15 Dirty Secrets Ivanka Trump Doesn't Want You To Know

The New York Times hailed Ivanka Trump as “The Most Influential First Daughter Since Alice Roosevelt Longworth.” Indeed, Donald Trump gives her more power than any of his wives, valuing her opinion possibly more than anyone else. During her father’s presidential campaign, Ivanka was credited with Donald’s paid maternity leave policy - a first for a Republican nominee. Donald passes the phone in her direction when asked about women’s issues, even though she insists that her role in the administration will simply be the daughter. Hard to believe, since Ivanka already makes personal calls to members of congress about childcare herself.

What is believed is that she will take on the role of First Lady. Before Ivanka got involved in politics, she was busy building her own empire - an empire meant to "inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to live.” But Ivanka has her own secrets that she doesn't want to be exposed. These are the very secrets that could crumble her entire empire. Everything is not as it seems. Here are 15 very private details Ivanka Trump does not want you to know.


15 Cosmetic Work Done?

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For the record, we don’t have any problem with women going under the knife (yes, we’re not judgy like that). But since we live in a culture that loves to discuss whether a woman is au naturel, we thought we would engage in a little plastic surgery discussion for a moment. Ivanka Trump is a beautiful woman, no one can deny that. She was on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2007 and the Top 99 Women of 2007 list. While she has not confirmed that she has had any work done, the general consensus among the public is that she had a nose job and underwent breast augmentation at some point in her early twenties. Indeed, if you’ve looked at her before and after pictures, her nose looks narrower than it used to and her breasts, well, not so narrow.

14 Married to The Mob

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Ivanka married Jared Kushner, a real estate mogul and New York observer owner/ publisher, who will serve as senior advisor in the Trump administration. Kushner’s father, Charles “Charlie” Kushner (above), spent time in prison for tax fraud and witness tampering - a total of two years (some of that time was spent at a halfway house). The older Kushner was also convicted of making illegal campaign donations. The witness tampering conviction, however, is particularly interesting - just out of an episode of a crime drama! Get your popcorn ready (just kidding). When he found out that his sister’s husband, William Schulder, was cooperating with the investigation, he then framed him by hiring a prostitute to seduce him and have it filmed. The film was then sent to his sister! Jared and his father have been described as particularly close.

13 Her Relationship Troubles

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Poised to become the next “power couple,” we are bound to be hearing a lot more about Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, in the next few years. Will J-vanka be the next Brangelina? The couple is set to move to Washington where Kushner will become a senior advisor in Donald Trump’s administration. Some details about the famous couple have already come to light. Only a year before Ivanka wed Kushner, she broke up with him due to religious differences - Ivanka was a Presbyterian and Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. Kushner’s parents hoped he would marry a Jewish woman; Kushner’s refusal to take her side caused her to end things. There was trouble in paradise for a while until the two eventually reunited, with Ivanka converting to Judaism upon marrying Kushner. On this topic, she said, “I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

12 Another Party-Loving Socialite

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Although Ivanka Trump has left her socialite image behind in favor of a women-empowering, political one, the truth is that Ivanka once lived that socialite life. She was even friends with Paris Hilton! She dated Topher Grace! Although her socialite days are in the past, she still uses marketing tactics from popular socialites like Kim Kardashian. For the Huffington Post, Hannah Seligson writes that “She’s a marketing genius—a split between Sheryl Sandberg and Martha Stewart—who has figured out how to use female empowerment to sell lace crop tops and floral printed bags.” We couldn’t agree more. She masters this whole marketing thing again in her book, The Trump Card. In one part, Ms. Ivanka recounts once tried to sell lemonade with her brothers when she was a child, but because they lived in an area that did not have a lot of people walking by, Ivanka remarked that “We had no such advantages.” Ivanka wants to diminish her wealth, but it ends up being a really see-through move.

11 Hosted Secret Dinner Parties

In the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration, Ivanka Trump is reportedly already wheeling and dealing when it comes to her own political agenda. Reports have surfaced that Ivanka has been hosting “secret” dinner parties with powerful women, her most recent one which was inside Wendi Murdoch’s home. Aside from Murdoch, her guest list also included powerful CEOs. The purpose of her most recent dinner party, according to one attendee, was for Ivanka to gain insight regarding how to promote women’s economic empowerment from women who know about such things. The question remains, however: why was this dinner party so secret? What we do know is that Ivanka is already seeing that her political agenda remains at the top of the administration’s priorities, at least so far as child care. Her childcare tax is reportedly already being discussed on Capitol Hill, even if Ivanka does not yet have an official role in the White House.

10 She's A Luxury Feminist, Not A Real Feminist

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We aren’t here to call Ivanka Trump a fake feminist (a recently published article written by Jill Filipovic has argued that already) but, Ivanka's brand of feminism is problematic, since Ivanka profits off of her “feminist, empowering message.” On the surface, we agree with Ivanka's touting of “choice” feminism - that women should have the choice to do what they want to do and there’s a certain empowerment in that. For example, she says that “Whether you're working at raising a family, whether you're working in a corporate capacity, whether you're freelancing and doing both, that's okay. We all have to architect the lives that we want to live and really break that sort of stereotype of what being a woman who works looks like.” That’s great. But, then, as Filipovic points out, most women aren’t afforded “choices” in their life. Choices are afforded through financial stability. Some women would choose to work over staying home with their children but because they can’t afford childcare, they have to stay home to take care of their children. Some women would choose to stay at home with their children if given the choice, but their financial situation prevents them from doing so. The point is that the majority of women don’t have the luxury - like Ivanka does - to make choices.

9 Used Trump Campaign to Promote Clothing Line

While many have called Ivanka Trump “Donald Trump’s secret weapon,” - she was intrinsic to Donald's paid maternity leave plan - some have questioned her motives in doing so. The motive in question is, in true Trump fashion, business. Throughout the campaign, Ivanka would wear her fashion line to various events and then Tweet out a link to where the fashion item could be purchased. After her speech at the GOP convention, for example, she Tweeted, “Shop Ivanka's look from her #RNC speech.” Naturally, this created a lot of backlash and people have begun to question Ivanka’s true motives for her involvement in her father’s presidential campaign. Republicans ignored the self-promotion and praised Ivanka for wearing a frugal dress (under $200), compared to Chelsea Clinton's dress worth over $2K, which she wore to the DNC.


8 Her Sales Pitches Have Already Increased

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This brings us to our next entry, which is the topic of Ivanka Trump using every possible opportunity related to her father’s presidency to promote her fashion line, which caused a lot of backlash in the process. She stirred up a lot of controversy when she used her appearance on 60 Minutes as a means to promote her jewelry line, specifically the $10,800 bracelet she was wearing during Donald Trump’s first televised interview after becoming President Elect. After the interview, she sent a promotional e-mail, which advertised the bracelet, saying it was her “favorite bangle.” Many were not thrilled. And this time, at over $10K, she couldn't pull the frugal card.

7 The Truth About The Relationship With Her Father

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Ivanka Trump is always at Donald Trump’s side - she has been called “the favorite.” Apart from the questionable comments he has made about her body and looks over the years, the two seem to have a close father-daughter relationship, despite him not being terribly involved or even a present father as Ivanka grew up. Donald trusts his daughter’s opinion and it has been said that he gives her more authority than any of his wives. She keeps Donald in control. Yet, details about their relationship have emerged over the years that have questioned the extent of their relationship. The man who penned Donald's autobiography, Tony Schwartz, worked with Donald for at least a year said that “I never once saw Ivanka Trump in his office and I never heard him once mention her name.” When a former Wall Street Journal writer spoke to Donald about Ivanka around the time her first book was coming out, the writer said that when asked what Ivanka’s favorite food was, he said "She likes lots of foods."

Some psychologists have also weighed in on the topic of their relationship, saying that children with narcissistic parents often learn to prioritize their parents' emotional needs over their own out of fear of abandonment. Ivanka seems to clearly dote on Donald, so there could be some truth in this (it’s called pathological accommodation if you were wondering).

6 Ivanka Is Donald, The Sequel

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This was the title of an article published by Business Insider, a controversial one to be sure. Although Ivanka Trump is the quieter one with much more social awareness than her father, even Ivanka has said herself that, “Gosh, I sound like my father, don’t I? But that’s what you get from this particular daddy’s girl.” First of all, Ivanka seems to always have business on her mind, just like her father. Both have been accused of using his political platform as a means to do business. Ivanka has also been involved in her own share of shady business transactions, just like her father. One of the more recent ones to come to light was when she donated $500 toward Florida General Pam Bondi’s election fund, which put an end to the investigation of Donald Trump's alleged fraud regarding Trump University.

5 Her Clothing Line: Sweatshops, Flames & Rabbit

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Ivanka Trump’s fashion line has been shrouded in controversy. For one, it has come to light that the majority of Ivanka’s fashion line is actually produced outside of the US. In fact, the majority of the line is produced in both China and Vietnam, two countries that are very well known for their poor labor conditions (and, obviously, no paid maternity leave, either). Donald Trump, for the record, also has a clothing line produced overseas. What is also disturbing is that many of the labels on her clothing items simply have the tag “imported,” perhaps giving the illusion of luxury. Then there’s the fact that her clothing line uses rabbit fur, specifically in a winter hat sold at Nordstrom, which caught the attention of PETA and other animal welfare groups. As recently as 2016, some of her pieces had the ability to catch on fire, failing to meet flammability standards, most likely because they were produced outside of the US.

4 She Tried To Stop A Trump Campaign Ad

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In the days leading up to Donald Trump’s win, many people were arguing for the boycott of Ivanka Trump’s clothing (#GrabYourWallet) due to her continued support of her father in spite of all of the sexual abuse allegations. While Ivanka brushed off the topic, it would appear that privately, she is concerned about her business. We know this because she stopped the airing of a TV ad in support of Donald, an ad that was targeted toward suburban women. In the ad, Ivanka said that "My father not only has the strength and ability necessary to be our next president but also the kindness and the greatness of heart that will enable him to be the leader that the country needs." Now that she has separated her business social media pages from her personal social media pages, it would appear that she doesn't want her political entanglements to affect her business.

3 Her Employees Struggled For Paid Maternity Leave


It was easy to say “you go girl!” when Ivanka Trump was promoting six weeks of paid maternity leave in the midst of her father’s presidential campaign (never mind, of course, that single women, fathers and those who adopted children were not included in this plan). And then headlines surfaced that the women working for Ivanka’s own company had to fight “long and hard” for paid maternity leave with her company only very recently beginning to offer it. This bombshell was dropped by the former creative director/officer of Ivanka’s clothing line. The woman, Marissa Velez Kraxberger, was two months pregnant when she asked about paid maternity leave during her interview. Ivanka’s response can only be described as shocking and insensitive. Kraxberger wrote, “When I asked about maternity leave she said she would have to think about it, that at Trump they don’t offer maternity leave and that she went back to work just a week after having her first child.” Whoa! Sorry, Ivanka, but not all of us are as privileged to have nannies on call to care for our children. While Ivanka's company issued a statement that said the company does offer paid maternity leave now, it was a long and hard road to get there.

2 "WomenWhoWork" Is Damage Control


Ivanka Trump has created a brand around her "WomenWhoWork" campaign. She has a lifestyle website and a fashion line designed for young, working women, offering everything from career advice to fashionable business attire. Ivanka is the poster girl. In reality, however, Ivanka didn’t have anything to do with creating her brand. Even more shocking is that this #WomenWhoWork initiative came about (at least according to a former employee) as damage control, because the women at her company had to fight long and hard to get what they deserved. In a Facebook post, a former employee Marissa Valez Kraxberger, wrote, “Our team–the ones who created WomenWhoWork and the ones who the hashtag really stood for–fought long and hard to get her to finally agree to 8 weeks paid maternity leave... The company and the #WomenWhoWork platform we created was meant to inspire and encourage women to work at all aspects of their lives and live the lives they wanted to live, but before our eyes she took the platform and made it all about herself…”

1 She Doesn't Appreciate Her Help

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When you think of Ivanka Trump, it is probably of a woman who “does it all.” Her brand is created around this very image, after all. She’s a successful businesswoman who raises three children, all the while looking perfectly polished at all times. You will never see Ivanka looking less than her best. What makes all of this possible, however, is the domestic help living in the shadows of Ivanka’s own life. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a nanny or house cleaner. In fact, there should be much less shame involved in it, especially when we all know she can easily afford it. The problem is that Ivanka allows these contributors in her life to pass by completely unacknowledged. Refusing to acknowledge all of the women (and men) that make her life possible allows her to perpetuate the image of a woman doing it all - perhaps the biggest lie Ivanka has ever sold us.

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