15 Dirty Little Secrets About Your First Lady, Melania Trump

Melania Trump, America's next First Lady. Many people are surprised, and maybe they should be. After all, she is not your typical First Lady, for many reasons. Besides the fact that she is the first f

Melania Trump, America's next First Lady. Many people are surprised, and maybe they should be. After all, she is not your typical First Lady, for many reasons. Besides the fact that she is the first foreign-born First Lady in 200 years (since the only other, English Louisa Adams, wife of sixth president John Quincy Adams who served from 1825-1829), and the first-ever Eastern-European one, Melania Trump seems to have quite a few things to hide. Or at least, things she would just as soon keep private.

That is fine; we are all entitled to our privacy. But that sort of goes out the window when your husband is elected to leader of the free world, don't you think? Still, Melania has been caught time and time again hiding information about herself, backtracking on things she previously said, straight-out lying, and doing some arguably scandalous things. Some of these you may have suspected but could not confirm (did she have a boob job, or didn't she?), and some things you had no clue about (was she married before The Donald?).

Melania Trump was born Melanija Knavs, and grew up in the industrial factory town of Sevnica in what was then Yugoslavia, but is now Slovenia. It was under the dictatorship of Marshall Tito and a satellite state of the USSR. Melania's family lived in a concrete tower block, a far cry from her life in the Trump Tower, and soon, the White House. She left that life behind when she began modeling, and it seems she has not looked back since.

Now 46, Melania speaks five languages (English, Slovenian, Serbian, French, and German), hopes to end bullying while in the White House, and stands by her controversial husband who seemingly prefers she be seen and not heard. She has said she does not always agree with him, but has not elaborated on that. So what is going on behind those cool blue eyes? The answer is perhaps a lot more than she lets on. Here are 15 dirty little secrets she may wish you had never stumbled upon. But lucky for you, you did.

15 Raunchy Phone Call with Howard Stern


In a creepy interview with Donald and Melania in 1999, radio personality Howard Stern spoke to them on air in what turned into something completely bizarre and misogynistic. The interview was about life and sex with Trump, which I personally have no desire to know about. He was initially interviewing Donald, but when the topic turned to Melania, Howard said, “Let me talk to that broad in your bed.” Melania was wearing barely anything and lying in bed nearby, and came to the phone. First he told her to put on her hottest outfit, then asked about it, and he groaned that he had his “pants off already.” Melania divulged that she and Donald had sex “more than daily”, and the three discussed her chest, and that she was now naked. Howard begged Donald to have sex with her on air to boost his ratings. Wow. It sounds like basically a phone-sex threesome. I must say I would have a thought an international supermodel could have done better than the likes of Howard Stern and Donald Trump.

14 Not the Brightest Crayon in the Box


Although it would be nice to think of our new First Lady as intelligent, sadly that is not the case. And be that as it may, Melania herself probably does not even know it, so it could be argued that it is not an actual “secret”. But those who grew up with her in Slovenia know the truth about her smarts (or lack thereof). One of her old friends from school, who asked not to be named, said this: “People say she’s smart, she’s well-educated like Jackie Kennedy, but… She’s smart for the things she’s interested in, like jewelry. She’s not stupid, she’s not a bimbo, but she’s not especially clever.” Well, I am sure glad our next president is married to a woman who is “not stupid” and “not a bimbo”. Sighing with relief that we dodged those bullets. But from how she acts (and how her husband acts), you would think Melania Trump is of high intelligence. I guess the fancy clothes, serious face, and new title skewer our perception a bit on that one, or maybe we just have a need to believe there are not two complete morons residing in the White House.

13 She Married Her Father


There are many accounts, even from Melania herself, about how much Donald is like her father. They say girls marry their fathers, after all. There is, firstly and most obviously, their age difference. While Donald is 70 years young (just five years younger than his father-in-law), his wife is 46, meaning there is a 24-year age gap. Donald is by far old enough to be her father, and in fact, his eldest son is only eight years her senior. Furthermore, both men are tall, plump, and have the same hair color. Both Viktor and Donald are impetuous men who appreciate the finer things in life, and as Viktor’s friend and neighbor Tomaz Jeraj says, “He has business in his veins.” Sounds like someone else we know. Oh, and let’s not forget the adulterous tendencies of both men (we’ll get to the details later). Finally, one of Melania’s old friends from Ljubljana, the capital of her country, puts it best when she says, “It’s about all that power and protection. I think she needed a strong man, a father figure.” Gross.

12 Her Native Country Resents Her


All the way over in Slovenia, there is a bit of resentment that the new First Lady has forgotten where she came from. Rumors abound that she refuses to speak her native language, Slovenian (we at least know this is untrue as her son Barron is fluent in it so that he may speak to his grandparents), and that her big shot husband has only visited the tiny country once. Worse, he only stayed long enough to have dinner, and left again. Some of the people there think Melania thinks herself too good for Slovenia. According to Melania, she loved her “beautiful” childhood, but now the place she grew up represents a time from her past that was short and so long ago that it doesn’t matter anymore. She is a different person now, but that shows, and her fellow native Slovenians can tell. As we have seen, and will see even further, Melania may deny something, but that does not mean what she says is the truth, so it may very well be that she really does think she is better than those people. Above, she is pictured as a little girl (second from right) in Sevnica.

11 She is a Commie


Her father Viktor was a member of the Slovenian Communist Party. He must have been pretty dedicated, because at that time in Slovenia’s history, only about five percent of the people there were registered with the Party. Viktor once worked for the mayor of Hrastnik, and then became a salesman at a state-owned car company. Following his rigid set of atheist beliefs, Melania and her sister were not baptized, nor did they make their first holy communion with the other children. According to one source, a document from the Slovenian State Archives showed that Viktor Knavs was a listed member of the League of Communists and likely contributed to their ability to escape a state-owned communal property in 1984. Both Donald’s first and third wives, Ivana and Melania, were born and raised as Communists, interestingly. Some media outlets have gone as far as questioning if Melania is a Communist spy! Now wouldn’t that be a perfect “in” for the Commies, a spy living in the White House?

10 Her Illegitimate Half-Brother


Before Viktor married Melania’s mother, he dated and impregnated one Marija Cigelnjak. Viktor demanded she abort the baby, but when she did not, he repeatedly fought having to pay child support to the son he denied (even after blood tests confirmed it was, in fact, his child). He fought it all the way up to the highest appellate courts, always losing. To this day he does not acknowledge his 50-year-old son (who lives in a small Slovenian town and works at a grocery store). The man, Denis Cigelnik, wants to meet his half-sisters but wants nothing from the rich family. He feels his sisters do not even know he exists, and Melania said she did not know about him. However, after being sent documents from the Slovenian court, she backtracked and claimed she had not understood what was being said due to a language barrier, and stated that she’d known about Denis for years. Hmm, seems a little fishy to me. Melania either does not understand English well enough to be the First Lady, which comes with duties all its own, or she was just plain lying, and like her father, denying a family member who did nothing wrong.

9 Rumor Has It She Was A Street Walker


Yes, I know this sounds a little out there. Some of her lies and scandals are quite a bit more in the realm of possibility than this, but there are accounts of her once working as a prostitute. Given that Melania has denied several allegations on this or that, and lied about things she has said, the truth of whether or not these scandalous rumors are true will probably never be known to anyone but her (and her alleged high-end clients), but they should at least be mentioned since we cannot trust what she says. Of course, she denies having been a prostitute, and her lawyer even threatened to sue any publication that says she was, including Daily Mail, Inquisitor, etc., for defamation (to be clear, I am not saying she was or was not; I am stating the rumor). The story goes like this: a Slovenian magazine reported that a New York modeling agency Melania used to work for also provided escort services. At the very least, it sounds like Mrs. Donald Trump worked for a company that engaged in these sordid activities.

8 She is Inherently Fake


Despite her best efforts to deny breast augmentation, plastic surgery, or anything of the sort, deep down, Melania is as fake as they come, although she would never have you know it, of course. How do I know this? Well when you put two and two together it makes perfect sense, but there is also that GQ interview that she so loathed, in which she was described by those who remember her from Sevnica as seeming "somehow on a plane above her peers, always focused on a point above and beyond them. At an age when her classmates were pimply, casual high schoolers, Melania was always perfectly made up, foundation, mascara, blush, lip gloss, all in just the right, subtle amount. Even in summertime, she was always perfect, every day." Melania dated models, set her sights high above and away from Slovenia, and in the end she wound up with a man just like her. You can tell just by looking at her face that she is one of those aging women always seeking lasting physical youth by any means, and even when she was young she was that way, fearing by her 20's that she was too old-looking to model.

7 She Sold Her Soul


While at first Melania was lucky to be “discovered”, she soon found it difficult to find work. She went on casting calls for advertisements of things she was vehemently opposed to, like cigarettes and alcohol, things that her underage competitors could not be hired for. Once, she landed a Camel billboard ad that was placed in Times Square. To understand why this (among other things) is considered “selling her soul”, you must first understand the mindset of the young Melanija Knavs. According to those who knew her back then, she was straight-laced, never drank, never smoked, was always home early, and preferred to keep to herself and a few close friends. She was in no way a party animal or anything remotely close to it. But with the pressures of modeling, and as she got older and began to feel like her best years were behind her, Melania succumbed, and sought out lingerie modeling jobs. To do so, she did everything in her power to land that sort of work, which brings me to…

6 Surgical Enhancement

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Ask Melania, and she will tell you until she is blue in the face that she is all natural (scoff; just look at her face!). But the truth is that she had her breasts surgically enhanced, but she will never admit to it. A photographer and one of Melania’s roommates in her 20’s, Matthew Atanian, knows she is lying when she claims to be all natural. He says, “She went away for a two-week vacation, then came back and was more… buxom. She admitted it to me. She just said it needed to be done to get more lingerie modeling jobs.” Sorry, but one does not become more “buxom” in two weeks without the aid of a surgeon and some silicone. But still, Melania keeps up the charade: “I didn’t make any changes. I didn’t do anything. I live a healthy life. I’m against Botox, I’m against injections.” Whatever you say, Mrs. Trump.

5 She is a Hypocrite


If you have not figured it out by now, the immigrant wife of an immigrant-bashing businessman who now holds the power to do something about said immigrants, is a total hypocrite. Melania was famously called out for her blatant hypocrisy by Lady Gaga on Twitter, although there were many people who brought it to light. After Melania gave a speech about anti-bullying, especially cyber-bullying, the tweets brought up the fact that her husband regularly uses Twitter to launch personal attacks against people, so much so that Twitter actually took away his access, punishing him like the child he is. So while it is no shocker that Donald can be hypocritical (he married an immigrant, so obvs), the irony of his wife’s pledge to campaign against bullying once she is in the White House should come as no surprise. Seriously, have these two lovebirds met each other? The bully who hates immigrants married an immigrant who hates bullies. Like everything else in Trump world, it makes perfect sense.

4 She is Uneducated


Many Americans probably assume that a woman who lives in the White House and is married to the leader of the free world is educated. It likely is not even something people would think to question. But Melania Trump is not educated. She would have you think that she is, and go to great lengths to hide that she is not - yet another discrepancy between what she says and what her image is (there seem to be many). But there is no record in any official database of academic theses in Slovenia stating that Melania completed the graduation requirement. Some sources say she attended the University of Ljubljana and left after her freshman year. She removed any reference to her academic studies from her personal website. Private records and her record of honesty being what they are, I do not see that proof coming out anytime soon, if ever. If she had an education, she would likely be happy to prove that to the world, but instead she hides it. Really, her resistance to openness is proof enough.

3 She is Dead Inside


This is not shocking, if you have ever seen Melania’s face before. Her eyes are lackluster and cold, and that face she swears up and down has not been injected with anything, well, it looks taut and harsh. Physically, she looks like someone who is dead inside. Beautiful, but cold. But her personality also leaves something to be desired. As we already talked about, she tends to think she is above certain people and places, but she also gives the impression of being (for lack of a better word) a frigid b*tch to those she interacts with on a personal level. One example is the words of one of her past photographers, Stane Jerko. He stated that while at first he’d thought Melania could have a great future in modeling, after two sessions he was over it. He said, “Her exterior was very good to be an excellent model, but she lacked energy, a certain charm that if you have, you transmit it through your eyes, through your personality… comes from the heart.” Hmm, no energy or charm? One doesn't need those things to be First Lady, anyway.

2 Trump Hubby #2?


Melania Trump became a citizen of the United States of America in 2006, but prior to that, she had a green card based on marriage, according to Michael Wildes, an immigration attorney who worked for the Trump Organization. He said Melania had obtained a green card in 2001, but could not comment further on how Mrs. Trump became a permanent resident of the U.S. Legal privacy issues did not allow him to elaborate. When all efforts were made to acquire an answer to the question surrounding exactly how and when Melania first gained a green card, the reps for the Trump campaign as well as Melania’s former agent who had secured her visas, Paulo Zampolli, all declined to comment. Zampolli, who actually introduced Donald and Melania, even said, “I have no idea. How would I know?” And the shadiness continues.

1 She Posed Nude


Now this is not something you hear of everyday: the future First Lady of America did a nude photoshoot! Classy. In January 2000, Melania was photographed by British GQ on Donald’s customized Boeing 727, wearing handcuffs, diamonds, and nothing else. She also held a chrome pistol. Back then, she was only the billionaire’s girlfriend, as they did not marry until 2005. British GQ called the photos “jet-set chic”, which I suppose is true. Melania also did a lesbian girl-on-girl photoshoot for a 1997 issue of France’s Max Magazine. In the photos, 25-year-old Melania lied naked in bed, embracing Scandinavian model, Emma Eriksson. When asked about his wife’s prior risqué photoshoots, Donald said, "In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.” While that may be true, I highly doubt they are fashionable and common for the wives of all the countries' leaders. Again, and for the last time - just saying.


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