15 Dark Secrets North Korea Doesn't Want You To Know

There are a lot of crazy countries in the world, but North Korea is the craziest of them all. There are no words to describe the ridiculous atrocities that are unfolding in this country. Kim Jong-un, the great leader of North Korea, follows no rules whatsoever. He is enjoying his absolute power to ruin the lives of nearly 25 million people. North Korea is like a huge sandbox, where the laws of the world don't exist. The only thing that matters is Kim Jong-un's mood. Some days he might want to start a nuclear war against the world; other days he is throwing huge parties to honor himself and his family. Only one thing never happens - people of North Korea never get to experience comfort with at least some basic amenities. Oh yes, North Korea is struggling big time to prove the world that they can live on their own. Because, obviously, they cannot!

We must be honest; even though silly things that happen in North Korea are causing trouble to millions of innocent people, they are still downright funny. I mean, Kim Jong-un doesn't strike me as an unforgivable dictator. He is more like a kid, who never received enough attention from his parents, so his mind stopped progressing at the age of 10. Ironically, this man has the power to launch a nuclear missile and plunge the world into a state of chaos and darkness. Here's some information North Korea does not want you to know about.

15 North Korea Has Banned The Internet

This might be my favorite fact of them all. Kim Jong-un is a real genius when it comes to his silly excuses. It is not a secret that the internet is banned in North Korea, and only a few can join an internal network for a couple of hours each day. However, there are only 1,000 government-approved sites on the internal network, and I bet that they are not cool at all. Also, there are only 1,000 unique IP addresses in North Korea for 25 million people. Yes, the chances of getting access to the internal network are not that high.

Do you know why the internet is so inaccessible in North Korea? If you thought that it is because of their poor living conditions, you are wrong. The official reason is to protect the reputation of the Western world in the eyes of North Koreans. Yes, Kim Jong-un is such a lovely man who does it all to ensure that his people only see and learn the positive news.

14 Men Can Only Have 10 Different Hairstyles

Yes, it is true - men can only choose to have a haircut from ten state-approved hairstyles. It is quite disturbing, and there is no actual reason for this kind of constraints of human choice, but... it is North Korea. After all, Kim Jong-un is paranoid that people might start A revolution, so he does it all to neutralize the masses. Yes, standardization of every single process is probably the only way to keep 25 million people following those stupid orders. If we add fear and punishment for disobeying those orders, we get North Korea.

The women get a little more freedom - they can choose from 18 state-approved haircuts. So, 25 million of people are walking with only 28 different styles. That might not be a problem itself, but it indicates how constrained are the human rights under Kim Jong-un's reign. North Korea throws everyone, who decides to get a different haircut, in jail. They don't need rebels!

13 Inhumane Labor Camps

I have always thought the world didn't have any labor camps anymore. I mean, the Soviet Union and the Nazis committed too many crimes in their Gulags and concentration camps. However, Kim Jong-un has a different opinion. There are at least 16 labor camps in North Korea, and around 200,000 prisoners live there under conditions, which are worse than your darkest nightmares. Prisoners of labor camps barely get anything to eat, work 24/7, sleep on the floor, and often die from exhaustion. And yes, these things are happening nowadays, when democracy is evolving, and freedom is the most valuable thing of all.

Of course, you might think that those prisoners deserve all the pain because of their crimes. However, I am not even sure if we can call things they do crimes. It is enough to steal a kernel of corn, have a wrong haircut, or a different opinion. Kim Jong-un throws everyone who is disobeying his stupid laws in labor camps. It is a win-win for him - there are no free people who would dare to uprise against the government, and all the suspicious North Koreans are building stuff for the government.

12 Kim Jong-un Executed 12 Pop Stars Of North Korea For Making Adult Videos

Everything that is related to pornography is seen as the biggest crime in North Korea. It means that people caught red-handed must be executed.

In 2013, North Korean officials arrested 12 famous North Korean pop stars, who reportedly filmed themselves having sexual intercourse. Those stars belonged to three biggest pop groups in North Korea - Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band, and Moranbong Band - which created hits like "Footsteps of Soldiers," "I Love Pyongyang," and "We are Troops of the Party." However, even those hits couldn't save poor imprisoned stars. They were soon machine-gunned, while the members of their families watched. That was not enough to repay their sins, though. Kim Jong-un sent the relatives of executed pop stars to the labor camp. So, 12 people died, and their families are currently working in a concentration camp just because of some silly tapes of people having sexy time.

11 North Korea "Won" The 2014 Soccer World Cup Along With Every Other Major Sports Competition

News all over North Korea showed how the international team of North Korea won the FIFA World Cup 2014, beating Brazil 8:1 in the finals. Well, it would be the best joke I have ever heard, but sadly it is a terrifying reality. I mean, North Korea didn't even play in the FIFA World Cup 2014. Also, it is funny how North Korea showed that they beat Portugal 7-0 when they actually lost to Portugal 7-0 in FIFA World Cup 2010. The level of propaganda is just out of control in North Korea.

The best thing is that it is not the first time. North Korea always shows that their athletes win all the major sports events. Yes, North Korea "won" the most medals in past Olympic Games, even beating the US in basketball. How far can North Korea go with such propaganda? It looks like they are not even trying to hide their lies anymore. Anyway, as long as North Koreans have no connection to the outside world, it works just fine.

10 Kim Jong-un Executed His Uncle For Treason And Later His Aunt For Being Sad

Jang Song-thaek was Kim Jong-un's uncle. He was also Kim Jong-un's right hand when it came to ruling the country. However, the government of North Korea blamed Jang Song-thaek for being counter-revolutionary out of thin air in 2013. That followed his immediate execution. Until this day it is hard to understand what the hell had happened between Kim and Jang, but it must have been ugly.

However, Jang Song-thaek's death was only the beginning. Kim Jong-un learned that his aunt, the wife of Jang, was sad because her husband died and he was not pleased. In contrary, Kim Jong-un interpreted it as treason and executed his aunt as well. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be a family member of Kim Jong-un.

9 Blue Jeans And Chocolate Pies Are Illegal In North Korea

It surely looks like Kim Jong-un's paranoia has no limits. He is so fixated on his high throne that he cannot stand even the tiniest idea of losing it. That's why Kim Jong-un makes sure to ban everything that gets too popular in his country.

Choco pies became extremely popular in 2014 and that made Kim Jong-un sad. Kim thought that it might somehow spark an uprising (what?), so he simply banned it. Yes, today it is illegal to eat choco pies if you are North Korean. Otherwise, you might find yourself locked up in a labor camp. On top of that, blue jeans are also illegal in North Korea, because they represent the American imperialism. I am still trying to figure out how choco pies and blue jeans are wrong, but that is why I am not the leader of North Korea.

8 Three Generations Of Punishment

Kim Jong-un must understand the fact that it would be too hard to lock people up in labor camps one by one. It would take a lot of time, and there would not be enough prisoners to build stuff for North Korea. That is why North Korea found a revolutionary way how to "recruit" more people, who would work for free. They introduced "three generations of punishment" system, which ensures the possibility to lock up the entire family just because one member stole a loaf of bread. Yes, kids in North Korea must pay for the crimes of their grandparents. Of course, it is unfair, but don't forget that we are talking about North Korea. On top of that, when a member of a family breaks the law, he or she puts an eternal curse on the whole family, meaning that the government of North Korea puts them on the blacklist. So, even living in freedom becomes unbearable for those blacklisted families. They don't get any food, money, or support from the government; they become legal slaves of North Korea.

7 Kim Jong-un Is The Only General Without Military Experience In The World

We can make fun of North Korea all we want, but it is still surviving somehow. Of course, the nation is suffering from poverty and lack of freedom, but the government of North Korea is doing just fine. It looks like Kim Jong-un and his ancestors found a perfect formula how to rule the country. All they needed to do was to isolate from the rest of the world, pass some stupid laws to intimidate the people, actively spread propaganda, and enjoy all the power. Isn't that genius? I mean, where else in the world would you find a general of a country without any experience in the military? Yes, the answer is nowhere.

Jokes aside, it is terrifying that those things are still happening in the world. Kim Jong-un, a psychotic sociopath, has all the power to start World War III whenever he is in a bad mood. We already know that he is capable of executing his own family for no reason, so do you think he would have a problem to attack the world?

6 Outburst Of Cannibalism

North Korea was even worse between 1994 to 1998, when a fatal famine struck its land. People didn't have anything to eat, leading to 3.5 million deaths, and the government of North Korea still refused to help. In contrary, the government confiscated the remaining food from the villages, leaving people with nothing. In times like these, people can do ferocious things to survive. First, starving villagers ate all of their pets, including dogs and cats. Later, they tried eating tree bark, but it was not enough to survive. That is when the real nightmare began.

The instinct of survival took over North Koreans, and they started eating children. It was wrong on so many levels, and yet, it happened. There was even a saying: "Don’t buy meat if you don’t know where it came from," meaning that most of the vendors were selling human meat. The government punished all the cannibals, of course. However, it did nothing to stop the outburst.

5 North Korean Olympic Athletes Were Sent To Labor Camps For Not Winning Enough Medals

The Olympic Games is the most important and iconic sports event in the world, which represents equality, unity, and peace of the world... unless you come from North Korea. For North Korean athletes the Olympic Games is a "win or die" event. There are only two options - athlete wins a gold medal and becomes a legend in North Korea, or they lose and find themselves locked up in some labor camp. On top of that, Kim Jong-un ordered the Olympic Committee of North Korea to bring home 5 golds and 12 other medals from Rio Olympics. There were only 31 athletes delegated to complete this task. Naturally, they "failed" and only won two gold medals, three silvers, and two bronzes.

What happened to the most athletes, including the gold medalist of London Olympics, who disappointed Kim Jong-un by winning silver in Rio? They are most likely in one of many labor camps right now.

It is not the first time, though. When North Korea lost 7-0 to Portugal in the FIFA World Cup 2010, most of the players and coaches ended up in the labor camp as well.

4 People In North Korea Don't 'Need' Electricity

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement, which encourages people to turn off all the electricity for one hour towards the end of March. It is a very noble movement, which ensures that nature gets some rest from humans. Surprisingly, North Korea supports this idea so much that it has introduced its people to the project 'Earth Year.' Yes, it means that people in North Korea don't get to use electricity for the whole year. Not only it helps nature thrive in North Korea, but it also guarantees more humanely interaction between citizens of North Korea. Isn't that great?

On a serious note, electricity is a luxury in North Korea. And we are talking about the 21st century here. Only the most important people in Pyongyang have a decent amount of electricity, while the majority of 25 million citizens must find their way to survive with little to nothing when it comes to electricity. This satellite picture is worth a thousand words.

3 North Korea Steals From Western Insurance Companies

Kim Jong-un can spread as much propaganda as he wants, but it won't bring actual money to North Korea's budget. The truth is - North Korea is failing big time when it comes to the economy. It has no interaction with foreign markets, and it is not capable of producing enough goods for 25 million citizens. That is why the government of North Korea had to find a solution how to get some extra money.

The best idea that the officials came up with was to start stealing money from the biggest insurance companies all over the world. North Korea is known for taking big insurance policies on an expensive property and then collecting the insurance money because all the properties get mysteriously "destroyed." Insurance companies such as Lloyd's of London tried to sue North Korea for this fraudulent behavior, but North Korea's courts reviewed all the cases and pleaded North Korea not guilty. What a surprise!

North Korea stole hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign insurance companies already. Naturally, today barely anyone wants to have business with Kim Jong-un and his government.

2 People Are Trying To Flee North Korea

It is hard to keep 25 million people on a string, especially, in the 21st century, when it takes a couple of seconds to spread any news. Of course, the North Korean government does an outstanding job to fool its people, but we can already see some signs of failure. Every day there are more and more cases of people trying to escape North Korea. Of course, most of the time those people fail and die, but there are some successful cases as well.

My favorite story happened in 2010 when four players of the North Korea national football team went missing in South Africa before their match against Brazil. There are a lot of rumors around this accident, but the majority of people believe that those four players just seized the opportunity to run away from North Korea. It was a good decision as rest of the team ended up in the labor camp for showing poor results.

1 GDP Per Capita In North Korea Is $583 Compared To $56,000 In The USA

This last fact perfectly represents the economic situation in North Korea. On average, a person in North Korea has to find a way to survive with $583 a year, which is less than $2 a day. More than a half of the population is living in poverty, and yet, the government does nothing to take care of its people. Actually, if we crossed out all the major officials, such as Kim Jong-un and his family, from the equation, we would see that GDP per capita in North Korea is less than $400. I find it hard to understand how a person should survive with $400 per month, not to talk about a year.

So, the next time you get mad about your living conditions, remember that millions of people in North Korea would be glad to swap places with you. Anyway, this list could be ten times longer because there is no end to Kim Jong-un's crimes. However, I bet that it's enough for today.

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