15 Creepy Things Found By New Homeowners

How many horror movies have you watched, which started off with new homeowners finding something in the home and that object starting a chain reaction of superb creepiness? Probably a ton, right? I can probably name about ten just off the top of my head. Not only is it prevalent in movies, but old haunted house stories usually all begin the same way. In fact, statistically speaking, 99% of stories involving hauntings originate from some object that was found in the house. The house, of course, is always too good to be true. A couple gets a steal of a deal, and they move in with thoughts of a great future only to be either run out of the house or murdered in it. That is, of course, after the neighbors tell them something is wrong with their house, and they find the haunted object.

It’s not just the stuff of horror movies; there have been many real-life stories where new homeowners have moved into a home only to find something creepy inside that sometimes has an explanation but often does not. What would you do if you found something bizarre in a home that you just bought? Would you brush it off, or would you call your real-estate agent back? Check out some of these creepy stories, and then try to fall asleep tonight. We're betting that you'll have a hard time doing so.

15 Hidden Tapes

So creepy! During an inspection of his new home, one Reddit user found a hidden crawlspace in his home that wasn’t used. It was located inside the attic. The crawlspace looked as if someone had lived there before as it had many outlets and soundproofing board, not to mention a single bed. He also found a briefcase that had some odd items inside them including an old jewelry box, silver ingots, paper currency from all over the world, and some old VHS tapes. He tried to play the tapes, which was already a mistake because, hello, had he not seen the movie Sinister (never mind The Ring)? Do these people never learn? None of the tapes would play, probably because they were old or a demon was inside of them, one or the other. He eventually turned the tapes over to the police to look at but nothing ever came of it.

14 A Child’s Skull

One day, Helen Weisensel was digging in her basement when she hit something hard with a shovel. She was digging into the floor of her basement when out rolled the skull of a child. Talk about alarming and not good for the mojo of the house, I’m sure. When she called the police, they got to more digging and found the rest of the body. It turns out that the new home that she had bought had been built over a cemetery that someone had forgotten about before building a house on it. Yikes! Archaeologists were brought in to investigate, and they determined that the cemetery was one of the earliest in Wisconsin’s Jefferson County. It turned out that the cemetery was at least 170 years old. The people buried there could have been Native Americans or even slaves, which means they would be extra pissed to be there and disturbed.

13 Old Burial Ground

Nothing like moving into your new home only to find an old burial ground on the property. That seems normal, right? Who is selling these houses? Do they not have a conscience? Wasn’t that the premise of the movie The Poltergeist? You bet your ass it was. It’s pretty much the only way that you can guarantee that your house is haunted. Get yourself some bodies buried under your house, and you're all set to have your own personal remake of the terrifying movie. Now, I think that’s something that the realtor should have disclosed to the homeowners. Seriously, how do you miss a burial ground in your backyard? There's no doubt that those that are buried there are going to wreak havoc on whoever disturbs their sleep. We think that might be the perfect time to call the realtor back and get them fired.

12 The Wall of Snakes

When you move into the house of your dreams, the last thing you expect is to be met with horror in one aspect or another. But for one couple who moved into a small town in Idaho, they got a surprise that left them awake at night. You wouldn’t think a place as peaceful as Idaho would be home to horrors, but in this case, it was. At first, it started out with seeing a snake in the yard, which the couple didn’t find alarming at all. That is, until they found three dozen more around their home, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they then start hearing some rustling in the walls. That was the story of Ben and Amber Sessions who moved into a home where there were reptiles in their walls. We couldn’t even imagine something as horrific as that, especially if you had kids.

11 A Squatter

One day, a couple of brothers were fooling around when one of them fell hard into a bookshelf. The bookshelf moved and revealed a secret passageway. They went investigating only to find horror on the other side. What they found on the other side revealed something dark within their walls. There was a banana peel and some Halloween candy. “Someone was living in our walls,’ TwoBiteBrownie wrote. “That is my Halloween candy. Someone came into my room, took from my bag and brought it back in here. Thirty seconds after taking a picture, we realized what it meant and got the f*ck out of there.” Those weren’t the only items the squatter had; they also found creepy dolls, a skeleton key, and an elephant carving. When police were called, they determined that the squatter could have only gained access to the passage through the parents' room, which means he would have gone in and out of there frequently. Creepy!

10 Oozing Blood From the Walls

So what would you do if you moved into a new home and the walls started oozing blood? Our first thought would have to be to call an exorcist because that has to be a sign that your home is possessed by demons. I mean, right?! All in all, in any normal situation, your home should never be oozing anything. If it is, there's a serious problem that only a priest can solve. Debbie Hill moved into a Colorado home, and one summer day there was something brown and sticky that started to come through the walls. Well, it turned out that even though it looked like blood, the liquid coming from her walls was actually honey. Yup, that’s right she stuck her finger out and actually tasted the crap coming from her walls. She had no idea that a massive beehive was inside her walls. "Bees' wings in summer act as fans, which keep the hive and its honey cool in warm weather. With this string of 90-degree-plus weather and no bees to keep the honey cool it begins to, in effect, pour as if at a Saturday morning pancake breakfast."

9 Nazi Memorabilia

When it came time to clean out their grandfather’s attic after he had passed away, a couple found Nazi memorabilia. They were shocked to come across it, and they hoped that it had nothing to do with their grandfather. It certainly would be a shock to find something so horrific tucked away in the attic, but really, it could've belonged to a previous owner of the house. Fingers crossed. The Holocaust was a terrible time and one that still shocks the world. The fact that there were people supporting the atrocities that occurred during that time is unbelievable. Keeping memorabilia from that time is just as atrocious as everything else that went on during that time. It makes you wonder if they asked other family members to see if there was a chance that the medals belonged to their grandfather. Awkward!

8 Creepy Baby Photo

When the new homeowners found this creepy vintage baby photo in the attic, they didn’t know what to make of it. They had no idea where it came from or where it might have originated from. They did some research and couldn’t find anything that would link it to previous owners. It’s a rather creepy photo mainly because the eyes of the baby appeared to be blacked out for no reason whatsoever. Why would just the eyes have that blackened look to it? It wouldn’t have been a trick of the camera to do something like that, so why on earth does this baby look so darn creepy? There’s no answer, but I’m betting they should get rid of that photo as soon as possible. It can’t be a good thing to have a random creepy baby photo in your home. Gross!

7 A Bomb

The last thing that you would expect to find in a new home would be a bomb. And not just any bomb, but a live one that could kill you. It’s got to be far more terrifying than ghosts, right? One couple was sweeping in their basement only to come across something that looked awfully close to a bomb. It was heavy and green and looked like it could be an artillery bomb, and it was. "I knew it was official because it was so heavy," said an Indian woman, Linda DeForest. When she first saw it, she thought it was a torpedo. Thankfully, they knew an old army veteran and called him over to have a look-see. He had bad news, of course, stating that it didn’t look like the bomb had ever been disarmed. They had to get the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit to come and take care of the situation for them.

6 Green Corpse

It’s hard to say what this thing is besides super creepy. Even the people who found it couldn’t determine what the heck it was; all they wanted was the thing out of their house immediately. And who could blame them? It could easily be a mummified corpse or just a mannequin, but it’s a toss-up. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like to find something like that in your attic. And then what do you do with it? Talk about a creepy situation. One couple found this weird thing in their attic and disposed of it immediately. Judging by the face on this thing, it’s likely that it’s been haunting their house for some time. It’s best to burn things that look like that just to be safe. I know I would have a hard time sleeping after finding something like that in the attic.

5 The Body of the Previous Owner

I have to say, the last thing I would ever want to find in my house is a corpse, especially a mummified one. Just the thought of it horrifies me to no end. When one couple moved into their new home, they found a mummified corpse that turned out to be the body of a previous owner of the house. This is what happened to Jorge Giro who bought a house in Spain only to find a corpse inside of it. He got a great deal on the home because it was part of a foreclosure due to the owners of the house mysteriously disappearing years before. Clearly, it wasn’t so mysterious because the owner was still in the house. It’s not like the corpse was hidden somewhere either; no, it was in the living room looking out the window admiring the view. Did no one go inside the house at all during the foreclosure?

4 Monkey Puppet

Throughout the years, I've seen some pretty creepy dolls. Most of them are straight out of horror movies to be sure, so I always get a bad feeling about dolls. My mother used to have these really weird dolls in her closet that her mother had passed down from back in the day. That whole generation was weird because, in my opinion, these dolls were straight out of a horror movie themselves, and I could never understand why my mother kept them. They terrified me, and I didn’t even want them in the same room as I was.  So I totally understand what it means to find a doll that creeps you out immensely. In the case of one homeowner, this monkey doll was found in the attic, and it was a wonder why the previous owner kept it at all because it’s creepy on a whole new level.

3 A Grave Stone

If you ever want to be haunted, then the best thing to do would be to steal someone's gravestone and keep it in your house. Not the brightest idea... And why would you want it anyway? That's a great way to piss a spirit off and have them want to seek vengeance on you. One couple found a gravestone in their attic with the name Judith on it, and if I had to guess, I would say Judith is probably pretty pissed off right now. It would be in their best interest to try to bring the stone back before it’s too late. This is totally a great theme for a horror movie, right? In fact, a lot of these discoveries could easily be made into horror movies, so get on that Hollywood! But before you do that, get Judith’s gravestone back to her because she’s been looking for it.

2 Bats

Have you ever seen the movie Bats? The town that gets overrun by the killer bats? Well, imagine that was your house. In the case of one couple, they discovered an “unimaginable” number of bats in their new home. When we're talking numbers here, I might consider 100 to be unimaginable; after all, it is just a house. But what the couple found was more like 800 bats. Holy sh!t! They were living with all these crazy creatures, and while they were, they could hear the creepy buggers in the walls. Not only that, but they could smell them, and they were even forced to share the bathroom with them at times. That’s not only terrifying but disgusting as well. It took a lot of work for them to get all the bats out of the house and to repair the damage done to it. How could they have not known that the bats were there before they bought it?

1 Multiple Dead Bodies

When one couple moved into their new home, all they dreamed about was putting in a pool for those warm summer months. They couldn’t wait to get started, but once they did, they got more than they had bargained for. What they didn’t expect to find was a graveyard when they started digging. Talk about pissing off a lot of spirits. (We’ve already discussed the theme for The Poltergeist movie.) When they started digging, they found bodies all over their property, so instead of getting the pool of their dreams, they got a haunting that consisted of 15 colonials. Talk about a horrifying experience. I don’t think they would have been able to build anything out there after that. It would have been considered a historical area. It’s another case of hunting down your realtor and having them explain such a messed up situation.

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