15 Crime Scene Photos Celebs Wouldn't Want You To See

It is easier to become a celebrity today than at any other time in history due to the many new avenues people can become renowned. Sure, you could go down one of the classic routes like being a politician, royal, great thinker, actor, singer, or others like that. But you can also be a YouTuber, “reality” TV star, and career person of that ilk. With the vast amount of celebrities around these days, you’d think that would mean that news stories involving celebs would receive less traction but you’d be wrong.

There is one way to ensure that you will be in the spotlight for at least a while if you are a celebrity—commit a crime. While the frequency of such events seems to be on the rise as well, it also appears as though that has done little to satiate the appetite of everyday joes when it comes to famous transgressions. Still, it seems as though most people focus on images of these folks on trial or in interviews addressing their misdeeds and largely forget photos of their aftermath. As such, it is reasonable to assume they’d prefer that crime scene photos left in their wake would be forgotten and go unseen even if they have passed on. After all, who would want to be remembered for a single event as a celebrity, whether as a criminal or a victim? Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen crime scene photos celebrities wouldn’t want you to see.

In order for an image to be considered, it must have been taken after a crime involving somebody famous or featuring them in the act. As such, photos of the crime scenes that famous people left in their wake are up for grabs, as are pictures of famous folks taken after they were killed. Additionally, screenshots taken from footage of a recognizable person in the middle of committing a crime were up for grabs. Finally, we’ve opted to include photos from a few instances in which no criminal charges were placed but it appears like that easily could have been the case.


15 Michael Vick Dog Fights

Michael Vick is an immensely successful NFL quarterback who has made quite a big name for himself and a Nike endorsement deal which has to be the crown jewel of the business world for athletes. Picked first overall in the 2001 Draft, Vick lived up to much of the hype. Well, at least he did until he was forced to stop his career in order to go to prison. After pleading guilty to his involvement in a dog fighting ring, he spent twenty-one months in jail but was able to make an impressive comeback on the field. However, his criminal past followed him. And as much as he wants to move on, a photo like this of authorities on the grounds of his home saving animals definitely assures that he will always be dogged by this event for his entire life.

14 Michael Jackson’s Death Scene


Speaking of Michael Jackson, in this case, we’re going to be looking at a photo of the scene the night he passed away. One of the most famous singers of all time, he will always be remembered for his songs like “Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” “Bad,” “Black or White,” “Dirty Diana,” and too many more to list. Still, we’d be remiss if we tried to pretend that he isn’t remembered for a controversial life as well, which actually includes the manner of his death. Resulting in the conviction of his doctor, Conrad Murray, for involuntary manslaughter, the courts ruled that this was a crime scene and as a result, the images were made public. Considering that Michael released a song called “Leave Me Alone,” we think he wouldn’t be too pleased that even in death he wasn’t able to keep much dignity and his personal space was unveiled to the world.

13 Winona Ryder Shoplifting

At one time, it seemed as though every major acting role that required a young woman would have Winona Ryder’s name attached to it. Considered one of the best actors of her generation, she was given plum roles across from celebrated stars and under the watchful eyes of the best and biggest directors. Known for movies like Beetlejuice, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Reality Bites, Little Women, and so many more, this young actress was riding high.

Then, her image took a major hit when she was arrested for shoplifting on December 12th in the year 2001, much to the confusion of millions who assumed her bank account would be flush. Seen on camera in the middle of the act, it was pretty much impossible to deny her actions and her acting career took a major hit. Recently returning to the spotlight with Stranger Things, we’re sure she’d prefer we all forget this incident ever happened.

12 Chris Brown’s Hissy Fit


Chris Brown has it all going for him. A charismatic man with a voice to die for and dancing skills for the ages, he seems to have been born to walk in the footsteps of Michael Jackson. If only he was able to contain his rage, he would still be beloved by the masses today. However, there are millions of people who have written him off as a thug with a short fuse. Famous for beating his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, when he made the media rounds thereafter and wanted to move past the incident, some interviewers didn’t get the memo. So when he appeared on Good Morning America and was pressed on the subject, he stormed off and in a fit of rage, shattered one of the windows backstage. Charges against him may not have been pressed but this is a crime scene, nevertheless, and it underscored that he hadn’t turned his back on violence like he was trying to claim at the time.

11 Brandy’s Fatal Car Accident

From one singer to another, in this case, the musician in question wasn’t the biggest victim involved in a grisly scene. Known for songs like “The Boy is Mine,” “I Wanna Be Down,” “Brokenhearted,” “Have You Ever,” and several others, Brandy Norwood was hugely successful. Also able to find success as an actress, she starred in the show Moesha as well as movies like I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Osmosis Jones. Despite all of that, she got some of her biggest headlines because of a fatal car crash she was involved in back in 2006. She escaped charges but the family of the departed found her responsible and sued her as a result and she settled rather than fight their case. It seems like that's enough evidence to prove that those involved saw it as possibly criminal and at least in her case, she wanted to put it behind her.

10 Caitlyn Jenner Fatal Car Accident


Yet another car crash, in this case, Caitlyn Jenner is the celebrity involved in the incident. Just like Brandy, she was able to escape criminal charges but not civil suits. First becoming famous under her birth name, Bruce Jenner, she spent several years in her youth as an “all-American hero” but wasn’t living her truth. Going on to marry Kris Jenner and star alongside their children, including those by marriage, she went through a career renaissance as the person most befuddled by her family’s antics. Still, Caitlyn was able to earn the respect of a lot more people when she showed the courage to reveal that she identified herself as a woman, eventually making the transition publicly. A face of positivity for her community, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t want people to focus on her involvement in an event that took the life of another.

9 Jared Fogle’s Home Raided

A perfect example of the fact that it is easier to become famous today than ever before, Jared Fogle become a celebrity because he lost a bunch of weight supposedly eating Subway sandwiches. Used as the spokesperson for the company for many years afterward, he was propped up as an example of what discipline can do for you and toured the world telling kids his story. That is why it was so awful when the world learned that he is a true sicko who has been charged with paying for s*x with minors and possessing child p*rnography. Pictured above are police officers as they raided his home, which led to him being sentenced to fifteen years in prison, he would likely prefer for the worst moment of his life not having caught on film.


8 Robert Blake Murder


For years on end, Robert Blake has been known for roles in films like In Cold Blood and Lost Highway, as well as the television show Baretta, which allowed him to create a large following for himself as a result. Then, those fans were shocked when he was accused of murdering his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. Ultimately acquitted during the landmark trial, he managed to escape prison time but lost a civil case which assured many that he was guilty of the act. In this picture taken on the night of Bonnie’s death, we see the car her body was found in after she was taken away. Her blood stain is clearly visible in the photo. Taking the event out of the theoretical, an image like this is likely to put off even his staunchest fans.

7 Johnny Lewis Murder

If you are a fan of Sons of Anarchy, then you likely remember Johnny Lewis as the man who brought Kip “Half-Sack” Epps to life. His character was a lovable fellow who was the brunt of jokes by the Sons. He suffered much hazing as a prospect but always seemed lovable and good-natured. On the other end of the spectrum was the way that Johnny left this world.

The 28-year-old actor fell to his death from the top of the home he was living in at the time but that was far from the worst of it. Inside, it turned out that he had murdered his 81-year-old landlady and even her cat. Considering his family has spoken about his untreated repeated head trauma and hypothesized that he had a psychological disorder, it seems as though they saw him as a good person. Presuming he probably cared about them, if they were right at all, he would hate to have brought so much pain to everyone involved. That makes it seem like he wouldn’t want a photo of the crime to be constantly reminding them of his horrible final deeds.

6 Michael Brea Murder


An actor who was on the rise, Michael Brea had not done enough in the acting world to truly call himself famous until something horrific he did in his personal life earned him oodles of headlines. In fact, if this actor who appeared in Step Up 3D and on Ugly Betty was better known prior to this event, he would have received a higher slot on this list. Having held his own mother hostage before killing her with a samurai sword, his actions shocked the world. That was especially true due to the fact that he reportedly screamed bible passages while dispatching her and things seemed normal beforehand judging by the fact that his mom was prepping a chicken for dinner. The bird left in the kitchen sink is disturbing in its own right for it mundaneness, but the blood splattered in this bedroom is truly shocking.

5 Michael Jace Murder

There is just something extremely odd about an actor who is best known for playing a cop suddenly killing his wife. Best known for playing Julien Lowe, one of the main characters on the critically acclaimed series The Shield, Michael Jace’s character was one of the most respectable of the entire bunch. Unwilling to compromise his morals, for the most part, he served as the show’s moral center, something the actor clearly wasn’t capable of in real life. Convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to forty years in prison, he has bigger fish to fry than the way the world sees him. That said, we’re guessing that in his heart of hearts, he wishes we remembered him for his acting and not the murder that ruined his world as he knew it.

4 Suge Knight Hit And Run


Suge Knight has never been known as a nice guy. From the moment he came into the spotlight, it was for co-founding Death Row Records which means we owe the creation of a great deal of classic music to his efforts. Still, from the get-go, he seemed to want the world to see him as a dangerous man and based on his criminal record, it wasn’t a stretch in the slightest. In fact, there were several criminal actions he took part in that we could have included an image of here, but this remains the most remarkable in our view.

Caught on camera in a hit-and-run attack, Suge ran over a pair of men, one of whom was the co-founder of Heavyweight Records. The man succumbed to his injuries. The photo above is of his victim being taken away from the scene. Suge's heartless nature is on full display here. The fact that he has attempted to explain his actions by claiming that it was an act of self-defense and that he may have a brain tumor shows that he isn't exactly proud of this one.

3 Oscar Pistorius Murder

Prior to Valentine’s Day in 2013, Oscar Pistorius was seen as a heroic figure in a lot of corners. A South African athlete who had his legs amputated below the knees when he was just eleven months old, he still went on to Olympics and Paralympics with the aid of racing blades. Someone who seemed to have an indomitable spirit, he set an example of tenacity that many viewers wished to follow, up until he tore his own life apart in a single night.

Shooting his girlfriend through a door in 2013, Oscar went on to claim that he mistook her for an intruder. But from day one, it seemed quite difficult to believe his story. Considering that she was in a small room in the bathroom that contained his toilet, it seemed like a rather dubious location for an outsider to go and it never made sense that she was unable to identify herself to him. Ultimately convicted and sentenced to jail, he still claims his innocence, but a photo like this one makes it very difficult to take him seriously at all.

2 O.J. Simpson Murder


Seen by many as the crime of the century, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. However, the majority of people believe that he committed the deed. Prior to that, seen as one of the most beloved athletes of all time, he was embraced by almost all observers and was able to make millions on endorsements. Also a successful actor, he played a memorable role in The Towering Inferno and was hilarious in the Naked Gun trilogy. As such, it was shocking to the world to hear details of this killing in the abstract. Even worse, however, is seeing a photo like this one that hints at how violent and gruesome the events of that night truly were. There is no doubt that his image is tarnished beyond repair. But even still, a photo like this will make him look even worse to those that have yet to see it.

1 Sharon Tate’s Murder Scene

A killing that linked the legacy of the famed actress Sharon Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski, to the Manson Family forever, it was as gruesome as they come. Pregnant at the time, Sharon was two weeks away from her due date when she, her unborn child, and her friends were killed in her home by the Manson Family.

A group of people slaughtered without mercy, the perpetrators also smeared blood around the house in an effort to cause a race war. While they weren’t able to trick people into hating one another, they were able to scare many to their core for a good reason. Looking at a photo like this one which was taken of the pool of blood that collected under Sharon after she was taken away, only shows that it was a nice home until it was splattered with blood and gore. Showing that they were capable of doing this to nearly anyone, the home invasion made everyone feel unsafe in their own homes which made them want to forget that it even took place. On top of that, we’re certain that she wouldn’t want to be remembered for the way her life was taken, but a photo like this makes that near impossible.

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