image and forget about it right away, in case you want to continue a normal s*x life.

12 Sweat Pores

You may think you know a lot about sweat. You may think a man looks hot with sweat on his muscles. You may also think a woman looks sexy with sweat making her skin extra glossy. On the other hand, you may also consider sweat is something that dehydrates your body. If you are not a summer person, you may hate your sweat anyway. There is no denying the fact that sweat is extremely important for a human body. It helps keep the balance of the human body temperature. Humans mostly have eccrine sweat glands that help the human body remain cool. However, the sweat pores on the human body looks scarily weird through the microscope. These holes on our skin are where sweat comes out of. This may look like the gateway to hell for some. At the same time, you feel gratified that you don’t have to see it all the time.

11 Taste Buds

Think of all the delicious things you have eaten for the entire week. Now, look at this image. These are your taste buds under the microscope. Here are some scientific facts for you. Taste buds have receptor cells, aka gustatory cells. These are found on the upper side of the tongue. These are also found in the epiglottis, the cheek, the upper esophagus, and the soft palate. These are responsible for detecting five kinds of tastes—bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and umami. When these five tastes are mixed together, we get the flavor of a dish. Even though people earlier thought that different parts of taste buds detect different kinds of taste, it is just a myth. Any area of the taste buds is capable of detecting any kind of taste. There are small taste pores in the tongue that help in detecting tastes as well. On an average, an adult human tongue has up to 8,000 taste buds.

10 Fingernail

If animals have claws, we have nails. Don’t forget that these nails played a big part in our struggle with prehistoric monsters. Years have passed, and we have discovered ways to beautify our ancient weapon—our nails. We have learned how to design it in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures. The modern age has come up with something called the nail art, which makes your nails look like a Rembrandt painting. Well, almost. In a month, fingernails grow around an inch. One interesting word related to nails is onychophagia. In simple words, it means the habit of biting nails, which is also known as a “nervous habit.” Nails are also believed to be the window of your health. If you are suffering from any kind of a disease, it shows on your nails. Nevertheless, when your nail goes under the microscope, it becomes totally different.

9 Teeth

Let’s accept the fact that microscopes do not care much about what kind of toothpaste you use. And, that is why your tooth looks like this under the microscope, no matter how white your teeth actually are. A tooth is a calcified structure that helps vertebrates break down food. A number of animals, especially carnivores, use teeth for both defense and hunting. A tooth is basically a bone, even though there is a difference in hardness and density. Make no mistake. The tooth enamel happens to be the hardest substance the human body has. Soda plays a big role in tooth decay. Those who have three glasses of soda or more in a day, suffer from 62 percent more fillings, tooth loss, and decay. The microscopic image of a tooth, nevertheless, looks quite odd. It looks like a broken dinosaur bone from the prehistoric times. Have another look.

8 Eye Lashes

Beauticians are totally obsessed with eye lashes. Thick and long eye lashes can make a woman look way better than without it. It does not even matter these days if you are not blessed with such eye lashes. There are lots of variations of false eye lashes and extensions that can establish a stunning look. However, we are not talking about false eye lashes here. In human eye lashes, there are small creatures that live inside the pores. The eye lashes look pathetic under the microscope. The eye lashes that you have been proud of so far do not seem that attractive to you after you see them through the microscope. The grotesque skin around it and its dry creamy substance make it look even more wretched. Next time you look at someone with beautiful eye lashes, remind yourself that those eye lashes look equally disgusting like yours when seen through a microscope.

7 Bone

An adult human body has 206 bones, with 26 bones only in the foot itself. The wrist and the hand together have 54 bones. While the longest bone in a human body is the femur, aka the thigh bone, it is also the strongest of them all. The lightest, as well as the smallest, bone in an adult human body is in the middle ear. Bones are formed with sodium, phosphorus, calcium, among other minerals. The protein collagen is also present in human bones. Bones help the human body move around. It also helps protect organs inside the body, as it prevents the impact damage. When looked under the microscope, strong bones that look so solid from outside look hollow all of a sudden. There are tiny compartments. One leads to another and the journey continues. Bones that make the shape of the human body suddenly turn into creepy-looking objects under the microscope.

6 Ear

Human ears have done magical things for the civilization. For one, it has created music. If we could not hear, there would have been no songs. And, it does not end there. The best things you have heard in your life stay with you forever. You remember the day your boss complimented you on a job well done. You remember when your sweetheart whispered the words of love for the first time. Ears play a critical part in human life. Even though we do not have such strong sense of hearing like dogs, we have used our hearing in different forms. The human ear is designed in such a way that it can capture sound effectively. The tips of hair cells inside the inner ear look like bunches of hair under the microscope. These are responsible for capturing sound. No matter how effective these are, the microscopic image is far from pleasing.

5 Hair

Women have nightmares about having split ends and dry hair, as it damages the look they want to achieve. However, our hair has a much bigger role to play in human civilization than just helping us achieve good looks. For years, the hair has been used as a secondary option for DNA testing. And, that is how we came to know about the microscopic details of hair. The outer surface of hair has no nuclear DNA present. This is the part that we wash, brush, and style. The inside part of the hair contains DNA, and it is tested for various reasons. Human hair is made of protein. Thanks to various ads for hair products, you must be aware of this protein called keratin. The layers that human hair is made of gets exposed under the microscope and does not look pleasing at all. In fact, the rough look of human hair looks pretty disgusting.

4 Eyes

This is another beautiful human body part that we truly adore. Eyes come in different colors, and they add an additional appeal to a personality. We not only see with our eyes, but also express our emotions through it. Hollywood has its favorite eyes. Whether it is Emma Stone’s bluish green eyes or Emma Watson’s light brown eyes or Zooey Deschanel’s light blue eyes, we love it. Then, there is Mila Kunis who has a condition called Heterochromia, which means she has two different colors for each of her eyes. Her left eye is green and her right eye is brown. Nevertheless, under the microscope, eyes look far from beautiful. When seen up close, the iris looks like a torn cotton structure. The dark round pupil in the middle seems like a cave to the center of the world.

3 Small Intestine

The small intestine, aka the small bowel, is what connects the stomach with the large intestine. This is where the final session of food absorption takes place. This is also the part where the lion’s share of chemical digestion happens. Various digestive enzymes secreted by the liver and the pancreas do their job in the small intestine. Let’s face the fact that this organ does not look pleasing even without a microscope. However, this is one of the most complex organs in the human body, and it plays a really important role in maintaining the health of the human body. Under the microscope, the four layers of the small intestine get exposed. No matter how critical this human organ is, it looks totally disgusting under the microscope. It looks like a repulsive reptile living inside your body. If it does not sound scary enough, look at the picture here and you’ll know.

2 Skin

This is one microscopic image you may not prefer watching. Many are not aware that the skin happens to be the largest organ of the human integumentary system. Human skin has around seven layers of ectodermal tissue. It protects our ligaments, bones, muscles, and internal organs. There are two kinds of skin—hairy and hairless—even though almost all human skin has hair follicles, no matter if it may appear hairless. Skin also plays a critical role in guarding us from unnecessary water loss. It regulates the body temperature and helps in vitamin D synthesis as well. An average adult has around 300 million skin cells. Every square inch of human skin has around 300 sweat glands and 19 million cells. When these minute details of the human skin are exposed under the microscope, it looks scary. It is absolutely nightmarish to imagine that this is how your skin actually looks like.

1 Face

Your face is your identity. The entire world comes to know about you first through your face. You do everything possible to keep it clean, healthy, and good-looking. There are millions of creams available to make you look like a movie star. When you come to know about Botox injections that apparently have magical powers to remove wrinkles from your face, you start nurturing a secret ambition to get injected one day. Here is a fact that you may like to consider. Your face looks almost the same like Jennifer Lawrence’s when viewed under the microscope. And, guess what, it looks scary. Almost everybody in the world has creatures living on their face. It’s not possible to see them, even though they are very much there. The microscopic mites eat, have s*x, and die on your face. The microscopic image of your face looks terrifying. Thankfully, you have a mirror at home, not a microscope.

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