15 Dirty Secrets Behind TLC's Sister Wives

TLC’s show Sister Wives has to be one of the most controversial shows they’ve had on in the past decade. It follows the Brown family, a polygamist group consisting of one husband, four wives, and eighteen children. The thing that sets this family apart is they seem a little more modern and down-to-earth than your average cult-like polygamist. These guys don’t wear long dresses or braid their hair in old-fashioned styles. Girls are allowed to wear pants and have jobs, unlike some other polygamist cults we’re familiar with in our society.

They do practice Mormonism and use it as a reason to have multiple wives. They opened their homes to TLC’s production crew, so they aren’t afraid to put some things on screen for viewers all around the world to see whenever they choose to. Although they wanted to be on camera in order to document their lives and show a different side of polygamy, they’ve also still managed to have some secrets they’d like to be kept just that -- a secret.

TLC would like you to think that they’re a family who’ve found a way to live happily as polygamists, but as you’ll see on this list, that certainly isn’t the case for this dysfunctional family. From dirty looks to bedroom nightstands, there are plenty of pictures the Brown family wouldn't be happy for you to see. Which photograph do you think is the most scandalous on the list? Here are 15 Pictures The Cast Of Sister Wives Don’t Want You To See:

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15 Meri Cheated On Kodi With A Catfish

One of the worst things you can do in any relationship, polygamous or monogamous, is to be unfaithful to the person you promised to love for eternity. Although not legally married, Meri entered into a spiritual marriage with Kody, in which she promised to love him and be faithful through thick and thin. She held up her promise until a supposed hunky billionaire started flirting with her through social media. They eventually started talking privately and formed a relationship that the others wouldn’t have approved of. She sent some seductive photos and personal voicemails to a man she believed she was in love with. It turns out that it wasn’t a man at all and instead was a catfish. You can see the real woman in the photograph above that Meri had been talking to all along. She’s still in a relationship with Kody, but who knows what might happen to them as resentment grows.

14 Kody Plays Favorites With His Wives

Since marrying his fourth wife, Kody has been rumored to have been playing favorites among his four wives, with Robyn being the center of his attention. Apparently, she’s the only one that he still has sex with. Some might think that the benefit of having multiple wives for a gross guy like Kody would be to have sex with all of them as often as possible. However, he’s turned his back on the other wives and only wants to keep Robyn’s bed warm at night. In the photograph above, you can see Kody and Robyn shopping. She’s holding an advertisement for a jewelry store! You won’t find any pictures like this of him with any of his other wives! Imagine having to be one of the other wives and seeing a picture like this. How could you not be insanely jealous? Imagine asking your husband to help pay some bills but seeing him treating his new wife to diamonds instead!

13 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

One Reddit user couldn’t help but point out the similarities of one of the Browns’ daughters to Ted Cruz, and of course, we couldn’t help but share it! The resemblance is pretty clear between the two. If you watch the show a lot, we’re sorry, but there’s no way you can unsee the similarities now. If Ted Cruz was a cool guy, it wouldn’t be so embarrassing, but he’s been made fun of by pretty much everyone the past couple of years. He’s been compared to the Zodiac Killer, and someone also found a porn star who looked like him. Knowing their strict religious background, however, they’re probably fans of Ted Cruz, so maybe they would want you to see a picture of this comparison after all! She’s also one of their daughters who are already married, though she hasn’t made it clear whether or not she’s open to polygamy.

12 He Plays Favorites With His Sons And Barely Sees His Daughters

One bond not everyone gets to share is the relationship fathers have with their daughters. For a man like Kody Brown, someone who has 18 children, you’d think he knew this relationship well and cherished it deeply. However, there’s been an issue of him favoring his sons over his daughters. Most of his daughters claim that they rarely see their dad and that whenever he gets the chance to hang out with his kids, he chooses to rough house with his sons. For someone with such traditional values, he chooses to make the girls stay inside and practice matronly routines rather than allow them to play with the boys. It’s hard enough for most of us to find the time to spend with our families that are less than four people. For him to have 18 kids but barely see half of them is pretty disturbing. As you can see in the photograph above, they don’t look like a loving father-daughter duo that they might want you to think they are.

11 One Wife Wants To Pretend She Was Married To Kody All Along Even Though She Has Three Kids From A Previous Marriage

Robyn is Kody’s fourth and newest wife. Before being married to Kody, Robyn was in a relationship with another man with which she had three children. After marrying Kody, she had the pretty creepy picture drawn of him with her young kids that you can see above. The drawing makes it seem as though he was the father all along. Robyn claims her last marriage before Kody was abusive, so it makes sense that she’d want to rewrite the past. It doesn’t seem that healthy, however, to try and trick yourself into thinking that you’ve lived a different reality. It can also be confusing for her children who have to manage to have two fathers and adjust to the new lifestyle they didn’t choose to be brought into. The picture is also just kind of creepy in how they look and the way that they were drawn.

10 There's Some Marital Incest In The Family

Although we saw Robyn and Kody’s relationship start on television after learning she was previously married, we missed the way the other wives met their “amazing” husband. It turns out that his second wife, Janelle, was actually previously married before she met Kody as well! Her ex-husband was actually the brother of Meri, his first wife! Kody and Janelle apparently met through Meri while she was married to her ex. They hit it off and decided to add Janelle to the marriage and leave Meri’s brother behind. It’s pretty clear, from the picture above, that he’s still around and hangs out with the family. Knowing what we do now, it seems like they really wouldn’t want you to see this picture of Meri’s brother! If that wasn’t bad enough, Kody’s dad and Janelle’s mom are also married, making the two step-brothers and sister! Although everyone’s only related by marriage, it still seems to cross the line a bit.

9 Kody Is A Very Angry Person

One rumor that’s common among the friends of the kids on the show is that Kody isn't the happy guy he tries to be on the show. They spend a lot of time making this abnormal family look like your basic American family. Kody’s always goofy and having a good time with his kids and wives. In reality, however, he’s a pretty angry person. He’s definitely known to yell at his kids more often than they deserve. He’s often too hard on his kids and takes punishment too far. From the pictures above, you can see that he’s clearly a scary person when he gets mad. He’s supposed to be this cool dad with a bunch of wives, but he’s actually just an angry man who has too much control over people brainwashed by religion. He’s just another example of how deceptive reality TV can really be when it comes to creating a show about families.

8 They've Had To Frantically Flee The Law

The photograph above was taken outside the family’s home when they had to flee the state. Plural marriage isn't legal for some pretty obvious reasons. It was legal in Nevada, however, so Kody uprooted his family and made them flee the home they shared in the middle of the day to a new home. That’s a hard decision anyone would have to make for their family and something that wouldn’t be easy to do to the people you love. Kody had no problem with taking his wives and children away from the places they loved and people they were friends with if it meant saving his own tail. He would’ve been the only one to get in trouble, so it’s crazy that he did that to all of them. He could've just left them and moved on his own; however, he flipped their lives upside down to make sure that he could still have control and power over them in a new place.

7 Kody's Looking For A New Young, Thin Wife

There have been rumors circling around that Kody is on the hunt for a new wife. Ladies, isn’t that great news?! We’re kidding, obviously, but for the girl in the picture above, being Kody’s new wife might be a reality. She’s the niece of his fourth wife, Robyn, and often helps watch over the kids, making herself known as the nanny on the series. Kody has apparently been flirting with her and taking her out. He’s allegedly stated that he’s on the hunt for a young and thin wife. He’s sick of his current four wives and wants a fresh face to add to the Brown family. The picture of the young and smiley nanny is certainly something the current wives wouldn’t want you to see! She’s apparently really into Kody and would be willing to marry him and have babies with him. Yuck.

6 You're Not Supposed To Go In Each Other's Bedrooms To See What's Inside

One thing that the other wives definitely don’t like seeing is the bedrooms of the other women. They don’t want to have to imagine their husband sleeping with the other wives at night while they lay alone in their own empty beds. The girls expressed particular discomfort in one episode when they toured the homes of the other wives. Robyn stated that she was currently using boxes for Kody’s nightstand. It doesn’t seem like anything too out of the ordinary for a newlywed couple that just moved in together. It made the other wives very upset, however, to see something as personal as a nightstand in the bedroom of their husband’s other wife. The bedroom is definitely the most intimate room of a husband and wives’ home, so having to see that personal space of the woman your husband sleeps with when he’s not with you is something none of us would want to see.

5 Fake Smiles For The Camera But Pregnant Fights Behind The Scenes

Like in any reality show, the true reality of their lives isn’t anything like we’ve seen in the series. In the picture above, Robyn and Meri are posing for a picture in which they look like they like each other and are in a loving embrace. However, Meri and Robyn are supposedly the biggest enemies of them all. It makes sense. Meri was the first wife who might’ve started to realize this polygamist lifestyle isn’t what she wanted after all. Then, Robyn comes in, much younger than the others, and is a new light for Kody. Then, Robyn also has to deal with knowing she’s the latest wife and deal with the pain of wondering if her connection with Kody will ever be as strong as it was in the beginning for Meri and Kody. It’s clear there’s a lot of tension going on between the two. This actually might be one of the pictures on the list that they’d want you to see, but they certainly don’t want you to know the truth behind it.

4 They're Not As Modest As Their Religion Says They Should Be

One of the most important aspects of practicing the Mormon religion is modesty. Most Mormons don’t drink and make sure to cover as much of their body as possible, wearing shirts that go up to their necks and down to their wrists. It seemed like those rules didn’t matter when the Browns decided to document their honeymoon after Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn! As long as they get paid to be on TV, it seems fine that they don’t follow their own religion’s rules and decide to show off their skin. Of course, this is totally a normal sight for many people. If you’re going swimming, you’re going to show some skin. It really isn’t a big deal. However, with how strict they are with respect to other parts of their religion, like, you know, the part that requires Kody to have more than one wife, it seems strange that such an important rule no longer matters when ratings might get involved.

3 Their Kids Don't Want To Live Their Lifestyle

Given the fact that Kody has 18 children, it’s no surprise that not every single one of them wants to go into the modest and strict religious lifestyles that their parents have shown. In the photograph above, you can see Janelle’s son posing with his girlfriend in a picture they posted to social media. They seem to be fitness enthusiasts, and honestly, they look great. You can tell that they work hard to have healthy bodies. However, a picture like this is certainly something the wives wouldn't approve of. They’re showing off a lot of skin, and it’s never good to post something so revealing to a public page that anyone can see. Aside from the rejection of the strict modesty rules, one of their children has also come out as a lesbian. They’ve been accepting of her, but if they weren’t in the public eye and making money off of a reality show, do you really think that would still be the case?

2 Looks Of Resentment Are Clear On TV

Like we’ve already discussed, there’s some tension between Robyn and Meri. There’s no way that you can deny that when looking at the picture of the two above. You can almost see the fire coming out of Meri’s eyes as she looks at Robyn. Whatever Robyn might’ve been talking about, she also looks a little smug, as if she’s brushing something off. It turns out that Robyn was also aware that Meri was in a fake relationship and was being catfished the entire time! If you truly cared about someone, you would let them know about reality before they got hurt. Robyn is clearly vindictive and only cares about herself and her husband. However, it’s clear that these ladies like to live in a fantasy world in which they all get along great even though they’re dating the same man. The picture above of their resentment reality is certainly something they wouldn’t want you to see.

1 Young And In Love... And Alone

Before the show, many years ago, Kody Brown was just a young man who wanted to marry his first wife, Meri. Before entering the marriage, Meri agreed that she would one day want sister wives. However, she was only a teen when they married, and, as most of us know, not everything we wanted as teenagers is what we want now, as adults. In the photograph above, you can see how they were a loving couple that truly cared for each other. In pictures now, there’s so much tension between the couple. Meri seems to really hold resentment against everyone else. When Kody married his second wife, they lived together in one house and didn’t have any kids yet. Imagine Meri having to deal with sleeping alone for the first night while her husband cuddled his new wife. The happiness you see in the photograph above is certainly something they might not want you to see, as it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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