15 Dirty Secrets From Instagram Models

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, and it's a massive industry. And where there's lots of money floating around, there's inevitably going to be some controversies, secrets, and corruption. Instagram is now fighting to stay relevant, with strong competition from new social media companies like Snapchat, but they seem to be staying strong, with millions of users and tons of people who make a living entirely through Instagram. Many of these professional Instagrammers are female models, and some of the most popular of these girls rival even Hollywood celebrities in terms of fame.

But what goes on behind what we see on their Instagram pages? Surely their lives are not just about posing in bikinis on tropical beaches. What we see is only the tip of the iceberg, and as you delve deeper into their personal lives, you find some pretty disturbing things. Do Instagram models really get all their money from Instagram? How do they afford trips to exotic locales with no sign of any sponsors or even a full-time job? Do men really pay them to visit their countries for sex? And what about all those women who look so perfect? Are they really "natural," or do they starve themselves in order to compete with other girls on Instagram? One thing's for sure, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye when it comes to Instagram.


15 Paid By Sheikhs To Go On "Pleasure" Vacations In Dubai

One controversy that is taking the Internet by storm is the epidemic of Instagram models going to Dubai and other locales in the Arab world for so-called "sex vacations." According to many sources, even mainstream news sites, this practice is more common than you might think among Instagram models. Several have actually been caught taking part in this. Sites like have exposed hundreds of these Instagram models, who fly to places like Dubai under questionable circumstances.

One model who was exposed was Aliana Gonzalez. This beautiful Spanish model seemingly offered her body to Dubai royals, and has presumably been engaging in similar practices long before she was exposed. In a viral YouTube video, Aliana was recorded on tape offering a variety of sex acts in exchange for money, even pledging to take a 13-year-old boy's virginity, who was the younger brother of one of her so-called "clients." She then showed her passport, proving she could travel to Dubai.

14 Instagram Model Almost Lured Into Slavery


Sometimes sexual services are taken from Instagram models without their consent. Chloe Ayling was very lucky not to be sold into sexual slavery after what she thought was a fashion shoot in Milan went horribly wrong. It was only after they realized that she was a young mother with an infant son that they released her. They allegedly realized they had the "wrong girl" after looking at her Instagram page which featured pictures of Chloe with her one-year-old son. The gang responsible, known as the "Black Death," were reportedly using Instagram to "shop" for potential sex slaves, and they're not alone in this practice.

Chloe was stuffed into a suitcase, as shown in the picture above, before she was about to be taken to her potential buyer. One can only shudder when imagining what would have happened to her next. The only thing that stopped the gang with going through with it was a strangely honorable "law" the gang has against kidnapping mothers.

13 14-Year-Old Instagram Model Says Tyga Creeped On Her

One of the more controversial things about Instagram is the growing number of underage girls who have created accounts. There is hardly anything wrong with that in itself, but when these girls start to post heavily sexualized pictures of themselves, it becomes a concerning issue. Out of these "jailbait" Instagram models, Molly O'Malia is one of the most famous. Her pictures are admittedly somewhat tame compared to the more overtly sexual adult Instagram models, but they are very suggestive nonetheless. Molly O'Malia might have been totally oblivious to the fact that she was attracting the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of men...until something extremely creepy happened to her.

And the man who "creeped" on her was apparently one of the most well-known celebs today, Tyga. Back in 2016, he was accused by Molly O'Malia of making "sexual advances" toward Molly O'Malia through Instagram's messaging system, asking to FaceTime with her a total of 3 times, O'Malia claims. She actually tried to sue OK! Magazine for reporting that she was fabricating the story for attention, and she's sticking to her story. According to O'Malia, "Because of my discomfort with why he wanted to communicate with me I quickly stopped responding to him."

12 Many Instagram Models Starve Themselves


Instagram models are under immense pressure to look their very best, all the time. The competition among women on Instagram is fierce, and if you want to succeed in the industry, you have to have an amazing body and be willing to show it off. The women on Instagram are so fit it's almost unbelievable. And for many women, the pressure to maintain that level of physical fitness can lead to some serious psychological issues, such as eating disorders. With so many fans, the top Instagram models are scrutinized about the most minute changes in their weight and shape.

One woman who broke her silence about this issue was Essena O'Neill. This Instagram model famously quit social media in 2015, citing the fact that it had made her dishonest about her attitudes towards her own beauty, describing it as “contrived perfection made to get attention.” She admitted to eating small meals or skipping them entirely in order to maintain her impossibly perfect Instagram model.

11 Banned For Showing Too Much Cleavage

Many Instagram models are finding out the hard way that Instagram's nudity policies are a lot more strict than they might like. One of these models was Elle Johnson, who is also a Playboy model. This definitely isn't a "secret" that Elle Johnson tried to keep from everyone, but it is something Instagram models struggle with behind closed doors. There is a very interesting discussion about women's rights in connection with Instagram's policies. The #FreeTheNipple movement has been going strong for decades, with women arguing that they should be allowed to show their bare breasts on the social media platform. When you consider that men are allowed to show their nipples with no censorship, you have to admit these women might have a point.

But Elle Johnson didn't even get in trouble because of showing her nipples. What she got banned for was for showing sideboob, which is hardly a big deal, at least to the majority of us in the civilized world. This was the third time that Elle Johnson violated the site's policies, so she was banned. She now joins the ranks of feminists such as Amber Rose, who speak out against the site's allegedly sexist policies. Not many people are aware that there is a fierce feminist battle raging in the underbelly of Instagram.

10 Heidy Pandora Gets Free Vacations With Her Body


Heidy Pandora is definitely not keeping any secrets when it comes to her "sex vacations," and the Instagram model readily admits that she gets paid to visit men and offer them "services" in return for cash and paid vacations. Not only does she admit this, but she confesses that she's "addicted" to this newfound source of income. She also admits that many of the men who pay her are married. This might not be a "secret," considering the fact that she's admitting it, but it definitely proves that this kind of thing does happen, and that many other Instagram models are probably doing the same thing in secret.

Heidy Pandora defended her controversial lifestyle in an interview that was picked up by many mainstream media sources, saying "I don’t see it as such a big deal to have sex with married men. If they’re married and looking somewhere else, they’re not happy. Some of them don’t have any sexual relationship with their wives anymore."

9 Instagram Model/Prostitute Stole From Her "Clients"

You might come to the conclusion that many of these Instagram girls who are offering their bodies in return for money are being taken advantage of in some way. While this may very well be true, it's not always the case. In the case of Yomna Fouad, it was actually the Instagram model who was taking advantage of the men who wanted to sleep with her. This woman has recently been arrested after she stole from a number of her "johns" that she was sleeping with for cash.

She didn't make any secrets about the fact that she was a prostitute, but she did keep the fact that she was a thief under wraps. Many men woke up the next morning to find that thousands of dollars in jewelry, cash and other valuables, had gone missing after their tryst with Yomna Fouad. There are also reports that this Instagram model even drugged her dates before robbing them blind.


8 Instagram Models Smuggle Drugs And Post The Pics


Of all the secrets an Instagram model could have, the fact that they're secretly a drug-smuggler would probably be the most shocking. This became a reality when it was exposed that Isabelle Lagace and Melina Roberce were smuggling cocaine into Australia on a cruise line. And the craziest thing was that these two girls in their twenties were sharing the entire trip on Instagram. On the surface, these pictures look simply like two hot young girls enjoying their vacations. You would have never guessed that they were smuggling cocaine across borders, unless you knew the dark secret that was lurking underneath those shiny sunglasses.

The two women were part of an organized drug cartel, and one of the two Canadian-born individuals allegedly has a background in porn. At the last stop of their 51-day cruise, they were shocked to find Australian police waiting for them at the harbor. The authorities seized an estimated 95 kilograms of cocaine, stowed in the models' suitcases. The value of the drugs is estimated to be over 20 million dollars.

7 Prince Nawaf al-Saud Caught "Sponsoring" IG Models

If you ever needed any confirmation that Saudi royals are shipping in Instagram models by the dozen for a little R&R, look no further than the pictures snapped of Prince Nawaf al-Saud enjoying a fine day on his yacht, accompanied by what looks like a whole gang of bikini-clad babes. Those who know anything about the Saudi culture will know how controversial pictures like these are. Premarital and extramarital sex is strictly forbidden in the Saudi royal family, the countries they rule over, and entire Muslim religion in general. But for some reason I doubt these partiers were concerned with the teachings of Mohammed (blessings be upon his name).

Are any of these women Instagram models? Probably. After all, who doesn't have an Instagram account these days? And we've already seen how Saudi royals go "shopping" for girls on Instagram, contacting the ones they're interested in. Could it be that royals like Prince Nawaf al-Saud are the real "sponsors" behind many of these Instagram models who travel to exotic locations, such as the Turkish Aegean Sea where this yacht was sighted.

6 How Priscilla Rose Roel Pays For Her Vacations...

advertising is one website that has been gathering a lot of interest in the past few years. Visiting this site can change your whole perspective of Instagram models and what some women really use social media for. The site exposes women who accept offers of money in return for sex and all expenses paid vacations to places like Dubai. Girls are featured on the site after people become suspicious about how exactly they're paying for their many exotic vacations. These girls are then messaged with offers of sex vacations, but unknown to them the entire conversation is being recorded.

One of these women was Priscilla Rose Roel, who was contacted by someone claiming to be a member of a rich royal family in Dubai. According to the screenshots of the alleged conversation, she quickly warmed up to this individual, and it was almost as if she sensed a financial opportunity. When the individual offered her money in return for sex, she seemed to quickly agree to the prospect.

5 Andrea Willy Rapagna Offers Himself And His Girlfriend

Many people would frown at the idea of an Instagram model offering her body in return for money and vacations. But the truth is, it's not always women who are guilty of this. Another person who was exposed on the site was a man who actually offered not only his own body, but also that of his girlfriend. Can you imagine offering both you and your partner to a rich person for money? It's certainly not the lifestyle most people are familiar with.

The person who was seemingly exposed for doing this is Andrea Willy Rapagna, an Italian man who started a conversation with a man who was claiming to be a rich member of Dubai's royal family. The man offered to fly him and his girlfriend over for a variety of sex acts, specifying that Andrea Willy Rapagna would be given a "bonus" for offering his girlfriend to this rich man. Is this real? Who knows. But the evidence is pretty convincing...

4 IG Model "Cursed For Life" After Posing Nude On Sacred Mountain


One Instagram model who really wishes she could change her past actions is Jaylene Cook. Although she loves to show off her nude body on Instagram, there is now a massive blemish on her reputation after she posed naked on a sacred mountain. What's the big deal, you ask? The mountain she chose was Mount Taranaki, a sacred mountain to the local indigenous population. The Maori view this mountain as basically a church, meaning that posing nude on it is incredibly inappropriate. There is also the fact that climbing the mountain to its peak is strictly prohibited except for very rare ceremonial purposes. It is said to be a burial site for a legendary Maori ancestor, and all tourists are warned never to stand on the summit stone. I guess Jaylene Cook never got the message.

The ex Playboy and FHM model posted the picture with the caption: “I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truly proud of my accomplishment. This mountain was steep, rugged, ever changing and just pure brutal! Safe to say, I will never do it again.”

3 IG Model Admits Her Whole Life Is Fake

It's easy to gasp and lose your mind when you look at some pictures posted by Instagram models. They just seem to look so... perfect. But how perfect are they really? It's a well-known fact that many Instagrammers photoshop their images to make them look more beautiful than humanly possible. Then there are the girls who post pictures of themselves after they've "just gotten out of bed" or are "all natural" claiming that they're wearing no makeup when everyone knows that it's a blatant lie. This is perhaps one of the most common secrets shared by all Instagram models. I mean, who hasn't lied at some point when it comes to their images?

One girl proved she was honorable when she admitted that the majority of her images were carefully prepared and that her entire life that she shared with the world on Instagram was a complete lie. This girl is named Lexi Harvey, and the 20-year-old admitted "I took quite a lot of photos, it wasn't a completely honest representation of myself. I would never edit myself to look slimmer but it's still not completely honest when I'm wearing loads of fake tan, it's not the view your boyfriend gets when you wake up or are lounging around the house." She also admitted to taking hundreds of pictures before she found the perfect "just got up" selfie.

2 Married IG Model Agrees To Sell Her Body


Another Instagram who was seemingly exposed on was Taru Kalenov. This popular Instagram babe was messaged by a man who was claiming to be a rich Arab royal, and right from the get-go she seemed to be very enthusiastic about the prospect of trading money for sexual favors. At least that's what it seemed like from the screenshots they posted of the conversation between the two individuals. When asked about performing sex acts involving sodomization and hummus, she seemed to readily agree, although she also appeared to ask for more money.

The saddest thing about all this was that if this is true, then that means Taru Kalenov is cheating on her husband. Yes, that's right, she's allegedly married. Does her husband know about her trips to Dubai? Does he encourage them even? Such things make your head spin, although it's certain that this is one secret she probably didn't want seeing the light of day.

1 Instagram Model Arrested For Fighting Cops Naked

An Instagram model's life might seem perfect and innocent when you see the pictures they post, but this is not always the case. As you probably know, what you see on a model's Instagram page is just a glimpse of their life, and as we've already seen, even these pictures are staged and fake, and in no way a realistic representative of their actual life. A clear example of this is the arrest of 25-year-old Instagram model Brissa Dominguez, who was caught trespassing naked at a Florida hotel. She later resisted arrest and even attacked a police officer who was offering her a towel to cover herself up.

She goes by the Instagram handle "Baybaddiebrie," and she was back to posting sexy bikini pics just days after she was released on a $10,000 bond. She allegedly kicked three of the officers who were desperately trying to subdue her as she was running around the hotel naked at around 4:20 AM. Needless to say, this is one detail she won't be sharing with her followers.



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