15Other-Worldly Adornment Of Spanish Woman

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In this delicately arranged photograph (can we say flowery goodness?), we see how the Victorian era had a sensitive and compassionate way of handling the deaths of people who, whether gone too soon or considered the lucky few who experience a long life, can live on through their death portraits. This

woman was likely considered one of life's victors, appearing to be well over the average age of death during the era, which was just 42 years for women and 40 years for men. Many of the Victorian era's wealthier families throughout the globe were lucky enough to take portraits of themselves before they passed away. However, luckily, a reverence for the deceased was so strong that there's always an easily unveiled anchor to the community's appreciation for the great unknown. Notice the ornate flower arrangements corresponding with the headdress that adorns the woman's body.

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