15 Creepy Times Pets Were Seeing Things Their Owners Couldn't

Can our pets sense the supernatural? Even though there is no hard evidence, most people tend to think they can. After all, most animals have better eyesight and hearing than humans, so it would make sense if they could hear or see things that are invisible to us. As well as that, many ancient myths and legends ascribe animals with mystical powers and often label cats and dogs as "psychopomps" (creatures responsible for escorting the newly deceased souls from earth to the afterlife).

Indeed, many of us have witnessed our pet's strange behavior first hand and wondered whether there was something we couldn't see that they could. Other peoples' stories of their pets acting strange also tend to contribute to our belief that pets have some sort of supernatural ability to sense the invisible. For example, Peggy Schmidt, in her 2009 book Tails of the Afterlife, recounts the story of a woman who left seven dogs and six cats when she passed away. Witnesses claim that her spirit continues to visit her pets daily for they are often seen gathered around one spot, cats purring and arching their backs and dogs flopping down for a belly rub event though there is no one there.

Of course, there will always be those who are sceptical and who attribute their pets' strange behavior to changes in the weather, bugs and other "logical" explanations. It is impossible to know who is right in this matter. Perhaps we should all keep our minds open. Below we have fifteen pets who supposedly see ghosts or other supernatural entities. Watch them, and judge for yourself.

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15 Puppy Zoey Sees A Ghost

This is a video of a puppy called Zoey who barks and growls at something we cannot see. At the start of the video Zoey's owner says: "I put the whole shot on this video. It's a little long, but I wanted you to see that this is one constant shot; no edits, no gimmicks, no tricks. There is nobody in the house except for me and Zoey (and the ghost)."

The video starts with the dog seemingly noticing something or someone in the other room (the dining room) and swiftly walking over to the doorway. There, Zoey follows something with her eyes and then returns to the room she was originally in. Not for long, however. After a short while, Zoey walks back to the dining room, and her owner follows her. Zoey continues to pace around the room but continuously returns to a specific spot near the dining room table where she growls, and at one point, backs away as if something was moving towards her. The video's comments are varied: some are sure Zoey saw a spirit or a ghost while others claim she was either scared of her own shadows or could hear noises from the neighbors.

14 Dog Barks At Nothing

The video shows a small dog barking incessantly at something in the living room area. As far as we can see, there is nobody there. And yet the dog does not stop barking. When the owner tries to comfort it by saying there is no one there, it barks even louder as if to let the owner know that she is wrong. But the dog does not just bark, it also seems to be following some invisible entity around, circling the room, its intent gaze fixated on something. And yet the dog's tail is wagging enthusiastically, which seems to suggest that it is not scared. Indeed, one of the comments says "it's a friendly ghost or someone he recognizes he is not scared in fact he is very excited to see that person". And then follows the creepy part of the comment: "the ghost is playing hide and seek with dog behind the sofa."

13 Dog Alfie Sees Or Hears Something His Owner Doesn't

This video shows a dog named Alfie barking aggressively at something or someone that we cannot see. Alfie seems to be in the bedroom whereas the invisible presence that makes Alfie so uneasy seems to be located in the living room area. One commentator points out that "56 seconds into filming Alfie seemed like he reacted to being touched by something and shakes his head". Indeed, shortly after this incident Alfie barks and retreats backwards, clearly terrified. Another commentator asks, "what is the light on the ceiling from? and I saw something black on the couch for a split second", to which Alfie's owner replies with "The bright light on the ceiling and on the door changes shape often as well. I'm not sure why or what it is. There has been a few more incidents since then that Alfie has reacted to just like on this occasion. All in the same area of the house." Sounds like someone needs to move house, don't you agree?

12 Cat Abby Sees Something She Doesn't Like

In this video a cat named Abbey seems to sense an invisible entity in the room. She paces around the room and stands on her hind legs twice, as if to get a better look at someone or something. The owner assures us that she checked the room herself and could see nothing out of the ordinary "so it goes to show that there is things that we just can not see that maybe animals can." The commentators seem to agree: "If you look at the motions of the cat's tail and tense ears, it is clear she's picked something up. There's quite a few confirmed cases that cats can see the entities of spiritual world that a human eye can't- they're too intelligent to get that distressed for no reason." According to this commentator, cats also use their teeth and claws as weapons to defend both themselves and their owners from spirits.

11 Ghost Scares A Dog

In this video a black dog can be seen growling and barking at something invisible in the room. As far as we can see, there is no one there and the owner notes below the video that "she is a dog that never growls. If there was an animal outside her reaction would have been pure joy. The room temperature dropped 10 degrees when this occurred earlier today." The dog does seem rather troubled and refuses to move past its bed and occasionally even backs away towards its owner.

There is an Egyptian statue standing at the end of the corridor and many commentators seem to think that it is the root of the problem. One commentator advises the owner to "get that horrific Egyptian statue" out of the house as she is sure that spirits can attach themselves to it. The owner agrees: "There could be something that momentarily attached itself to the statue. This is at my office (I'm lucky enough to take the dog with me), so it's not mine to remove! haha. As an update, this exact situation happened once more over the summer, but other than that nothing."

10 Black Cat Sees A Ghost

This video is of two cats who supposedly sense an unseen presence in the room. However, most of the "sensing" is done by one cat only. She paces around the room, following something we cannot see with her eyes, and occasionally meowing. Some people believe that black cats have occult powers and can remove negative energy from households. Furthermore, according to mythology, cats can sense when spirits are present in your home. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats and Celts believed that cats were guardians to the underworld and could become animal spirit guides.

So can the black cat in the video really sense spirits? Who knows, but many commentators truly seem to think so. Most of them are especially convinced when they see orbs moving around the room. One even says "lots of orbs. you definitely have activity dude". Others, however, are not so sure and accuse the cat owner of wasting people's time with "foolery".

9 Cat George Living In A Haunted House

This is another video of a cat that sees something strange. In this case, however, the cat not only stares at some unseen presence intently but also actively tries to go after it. This makes sense: it is said that when cats sense a spirit in the house the first thing they do is follow it around to figure out its intentions. To ensure that the spiritual entity does not threaten its territory, the cat will attempt to expel it through its energy field displacement. If that fails to work, it is said that the cat traps the entity in its energy field and leads it out of the house. The owner confesses that her house is supposedly haunted and that the ghostly presence likes to reside in her room.

8 Dog Louis Barking And Growling At An Unseen Presence In The Kitchen

In this video, a six-month-old Beagle named Louis barks and growls at something in the kitchen. His attention is mainly focused on the open cupboard, even though it is seemingly empty. The owner says that Louis "has been known to wake up in the middle of the night, barking and growling at something unseen. I often have to let him out to patrol the house, otherwise he won't settle down to sleep."

The comments below the video get creepy. Someone says "left side of the closet, or whatever that is, looks like someone there with their face blurred out". To which someone replies "no human can fit in there. Get real." And finally: "He didn't say human did he? He said ghost, so there." Can you spot someone or something left side of the closet?

7 Dog Zorro Sees Something

What's more creepy, dogs that stare and growl at something invisible or dogs that just stare at something or someone without making any noise? This video might just convince you that the latter is more terrifying. The video records a dog walking around the room as if it was following someone invisible. The owner says that her dog is eight years old and that he "started acting really weird about three nights ago. He's totally fine during the day but once everyone goes to sleep he comes to the basement and paces, shakes, pants". Towards the end of the video, the shaken dog jumps on an armchair, stares at something intently and then turns and stares at its owner, "with its mouth half open for about an hour and a half."

6 Dog Emily Too Scared To Get To Her Treats

This video features a dog named Emily who is afraid of a specific area in the kitchen. The owner says that "on most days she comes in and out as she pleases. She'll come in when we are eating and sit by the table in the hopes of getting a scrap or two. But there are other times she will not come into the kitchen as something spooks her. Not even for food." The owner further explains that the video was taken when he sat down after work for a snack.

While the dog does enter the kitchen, it seems particularly fearful of a specific area in the kitchen. The owner throws the dog some tortilla chips but the dog refuses to go near them (even though we see it eat a few tortilla chips before). Suddenly, the video goes black and the owner explains that his phone camera shut off by itself even though the battery "still had a good charge, plenty of space in memory for recording". The owner restarts the phone and records some more.

Later on in the video we learn that the owner once had a beagle who had to be put down because he became ill. Apparently, Emily acts in this video the way she used to act around the beagle. And sometimes at night the owner hears "a collar clank in the middle of the night. Emily has hers removed so it could not be her."

5 Dog Senses A Ghost In The Room

In many cultures and ancient religions, dogs are seen as psychopomps (creatures that guide souls to the other side). In Ancient Greece, it was said that goddess Hecate stood at the crossroads between life and death and was often accompanied by a three-headed white dog. In Ancient Egypt, Anubis, the god of afterlife, (often depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head) was considered a psychopomp.

So perhaps these myths and legends have a deeper meaning that modern people can understand. Maybe dogs can see or sense spirits. Take this video, for example. In it, a dog is pacing around a living room and spontaneously stars barking. It looks as if it is following something with its eyes and yet we cannot see a thing.

4 Uneasy Cat Sees Something Invisible

At the start of the video we see a white cat staring at something intently and meowing. Its gaze is directed towards the ceiling but as far as we can see, there is nothing there. Logic would dictate that the cat sees a bug or some other creature but the owner assures us that her ceiling is empty and there is nothing there. As always, commentators are divided into two sides: some say the cat simply sees a bug or is acting out, others claim the cat can see a spiritual entity and share their own stories of their cats or pets acting in a creepy manner. Towards the end of the video, the cat starts running around in a playful manner. Who knows whether it is playing by itself or with someone we cannot see.

3 Dog Sees A Ghost

This is another video of a dog who seems to sense a presence in the room but does not dare make a sound. The dog scuttles around the room as if it is following an invisible entity. Its tail is tense and the dog has a pensive look on its face. There is another black dog in the video but he does not seem to sense anything out of the ordinary and wags its tail enthusiastically. The contrast between the two dogs makes the video more terrifying and raises questions such as "are some dogs better at sensing spiritual entities than others?"

At one point, the white dog hides beside a bin, as if trying to hide or protect itself. Towards the end of the video we can see the dog sniffing intently, clearly smelling something unusual.

2 Bossy The Paranormal Dog

In this video a dog named Bossy is recorded supposedly picking up on spiritual activity. The video begins with Bossy's owner saying that "she never barks or growls in the house unless something has disturbed her. She is great at alerting us to the paranormal". The video is made up of a combination of clips taken at different times, but most of the activity seems to occur in the owner's bedroom at nighttime. Orbs are present in many of the clips and Bossy, who sleeps with her owner, seems to always wake up shortly after an orb becomes visible. The video was first published in September 2014. In November 2016, the owner shares that she is "currently packing to relocate somewhere else" and that all of the furniture will remain at the old house so that she can have a nice fresh start.

1 Great Dane Luke Skywalker Sees His First Ghost

This one is for all of you who got too scared watching these videos and now need a good laugh to dispel the creepy thoughts you may have, especially if you watched these videos at night.

The video starts with a Great Dane named Luke Skywalker lingering around the staircase as if waiting for someone to come down. But to Luke Skywalker's horror, what descends the stairs is a "ghost"! The dog is absolutely terrified and scrambles around the house frantically, desperately trying to get away from the "ghost". Eventually, the dog decides to run upstairs and sneaks glances from behind the wall, flat out refusing to come down again. Clearly, the dog would make for a great watchdog. But maybe spiritual entities are less terrifying than bad Halloween costumes.

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