15 Creepy Stories About Dolls That Put Annabelle To Shame

We need to be honest, dolls are creepy. Their blank, dead eyes, their motionless faces often frozen in a slight smile or maybe even with a super creepy open mouth, their boneless, limp bodies with not a hint of genitalia. Freaky as hell.

But why are they freaky? When you think about it, these things can't move on their own, and the ones who can move can only do minor junk like clap their hands or move their head. Even then, you can just remove the batteries and that sucker is useless. But we look at them, we set our eyes on these freaky little sewn together bits of cloth and stuffing and plastic...and our brains scream out that these little jerks are evil.

Still, our houses are filled with these nasty things. Our little sisters or daughters love them, so we have them sitting around. And sure as the sun rising each morning, you can bet that one or more of these demonic dolls will be looking right at you when you walk by it in the middle of the night. All you wanted was a piece of leftover chicken, but all you got was a night full of fear.

All that fear is irrational, isn't it? Sure, in movies like Annabelle these dolls are filled to the brim with evil spirits, but those are just movies, right? I mean, yeah, when we first met Annabelle in The Conjuring, we were told it was based on a true story, but come on, there's no such thing as haunted dolls. There can't be haunted dolls. Because if there were, how could any of us ever sleep again knowing these things are out there?

Well, get ready to never sleep again, because here are some haunted dolls.

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15 Robert - Filled With Black Magic

via: slate.com

Possibly the best known haunted doll after Annabelle, Robert isn't just creepy looking on the outside. A Bahamian servant who practiced black magic and voodoo gave the doll to Robert Eugene Otto when he was just a child by (at least, that is how the story goes) and the doll, dressed in his turn of the century naval garb, is supposedly super cursed.

It started with Robert's parents noticing that the boy would have complete conversations with the doll. These conversations included two voices, which seemed weird to mom and dad Otto, but they believed that their kid, who would grow up to be a writer and painter of some renown, was supplying the voice of the doll himself. Soon, they came to realize that little Robert wasn't doing the second voice... The doll was talking.

Soon after the parents started to worry about the doll, neighbors reported seeing it move around the house when no one was home. Sure enough, the doll took to running about while the Otto family was home, giggling as it moved from room to room.

Robert passed away in 1974, but the doll continues to spook people. If you're so inclined, you can head to the Fort East Martello Museum in Florida and check it out yourself.

14 Letta - Holds The Soul Of A Dead Romani Boy

via youtube.com

Growing up in Australia, there are plenty of things to fear, giant spiders, for example. For Kerry Walton, the spiders weren't a problem, but the old abandoned house in his neighborhood gave him the shivers ever since he was a kid. In 1972, Kerry, all grown up and manly, decided to confront his fear and, in a move that would send a theater full of movie watchers to scream "NO!" he started with the cellar.

Kerry looked around the dark cellar with just the light of a cheap 1970s flashlight to show him the way. The dust danced through the beam of light as Kerry headed deeper into the darkness. There, sitting in a chair against a stone wall was what, to Kerry's eyes, looked like a boy.

It wasn't a boy... it was a doll. An old marionette. For whatever reason, Kerry decided to take the doll home. Can you guess what happened next?

Yup, the doll, which supposedly holds the soul of a dead Romani boy, started moving by itself. Animals freaked whenever they made eye contact with it. Hanging pictures began to slide off the walls. When people picked up the doll, they were overcome with great sadness. Still, Kerry chose to keep Letta, and he still owns it to this day.

13 Devil Baby Doll - Meant To Scare Away The Deformed Devil Baby

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In New Orleans, Marie Laveau is a name the people know. The people called her the Queen of Voodoo, and with a story like this, it is clear why.

As the story goes, in the later half of the 1800s, the daughter of a wealthy family was married off to a well-to-do Scotsman. This marriage pissed off another woman, and being that this is New Orleans, the angry woman went to Marie Laveau and asked her to curse the bride.

Leveau agreed and soon after, as the bride gave birth to her first child, she died. The baby survived, but it was hideously deformed. According to the tale, the child looked not unlike your basic design for the Devil. Unable to get over the one-two punch of losing his wife and having an ugly baby, the Scotsman gave the Devil Child to Leveau to raise.

Leveau let the baby run about New Orleans on its own and, from time to time, the baby, with its sharp devil teeth, would bite people. The regular folk got annoyed by the Devil Child and started to create Devil Dolls to scare the baby away. When Leveau died in 1881, the baby soon followed. Supposedly, the Devil Baby is buried next to Leveau.

12 Pupa - Haunted By Its Original Owner

via youtube.com

Italy loves to get creepy, and Pupa is a fine example. The doll was made specifically for one little girl. More to it, the doll was made to look just like the girl. The doll-maker even used locks of the girl's hair for the doll's hair. They had matching outfits to wear on special occasions. The doll looked so much like the girl that in photos it was hard to tell which was which.

When the doll's owner died in 2005, her grandchildren chose to keep Pupa in a glass case. This didn't work for Pupa, who often escapes the confining space and is found in other rooms. During family gatherings, if Pupa isn't part of the festivities, she will bang on the glass until someone takes her out. The family claims her facial expressions even change.

11 Mandy - Screams And Cries Like A Real Baby

via thehorrormoviesblog.com

Made sometime between 1910 and 1920, Mandy was probably a cute little baby doll at some point, but these days, with its cracked face and dirty mouth, cute is the last word that would come to mind when you look at her. Terrifying may be a better choice of adjective.

Mandy came to find a home at the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991 after her owner couldn't take it anymore. As the story goes, the owner of Mandy kept the doll in the basement and from time to time Mandy would scream and cry like a real baby. Each time the crying started, the woman would head to the basement and as soon as she set eyes on Mandy, the crying would stop.

Mandy doesn't cry much these days, but she does cause trouble at the museum. Apparently, Mandy likes to steal the lunches of the museum employees and if any other dolls are put next to her, Mandy will knock them over.

10 Okiku - Kept In A Sacred Temple Because Her Hair Grows By Itself

via theghosthuntuk.com

Okiku, a Japanese doll, doesn't look all that creepy. Kept in the Mannenji Temple in Iwamizawa, the priests there take care of the doll, and with good reason - if the stories are to be believed, the soul of a three-year-old girl lives inside it.

As the tale goes, the doll was bought by Eikichi Suzuki in 1918 for his two-year-old sister Okiku. The child loved the present from her brother and played with it every day, right up until she died from the flu a year later. After Okiku's death, the family placed the doll in a shrine to the lost girl and prayed there. Soon enough, the kimono clad doll started to do things that dolls shouldn't do - most notably, its hair started to grow.

In 1938 the family gave the doll to the priests at the temple so that it could be properly taken care of. To this day, the priests regularly cut Okiku's ever growing hair.

9 Pulau Ubin Barbie - A Man's Dream Haunted By The Doll 

via nocturnia-npt1.blogspot.com

It is nearly impossible that you haven't at some point played with a Barbie doll. Maybe it was your doll. Maybe it belonged to your sister or cousin or neighbor. Whatever the case, you know what Barbie is.

But this Barbie is different...

As the story goes, a man from Pulau Ubin, Singapore had the same dream three nights in a row. In his dream, he was taken by the hand by a little white girl. The girl led the man to the local toy shop and pointed to the Barbie doll in the display window. After the third night, the man felt like he was going mad. Hoping to cure himself of the dream, he headed to the center of town where the toy shop was. When he arrived, he couldn't believe what he saw...

There in the window was the exact Barbie from his dreams. Even more, not far from the store was the little girl. Not the actual girl, but a monument to her. The girl had died in 1914 when the British army came to the island looking for some German spies. The spies were quickly captured, but their daughter ran away. As she ran from the British men, she slipped and fell off a cliff, dying the instant she hit the ground.

Today the Barbie that was in the toy shop now resides in a glass case on the monument to the girl.

8 The Doll At Hougang - Held A Supernatural Spirit

via mitsueki.sg

Barbie isn't the only famous doll in Singapore - there is also The Doll at Hougang.

In June of 2014, as the people of Singapore headed off to work, a few of them noticed something odd on their street. Sitting under a tree, almost like it was just resting for a bit before heading off again, was a real creepy looking doll.

Upon closer inspection, it was clear that the doll's eyes were blindfolded with a piece of cloth with Arabic writing on it. I don't personally read Arabic, so I'm trusting the Internet when it tells me the word says "bismillah."

Supposedly, the blindfold was used in an attempt to trap a Jinn (a supernatural spirit) inside the doll. In time, the owner of the doll stepped forward. She claimed that the doll would move around her home when she wasn't there. It also spoke, it's voice sounding very much like a mature woman.

As the story goes, the doll is no longer holding the Jinn - some goober removed the blindfold, releasing the mythical being.

7 Patty Reed's Doll - Witnessed A Family's Descent Into Cannibalism 

via listtop10s.com

Patty Reed was just eight when her family decided to move to California in 1846. The family took off from Independence, Missouri with a group of other travelers, all of them hoping for a better, richer life on the West Coast. In total, the wagon train leaving Independence consisted of nearly 500 families looking for a new start. Nine of the wagons were used by the Reeds and their good friends the Donners.

The journey wasn't easy. In fact, it was far more difficult than anyone had expected - the weather was against the Reed-Donner party, and they needed to unload supplies in order to keep moving. Patty was forced to give up all of her toys. All except her favorite doll. Over the course of the next year, Patty and her doll saw not only the worst that nature had to offer but also the worst of mankind as the Reed-Donner party turned to cannibalism to survive a harsh winter.

Today, the doll can be found at Sutter’s Fort State Historical Park Museum in Sacramento, California. While it isn't known to be haunted, to look at it, and to know what those faded black eyes watched happen, is in itself haunting.

6 Joliet - A Curse That Haunts This Family

via http://listverse.com

One family has been terrorized by a single doll known as Joliet for four generations. According to Anna G., the current owner of Joliet who would rather the world didn't know her last name or what she looks like, Joliet was given to her great-grandmother by a "friend" who was looking to get some revenge (what the revenge was for, Anna doesn't know).

The curse of the doll works like this; every generation of the G. family will give birth to two children - a boy and a girl. The girl will live a full life, but the boy will die three days after he is born. The soul of the boy is then forever trapped inside Joliet. According to Anna, sometimes Joliet will giggle, but more often than not, the doll screams out with multiple voices, the voices of the dead boys who are held within it.

The S. family refuses to get rid of Joliet because they fear that doing so could cause the souls of the boys to be sent to someplace even worse.

5 Titanic Doll - Belonged To A Young Passenger On The Ship

via seanmunger.com

Some 12,000 feet under the North Atlantic Ocean lies the most historic luxury ship of all time, the RMS Titanic. Built in Belfast, Ireland, the ship was the largest of its time, and was proclaimed to be "unsinkable." I think we all know that proclamation wasn't accurate.

On April 15, 1912, the Titanic slammed into an iceberg and sank, breaking in two before becoming fully submerged. Of the 2,224 people that were on the ship, over 1,500 died.

In 1986, explorer Robert Ballard got in his submarine and headed down to check out the grave of the ship. During the dive, he took many photos, including one of the decapitated porcelain head of a doll laying on the sea floor. Some believe that the doll this head was once part of belonged to two-year-old Loraine Allison, a first class passenger who died on the ship.

4 Haunted Harold - First Doll Ever Sold On eBay

via youtube.com

While his name may suggest that this doll would make for a fun Saturday morning cartoon, Haunted Harold is anything but fun.

Harold isn't famous just for being haunted, he was also the first doll ever sold on eBay, and the seller made it clear that this creepy toy baby was not normal. The seller claimed that he had bought Harold at a flea market in Florida from an old man who claimed that it was haunted. The eBay seller scoffed at the idea, but two days later things got weird.

The seller's cat died. Then his girlfriend left him a few days after that. Those bits could well be just a run of bad luck, but what happened next wasn't - Harold started crying. Every night, the doll would cry. After a year, the owner couldn't take it anymore - he put Harold on eBay.

Since then, Harold has been sold a few times. The latest owner is sure that the doll is cursed. Since buying Harold, she has lost two friends - one to a brain tumor, the other to a flight of stairs - and swears that Harold moves around her house without any assistance.

3 Amanda - Haunted Doll Ruins Owners' Lives

via hauntedamericatours.com

Like Harold, Amanda came to be known to the world through eBay. Designed by Heinrich Handwerck, which is apparently a bigish deal if you know about dolls, Amanda was first sold on eBay in August of 2003. The person who purchased Amanda quickly put the doll back on eBay. Over the last fourteen years, Amanda has shown up on the site for over twenty times with each owner making the same claim - the doll is all kinds of haunted.

How it came to be haunted, no one knows. What they do know is that Amanda likes to travel by her own accord, usually late at night. When she gets bored, Amanda likes to attack her owner, showing up in their dreams, dragging them across the floor and towards a pit of absolute darkness. Each time, the owner has woken in fright only to see Amanda sitting in the bedroom glaring at them. For some of the owners it was extra spooky, they didn't keep Amanda in the bedroom.

2 Emilia - Survived A Train Explosion, But Was Never The Same

via hauntedamericatours.com

Given to King Umberto I, King of Italy by his friend and Captain of the Royal Guard Ulvado Bellina, there's little good that has come from Emilia (sometimes called Amelia).

Shortly after he was given the doll, Umberto I was assassinated. The doll was then given back to Bellina, who gave it to his daughter, Marie. Then Bellina went and got himself assassinated.

Marie and Emilia survived World Wars One and Two together, though they didn't make it through unscathed. In a train explosion, Emilia lost her arms and hair. Since that day on the train, Emilia has been different - her eyes open and close on their own. She cries, not loud, but loud enough that people can hear it. The leading theory is that Emilia is now the host to the soul of a woman who died on the train. Marie kept the doll all her life and even named her daughter after it.

1 Bebe - Owner Saw A Dead Girl Holding The Doll

via youtube.com

Janice Poole is all about haunted dolls. While some of us collect comics or Civil War memorabilia, Janice collects dolls that hold the souls of the dead. Of the twenty-five haunted dolls she owns, Janice says Bebe is the star.

After bringing Bebe into her home, Janice started to experience super weird stuff - doors slamming by themselves, door handles jiggling with no one touching them. One day, hearing noises in her attic, Janice went to investigate. When she got into the attic, she started to have trouble breathing. As she fell to the floor gasping for air, Janice saw a tall man walk past her and go into another room. Janice struggled to her feet and followed the man. When she reached the room, the man was gone, but standing there was a dead girl holding Bebe. Janice collapsed.

When Janice woke, the dead girl was gone, but Bebe was sitting on the floor next to her.

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