15 Creepy Urban Legends Nobody Should Ever Google

An urban legend is a story that gets passed from person to person, usually told with some differences in its versions. These differences are sometimes cultural, and others are just equipped with new twists as the story continues to get passed along. Urban legends are usually completely made up; however, there are some that have elements rooted in the truth. Perhaps it was the murder of someone who inspired a tale following his or her death. Sometimes, mysterious occurrences happen in connection to a natural phenomenon or a location, so a legend might develop as an explanation for what seems to be a mystical experience.

No matter what the case is, we’ve all heard urban legends before, most of us, the same ones. Sometimes, they’re so ridiculous that they aren’t even scary. Other times, these legends might be so horrifying that we wish we'd never heard them in the first place! Some legends are so developed and have so many scary variations that it’s best to just stay away from these all together. For those legends, we’ve put together a list for you that you should just stay away from! We’ll explain why these are scary and why you should never do your research on them and just let the idea of them die on this list!

No matter how far our minds wander into the darkness of twisted reality, some things are better left as legends. Search for them if you dare! Here are 15 Disturbing Urban Legends You Should Never Google:

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15 Trypophobia

"Trypophobia" is the term given to the fear of abnormal holes and bumps. It’s not a legitimate fear and not recognized by doctors or anyone in the medical field, which is why we’ve chosen to include it in this list of legends. If porous surfaces like the mushroom above freak you out, then please don't search for this term. Just thinking about searching for something like this seriously makes our skin crawl. There’s just something about weird geometrical rashes and deep holes that reveal seed-like objects that make us want to puke just thinking about it. Although the term "trypophobia" isn't a legitimate term, we can be certain that most of us probably have this fear. The scary part is figuring out what the scary part is! Why are we so freaked out by the sight of these bubbly surfaces? Do our consciousnesses know something we don’t know?

14 Mowgli's Palace

Mowgli’s Palace is a Disney urban legend that alleges a theme park surrounding the movie The Jungle Book was to be created several decades ago. The place was under construction in a small town, so not many people were too happy about their quiet lives being turned upside down by the greedy Disney corporation. The day it was supposed to be opened, however, after millions of dollars were spent on construction, everyone vanished, and the park was never opened. There have never been reasons given as to why this place never opened either. The scariest part? No one knows where this is. Disney has no records of ever opening a theme park such as this, so many people don’t believe it exists. However, there are some pictures and maps of the alleged park floating around on the internet. For this one, don’t go looking for Mowgli’s Palace. You never know what you might actually find.

13 Skinwalkers

A skinwalker is a terrifying creature that exists in urban legends and countless tales of evil witches who transform the way they look in order to harm people. Every culture seems to have its own version of what a skinwalker might be, but the idea mostly has origins in Native American folklore. It's believed that skinwalkers have an everyday appearance as a human- or humanoid-type creature but that they possess the supernatural ability to transform into whatever animal is necessary to complete whatever goal or ritual they might have. Though there's obviously no proof such a thing exists, many people believe that they're real creatures and have provided the internet with a plethora of stories about skinwalkers and how they might be real. If you want to avoid looking over your shoulder every time you think you might've seen a shadow or don’t want to be haunted by the paranoia of one of your friends being a skinwalker, don’t look this one up on Google.

12 California Night Crawler

The California Night Crawler is an alleged alien that's been seen on film two different times. There isn’t much to the legend since it’s only been seen a couple of times, but there are countless explanations as to what the footage might actually be. Some believe, first and foremost, that it’s nothing more than a prank. Of course, you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, but that also doesn’t mean that everything is fake! The footage even has some experts convinced that this might be the real alien deal, as the effects are so seamless that only a highly trained professional would be able to pull off a stunt like that. If you’re into being completely frozen from fear after seeing a creepy alien, go search for this one. We warned you, however!

11 The Red Room

A red room is an internet urban legend that revolves around the idea of a live-streaming room on the dark web where people can see some pretty gruesome stuff. Some think that in these red rooms, people are getting r*ped, tortured, and murdered. If you find the red room on the dark web, you can participate in this torment using a chat system and, of course, your wallet. While many rumors have flown around since the internet’s creation that a room like this might exist somewhere in the deep dark web, most experts say that it’s highly unlikely. Because of how advanced most tech criminals are, however, no one can say with certainty that there aren’t people being tortured right now on the same internet that you’re reading this list on! You never know what you might find if you start searching the deep web for a red room, so it’s probably best you avoid searching for this one.

10 Anatoly Slivko

There was an old urban legend that existed of a man who tortured little boys under the guise of making a film. The film was supposed to be a Nazi who wanted to do experiments on boy scouts. This rumor frightened many during the '60s until recent years. That is, until it was actually discovered it wasn’t an urban legend at all. Instead of this one being proven false, however, this one was legit. The man making the film was known as Anatoly Slivko, and he was executed in the '80s for the murder of seven little boys. He accidentally killed them while torturing them for his boy scout Nazi film. The most disturbing part? You can find the footage he created for the movie online! The footage shows these innocent boys being tortured and murdered. Since it’s more than just a legend, this is definitely one you should save yourself from searching.

9 Paris Catacomb Found Footage

The Paris Catacombs are known as one of the scariest places on Earth. Underneath the romantic streets of Paris lie tunnels and tunnels filled with intricate designs as well as piles of real human bones! The tunnels are confusing, and they’re open to the public, meaning any old guy with a camera can make his way down there. That’s what happened for one poor schmuck whose camera was found alone deep in the tunnels of the catacombs. The last footage on his camera shows him wandering around small parts of the tunnel, and as we hear his breathing increase in pace and the camera drop, we can only assume he was being chased by someone or something. Of course, some believe the footage to be fake. But in case this isn’t just another catacomb legend and we've witnessed the final moments of some guy’s life, this is another you should do your best to avoid looking up.

8 The Rake

The Rake is another terrifying creature that seemingly only exists in urban legends. The rake is allegedly a human-looking creature with the face of a beast and the hands similar to, well, you guessed it, a rake. A depiction of what the creature might look like is shown in the photograph above. Many people claimed to have seen this beast-like creature roaming around the quiet streets of suburban areas in New York. It's become a common legend in the state. Whether or not you believe in legends like these is for you to decide, but before you go searching for a legend like this, remember, we warned you that what you’ll find isn't pretty. Many people have similarities in their stories of the rake that would only exist if he were real and they had actually seen it. Life is better before knowing about such a terrifying creature.

7 Candlelight Prowler

There was an urban legend in Australia of a candlelight killer. He would enter the homes of sleeping civilians and navigate through their homes using only a candle. The only sign that he was in the house was a pile of candle wax at the end of someone’s bed where his candle dripped while he watched you sleep! This was certainly a terrifying legend until one man made it true. Darren MacDonald was a resident convicted of sexually abusing two sleeping children in their own beds. He navigated through their home using only a candle. Luckily, he was stopped after these two children, but with a legend living on long after he’ll finish rotting in prison, who knows what might take his place. Legends like these are scary enough as they are, but once a true element is added to these already eerie tales, our skin crawls so much it almost runs away from our bodies.

6 Moth Man

The Moth Man is a West Virginia urban legend that might be one of the most notable on the list. The moth man is an explanation for several unexplained sightings in the '60s of a man flying around the sky with wings and red eyes. Since it’s such an early urban legend, there have been countless versions of stories of this terrifying beast with several movies even being made. If you’d like to never sleep soundly again after reading of this terrifying beast, go ahead and search for this creature all night. We’ve warned you here, however, that that’s definitely not advised. Although there might not be any truth to a creature so freaky, it’s still never great having such an idea in our heads when we’re sleeping alone and hear a funny noise. Just remember to not look up, since, you know, he can fly and stuff.

5 The Poinciana Woman

The Poinciana Woman was a woman who was raped by a group of men. Once she found out she was pregnant, she hung herself from a tree. She now returns at night to feed on men after luring them in with her false beauty. Once you start researching stories like this, you’ll end up finding that there’s more truth to them than you can probably stomach. Unfortunately, finding out women are raped and murdered by men often isn’t as fun as reading about some of the other terrifying urban legends on the list. You’ll start to hope that things like the Poinciana woman are real to get rid of the sick men who do stuff like that in the first place! We’ll save you a Google search and remind you that most urban legends about women who harm men usually started with a real-life brutal attack at some point.

4 The Goat Man

The Goat Man is a terrifying urban legend that has roots in Maryland. According to the legend, there was a scientist who had been working on different goat experiments when one of his cross-breeding sessions went horribly wrong, and he created a goat man. The goat man escaped and now haunts the woods of Maryland. The legend exploded, and now, there are occasional reports of goat men in southern states like Kentucky and Kansas. Some allege that the goat man is evolving and knows how to trick campers into letting him into their circle. He’ll then use tricks and tactics to get them to flee the site, making them more vulnerable to attack. The idea of any science experiment gone wrong is terrifying, but adding a goat into the mix makes things all the more, or less, appealing to Google search.

3 Beast Of Jersey

The Beast of Jersey started as an urban legend to account for the murders of several children. Many times, when things start to happen similarly in the same area with descriptions that match each other, people start to tell urban legends to fill the holes. In this case, once the real culprit was found, the Beast of Jersey was no longer an urban legend and was certified to be a true tale. The legend stated that a beast too large and gruesome to be human was breaking into children’s homes and murdering them. Once the actual murderer was caught, it was discovered he was wearing a pretty disturbing mask that accounted for witnesses' tales of a beast. You can see a picture of him above. If you decide to ignore our advice and search for this beast, you’ll discover that he was every bit of horror that the original scary urban legend told. At least, he’s caught now, but who knows what beast might follow in his path?

2 Kuchisake-Onna

Kuchisake-Onna is a figure from a Japanese urban legend. There are many variations of the legend, but it basically tells the tale of a woman disfigured by her husband. Once he found out she was cheating, he sliced her from ear to ear and afterward asked about who would still find her attractive. She then spent the rest of her days going to other people, flashing her sliced smile and asking if she was pretty. If you answer yes, she cuts you up to look like her, and if you say no, she kills you! The legend got so out of hand at one point that people actually kept their kids home from school so that they wouldn’t run into her! If you look up this legend now, you’ll only find terrifying faces of sliced up women. If you want to have trouble sleeping tonight, go for it, but don’t say we didn’t tell you not to first!

1 Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel was a young woman who was apparently possessed. She said demonic things and acted in a terrifying way that caused her loved ones to think that they needed to perform an exorcism on her. The pictures and videos you’ll find if you start Googling her name are frightening. Of course, part of you believes in the supernatural, which is why you clicked on this list in the first place. Most of us know, however, that the likelihood of these things existing is low and, in reality, they're a fun way to spend our days at work or nights in bed. However, when people start to take things too seriously, they get scary. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to Anneliese’s parents. Instead of getting her the help she needed, probably from a psychiatrist, they tortured and abused her with religion until she died. She likely had a mental disorder that caused an alleged possession, but people chose to believe religion over science, and she’s the one who suffered as a result.

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