15 Creepy Places Even Google Maps Won't Reveal

Here are 15 Creepy Things Even Google Maps Won't Show You.

Google Maps is a more recent technology that helps millions of people every day. It combines the technology of GPS and solar photography in order to give us a detailed view of the world from the comfort of our own homes. The main purpose it serves is for us to be able to look up where we need to go whenever we need to. Physical maps are hardly ever needed and have become mostly obsolete as we now have the ability to have a map of whatever we want whenever we want at the touch of our fingers.

You can look up your favorite restaurants, stores, and other destinations whenever you want. You can look up everything you need to know about the place before you even get there. Aside from just using Google maps to navigate your way through your day, it’s also a way to get a different perspective of the world. You can look up pretty much any big monument or destination all around the world and get a cool view of the place using Google street view.

There are, however, some places that are blocked off to the world. Whether it’s privacy issues or for the protection of people everywhere, Google has blurred and blacked out several locations around the world. What goes on underneath these blacked out places is left for us to figure out. There are some obvious reasons why some places would be hidden, but others remain a mystery as to why we can’t see them. Here are 15 Creepy Things Even Google Maps Won't Show You:

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15 Is The Virgin Mary Buried Somewhere In This Blurred Out Garden Of Gethsemane?

The image above was taken of another religious place. It's allegedly where Jesus spent his last night before being crucified. Some also believe it’s where the Virgin Mary was buried. If this is the case, why did they feel the need to blur it? What could they be hiding? Some would say it’s out of fear of attack from others; however, you can still get an idea of where roads and buildings are, so it doesn’t seem to be protecting much. This makes people wonder if Google street view captured something they shouldn’t have and worked with the area to blur the images to make sure no secrets got out that shouldn’t. It’s creepy enough to think of what might've happened here all those years ago (if you believe in stuff like that). It’s even creepier, however, that they blurred it out.

14 Something Is Hiding At The Top Of The Himalayan Mountains

The image above was taken in the Himalayan mountains. Because of how secluded this area is and how hard it is to even get to in the first place, it’s crazy to think of what could possibly be hiding here! The only way to really find out what could possibly be there, however, is to climb the mountains yourself, and most people definitely wouldn’t be able to do that. The biggest theory as to what's at the top of the mountains is that there was some sort of UFO or meteor that crashed and took the top of the mountains off. Others wonder if Google maps captured some sort of snow beast and hid the image so as not to induce a panic. Others think Google just simply didn’t get a good picture of the place. That could be the case for most of the items on the list, but it doesn’t seem likely, considering the amazing technology they have to document everything on the planet. What do you think is happening here? Which do you think is the most mysterious on the list?

13 Blurred House Of Ariel Castro Where 3 Women Were Being Held Captive At The Time Google Took The Pic

The blurred out image above is the home of Ariel Castro. If you aren’t familiar with who that is, he was an evil man who held several women captive in his home for years. He would torture and rape them on a daily basis, eventually fathering a child with one woman. He forced the child to live in captivity as well until one of the brave women escaped and got help. He was eventually captured and sent to prison, where he later went on to hang himself. Unfortunately, they didn’t get justice for the crimes against them, but, at least, they never have to worry about seeing him again. The image of his home was blurred out for several reasons. The main reason you can’t see the house is because it was taken while the girls were actually in there. The house has now been torn down; however, Google has yet to update this particular location, so you can still see a blurry image of a terrifying house holding women captive.

12 Why Is This Hotel In A Blackout Zone?

The large blacked-out area above is a mysterious area that holds what many people aren't aware of. One thing that’s visible on the map is the location of a hotel. No one really knows what's being blocked out there or why it wouldn’t be allowed to be shown. Some wonder if it’s an area for only the richest of people to visit. Some speculate that there are strange things that go on here that no one is allowed to know about, or else, it would get some of the richest and most powerful people of the world in loads of trouble. After all the rumors started circulating about our president enjoying strange sexual acts, some wonder if this is a place he likes to visit to meet up with Putin to engage in some strange parties. There’s no way to know exactly what’s going on, as Google has blocked it from the public.

11 Are There Aliens Hiding Under The Black Strip In Baker Lake In Canada?

In the photograph above, you can see what looks like normal terrain. It seems as though nothing’s wrong with it until you notice the large black strip blocked out in the middle. It seems like if someone was trying to hide something, they would've done a better job of blocking out more to make it not so obvious that there was something there they don’t want people to see. Some have speculated that it could be a landing strip of some sort for people to do illegal tests on. There was one man who came forward to claim that he knew for certain there were aliens being hidden in this strange strip. There are endless possibilities of what it could potentially be, but with it being blacked out, it’s hard for us to ever be certain of what it really could be. What do you think is hiding from us under the mysterious black strip?

10 What Could Be Hiding On This French Island?

Above, you can see a beautiful view of a French island. It seems like a luxurious paradise with blue waters and white sandy beaches. However, it’s not a glitch in the system that the left half of the island is blurred out. Someone went back in and intentionally blurred the island so as to block something. What could be on the other side of the island that Google doesn’t want us to see? It’s also just a bit strange how it’s blurred out. On some of the other places on the list, we’ve seen black shapes and coloring above them. In this photograph, however, you can still make out the basic layout of the place and see parts of the landscape and island. You can’t really see any buildings there either, so it being government-related might not be likely. What's on the island that they would take the time out of their day to blur from the public?

9 No One Has Any Idea What Could Be Hiding In Russia

This photograph is another one that was taken in Russia. They seem to be a pretty secretive country with a lot that they’d like to hide. There have been rumors of important people murdered or missing with no trace of what could've happened to them. Aside from people disappearing, it seems as though they have a lot of lands that have been disappearing as well. In this one, you can see that the land is mostly just blurred out instead of blacked out. Again, it’s hard to see any buildings or anything else other than the blur, suggesting that it’s some sort of building that they’d want to be kept hidden. If it were facilities, it might make sense to blur them so enemies can’t get detailed views of layouts of places they’d want to attack. What’s strange is that it seems to be a forested area like the rest of the land around it. If this is the case, what’s hiding in the trees that we can’t see?

8 What Is NATO Hiding In The Middle Of The Field? 

The photograph above was taken in the Netherlands and supposedly houses a NATO storage chamber. If you’re not familiar, NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Association and is a military alliance between several European and American states. It’s likely that what’s hiding in the blurred image above is something they want to keep from enemies. Since it’s still a military property, however, plenty of people have come up with conspiracies as to what it could possibly be. Some think they’re housing aliens because when the government hides something from the people, it’s always aliens, right? In all seriousness, whatever it is has to be something that they think is scary enough for their enemies that the place would be under attack at some point in order to get whatever’s hiding in the middle of these fields.

7 A Man So Rich, He Had His Private Island Blurred

The photograph above is an island that supposedly belongs to a very rich businessman. If you looked up your own house on Google maps, you can see it clear as day. So why does this wealthy man get his house blurred out? It seems obvious that certain government and military buildings are blocked to protect the safety of the people around it. If everyone had detailed access to certain blueprints, it would be easier to break a territory into certain areas. When it comes to this very wealthy man, what could he be hiding that Google agreed to block for him? Is he in cahoots with the government and housing some freaky weapons? Is he hiding drugs or sex workers on his luxurious private island? Or is it just that some people in the world are so wealthy that even Google works for them? Google is now working on making it so everyone can blur their house to protect their safety. However, this photograph was taken before that feature was made available.

6 North Korea Just Doesn't Exist On Google Maps

North Korea is the most secretive country in the world, so it’s not too surprising that they basically don’t even exist on Google maps. An image like this is still haunting, however. Thousands and thousands of people have families and live daily lives in North Korea. To just completely keep that erased as though it's never existed and never will is terrifying. What North Korea really wants to protect is likely their concentration camp-like prisons. They're a country that likes to appear one way when, in reality, life is much more horrifying than the perfect images they project. If we could see the country on Google maps, we’d probably see starving people on the street, buildings crumbling, and most of the population in prison. It’s a tragic thing to think about how real this everyday horror story is for so many people on this empty space on Google Maps.

5 This Building Is Photoshopped In, But Google Won't Admit It

In the photograph above, you can see a pretty clear area with some intricate buildings, the surrounding details also being made available to us. There doesn’t seem to be anything hidden here, and everything we might want to see seems available. If you look really, really closely, however, you can start to tell that this is actually a photoshopped image of some buildings blueprints over something else! This place is so secret that they didn’t want you to even know that it’s a secret! Instead, they decided the best way to hide this entire structure is to just cover it up with another picture to fool anyone looking into attacking this place. So, what does it really look like under this copy-and-pasted picture? Are there aliens here -- or something much more terrifying? It’s chilling that Google was willing to allow the shopped image instead of just blacking it out like the rest of the places on the list.

4 An Airstrip In Junction Ranch That Doesn't Seem To Serve A Purpose

The photograph above was taken in Junction Ranch. It’s a super secret facility that houses plenty of secrets. There's no clear reason why it’s here and seems to operate some sketchy tests. Apparently, the rumors are that it’s a drone-testing site. The use of drones is a terrifying recent addition to the brutality of war. It seems as though it’s been a big focus of the military, however. As if drones weren’t bad enough as they are, they’re testing them in order to make them stronger and better to make them into something even more horrifying than they already are. There's also a landing strip on the grounds that doesn’t really seem to serve a purpose either. Some conspiracy theorists go as far to say that they’re using alien technology in drones to try and make something horrifyingly supernatural! Although that’s a ridiculous claim, we still have to remember that there’s a reason this place is blocked off and a reason why they don’t want us to see what’s going on.

3 Google Maps Doesn't Want You To See This Maximum-Security Prison In New York

The photograph above was taken off of Google maps of a prison in New York. You might think it makes some sense to blur out a prison in order to protect the guards and assure that no one has a clear view of the facilities to break prisoners loose. However, you can still get a sense of the facility and see mostly where the buildings are and such. It’s strange that it’s blurred in the way it is, especially knowing that there are other prisons completely clear and open for viewing on Google maps in other locations all around the world. So, what could they be hiding, then? Did street view capture something it wasn’t supposed to have captured? Did it find something that shouldn’t be happening on the grounds of the prison and had to blur it out? With all the speculations about prison brutality, that doesn’t seem completely unlikely.

2 Sandy Island Is Allegedly Empty, So Why Does It Need To Be Blurred? 

The image above is of Sandy Island, an island that was discovered sometime in the late 1770s. It’s appeared on other maps since then; however, Google decided that they needed to blur the image. It’s supposedly empty, so why don’t they even have a clear aerial view of the island? Perhaps they just didn’t see the need to take the time to have a detailed version of the island since it's empty, and there’s no reason anyone would need to look this place up on street view anyway. However, there are countless other places that are seemingly empty that no one would ever really need to look up, but you can still see every last detail of these places. Why then is this island blurred out? Something is probably going on this island that someone out there doesn’t want us to see, and Google is totally in on it.

1 These Sacred Muslim Grounds Are Blocked To All Outsiders

The photograph above was taken of one of the most sacred grounds for those who practice the Muslim religion all around the world. It seems strange, then, that it would be blurred out. If it’s a sacred and holy place, what do they have to hide? Some wonder if it’s simply out of respect; however, there are a lot of places that could benefit from being blurred, simply out of respect for privacy. So, why does this place have more of a reason to hide? It seems as though pictures of the layout would be easily accessible elsewhere for people to look up if they felt that they might be under attack from terrorists or others who have something to fear from enemies. It's also allegedly an incredibly beautiful place, so some wonder if they block the images out to get people to visit the breathtaking sights instead of seeing them for free online.


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