15 Dark Secrets Celebs Have Tried To Hide

You never truly know someone, do you?

Almost all of us have secrets. Some of us have things that went on with our family that we don't want people to know. Others have had things happen to us that we don't want people to know, and then there are others of us, and I'm one of them, who, in the past, have done really crazy things that we don't want people to know. This is a bad situation even when you're just an average person and even more so if you're super famous like the people who are on this list. But still, most of them have secrets that you never heard of.

Most of them don't need to be ashamed although a couple of them do. Who knows? Maybe they've been living through an enormous amount of anxiety, just waiting for their secret to come out. Maybe, I'll get a lot of thank you cards in the mail because I did these people a huge favor. Or, maybe they'll be really angry that their deep dark secret is being talked about again.

I mean, come on... there are lots of us who were born as conjoined twins or who have killed people in the past. Right? Okay, now that I think of it, I guess most of us haven't had those experiences.

Here are 15 Dark Celebrity Secrets They Tried to Hide

15 Jay-Z - Shot His Brother

When Jay-Z was just 12 years old, he shot his drug-addicted brother over a stolen ring. He's been quoted as saying that he thought at the time he was going to go to jail forever. His brother survived and also declined to press charges, so it ended up being a dark secret that Jay-Z didn't tell anyone for a very long time. All's well that ends well, though, and we can bet that his brother never tried to steal anything from Jay-Z again. In fact, I bet no one has ever tried to steal anything from him again. Shooting your brother over a ring?  That's about as serious as it gets. I can see a brother yelling, "Hey!" really loud or something like that, but not shooting. I wonder what used to happen when someone tried to get the last roll at the dinner table?

14 Charlize Theron - Her Mother Killed Her Father

Charlize Theron's mother killed her father in self-defense while she was in the home. Her father had been threatening her mother with a gun. According to the Daily Mail, "'My father said he would kill us with his shotgun. My mom said she was afraid that he really would kill us. The next moment I heard a number of shots being fired. I don't know how many, and then I heard my mom screaming hysterically." It really is amazing that people can go through something so terrible and then come out on the other side so strong. While the situation was investigated, her mother was never charged with any crime, and she and Charlize remain very close even to this day.

13 Leighton Meester - Her Mom Was A Drug Trafficker

Here's a secret you wouldn't want to get out. Leighton Meester, who's best known for being in Gossip Girl, was actually born in a prison. Her mother was there serving time for drug trafficking. Her father had also served time in prison for trafficking drugs. One would like to think that this whole story had a happy ending, but it really didn't, not even a little bit. In fact, Leighton has sued her mother because she's been sending her 10 grand a month to help take care of her brother because he has a lot of health problems.  It seems like, instead, her mother decided to use the money on herself. What a total piece of work. It's amazing that some of these people have come out as well as they have.

12 Laurence Fishburne - His Daughter Was A P--n Star

Laurence Fishburne is cool and, by all accounts, not a bad dad. But his daughter, Montana, is a hot mess. Despite being brought up as the daughter of a wealthy and famous actor, she decided to get involved in p--n, thinking that it would make her rich and famous. Not so much. Not only didn't she get much of a career out of it, but it also shamed her father and alienated him. Now, she lives in Fort Lauderdale where she recently got busted for a DUI and then peed on the road while being arrested. According to the Daily Mail, "Wearing her ultra-short, clingy dress above her waist, former p--n star Montana Fishburne made a show out of urinating on the side of the road, and at one point stuck her butt in the air in front of a patient Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was trying hard not to look."

11 Mark Wahlberg - A Violent Past

Everyone likes Mark Wahlberg, right? I mean, how could you not? The guy is totally awesome. The only person who probably doesn't like him is the guy that he partially blinded in one eye during an assault when he was 16 years old. He actually, at one point, was hit with an attempted murder charge because of what he did although he was pardoned a few years back. Somehow, I think if he was a plumber from Boston as opposed to an actor from Boston, he wouldn't have gotten that pardon. One has to give Wahlberg some credit as he hasn't run away when this has come up in public, but still, either way, it's certainly something that he doesn't want to be spread all over the place, just like any secret.

10 Coco Chanel - Nazi Spy?

There are a lot of secrets out there that people would like to hide, but out of all of them, being a Nazi spy is probably one of the very biggest. Coco Chanel was a French businesswoman and fashion designer. She was the founder of the famous Chanel brand. There's no doubt that, at one point, she was the lover of a Nazi officer, but there's also been a lot of evidence put out there that she was a Nazi spy as well. Now, that's a dirty little secret that you'd probably not want anyone to find out about. Having a sexual relationship with a Nazi is one thing, but actually being a Nazi spy? Yeah, that just isn't cool, no matter how good your fashion products are. Right, ladies?

9 Daryl Hannah - Missing Tip Of Her Index Finger...

Sometimes, a dirty little secret isn't actually all that dirty; it's more just odd. Daryl Hannah is missing the tip of her index finger because she got it stuck in the pulley of her grandmother's well when she was a child. Now, that isn't that big of a deal; nor is it really a secret, or at least it wouldn't be if Daryl didn't try to hide it. When she was a big star, she would always use a prosthetic to hide her missing finger because, you know, a woman can't be hot if she's missing a bit of her finger. I'm just kidding, of course, but there are a few people out there who have a bit of a fetish about women who are missing limbs, which is odd I know. Maybe Daryl was just trying to avoid having to deal with all of those weirdos.

8 Zach Braff - Beat Up 12-Year-Old On Punk'd

You probably remember Zach Braff from the television show Scrubs and maybe from his movie Garden State. What you probably don't remember him for, at least he hopes so, is the time that he was on Punk'd, which was the prank show hosted by Ashton Kutcher. The practical joke involved a kid, who was 12, spray painting Braff's car. Let's just say the joke didn't go quite as planned as Braff grabbed the kid and basically started beating him up rather badly. The footage was cut and never aired, which is probably a good thing. Even when a 12-year-old vandalizes your property, you simply aren't supposed to go at him and just start throwing hands, which is probably the exact reason why Braff would rather keep this a secret.

7 Vin Diesel - Dungeons and Dragons...WTF?

Now, there are a few of these so-called dark secrets that are a little more silly than dark, but still, knowing that Vin Diesel is seriously into Dungeons and Dragons is something that takes a lot of people by surprise, and I mean when I say he's into it, he really is into it. He even wrote the introduction to Thirty Years of Adventure; A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons. This just surprises me. I mean, it isn't that most tough guys aren't nerds, but... actually, what am I saying? Most tough guys totally aren't nerds. It's hard to imagine Vin Diesel playing a halfling Bard in a room full of nerds, and that isn't a knock on nerds either, as this is coming from someone who has a totally radical Assassination Rogue on World of Warcraft.

6 Samuel L. Jackson - Locked Up MLK Sr. In A Building

When you take a look at Samuel Jackson, you look at a guy who probably has more than a few secrets in his past, and if you thought that, you would, without a doubt, be right. One of the biggest secrets is when he was kicked out of Morehouse College for locking board members in a building for two days as a protest, one of the people was Martin Luther King Jr.’s father, Martin Luther King Sr. So, if you thought that Samuel Jackson was kind of a tough dude, then you would be right for certain. Jackson was eventually convicted of unlawful confinement. For anyone else, that would be a really big secret out of his past that they would want hidden, but for Samuel Jackson, it's just a small surprise.

5 Prince Charles - The White Leather Toilet Seat

Some of these secrets are honestly just kind of silly. Yeah, Prince Charles, we get it. You're a prince, which is why you have that really cool name and all. But still, do you have to really travel with your own toilet seat?  According to The Telegraph, "His personal tradition is carrying a white leather toilet seat with him on his travels. Princess Anne gave the seat to the Prince of Wales as a joke Christmas present, but he found it so comfortable that it now accompanies him on all his overseas tours." So, that thing really must be comfortable, right? Or maybe, the Prince just doesn't like the thought of having to sit on a throne that so many commoners have sat on as well. Either way, I assume this is something he doesn't like to get around.

4 Andy Garcia - Born With His Dead Twin Attached To His Shoulder

Might as well just get this right out of the way. Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin. When Garcia was born, his deceased twin was still attached to his shoulder. The other baby was about the size of a tennis ball, and the doctors removed it right away, but Garcia still has a scar on his shoulder. So, yeah, I'm not sure if this is cool to say or not, but I'm kind of grossed out now. Garcia has no memory at all of this, of course; he was just born after all, and it certainly isn't his fault that he was born a conjoined twin. But still, it's the kind of thing that one would like to remain secret. I really doubt that Garcia is rolling around to parties and telling everyone about his conjoined twin story, but who knows?

3 Shelley Malil - Tried To Kill His Girlfriend

Remember The 40 Year Old Virgin? Of course, you do. One of the people that had a good-sized role in that movie was Shelley Malil, who played one of Steve Carell's co-workers. What you probably don't remember is that he's now in prison for life after stabbing his girlfriend 20 times after he caught her drinking wine with another man. His girlfriend survived, only to give him this sick burn in court: "During the course of the trial, it became clear he was an actor, but not a very good actor at that. His testimony was lie after lie after lie." This is the kind of secret that so many people hang on to for years before it finally comes out, and then finally, it's revealed that they're total sociopaths. It's a good thing that Malil is in prison.

2 Thora Birch - Her Parents' Seedy Past

Both parents of Thora Birch were p--n stars who appeared in Deep Throat. One of them, her father Jack Birch, also ended up acting as her manager. In fact, he supposedly got her fired from one of her last important acting jobs. Ever since then, her career has been basically over, in large part because people don't want to deal with her super creepy father. So, it's one thing to have your dad and your mother be a couple of porn stars, but it's another to have your washed-up p--n star dad be your manager, and it's another thing entirely to have him get you fired from an important acting gig. This is something that any sane person would want to keep a secret, but I guess the jury is still out on Thora when it comes to that.

1 Scott Hall - His Inner Demons

Scott Hall is one of the most famous and successful wrestlers of all time. Sadly, he also has faced numerous battles with personal demons. In 1983, Hall shot a man with his own gun after wresting it away from him, and Hall ended up being charged with second-degree murder. The wrestler said it was in self-defense, and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. As I already stated, Hall had a lot of problems over his life, and it wouldn't be surprising if some of that had to do with him trying to process what happened. He did say in an interview once on ESPN that he was never able to forget it. That's the thing with all of these little secrets. You think they're gone, but then, someday, they come back. They always do.


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15 Dark Secrets Celebs Have Tried To Hide