15 Creepypastas You'll Regret Reading

Who needs sleep anyway? Scary stories have been around for as long as mankind has been scared to its wits. From books to campfires, scary stories have been entertaining and terrifying us for years on end. With the advent of technology came the internet. With the advent of the internet came a new take on the usual campfire tales and today is called a Creepypasta.

Creepypastas are scary (not to mention creepy) stories or images that are shared around the web. The tales range from the most gruesome crimes to all too realistic stories that might have (and could have?) happened in our backyards. For years, many people have encountered a Creepypasta or two and some are creepier than others.

Thanks to Creepypastas, the world has come to know of scary stories such as the infamous Mickey Mouse Suicide episode and the now pop-culture icon Slender Man. The stories themselves are said to be made up and there is no proof of their authenticity but they are scary nonetheless.

Every once in a while, those who stray too far from the sane side of the internet come across Creepypastas that aren’t like any other and many have regretted coming across said Creepypastas. Here are the 15 Creepypastas you’ll definitely regret knowing.

15 The Keyhole

Keep the lights on for this one. Creepypastas aren’t just about monsters and cold blooded killers. Some tackle the paranormal and this of course includes ghosts. A man checked in at a motel and before heading to his room, the woman at the counter warned him to avoid opening or looking through the keyhole of a numberless door which he’ll pass by on the way to his room.

The man fought temptation and managed to avoid the room during the first day but during his second day, he peeped through the keyhole. All he saw there was a woman standing in the corner. The next day, the man checked again and this time, all he saw was red. He figured that the woman blocked the keyhole with something red.

When he got to the counter, the man found out that a woman committed suicide in the numberless room. She was very pale and her one distinct characteristic was her eyes which were RED.

14 This Man


In dreams, people usually see faces that they are familiar with. It could be someone they know wholeheartedly or just some random celebrity. All that matters is that the dreamer has seen the face before one way or the other. That isn’t the case with a mysterious being many refer to as This Man though.

This Man has apparently appeared in the dreams of many people. There’s nothing unique about This Man’s face. Thick eyebrows, a faint smile. Nothing much. Just a regular Joe who happened to appear in many people’s dreams. A lot of those who have encountered This Man shared their experience online and soon enough, This Man gained notoriety for being in everyone’s dreams. A now unavailable website called thisman.org allows people to share and discuss their experience with This Man and up to this date, no one knows exactly who he is.

13 The Rake

The northern part of America was allegedly terrorized by a killer monster called The Rake. As Creepypastas come and go, so did the legend of The Rake. Back in 2006, The Rake was at its most popular and a lot of people shared their encounter with the creature online. Even more harrowing was that research has revealed that The Rake has been around since the 12th century.

One of the most memorable testimonies featuring The Rake is from a typical family. Late one night, a husband and wife woke up to The Rake who had its back to them at the foot of the bed. The Rake was described as a huge hairless dog. The Rake sprang up and rushed to their kid’s room. When the parents got to their kid, she was already mangled and dying.

12 Smile Dog


Surely a story titled 'Smile Dog' isn’t going to be a scary one. Well, that isn’t the case though as this is Creepypasta we’re talking about. Smile Dog centers around a circulating image on the web called smile.jpg. The story goes that those who see the image will be driven to insanity and will die soon after.

Out of the 400 people who saw smile.jpg, only one woman, identified as Mary E. Mary, was able to “tell” her struggle with the killer image. When Mary was finally discovered by a person looking to work on a study regarding smile.jpg, Mary was already in shambles. The interview was a failure but Mary did write a letter to the interviewer a month later.

Apparently, viewing smile.jpg would drive anyone insane. According to Mary, the image haunted her dreams unless she passed the image to others. A month later, Mary committed suicide.

11 Annora Petrova


We’re all guilty of Googling ourselves at one point in time. While there’s nothing wrong with searching about oneself on the web (it sounds really weird though), those who know of the Annora Petrova Creepypasta story would probably have second thoughts before clicking the search button.

Annora Petrova was an aspiring figure skater, who at one point in her life decided to Google herself. To her surprise, she had a Wikipedia page and it said that she won a contest– she happened to be competing in a contest the following day. Petrova first thought it was just a ploy to get her motivated but she did win. She checked on her page regularly to see which competitions she’d win.

The Wikipedia page got darker as time progressed and it eventually had entries that predicted a freak accident and the death of her parents. The last thing Annora Petrova saw on the page was that she would die alone.

10 The Expressionless

This is about a Jane Doe who was admitted to a hospital. She came in with a kitten in her mouth which was closed eerily tight. That’s not the creepiest part though. Jane Doe looked like a mannequin brought to life. She was expressionless and stiff but she had the body composition of a human.

Restraining her wasn’t a tough job and doctors had to tie her down for safe measures. When the police were nearing, she sprang up from her bed and tore out the jugular of one of the doctors. A nurse, and the only survivor, says the girl eerily smiled and said “I…Am…God.”

After that the girl proceeded to kill the coming police officers one by one. No one heard of the creepy killer Jane Doe since. All that’s left from her is a gruesome memory and the name “The Expressionless.”

9 Candle Cove


Let’s move on to one particular TV show. Back in 1971, there was a TV show called Candle Cove which was about a girl who was friends with imaginary pirates. It’s a simple set-up which was passable as a kids' show but there was something sinister about the show.

A forum thread including individuals trying to recall Candle Cove was the highlight of this Creepypasta. One participant in the forum remembered one episode of Candle Cove that had the pirates screaming during the show’s entire duration. The little girl was in the middle of it all and she looked pretty terrified.

You know a kids' show is sketchy when it had a character named Skin-Taker. When one of the forum’s commenters asked his mother about Candle Cove, his mother said, “because I used to think it was so strange that you said 'I’m gona go watch candle cove now mom' and then you would tune the tv to static and juts watch dead air for 30 minutes. you had a big imagination with your little pirate show."

8 The Angel Statue


This one isn’t for those who like to babysit for a few bucks. One evening, a couple hired a babysitter because they were going to go out for dinner one night. The babysitter herself was nice and there wasn’t anything wrong with her but what transpired in the house was as scary as it could get.

When the babysitter arrived, the children were already sound asleep. The babysitter then called the parents because she wanted to pass the time and watch TV. The parents reluctantly agreed but that’s not all the babysitter called about. She also asked if she could cover up the angel statue in the room because she was creeped out by it.

The parents immediately asked the babysitter to leave and take the children with her because THEY HAD NO ANGEL STATUE. When the police arrived, the babysitter and the children were found dead.

7 Jeff The Killer

Some of the scariest Creepypastas often tell the story of serial killers and their harrowing origins. One such killer is Jeff The Killer who has a permanent smile on his face and eyes that never blink. Jeff was just a regular kid but when he and his friend Liu were attacked by teenagers, Jeff was changed forever.

Jeff did the unthinkable and he managed to beat three teenagers on his own. The thugs had broken wrists and knife wounds all over. The once innocent child felt the joy of violence and slowly fell into insanity and developed a lust for blood. His first target; his family.

Jeff’s mother found him in the bathroom carving a smile on his face. The kid also cut his eyelids so that he would never sleep again. The mother ran to her husband but it was too late. Jeff killed his parents and Liu was the last one. He had no idea what was happening but he was scared of the screams. He tried to sleep but when he closed his eyes, Jeff was already there to kill him. Jeff was never heard from or seen ever again.

6 The Russian Sleep Experiment

This is perhaps one of the most popular Creepypastas out there. Back in the late 1940s, Russian scientists had this crazy idea of keeping five people alive for 15 days. A day or two without sleep is excruciating enough but 15 days is definitely ungodly and inhumane.

The subjects were kept in a sealed area and they were kept alive with a gas. Things were going smoothly for the first few days and the subjects didn’t show any alarming signs. However, their conversations got darker and the subjects developed paranoia. As the days went by, the subjects slowly lost grip of their humanity.

The study was intended to last 30 days but by the 15th day, the researchers had to pull the plug. The subjects ate themselves and did not touch any of the rations provided. Surprisingly, they were still alive despite having chunks of their organs exposed from self-inflicted wounds. Before being killed, the last subject was asked who he was and he answered, “have you forgotten so easily? We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread."

5 Normal P*RN For Normal People


Out of all the Creepypastas out there, this is one you’ll regret most after reading because it just feels too real. Rumor has it that a mysterious email was sent around and it only had a URL in it; normalpornfornomalpeople.com. A lot of curious guys out there checked out the link but the page only had a block of text that read "NORMAL PORN FOR NORMAL PEOPLE". However, each of the letters were actually links to a downloadable video that was definitely not for normal people.

There were several videos in the page. One of which titled "Peanut" wherein a woman made a sandwich for a man who then gave it to his dog. The video was half an hour long.

In another video, titled "Privacy", a woman is seen pleasuring herself while a legless man passes by. Near the end of another video, a mysterious creature walks by a door very quickly. In "Useless", a blonde woman was bound to a chair and the creature from "Privacy" makes an appearance. It was a shaved chimpanzee painted red and it mauled the woman to death.

4 The Lost Mickey Mouse Episode


This is probably the most popular of the "Lost Tapes" category of Creepypastas. Suicidemouse.avi was an alleged lost episode of Disney's Mickey Mouse. While lost episodes are no big deal, Suicide Mouse was definitely different. The title itself reveals that something is off.

The Suicide Mouse episode starts off with Mickey simply walking. His head was a bit tilted to the side and there's an expression of sadness in his face. The video was 9 minutes long and after the 6-minute mark, things started getting weird.

Mickey's face started turning into a smirk. Buildings were turning to rubble and a lot of other structures became distorted. Perhaps the most chilling part of the video was the audio that sounds like a blood curdling scream. Rumor has it that the first person who saw it killed himself immediately.



Conspiracies and secrets are probably some of the things that people want to uncover from the government. Even before the internet, a lot of people have already accused the government of hiding monstrous secrets. In comes the SCP Foundation. SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect and this particular organization was tasked with of course, securing, containing and protecting creatures and other inhuman beings.

One of the most popular creatures of the SCP was SCP-173. SCP-173 had a huge, bloodied and disfigured head. It has very small limbs as well. What’s weird about SCP-173 is that it can’t move when it makes eye contact with a person. What’s dangerous about this thing is that he snaps the neck of any person when no one was looking.

2 1999

Who knew such a creepy Creepypasta would come from such a simple name? As the name suggests, this Creepypasta’s events happened in 1999. A Canadian blogger named Elliot wanted to uncover the mysteries of a particular channel he watched back in 1999.

The channel was on-air from 4PM-9PM and it had a few sketchy shows. One of which starred a hand named Booby. In an episode titled “Playing With Scissors,” Booby was accompanied by a smaller hand that was obviously being forced to participate. One of the scenes showed Booby stabbing the smaller hand repeatedly. Perhaps the weirdest star of the mysterious channel was Mr. Bear. In one episode, Mr. Bear asked “fans” to write to him. This was apparently just a ploy to get the kids into Mr. Bear’s cellar and what happened there is beyond imagination.

Channel 21 was apparently a local TV channel shot from a house in Caledon, Canada. Mr. Bear was a deranged man who lured in children to torture and kill.

1 BEN Drowned


There are a lot of Creepypastas surrounding video games and most of them are referring to copies which are allegedly haunted. Out of all those video game Creepypastas, the one that stands out the most is BEN Drowned and its origin, Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Alex Hall, better known as Jadusable bought a hacked copy of the game and what happened next was very sinister.

When Jadusable popped in the cartridge, a save file named BEN was already in it and Jadusable proceeded to delete the file to create his own. Once the game was running, it was obvious that it was a bad copy. There were countless bugs and many models in the game were distorted. The story was accompanied by footage of the game and it just made it more creepy. The haunting reached beyond the video game and into real life shortly after. After the story, nothing was heard from both Ben and Jadusable.

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