15 Creepy Wikipedia Pages You Should Never Look Up

Wikipedia is one of the greatest tools to come along with the internet. There’s an entry for pretty much every subject you could ever hope for. Once you click on a subject, you find so many other countless topics that you could search and read for days and days. It’s probably not even possible to read every Wikipedia article that exists, because by the time you made it through so many, so much more would have been created! That’s nothing to worry about, however, because not all Wikipedia articles are ones that you should read. There are some that cover such terrifying topics that they shouldn’t have been made in the beginning!

At one point, you had to have an Encyclopedia set to read about all of the mysterious and wonderful things in the world that you missed or forgot about in school. Now, we can read all the information in the palm of our hands for free, or at least a suggested donation! With our ability to look things up so quickly and get so much new information so fast, we’re able to read things we would never have been able to without Wikipedia. With this freedom, however, comes some temptation. It’s always fun to scare yourself with creepy stories and disturbing tales, and Wikipedia has plenty of those. Be careful, however, because once you see something, you won’t be able to forget about it! We’ve collected fifteen scary Wikipedia articles that you should avoid looking up unless you want to be scared! Here they are:

15  Maggot Therapy

Maggots are among the grossest living creatures in the entire world. If you had something wrong with you, like say part of your flesh was rotting away around an open wound, the last thing you’d want near it is probably a maggot, right? Well, if you decided to look up maggot therapy on Wikipedia, you’ll be disturbed to find that this is a legit medicinal practice used to treat wounds. Maggots will eat the dead skin around a cut or open sore and allow for new skin to grow. Doctors practice this method with sanitized and safe maggots, however, it’s still disturbing to think of this happening somewhere on your body. If you have a strong stomach, you might be able to survive looking up this entry and reading all about how the process works. It’s probably best to just stay away from this topic altogether and hope you never need the treatment yourself.

14 Mysterious Disappearances

If you’re a true crime nut like some of us here at The Richest, you probably know all about the biggest murder cases and mysteries to plague true crime history. there’s plenty more to find on Wikipedia, however, but it might be a good idea to stay away from the list of people who mysteriously disappeared on Wikipedia. On this page, you have access to so many different missing persons cases that the list will probably continue to grow as you try to make your way through. For every entry of a missing person comes other endless internet forums discussing the crime and the case. If you’re into investigating stuff like this, then go for it. However, the true horror of the list is that they’re all real people really missing and seeing so many names next to each other like that all of faces that might never be seen alive again is truly terrifying.

13 Unexplained Sounds

The list of unexplained sounds page on Wikipedia includes just what it sounds like it does. It’s a collection of sounds that have absolutely no explanation and baffle the smartest of experts as to what might have caused the sound. You can actually listen to the sounds right on that page as well, so it’s a creepy collection of a bunch of different noises that will drive you crazy! We definitely advise never looking up this category on Wikipedia, but considering the fact that you’re here reading about this, we don’t doubt your curiosity isn’t heightened. After listening to some of the noises, however, you won’t be able to stop thinking about what might have caused them. Whether you believe in paranormal activity or are intrigued by extra terrestrial encounters, you’ll certainly find yourself in a wormhole with this entry.

12 Execution By Elephant

Execution by elephant is another entry on this list that is pretty much exactly what you think it was based on the title alone. There was a time, a long time, in Southeast Asia in which some of the wealthiest leaders would use elephants as a form of execution. It is known to have happened up until the colonization during the 18th and 19th centuries. By using an elephant as the executioner, those executing the execution exhibited both their power over the people as well as their ability to control a massive wild animal like an elephant. These elephants were highly trained and were able to either kill the victim slowly, or use their massive bodies to torture the sentenced before killing them. If what we told you wasn’t terrifying enough to keep you from the Wikipedia article about it, it’s waiting for you to search with plenty more information.

11 Out-Of-Place Artifact

An out of place artifact is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an artifact that was found somewhere that makes absolutely no sense in relation to the other artifacts that were found with it. It might be out of place because it isn’t from the same time period as the other objects found, or perhaps it’s out of place in relation to the location it was typically found in. There is an entire Wikipedia article dedicated to these out of place artifacts, but we advise you to not look this entry up unless you’re willing to go slightly insane. Not only is reading about the artifacts frustrating in not knowing where they could have come from, but it’s also terrifying. It makes us question all other archeological discoveries and their authenticity in the information we’re able to gather from these discoveries!

10 Joyce Vincent

Joyce Vincent was described by her family as being a little distant and would withdrawal easily when things got a little tough. Her body was found almost three years after she died in her own apartment. Her cause of death was suspected to either be asthma related or complications from an ulcer she had experienced. She had automatic payments set up for her cable and electricity, so for the years that her body was rotting in her apartment, the heat and television stayed running the entire time. She also had half of her rent payments automatically paid as well, so it wasn’t until the other half went unpaid long enough that her landlord finally decided to collect the rest of his rent money that her body was ever found. This tragic story can be read about on her Wikipedia page, but unless you want to be reminded of how someone can be so easily forgotten, we suggest you stay away.

9 Premature Burial

Premature Burial is the process of burying someone dead. It either occurs because everyone thought the body was dead but because of a condition the person was experiencing, they weren’t dead, or it’s a form of punishment. For some of us, being buried alive is something we seriously fear and get scared just thinking about. This Wikipedia article covers premature burial in many forms and is a pretty terrifying read for anyone who’s every been spooked by the idea of getting thrown into a coffin six feet under and left to die! It’s great that we have a tool like Wikipedia to tell us everything we need to know about a coffin, but sometimes, it seems like the less we know perhaps the better. We don’t need to be filled with more paranoid thoughts about what used to happen commonly for some people, right?

8 Hanged, Drawn, And Quartered

If you look up hanged, drawn, and quartered on Wikipedia, you’ll get what you’re probably expecting when looking up those three words together. We don’t know why you would look up those three words together unless you’re doing what we’ve instructed you not to on this list. The three words together refer to a method of execution that was used in 1300 England for men who were convicted of treason. The process involved exactly what you’d expect. You get hung, drawn, and then quartered. Quartered is one that you might not know, but what it means is that once you hang to death, you would be cut into four pieces. You’d be disemboweled and also everyone you knew when you were alive comes and watches it all happen. Executions like these were public in order to remind everyone how bad acts of treason were.

7 Post-Mortem Photography

Post-mortem photography is a Victorian tradition that involves the process of taking a picture of a deceased loved one after they had already died. When the camera first emerged, it was a long and expensive process that not everyone had access to. Nowadays, we have multiple things that can take pictures all within seconds. This wasn’t the case over 100 years ago, so some people would only ever have one picture taken of them their entire lives, and that might be once they died. It was a loved one’s last chance to remember the family member who had passed, so they would pay the expensive cost of getting photographed so as to always have something to look at and remind them of the person they were mourning. Sometimes, if you look at older photographs, you can tell which subject is dead either by the fact that they’re more in focus or their eyes are painted on!

6 Locked-In Syndrome

Locked-in syndrome is a neurological disorder in which your mind is completely functional, but your body is not. There are many different causes for a true nightmarish horror like this, and you can read about them all on the Wikipedia page for the syndrome. We suggest you stay away from that, however, unless you like being paranoid about getting different rare conditions like this one. You might have experienced sleep paralysis before, and if you have, you know that it’s terrifying. You can look around you and sometimes hallucinate. All the while, your body can’t move at all and you feel trapped inside your own mind. When it comes to Locked-in syndrome, it’s like having sleep paralysis all the time. You can’t communicate with anyone unless you use blinking to communicate. Even then, you can’t go back to blinking normally without someone thinking you’re talking to them!

5 Trepanation

Trepanation was a process in ancient times of drilling holes in people’s heads in order to let the evil spirits out. That’s probably pretty much all you would need or want to know about this specific situation. If you care to read more about drilling holes in people’s heads, you can stop reading this and go to the Wikipedia article. We don’t really know why you would want to do that, however, considering this process was terrifying! it was typically done on those who experienced any form of crazy or strange behavior. Sometimes it would be fatal, and for those that survived, they had to live the rest of their life with a hole in their head, probably still suffering the mental illness that caused the drilling in the first place! it’s chilling to read about all of the things we used to do to mental patients who seriously needed real medical attention.

4 Animal Attacks

Animal attacks are always scary. As if the thought of an animal attacking you wasn’t chilling enough, Wikipedia has an article dedicated completely to this topic. There, they include as much information as possible about different animals that attack, where when and why they do, as well as external links to give you more information about specific and notable attacks. Why anyone would need a page such as these baffles us, but if you’re into really scaring yourself, go ahead and look up this one! After you do, however, don’t be surprised if you start to get paranoid about every animal you encounter thereafter! This entry also gives information about domestic attacks from people’s cats and dogs! It’s more than just bears and other wild beasts! Who knows when or where the next animal attack is going to show up on this Wikipedia article!

3 Cattle Mutilation

Cow mutilation refers to any mysterious circumstance in which a cow or cows are found murdered or attacked in a way that exceeds regular explanation. On Wikipedia, you can read all about all of the times that cows were found mysteriously murdered. It’s common for farm animals to get attacked by coyotes or other wild animals, but all of the instances you might read about on this entry can’t be explained with coyotes or other animals found in the area. Even the experts turn to reasons such as paranormal or extraterrestrial to refer to the strange way these cows were discovered that are discussed on Wikipedia. It’s scary to think that this is common enough to get its own Wikipedia entry! It really just seems like something that you’d read about in a horror novel or see on a scary movie, but Wikipedia proves that it happens in real life more than we’d like to imagine.

2 The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster is the creature that you see in the photograph above. We gave a bit of the scary part away about this, as seeing a picture of it is definitely the most chilling thing about the story. however, if you would d like to see more pictures and learn about what this chilling beast might be, go ahead and look up the full entry. For just a quick summary, you can stay here with us. the Montauk Monster is a strange unidentified creature that washed up on the shores of New York. Because of partial decay and bloating from being submerged in water so hard, this animal. Was unable to be identified as any animal that we know to exist. Sure, there are speculations that it might be a dog or a raccoon, but that creature in the picture doesn’t look anything like the common animals we know!

1 Death During Consensual Act

No matter what the case is or who’s having s*x, it’s supposed to be a fun time for those consensually involved. it’s supposed to be a safe time and you should feel relaxed, comfortable, and protected. Unfortunately, there’s an entire Wikipedia article that describes how not safe this act can sometimes be! Just look up "death during consensual s*x" and you'll be shocked. There are notable cases on this entry of times when people died doing the dirty. As if we didn’t have enough to be paranoid about from this list that you’ve read from us today, now you have to be a little scared of doing one of the most natural and human things you can do!

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