15 Devastating Photos Of People Hungover

Getting drunk can be fun. Who doesn't need to "let go" every now and again? When you are out with your friends and having a good time, it is glorious to let your inhibitions fly out the window every n

Getting drunk can be fun. Who doesn't need to "let go" every now and again? When you are out with your friends and having a good time, it is glorious to let your inhibitions fly out the window every now and again. They call it liquid courage. Drinking large amounts of alcohol tends to make people a tad more frisky; and by frisky, we mean they want to get down and dirty. When people drink, they generally dance more. People who you never see shake their rears get out on the dance floor and have a ball. That is the goodness that alcohol can provide. But of course, with every good, there is some bad too.

Drinking, and lots of it, can cause some issues. Some people don't hold their liquor as well as others. Everyone has that one quiet friend who drinks too much and all of sudden becomes the Incredible Hulk; it's exciting and adventurous, just without the superhuman strength. They start raging everywhere as if they just shot themselves in the butt with steroids. They look to pick fights and are very unpleasant. Then there are those who get too frisky. They let their hands wander like mad and become socially inappropriate. But no matter if your experience with alcohol the night of is positive or negative, one thing is for certain- the day after the party generally sucks. Hangovers can be brutal. They are a harsh reminder of our limits and let us know that you may have fun partying, but too much of a good thing is...well, too much of a good thing. Everybody's got a breaking point- these are 15 devastating pictures of people hungover.

15 I Did What?

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What's worse than a nasty headache after a night of craziness? How about being face-to-face with a big mistake. There have been many instances we probably regret when we get completely wasted. There are moments we regret and there are moments we wish we didn't remember. Ever wake up and find a strange tattoo? It is never cool to find your buddies laughing at you because of that tramp stamp they somehow talked you into the night before that resides just above your butt crack. The hot girl they used to dupe you into getting the tattoo probably will make for a great story, but the cost at the tattoo removal shop will not be cheap. There are other terrible moments, such as waking up next to a troll. Whether you are a girl or a dude, waking up next to someone that looked like a five or a six the night before but really is a two or three is one hell of a wake-up call. Our standards drop quite a bit when we are wasted, but the real hangover can last for a long, long time. Especially if you wake up balanced on the can like a drunk acrobat.

14 The Next Day Blues


One consideration when having a good time is taking into effect how much of a crappy day tomorrow will be. This picture depicts someone who clearly is borrowing tomorrow's thunder. And when you see it that way, this photo of someone's brain cells draining away is exactly the kind of image and perception you don't want other people having of you. So, when you kind of think about it, there is rhyme to this reasoning. The more partying you do, the more tomorrow will definitely suck. So quite possibly you should have a party limit that cuts you off at the brink of complete utter wasted chaos. Because "sleeping it off" may not be an option for many. So keep that in mind when you're having fun because you don't want to look like this idiot.

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12 The Double-Play


Just when you thought a nasty hangover couldn't get any worse, you get it on both ends. This is what we like to call, The Double-Play. It's a brutal reminder of the loads of fun you had the night before only to be followed by an avalanche of misery. When you are seated on a toilet and are holding a trash can on your lap at the same time, that is one nasty day-after. This is the kind of situation where you begin to question everything about the decisions you have made in your life. There is no more vulnerable and worse position than seated on the toilet with uncontrollable evils leaking out of your backside while at the same time purging yourself out of your suckhole. It is the worst of all feelings.

11 Drunk Driving

So, this sucks. You had waaaaaay too much to drink one night. You park your car in front of your parents' house. You wake up to pounding on your bedroom door which only matches the pounding in your head. Two things strike you as you wake up: the first is, your bedroom isn't pink. The second, you have a nasty hangover. Yeah, you accidentally went to sleep in your neighbor's little daughter's bedroom and to top it off, you wrecked your father's car on a pole. The combination is bound to get your ass beat. For many, attempting to get home drunk is a desperate act made by someone whose faculties have been severely compromised. The end result can be absolutely devastating. You could risk getting a DUI, thrown in jail, or worse, killing yourself and others. Clearly, drunk driving is no laughing matter and those who commit the crime will have a heck of a lot more to deal with than a nasty hangover the next day.

10 Welcome To The Drunk Tank


If there is one thing that's consistent over the years, it's that some things never change. The drunk tank is a wretched place where scores of drunks are tossed together to sleep off their fun. Getting thrown into the drunk tank is both demoralizing and dangerous. First off, you can seriously get your face beat in there. Secondly, you're in the damn drunk tank! Reassess your life! Waking up here and having to hit the can is not a pleasant experience. Enjoy the audience as you drop your pants to go to the bathroom. In addition, you get drunks puking all around you. Some are wetting themselves, they are so wasted and too tired to get up. The stench alone is enough to turn you sober and swear off partying forever. This sobering experience is not one you want to live through. This is the single worst hangover of your life, waking up in the tank with dozens of worthless individuals just like you.

9 Powering Through


Showing up at work after a long night of partying is just about one of the worst things a person has to do. When you get up in the morning to a massive headache, it hits you that you have a long 10 hours to go until you can get back home, shower, and crawl back into bed. So it is time to power through and dig deep. You show up at work knowing full-well that they will not be getting your best effort. You try to hide the fact that you are worthless all day long but the damn ceiling lights are so bright you want to crawl into a hole. And then there are the many annoying coworkers who can't seem to shut up. They gossip and giggle, their voices crippling your will and causing you internal brain hemorrhaging. Finally there is your boss. If there is any day your boss is crawling up your read end, it is this day. The hope is to sneak by with a three-hour lunch break (AKA: nap in your car) and get home ASAP. But home never comes soon enough on these crappy days.

8 School Blues


Being hungover at school is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. If you are a teacher, you are a VERY bad teacher. You try your hardest to play off a bad headache without your colleagues or your students catching on to your nasty alcohol-soaked skin sweating out last night's bender. If you are a student, it can be much worse. Take the high school angle and you know you could be in deep crap if any adult gets wind of your hangover. If you are in college, you are about to feel the pain of falling behind in all of your schoolwork. Trying to focus and slam out a few school papers and assignments can be a massive undertaking when faced with a nasty hangover. It is the kind of thing that has students shaking their heads and taking a mulligan for the day. More often than not, partying is a big reason why students get swamped at college and eventually underachieve or flunk out completely.

7 The Porcelain God


Praying to the porcelain God is never a good thing. But the look on this guy's face tells the whole story. When you drink an excess of alcohol, the abundance of the toxic beverage can overwhelm your stomach and liver leading to a nasty revolt. That revolt leads to a long, painful stint on the floor and by a toilet. As you heave again and again, you tell yourself, "never again." You promise that you will not drink anymore and you swear off drinking forever. Of course, that doesn't last nearly as long as you thought it would. And you are back at it, slowly at first, and then again and again. Before you know it, you are staring down the barrel of a Kohler Toilet. This is not where you saw yourself ending up. It's nasty and your head throbs.

6 The House Party


You may be thinking to yourself, "this isn't the result of a house party gone awry." But you would be wrong. Many teenagers cannot wait for their parents to take that short trip out of town so that they can throw the ultimate party and be adored by their entire high school. The problems are obvious. The day-after mess is often never worth the party glory. What's worse is that your parents' house gets trashed and God forbid they show up early. You want to talk about a nasty hangover? This one digs deep. Try telling your father and mother to lower their voices as they yell at you because your hangover is really bad after you destroyed their house. That will lead to a swift kick in the behind. Either way, house parties can be epic, but they can also be incredibly destructive. Party at your own risk.

5 Not Exactly What I thought


You remember making out with this really hot chick. You thought her body was sick. She was a great kisser. How awesome was that night? The next morning is the hangover from hell. First off, you wake up with a dude's hand up your shirt and your hand is down his pants. Then you start to question every decision you made the night before and that hot chick may not have been a chick at all. As all of your friends snap pictures that will ultimately ruin your high school reputation and possibly embarrass you for life, you are left wondering "WTF did I do!" Fear and anger converge and you realize that this hangover is going to last a lot longer than any other you ever had. That epic evening of fun has evolved into the hangover from hell.

4 Hairy Situation

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If you think guys have got it bad when they wake up next to someone they didn't expect, girls are no different. Alcohol breaks down inhibitions and lowers standards to the point where you'd never imagine what you're capable of. Imagine waking up next to this! If you aren't a Perfect Ten, ladies, but maybe a solid-looking woman with high standards, this is not the sight you want after a late night of debauchery. This kind of hangover leaves scars for a long, long time. First, a woman racks her brain to ensure she had safe sex. Because this is NOT the dude you want as your Baby Daddy. Second, how many people saw you with this guy. Certainly, women, as unfair as it can be, are far more scrutinized than men. A man can get away with a "slumpbusting" moment without getting his reputation torn apart. A woman has to deal with the "walk of shame." Either way, a woman does not want this picture to be her "morning after."

3 Where Am I?


Ever hear the story of the guy that got so drunk that he accidentally woke up in Mexico? Sure, this can be the end result in extreme cases. Or you can just end up slumped in the men's room at a train station with your face getting a mouth full of urinal. The kind of hangover that leads people to wake up and have no idea where they are is one of the worst feelings of all. It is quite a downfall to not know where you are. For a woman, this can be a VERY dangerous proposition. For a dude, it can be downright embarrassing. No matter how you look at it, waking up in the middle of nowhere and having no idea where you are can be a brutal "morning after." If this is you, make different life decisions...and definitely wash your face and use lots of mouthwash!

2 Public Indecency

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If you got so drunk that you ended up alone and naked in public, you've got some major issues. There is no candy-coating this misadventure. A woman waking up naked, sprawled out on a picnic table can lead to all kinds of embarrassing problems that will make this hangover last for years and years to come. From Twitter feeds to Facebook pages, a woman as vulnerable as this one above will have this moment last a lifetime. One, the picture of you being so drunk that you got naked and passed out on a picnic table surrounded by empty alcohol bottles, is just a bad looking scene to begin with. You sprinkle in that it is broad daylight and you've got no idea what is going on with you, and things clearly have gotten so out of hand that your reputation as a functioning adult just got flushed down the toilet. No matter who you are, this picture is worth a thousand REALLY bad words.

1 The Big Probe

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It's one thing to end up in jail, getting tossed into the drunk tank with a bunch of other losers. But when you were unruly and get arrested for being drunk and doing something stupid like assaulting an officer or for disorderly conduct, depending on how annoyed the police are, you may just get the Full Monty treatment in jail. The strip and body cavity search is not a pleasant experience. It's bad enough you embarrassed yourself in public and eventually got tossed in a squad car. But then, to begin your hangover process with getting stripped down by a complete stranger and having them penetrate you in multiple ways with multiple fingers as they peruse your insides? That is at the top of the list as the absolute worst of hangover experiences. The headache a hangover gives you pales in comparison to what's going to happen to the lower half of the body.

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