15 Dirty Confessions From Polygamists

While many polygamists keep their lifestyle a secret, we have found some anonymous polygamists who have confessed their most unbelievable secrets.

What is the truly "natural" type of relationship for humans? Is it really monogamy? Or is this just a myth that we've bought into all these years? With divorce rates higher than ever, and cheating a common occurrence in all types of relationships, you have to wonder... Is polygamy actually the best choice for people? Would we be better off having multiple partners instead of just one? Many people don't actually realize that they're serial monogamists– which means you stay with someone for a few months before moving on to someone else. This in itself is almost a kind of polygamy.

But true polygamy is a different matter altogether. In the Western world, we see this type of relationship as something that is abnormal, taboo, and just plain wrong. But in other cultures across the world (as well as some here in America), having multiple wives is totally normal. People on the outside are very curious about these types of relationships. How do they work? Do the wives get jealous of each other? Do they all sleep in the same bed? The problem is that many polygamists are understandably unwilling to talk about what goes on in their bedroom, so we're left playing the guessing game.

Fortunately, a ton of polygamists have gone online to post anonymously about their experiences on sites like Reddit. These confessions are filled with dirty secrets that will blow your mind. Some of these secrets are shocking... Others are disgusting... And others are just plain wrong...

14 Saudi Man Has Four Wives


While many of us in the Western world might think that a polygamous relationship is taboo and strange, we often forget that in certain countries and cultures, this kind of relationship is normal! One example is Saudi Arabia, where rich men take multiple wives all the time. This has been going on for centuries, and Sheikhs used to keep entire palaces filled with their "harem." Some still do. But it might seem even stranger than in addition to having multiple mistresses, they also have multiple wives. According to people who have lived in this polygamous relationship, this is totally normal and all of the family members get along just fine!

"We live in Saudi Arabia where the law allows up to 4 wives to a single man. Well, each wife has her own fairly large house to run, usually the daughters and the live-in maids do the dishes. Sadly, my father prefers the 4th most recent wife, given that she is the youngest (22) and they only got married around a year ago. But he usually is very fair with my mother and step-mothers."

13 He Married Two Sisters


Being with two sisters has to be one of the biggest fantasies for guys out there. Guys' minds are pretty much geared towards polygamy, as they are hardwired to "spread their seed" as much as possible. Marrying two sisters is the ultimate conquest in a lot of guys' minds– the only thing that could top that is if the girls were twins. But from the point of view of a girl, nothing could seem grosser than sharing your man with your sister! This guy confessed he had successfully married two sisters, and that this is a common practice in Bhutan, his home country:

"I have 2 wives who are sisters. I married them both on the same day. This practice of sisters marrying the same man or brothers marrying the same woman is pretty normal where I'm from (Bhutan), although it was never common and nowadays it is seen as a bit traditional. The last King of Bhutan (before he stepped down for his son) has 4 wives who are all sisters. Although I'm from Bhutan, I've spent most of my life in America which is where I live now with both my wives."

12 They Do It All Together


I know what you're all thinking– let's get to the real dirty confessions already! Well, this one is sure to make your jaw drop to the ground. This lucky guy managed to snag two girls who are comfortable with hooking up with each other... and him. Not only that– but the second girl is much more "adventurous," and willing to do things that the other girl refuses to do... Is this even real? Is this just some guy bragging on the internet about something that never happened? I guess we'll never know. But you know what they say– truth is stranger than fiction. If this is true, this guy is clearly living every guy's fantasy. It's hard not to feel jealous after reading this confession...

"Yes, most of the time we all have s*x together. We talk about what we like/don't like a lot and we're all really committed to making sure everyone is happy. (S*xually and just generally in the relationship). One girl is more 'experimental' than 'A,' and 'A' is quite happy to have someone else to do the stuff she's not that into."

11 Terrible Lifestyle


Before you start fantasizing about having a polygamous relationship of your own, you should know a few things. First of all, it's not all fun and games. People who have been in these relationships can tell you firsthand that it almost never turns out well. And even if it seems rosy and fine on the outside, there are likely some major issues brewing within. As one girl who has lived in a polygamous relationship for many years can tell you, there is a lot of abuse in these relationships. There is also a high suicide rate among these women, a higher chance for inbreeding, and a higher chance of certain diseases being spread around the entire family... So yeah, maybe this type of relationship isn't so "hot" after all...

"It took me a long, long time to wake up to the abuses of the lifestyle. There are so many: Inequality among husbands and wives, husbands and leadership, mothers and children. Male dominance and female servitude; Poverty and abuse of govt. Assistance; High depression and mortality rate amongst women; S*xual and physical abuse is prolific; Lack of education and social skills; Inbreeding/fumarase disease, etc. etc."

10 Girl In Polygamous Marriage With Much Older Man


Another person confessed online to being in a polygamous relationship, and although she did not explicitly reveal her religion, the assumption was that she lived in a culture where this sort of thing was normal. She also revealed that her husband was watching over the Reddit "Ask Me Anything" page, approving of everything she was typing and posting. Because of this, she obviously couldn't get into too much detail, but it was pretty clear that she had accepted the reality she lived in. She also revealed that she is only 24. It was an arranged marriage, and she is one month pregnant!

"I am a twenty-four year old girl in a polygamous marriage with an older man. Yes, the marriage was arranged but my parents told me if he was too bad that I can reject. He works very hard to make sure there is no jealousy among us as this is very common in marriage with multiple wives. His first wife has two sons and it’s great. I always try to look after them when she is not feeling well enough. It's very good. They see me as an aunt. I myself am a month into pregnancy."

9 Polygamist’s Mistress


You might think that a guy who has several wives has it made. After all, he's living the dream, right? He's got several women at his beck and call 24/7, all of whom just want to make him happy. Well, it doesn't always turn out that way. One woman went online and admitted that she is the mistress of a polygamous husband. That's right, multiple wives just isn't enough for this guy! He has to have a side chick as well! That's just insanity! She also reveals that she's a Western Christian, and he's a Muslim. Wow.

"I am a mistress of a polygamist. I do not have anything to do with the others. There are children. There is lots of jealousy all around. There are at least 2 others. Don't know how the kids feel. He is the polygamist. I'm his mistress. I'm a Westerner, a cultural Christian in social orientation. He is an Asian Muslim. But when we are together, it is pretty hot. [S*x] is all we do. I think I probably get more than the others. But I don't know for sure. One wife hates me, one likes me. They hate each other."

8 She Escaped Polygamy


It's not just Muslims that engage in polygamy as part of their culture and religion. Here in America, we also have a group that is very involved in polygamy, and they've been here for many years. I'm talking of course about Mormons. You might have seen reality TV shows about these families, and they've become something of a novelty in our society. But you always get the feeling that we're not really seeing what goes on inside this group... Well one girl who actually escaped from a polygamous marriage has some insane confessions to make...

"I escaped life as a 'plural wife' in a fundamentalist Mormon Sect. I think to some extent he was in it for the s*x. He was a 36 year-old man marrying an 18 year-old girl. However he had been with his wife for 20 years and wasn’t going to torch his marriage for me. He was noble like that. Add to that his belief that he needed multiple wives to get into heaven and the action follows the dogma. And no we didn’t live in barracks. There was plenty of room for the two of us and their five kids."

Polygamy Plus Some "Interesting" Antics


Let's take a break from Mormon weirdness and dive into some good old-fashioned weirdness that doesn't involve pyramids and old men with younger wives. This next confession is pretty much exactly what you'd imagine when you think about a polygamous relationship. This relationship obviously isn't about a religion or a culture– it's simply about satisfying some seriously weird desires. Hey, at least they're honest about it, and they don't hide it all behind the guise of some religion. These four people claim to be into something called "petplay." What is petplay? I think you can pretty much figure that out on your own...

"Hi there, there are four of us here. 23 year-old female that you can call Kitty. 20 year-old female you can call Vixen. 18 year-old female that's called Puppy. And finally 26 year-old male that's Master. As you can tell by our names, we also partake in petplay. But that's not all we're into…"

7 Married To A Brother And Sister


There are a lot of dirty stories from polygamists out there, but this one really sets the bar. Okay, so some of you might be a little grossed out at the prospect of having multiple wives. Okay, maybe not some of the guys reading this, but I'm sure most girls out there would balk at the thought of sharing their man with another woman. But I think everyone can agree– both men and women– that a polygamous relationship involving a girl and a brother and sister is just plain wrong. Yes, this happened, if you believe this confession found in the dark corners of the internet. Can you imagine how this must feel for everyone involved? Apparently both the girls in this relationship are bisexual, meaning they got it on together, and with the brother. Wow... Just– wow:

"Legally speaking, I'm married to the brother, but the three of us live together and for all intents and purposes I'm married to the sister as well. The brother is straight, the sister is lesbian, I'm bisexual (female). The three of us make a great team and life is awesome. We've been together for 6 years now. He's 31, I'm 28, she's 27."

6 Her Wedding Night


That same girl went on to make all kinds of incredible confessions in an article that went viral a few years back. One of her most sickening confessions was about her wedding night. But before you conjure up raunchy images, what actually happened was quite the opposite. This girl was so excited about getting married (she was only 18), and she really wanted to sit next to her husband during the wedding party. But the first wife and her daughter were sitting next to him and made no effort to make room. To add insult to injury, they made her sleep on the living room floor...

“Our wedding ceremony took place in Bill's cousin's family room. My father officiated, and the first wife had to give her blessing. When it was done, he kissed me on the cheek and we were married. There was a wedding party after– I was excited. I really wanted to sit next to my husband. But his wife was on one side, his daughter on the other, and they didn't make any room for me. They also made it clear I wouldn't be allowed to take pictures alone with him, only with the family. That night I slept on the living room floor. He squeezed my shoulder before going to bed with his wife, and that was my wedding night.”

5 Young Sister Wives


Another confession from the same woman reveals some really scandalous facts about these polygamous marriages that happen within the Mormon church. According to her, "sister wife" often means "young wife."The leader of her church of all people married three young women at one point. This is the guy who's supposed to be setting an example! There were also cases of s*xual abuse by many members of the church. And the weird thing is that these people don't even get punished by the church...

"The leader of my old church married two of his nieces [...]  Then there was my sister's brother-in-law, who was accused of [abusing] his daughter. He admitted to it and was excommunicated... then welcomed back a week later. At least two other men were accused and convicted of [abusing] their children. One guy had four daughters, every one of them a victim– he spent years in prison despite his wife's defence of him."

4 Weird Pyramid Rituals


Finally, the girl who had escaped this Mormon polygamous marriage revealed some really weird stuff in her confession. According to her, their entire society pretty much revolved around the construction of a pyramid. Yes, a pyramid. The people who donated more money to the construction of this pyramid got first dibs on the youngest, hottest girls in the Mormon society. It just so happened that most of these rich donors were old men. She also talked about strange rituals that went on inside the pyramid that no one is allowed to speak about– on threat of death.

"Yeah, we had a pyramid. The top floor was where the temple resided, and only those deemed worthy were permitted inside. There we engaged in weird temple ceremonies that you're forbidden to discuss outside of the temple, to the point that during the ceremony you vow not to discuss it on penalty of death. So the older, wealthier men had money, they donated it to help build the temple, and those men got the younger wives. The young women are basically just currency for all of this– living, breathing cash to be exchanged for a sweet, sweet pyramid."

3 How It Started


So, how does a polygamous relationship even start in the first place? Provided it's not in a Middle Eastern country where that sort of thing is accepted, or a Mormon society, it can seem inconceivable that the couple next door could willingly accept such a relationship. But it does happen, and this particular confession offers a rare insight into how a married couple can turn into a polygamous relationship. As this couple reveals, it started as a "cuckqueen" relationship. This really makes you wonder what's going on behind closed doors...

"It started out as a normal relationship between husband and wife. Or as normal as it could get. They had a cuckqueen relationship. If you're unfamiliar, it is when a female partner watches the male partner sleep with another female. The other female quickly became a regular third party. The husband knew her from work. And over time the three of us developed feelings for one another. So it naturally became a poly with the three of us."

2 They All “Share”


So how exactly does it work in bed with a polygamous relationship? It's a lot easier for some than for others. Some don't even try. In many polygamous relationships, each woman has their own room, and the man just sort of hops from one bedroom to the other, depending on his mood. But for others, they make an effort to make every aspect of marriage something that all parties do together, and that includes the bedroom. As this couple reveals, they've managed to create a system where no one feels left out, and everyone gets fully satisfied when they do the deed...

"Intimacy is shared with everyone. There's no one focus center. We all care and love for each other and show it for each other. So I guess to answer you question with your options, a complete mix of every possible combo and then some. S*xually, I think he can get by. Plus we all play with each other."

1 Every Man’s "Dream"


This guy admitted that he is in a relationship with two girls, and that they started getting together when the second girl moved into their household, where he was living with his girlfriend. Months later, his girlfriend came to him in tears, admitting that she'd been in a lesbian relationship with this other girl who had moved in. She still loved him, and wanted to find a way for them all to be together. Now this guy is living the dream– and not only is he in a s*xual relationship with both of these women– he also gets to hook up with them at the same time.

"3 years ago a friend of my then long term girlfriend moved into a room in our house (we needed the cash). My girlfriend would joke that C (the new house mate) was the only girl she'd ever kissed. Life carried on relatively normally for about a year but the s*xual tension was pretty obvious. One day out of the blue my GF comes to me and says that her and C have been having "a relationship" for a few weeks (apparently rekindled something that happened in high school) and they want me to join in. That was 2 years ago (literally, today is our 2 year anniversary). Only a few of our very closest friends know what is going on."


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