15 Creepy Stories From People Who Encountered UFOs

Over the years, countless people have claimed they have encountered UFOs. Some of them even claim that they have been abducted and that extraterrestrials carried out strange medical examinations on them. Stories of alien encounters always begin similarly – people notice strange lights and then observe a saucer-shaped flying object above them. Sometimes their encounters end with just glimpsing the strange flying object or strange, flickering lights. Other times, witnesses lose time and memory. Still other times, their health is damaged.

Those unfortunate souls who are abducted by extraterrestrials often have medical examinations carried out on them. Most don’t remember a thing about these examinations, at least not without the help of hypnosis. Sometimes those abducted never return or are found days later, naked and mutilated beyond recognition. As with most things that are hard to believe (such as Bigfoot or time travel) the public is divided on the issue of aliens.

Some truly believe that extraterrestrial creatures exist and that they often tour the earth, collecting samples and studying the behavior of humans (sometimes even examining them). Others think extraterrestrial creatures don’t actually exist and that witness stories of UFO encounters are just hoaxes. Nonetheless, many UFO societies have been set up in an attempt to gather more information on extraterrestrials. Furthermore, there are many self-proclaimed ufologists who carry out studies and research on the subject of UFOs. Some say that extraterrestrials are friendly. Others say they are malicious. One thing is certain – encountering them, no matter how friendly they are, would be a creepy affair.


15 Gundiah Mackay Alien Abduction

On the night of October the 4th, 2001 Keith Rylance, his wife Amy and their business partner Petra Heller were at a Gundiah property near Tiaro. At around 9:30 Keith went to his caravan bedroom and Petra went to her bedroom. Amy stayed on the couch in the caravan’s lounge room, watching TV.

At around 11pm, Petra was awoken and went into the lounge room. There she noticed a rectangular beam of light projected through the window of the caravan. Petra then noticed that a sleeping Amy was floating towards the window, as if carried by the beam and a disc shaped UFO drifting outside, very close to the caravan. Keith was woken up by the screaming Petra and the two contacted the police.

Eventually, a woman called saying that she had taken in a woman that had wandered into a petrol station about 800km away from the Gundiah property. The young woman was Amy. Amy could not remember much, only that she was in an empty room and that she heard the calming voice of a man. The man was dressed in a full body suit and a black face mask. She then woke up on the ground near a petrol station. Her colored hair had started to go back to her former color and her body hair had also grown, indicating that she must have been missing for more than a couple of hours (the time she was missing).

14 The Abduction Of Clayton & Donna Lee


In 2005, a husband and wife Clayton Lee and Donna Lee, claimed that they had been abducted by aliens on several occasions. Clayton Lee claimed that he was first abducted when he was still a child. He was supposedly lifted up towards the sky before he passed out. His wife, Donna Lee, claimed that during one of the alien abductions she lost her unborn baby. During later media interviews Donna drew pictures depicting what the aliens that abducted her and her husband looked like. The couple was put under hypnosis during which Clayton Lee supposedly screamed "They're touching me - quit touching me". He seemed terrified. Both Clayton Lee and Donna Lee believe that they will be abducted by extraterrestrials in the future.

13 Cash-Landrum Accident

In 1980, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum as well as Landrum's seven-year-old grandson Colby Landrum, were driving home to Dayton, Texas. As the trio were driving through the woods they noticed a strange light above the trees. At first they thought it was an airplane but as the light got closer and brighter they realized that it was emanating from a diamond-shaped object that was floating above them. The object also emanated flame and heat.

Landrum and Cash stopped the car and got out to get a closer look at the strange object. As the women were re-entering the car they had to use their coats to open the door as the car's metal body was too hot to touch. The strange object then began to move away and as it did so about twenty-three helicopters, resembling those used by military forces, surrounded the object. Several other witnesses unrelated to the two women also claimed they had seen the helicopters that evening, albeit no flying saucer. After the two women and the child returned home they got extremely sick. Their sickness was said to have something to do with radiation.

12 Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter


In 1955, five adults and seven children came to the Hopkinsville police station with an unusual story. They claimed that they were at their farmhouse when they were attacked by small extraterrestrials. The adults and the children spent almost four hours defending the farmhouse with guns from the mysterious creatures. The extraterrestrials were described as short, dark creatures that kept peering through the windows. They also attempted to enter the house. The adults and the children claimed that there were between twelve to fifteen extraterrestrial creatures. The police went to the farmhouse but found no evidence of extraterrestrial creatures. They did however find evidence of gunfire - there were holes in windows and doors. The following day, the police visited the farmhouse again only to find it empty. The neighbors told the police that the family had moved out because the extraterrestrials had returned.

11 The Horrific Case Of Jonathan Lovette

In 1956, Air Force Sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette was abducted by the UFOs at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The abduction was witnessed by Air Force Major William Cunningham. The two men were out collecting debris from a missile test when Lovette wandered off out of sight. Suddenly, Cunningham heard Lovette scream and ran to where he thought the scream was coming from. What he then saw shocked him – Lovette was being dragged into a saucer-like flying aircraft by a strange snake-like object.

Cunningham was so shocked by what he saw that for a while he could not move. Finally, he contacted Missile Control. A search party began looking for Lovette. Finally three days later, Lovette's body was discovered naked and mutilated. His tongue, anus and eyes had been removed and he was also emasculated. The mutilation appeared to have been performed with surgical skill. Lovette's body was also completely drained of blood.

10 The Melting Man


In 1946, Joao Prestes Filho was coming home from a day of fishing in his horse drawn cart. It was carnival season and Filho's family was out having fun. Filho's wife had accidentally left the house locked and forgot to leave Filho the key. So when Filho returned home he had to climb inside through an open window. But once inside, he felt as if something or someone was watching him. Frightened, Filho looked out the window and was suddenly struck by a beam of light that came from a flying object nearby. Filho felt like he was on fire. The light and flying object soon disappeared and Filho ran barefoot into the street screaming that he was on fire. His skin had turned red and he found it difficult to speak. Filho was brought to the hospital but the doctors were perturbed by the maimed man who seemed to be decomposing right in front of their eyes. There was nothing they could do to save him.

9 The 1976 Kentucky Abductions

In 1976 three women, Mona Stanford, Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas were on their way home after celebrating Stanford's birthday (but none of them had alcohol). As they were driving, a mysterious red object appeared in front them. The flying object was huge – about the size of two houses. The object then disappeared so the women kept driving.

Suddenly, a blue light appeared in their rear window – the flying object was now behind them. The car suddenly began accelerating on its own accord and the women's eyes felt like they were burning. They soon found themselves on the outskirts of Hustonville and to their surprise an hour and twenty minutes had passed.

The women arrived at Louise Smith's trailer an hour and a half later than they had expected and found red marks on their necks. As well as that, they all had red, irritated eyes. Mysterious occurrences kept happening to them over the next few days. The women were given lie detector tests which they easily passed. They were also put under hypnosis. It turned out that the three women had been abducted by aliens and that experiments had been carried out on them.


8 Jimmy Carter Saw UFOs


In 1969, a few years before Jimmy Carter became governor, he was in Leary, Georgia about to give a speech at a Lions Club meeting. Before the speech, one of the guests motioned towards the horizon, pointing out a strange, bright white object. Interestingly, the object could change colors – it went from white to blue and then to red before it turned white again. The strange object then floated off into the distance. Carter claimed that the mysterious flying object was seen by around ten people for around ten minutes. The bizarre incident had a major effect on Carter who was obviously frightened by the incident. In his 1976 election campaign Carter reportedly said "one thing's for sure, I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified objects in the sky. If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists".

7 The Abduction Of Barney And Betty Hill

In 1961, Barney and Betty Hill were returning home from their holidays when they were abducted. They were driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire when they came upon a UFO. The extraterrestrials who were on board the UFO took the Hills inside the flying saucer and carried out a thorough medical examination on them. The Hills did not remember much about the abduction and most of the information regarding the incident was extracted from them using hypnosis. Because of this, their creepy story is widely accepted to be true. Furthermore, during the hypnosis, a description of a "star map" was extracted from Betty's subconscious. Experts believe that the "star map" is the UFO's home solar system.

6 Val Johnson Incident


On August 27th, 1979 Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson was patrolling near Stephen, Minnesota at around 2am when he saw a strange light in front of him. Johnson claimed that the light floated with great speed towards him until his car was completely submerged in it. Johnson heard the noise of breaking glass and then, for no apparent reason, went unconscious. When Johnson woke up a good bit of time had passed. His wristwatch and the clock inside his car were fourteen minutes slow. The car's windshield was broken, the lights were damaged and the radio aerial was twisted. But it wasn't just the car that was damaged. Johnson had suffered too – he had bruises and one of his eyes was mysteriously irritated. The doctor compared the eye irritation to "welder's burns".

5 The Buff Ledge Abduction

In 1968 two employees of a summer camp in Buff Ledge Camp in Vermont were resting at a boat dock. The camp was completely deserted as the camp's swim team had gone to a competition that morning. The two employees were Michael Lapp and Janet Cornell. Towards the evening, a bright light appeared in the sky and started moving towards Lapp and Cornell. Suddenly, three smaller lights appeared out of the large light and began moving in strange zigzags. Then the two objects disappeared, creating a sound "like a thousand tuning forks" in the process.

The singular object that was still there began circling Lapp and Cornell and the two claim they saw two child-like creatures in the flying saucer who had big heads, no hair and long necks. Suddenly, Lapp and Cornell were overcome by fear of being kidnapped. They entered a drowsy, trance like state from which they were only woken by the returning swim team.

4 Travis Walton Disappearance


In 1975, a logging crew was working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. The logging crew was inside a truck when they came upon a strange, saucer shaped object floating above the ground and emanating a bizarre high-pitched buzz. One of the crewmen, Travis Walton, left the truck and approached the saucer. Suddenly, a beam of light appeared and Walton was pushed to the ground by some invisible force. The other crewmen were spooked and drove away, leaving Walton on his own.

Walton then disappeared for five days. After he was found Walton claimed that he woke up in a hospital-like room where he was examined by a group of bald, short creatures. After the examination Walton was brought to another room where the creatures put a plastic mask over his face and Walton lost consciousness. After that, Walton could only remember walking along the highway with the saucer floating away into the distance.

3 Pascagoula Abduction

In 1973, two men, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing in the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. Suddenly, the two men heard a strange whizzing sound. They looked around and noticed an oval shaped object with two flashing blue lights above them. The two men were sucked into the flying object where three strange creatures performed a medical examination on them. The two men were then released. Both Hickson and Parker took a polygraph test which showed that their alien abduction story was true. The two men were also hypnotized. During the hypnosis they revealed many interesting details about their abduction. Hickson was supposedly also abducted a year later, in 1974, but was once again released unharmed.

2 The Bizarre Experience Of Peter Khoury


In 1988, a man named Peter Khoury had a strange experience. He was lying in his bed when he felt someone grabbing his ankles. Immediately, Khoury felt numb, as if he was paralyzed. He was unable to move and could not utter a word. Khoury glanced around and to his right saw three or four figures wearing dark robes with hoods. The creatures' faces were black and wrinkled. The creatures then contacted Khoury telepathically and told him not to worry.

Khoury glanced to his left and noticed two creatures that looked different from the rest of them – they were thin and tall with dark eyes. The creatures once again told him not to worry and that it would be just like the last time. They then performed some kind of examination on Khoury and he soon blacked out.

When Khoury woke up he realized that two hours had passed. There was a puncture mark on his body which was confirmed by his doctor. But of course, no one believed his story. A few years later Khoury experienced a similar extraterrestrial moment, but this time the creatures resembled beautiful, exotic women.

1 Stonehenge Incident

In the early hours of the morning of January 12th, 1975, a man named George O'Barski was driving home when his radio went static. O'Barski then glanced out the window and spotted a round spacecraft floating over North Hudson Park. The UFO then descended and ten small, hooded figures emerged. The creepy figures were all dressed identically. They all collected samples of soil and then returned to their spacecraft. O'Barski returned to the site the following day where he discovered tiny holes in the soil that had been left by the extraterrestrial creatures. A few witnesses were also found which further proved that O'Barski's story was true. The witnesses were the doormen who worked at the Stonehenge building.

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