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15 Deadly Duos: The Creepiest Serial Killer Couples

15 Deadly Duos: The Creepiest Serial Killer Couples

When we think of the term “serial killer,” people like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer come to mind. We think of single, isolated males, who might have had rough childhoods, and who have decided to avenge their messed up lives by violently ending the lives of others. But killers can also come in pairs, sometimes, and that’s when the sh*t hits the fan.

A single deranged mind can wreak enough havoc already, but when two of this unhinged kind come together, the carnage is nothing short of enormous! History stands witness that when couples become killers, mostly it is the dominant male or the older partner in the duo that takes the fall for the crimes and gets sentenced to a much harsher punishment than the one who claims to be submissive. If it’s a heterosexual couple, the male becomes the harbinger of all evil whilst the female is often viewed as the victim in an abusive relationship and she will often turn on her former lover, claiming that she committed the crimes in fear of her life and under great stress. If it’s a homosexual couple or blood relatives who kill without a romantic relationship, then the older one or the bolder one is deemed to be the mastermind.

Be that as it may, when couples kill, both the partners are to blame. Even if one of them is participating in the crimes under threat of violence, there has to be something lacking within their black souls that allows them to become such horrendous humans. Call it sanity, call it morality, or call it judgment– the black hole in their hearts is what lets the evil creep in and take over. On that note, meet the 15 deadly duos: the creepiest serial killer couples who loved to kill and excelled at murder! For them, the more brutal, the better…

15. Natural Born Killers From The Badlands: Charles Starkweather And Caril Ann Fugate


A controversial film, Natural Born Killers, was loosely based on the rather short and violent life of Charles Starkweather and his kidnapped victim/accomplice, Caril Ann Fugate. Introduced to each other by Caril’s older sister who had briefly dated Charles, the 19-year-old Charles, and 14-year-old Caril became inseparable in life, though death managed to part the two. This teenage killer couple went on a country wide rampage that ended with 11 deaths, and Caril calling herself a hapless victim to Charles’s psychosis. After killing a service station clerk, Charles’s next victims were Caril’s parents and her two-year-old step sister. From then on they were unstoppable until their stolen car stalled. A motorist stopped to help and a fight ensued, which was interrupted by Caril running to a police officer arriving on the scene and claiming, “Help! It’s Starkweather…” Charles was executed when he was 20, while Caril served a little over 17 years before being released. She worked as a janitor and got married– but in 2013, she was seriously injured in a car accident in which her husband passed away.

14. The Youngest Serial Killers: Jasmine Richardson & Jeremy Steinke


In 2006, 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson, a Goth fan, started dating 23-year-old Jeremy Steinke, who wore a vial of blood around his neck and claimed to be a 300-year-old werewolf. Unimpressed, Jasmine’s parents ordered her to end this unhealthy relationship. Did Jasmine listen to her parents? Nope. Instead, she conspired with her boyfriend to kill them all. This was a dream come true for Jeremy, who thought that Natural Born Killers was the greatest love story of all time. So Marc Richardson, Debra Richardson, and Jasmine’s 8-year-old brother Jacob all ended up being viciously killed. It is claimed that Jasmine committed the most heart-rending murder of all– that of her younger brother, who she viciously stabbed five times. She left him to die alone, amidst his blood-spattered toys. And all she did was serve 10 years for her horrendous crime, while her “werewolf” boyfriend is serving a minimum of 25 years. Justice? We don’t think so.

13. I Fell For A Guy, So Let’s Kill Him: Carol Bundy And Doug Clark


Carol M. Bundy (no relation to Ted Bundy, that we know of) fell for a country singer called Jack Murray and enticed him with s*xual favors, asking him to leave his wife. Murray didn’t comply. That is when Carol met Doug Clark, and they both embarked on the mother of all affairs, which ended up in murder. Initially, Clark began to bring pr*stitutes home to play out s*x fantasies between the three, but soon that proved too vanilla for him. So he began to kill the pr*stitutes and bragging about it to Bundy after. One fine day, Clark did more than just kill– he brought home a trophy– the decapitated head of one of the girls. Carol dressed up the head and put some makeup on it! She later bragged to Murray, who got too upset– so Carol enticed him into a van after a performance for a wild romp that ended with her shooting and decapitating him. This wonderful couple was arrested whereupon the manly Dug Clark wept that it was all Carol’s fault. The jury was unimpressed, and he is on death row, whilst Carol got life imprisonment. However, she died of heart failure when she was 61.

12. My Husband Wanted Slaves, So I Helped Him: Charlene And Gerald Gallego


Charlene was a woman with a photographic memory, with two failed marriages and a history of drug use. She ended up falling for an evil guy, Gerald Gallego (or that is what Charlene would want you to believe?). Her husband had a long rap sheet and a penchant for s*xual abuse and so he decided that he wanted s*x slaves. His dear wife complied, and began to entice and trap victims with the lure of selling them drugs. A total of 11 teenagers and young adults were kidnapped, r*ped, and mercilessly murdered by this deranged couple. Known as the Love Slave Killers or the Gallego S*x Slave Killers, their modus operandi was simple. Charlene would lure the victims to a vehicle on the pretext of getting them drugs, then a gun-toting Gerald would force them in and tie them up. He would then r*pe the girls and then murder them in any way he liked– shooting them, stabbing them, beating or bludgeoning them, and even strangling them. Charlene turned against her husband when they got caught, which got her a reduced sentence of 16 years, while Gerald got the death penalty. He died of cancer on death row. Charlene now helps the police deal with abused women.

11. Killing Little Old Ladies For Fun And Games: Gwendolyn Graham And Catherine May Wood


Lesbian couple Gwendolyn and Catherine were into weird things– so they tried to choke each other whilst making love to spice up a vanilla s*x life. When the thrills of not being able to breathe faded away, they thought of the next step– a threesome. But the third party was definitely not going to be some hunky male or even another female. Nope, these two lovebirds decided to murder old biddies and introduce the old corpse into their s*x life. The next time they made love, the dominant Gwendolyn smothered an Alzheimer’s victim and then these two made love to each other, right next to the corpse. Since they both worked as nurse’s aides in Alpine Manor nursing home, they had easy access to old and infirm ladies and they repeated this four more times before Gwendolyn lost interest and began dating another woman. Ironically, none of this would have come to light if Catherine had not told her ex-husband, and Gwendolyn had not confessed to her current girlfriend. Gwendolyn got life imprisonment and will be eligible for parole in 2021, while Catherine got 20 years in prison, considering she tattled on her former lover. She has been eligible for parole since 2005.

10. The Oldest Murdering Couple on Death Row: Faye And Ray Copeland


Ray Copeland and his wife Faye were 76 and 69 years old, respectively, when they were caught and convicted of multiple murders. Ray Copeland was a known fraud who hired drifters to fake checks to buy cattle for the Copeland ranch. He would then sell the cattle for a profit, and that particular drifter would then be killed and buried forever at the Copeland ranch! And this happened with five drifters before a previous employee spotted the bodies and informed the police. Ray Copeland had a long rap sheet, so he was going down for this and taking advantage of this fact, Faye Copeland’s defence team argued that she had no idea about the murders and that she herself was a victim of physical and psychological abuse from her husband. This worked until the police found a patchwork quilt that Faye had made from the dead drifters’ clothes. They became the oldest couple to be on death row, but Ray Copeland died awaiting his execution. Faye’s death sentence was commuted to life in prison, and she was paroled to a nursing home after suffering a paralytic stroke in 2002. She died in 2003.

9. When Diplomatic Immunity Means Diddly Squat: Jens Söring And Elizabeth Haysom


Jens Söring was the 18-year-old son of German diplomat Klaus Söring, and he became romantically involved with all-American girl Elizabeth Haysom, who was two years older than him. In 1985, the bodies of Derek and Nancy Haysom, Elizabeth’s parents, were discovered slashed nearly to ribbons in bed at their home. While not initially considered to be suspects, the couple was later arrested in England on check fraud and Söring then confessed to the crimes. When extradition to the US began, Söring recanted, saying he had only confessed to save Elizabeth from the electric chair and that she had committed the murders, not he. At the trial in Virginia, Elizabeth said the opposite. The judiciary seemed unimpressed with the innocence pleas of both, and sentenced Söring to life imprisonment and Elizabeth to 90 years in jail. And there they still stay. Elizabeth will be released mandatorily at 68 years in 2032, while Söring has still been appealing for justice ever since.

8. They Had Kids So That They Could Hurt Them: Fred And Rosemary West


Most child abusers harm other children rather than their own. That wasn’t the case for the children who had the misfortune of being born to two monsters, Fred and Rosemary West. Rosemary hooked up with Fred when she was 15 and Fred was 28. One of their earliest victims was Charmaine, Fred’s step-daughter; while Fred was imprisoned, Rosemary murdered her and stored her body in the cellar. When Fred was released, he buried the child. Rosemary was encouraged by Fred to become a pr*stitute and she entertained while her husband watched. Conversely, Rosemary encouraged Fred to s*xually abuse his daughter, Anne-Marie, and he started when she was just eight! Rosemary had a total of eight children, and the girls were abused by both their parents and r*ped by their father, and if mommy and daddy were in the mood, murdered by them too. This UK couple was arrested and put behind bars. Fred ended his sorry life in prison and Rosemary will be behind bars for life.

7. The Pot-Smoking Moslem Witch Killers: Suzan And Michael Bear Carson


What do you do with a couple that describes themselves as vegetarian Muslim warriors, who live on a pot farm and make drugs part of their daily diet (literally)? You should probably run screaming for your mommy, considering this couple started to kill people because they got miffed by the “evil energy” that their victims were apparently projecting. They committed their first murder way back in 1981; they beat their hapless roommate with a frying pan and then stabbed her a dozen or so times. They made a whole list of people to kill, including some celebrities they disliked, but when they got caught, they were tried for a total of three murders. They might have killed a dozen or more people, but the rest were not proven. The murders, they said, were committed to break the evil spells that had been placed upon them. Both were awarded some 75+ years of prison sentences each.

6. The Gory Truth Behind The Moors Murders: Ian Brady And Myra Hindley


18-year-old Myra Hindley was charmed by the bad-boy ways of Ian Brady, and they soon entered into a torrid relationship that included Nazi reading sessions, German wine sessions, and other discussions about murder, s*x and violence. Between 1963 and 1965, the two embarked on what became the Moors Murders, because that is where they buried their victims. There were five in all, aged between 10 and 17. Myra enticed them into her car, and Ian would then rape, torture, and murder the kids, and bury them in the desolate and dark Saddleworth Moor. They were caught after Ian killed one of his victims in front of his young brother-in-law David Smith, who later went to the police and described the entire incident upon the insistence of his wife Maureen, who was Myra’s younger sister. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley became one of the most reviled couples of England, for not only had they murdered children, they had done so after s*xually assaulting them. Ian was found guilty of three murders, while Myra was convicted for two. She died in prison while Ian was eventually declared insane and moved to a mental hospital, where he later died.

5. The Bromantic Murderous Duo: Horrible Henry Lucas And Awful Ottis Toole


Sadly enough for the victims, sometimes two monsters manage to get together and begin what can only be described as a hidden reign of terror. Career drifters and known troublemakers, Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole met at a soup kitchen in 1973, and from then on, they were an unstoppable killing machine. In 1983, Ottis was arrested for arson and it was then that he confessed to another arson case. Coincidentally, Henry Lucas was arrested on a weapon’s charge and then he too began to confess to other crimes. Soon the pair began to confess to horrific crimes, some 430 murders in all, including that of Adam Walsh, a gap-toothed, sweet-faced Florida boy who had been kidnapped from a Florida Mall. Many confessions were recanted, some were proven false, as well, but their confessions led to discovery of some 246 missing people, or rather, their remains. The authorities firmly pinned some 5 murders on Toole and 11 on Lucas, and despite it all, they were not executed, but sentenced to life in prison instead. Toole died in 1996 and Lucas in 2001.

4. Alton Coleman and Debra Brown: The Killers Of Victims Of A Certain Race


Alton Coleman was a known fugitive who was guilty of several r*pes and robberies before running from the law. Debra Brown was unfortunate enough to find him and get entranced by him, though it was later found out that she was intellectually challenged and had a dependent personality disorder. Coleman, on the other hand, was a vicious killer with psychosis. The result of this was a master-slave relationship between Coleman and Brown, and wherever Coleman led, Brown willingly followed. Eight murders, seven r*pes, three kidnappings, and 14 armed robberies later, the authorities finally caught up with the killer duo. Strangely enough, almost all their victims were African-American, chosen perhaps because of ease. Coleman was executed by lethal injection and many turned up to view his departing, from families of his victims, to the scarred survivors. Brown’s original execution was commuted to life imprisonment, and she stays behind bars without the possibility of parole.

3. The Ken And Barbie Killers Of Girls And Women: Paul Bernardo And Karla Homolka


Born to a father who liked to s*xually abuse his own daughter, Paul Bernardo seemed at first not to be affected by this damaged bloodline, as he appeared to have a sunny disposition. And when he got married to Karla Homolka, it seemed that all was hunky dory in this couple’s life. But this couple hid a big, dark, and dirty secret. Paul loved violent s*x and Karla encouraged him to go out and become what she called the “happy r*pist.” Between 1987 and 1990, Paul Bernardo committed a series of savage and prolonged r*pes and he was the man the authorities dubbed as the Scarborough r*pist. Soon, this was not enough, and Karla joined in on her husband’s disgusting practices. She would kidnap girls and offer them as gifts to her husband, drugging them so that they could not resist or fight back. One of these victims was her own younger sister, Tammy. Many of these victims were murdered or died as a result of overdosing on drugs and alcohol. But despite it all, Karla served just 17 years, whilst Paul remains in prison serving his sentence for 13 r*pes, 4-6 murders, and several other attempted assaults. Karla is free and lives under an assumed name.

2. When Teachers And Dentists Go Haywire: Inessa Tarverdieva And Roman Podkopayev


At first, they seemed like a totally normal family, with the mother being a nurse, and the father being a dentist. They had two seemingly lovely daughters. In reality, this family was a gang of vicious killers. Despite having a comfortable life, Inessa Tarverdieva is a self-confessed gangster by nature, and she became the matriarch of her family gang of four. They ended up killing around 30 people altogether, including children and police officers. They would rob their victims, and while the police officers were shot, others were killed far more brutally. They gouged out the eyes of two teenage girls, one of them being Inessa’s goddaughter! Inessa’s daughter from a previous marriage, 25-year-old Viktoria, and 13-year-old Anastasiya were actively involved in the crimes as well. Roman was killed in a police shootout, while Inessa was injured. Their court confessions have been taken as an admission of their guilt and they are likely to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

1. The Most Prolific Murder Partnership: Brothel Queens Delfina And Maria Gonzales


Two elderly sisters were accused and arrested not only for murder, but also for unleashing a bloody bout of destruction in their brothel compound, north of the Mexican capital. They would recruit girls under the guise of hiring maids for a cleaning service, and once their employee would show up for work, they would be put to work as a pr*stitute. None of the women could dare protest, escape, or refuse these two brutes of women for if they did, they were murdered and buried in the compound itself. If any of their relatives showed up and tried to rescue these accursed women, they met with the same gory end. These brothel queens ran free in the 50’s and 60’s and it was only when an unrelated kidnap victim informed the police of this brothel that their murderous reign come to an end. More than 100 remains were discovered of 80 women, 10 men and many, many fetuses. The sisters were sentenced to 40 years each, and while Delfina died in prison in an accident, Maria served her time, left prison, and promptly vanished…

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