15 Creepy Pieces Of Real Found Footage

Found footage is a film style in which the collection of scenes and clips are presented as though they were abandoned by the subjects and found by someone else. Usually, whoever found them is believed to be those who edited and presented the materials in the film format. The most common use of found footage is for horror movies. When directors choose to present their horror story by using found footage, they’re opening the door for another level of realism.

We’re made to feel as though we know those people and that we’re watching their everyday lives. We easily get lost in the moment of found-footage films, and it’s usually less difficult to suspend your disbelief while watching the film. The benefit for the filmmaker is also that it’s much cheaper to film found-footage movies. You can often have the actual actors as the camera operators, and you don’t have to worry about having as many people on set. You can also use cameras attached to the body of the actors.

These techniques and benefits have made found-footage films incredibly popular over the past decade. What some of us don’t realize, however, is that there are real pieces of found footage out there not created by any director and not starring any actors. It doesn’t happen as often as found-footage movies are being made; however, the chances of finding a creepy piece of found footage on the internet do still exist. So you don’t have to go digging for the clips yourself, we’ve put together a list of the fifteen creepiest that we’ve found. Here are 15 Creepy Pieces Of Real Found Footage:

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15 3 Guys 1 Hammer Is Not Safe For Life

“3 Guys 1 Hammer” is the title given to the found video of those known as "the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs." This title was given because of the popularity of sick and twisted videos with similar titles on the internet at the time, such as “2 Girls 1 Cup.” What “3 Guys 1 Hammer” is is found footage of two insane men torturing a guy with a hammer. There were several videos of these two psychos doing other horrendous acts as well, such as torturing an animal and murdering other people. They were eventually arrested after some of the leaked footage gave investigators clues that linked them to these murderers. It’s strange to think about how some people enjoy watching others get tortured in scary clips like these, but because of the popularity of the videos, at least the murderers were found.

14 An Ex-Cult Member Vows To Seek Revenge For His Abused Siblings On Chilling Discovered Tape

Ricky Rodriquez was a former member of the Children of God cult, where he, unfortunately, suffered years of sexual abuse. A video of him discussing this abuse and multiple wrongdoings of the cult were mailed to one of his friends. Also in the video, he goes on to discuss how he plans to kill his former nanny who allowed the abuse to happen to him. He also states that he plans on taking his own life. Unfortunately, he did follow through with this plan. He then committed suicide. Imagine getting this footage in the mail from one of your friends. It’s incredibly unfortunate what happened to Ricky throughout his life, and it's even more tragic knowing how it all ended. He was an innocent child subjected to abuse, which caused him to turn into a mentally unstable and dangerous adult.

13 Unexplained Creepy Footage From The Woods

In the short clip above, you see what appears to be a person holding a camera walking down a path in the woods. Nothing much happens until the film starts breaking, and it quickly switches over to nighttime. We don’t see or hear anyone until we get to a strange object. It then looks as though it’s being pulled into the trees by someone -- or something -- that we can’t see. The subtleness of the clip is what’s really chilling. It could be nothing, but because that's about how much we know about the video, it gives us chills. Sure, it could just be two people doing something normal in the woods, but they could also be doing something terrifying! It’s also scary because of what they’re pulling. You can’t really tell what it is or why it’s tied to a string. Because of how subtle and mysterious it is, we believe something legit scary was going on here and not just a prank by an internet troll.

12 The Members Of Heaven's Gate Cult Look Happy As They Discuss Their Suicide Pact

Heaven’s Gate was a cult in which all the members took their own lives in order to hitch a ride on a comet that was passing over Earth. Those involved in the cult believed there was a hidden alien spaceship on this comet and killed themselves at the exact moment it would be passing in order to join the aliens on the ship. Their bodies were found poisoned after several days of them committing suicide. There were no survivors. In the stills above, you can see what look to be normal people happily discussing something for a documentary. What they were discussing was their suicide pact. They all seem very calm and excited throughout the videos that had been found after their bodies were. It’s chilling seeing something like this knowing they could've potentially been saved and their lives spared. They truly believed they were on their way to join the aliens, however, and took their own lives because of it.

11 A Man Documents His Obsession With A Popular Musician 

The photograph above is of a mentally ill man who's obsessed with the musical artist Bjork. We didn’t include the entirety of the found footage related to him because of how graphic it is, but from the still above, you can see this man was rather unstable. He begins his videos by stating he’s creating diaries of his life and day-to-day actions. Throughout the video, you see him walk around his apartment naked or in his underwear, perform some strange monologues, and create art. The thing that makes it terrifying, however, is that he eventually buys a gun that he plans to use to murder Bjork. He shows the process of buying the gun and how easy it was for him to get. The most terrifying part about the videos, however, is that he ends them by committing suicide with the gun that he was going to use on Bjork.

10 A Stalker Spies On His Victim Before Strangling Her To Death 

The short clip above is probably one of the most tragic on the list. It shows the footage of a young woman in her home. We see her through the blinds, so the video is seemingly taken by a stalker. She’s doing what most of us spend our own time doing -- sitting on the couch, relaxing. There’s nothing out of the ordinary that makes this video particularly creepy. It’s whom it’s taken by and how it’s captured that gives us the chills. Since it’s from the outside of her apartment, it’s apparent she’s not being recorded consensually. The footage was found in the home of the man who had strangled the woman in the video above to death. His obsession grew deadly, and he went from recording outside her window to murdering her. He had the “if I can’t have her, no one can” mentality that made him snap and brutally murder this innocent woman in her own bed.

9 A Man Records The Bodies He's Dug Up And Mummified

Anatoly Molvchick is a mentally disturbed man who kept over 20 corpses in his home, most of which he mummified. He would dig up recently deceased young girls and dress them in nice clothing, also apply makeup and do whatever was necessary to preserve their bodies. He did this because he felt as though the children he took from their graves had been neglected and abandoned by their family members once they had died. The photograph above is a still taken from one of his found-footage pieces that detectives discovered after raiding his home. He would basically film all the subjects and talk to them and about them. We only included a still, partially out of respect for these corpses as well as to spare you from watching these creepy moments and not be able to forget them. Anatoly is now in a psychiatric facility where he’s getting the help he needs.

8 A Creepy Arsonist Who's Never Been Found Talks Joyously About What He's Done

After stopping for gas during a family road trip, one man found the disturbing footage you can see in the video above. It shows a burning house with a voiceover from a disturbed man referencing Satan. When the video was discovered and shown to authorities, they were baffled. They couldn’t think of any unsolved cases at the time until they remembered a house fire in a home that was under construction. Luckily, no one was harmed in the fire, and the home was rebuilt. The fire occurred a year before the footage was found. The video is truly chilling, and hearing that man’s voice gives us shivers down our spines! Because of the footage and a few tips from people in the area, authorities could finally figure out who had started the fire and who was talking in the video. They were both teens in the area who served short periods of time in juvenile detention.

7 Two Teens Record Themselves Before And After Killing Their Crush

There’s something about recording yourself doing nothing that seems to be popular among teens. So many of our online friends seem to post videos of them driving or add to their Instagram stories clips of them just hanging out. It appears the teens in the video above are doing that until you start to listen to what they’re talking about. They’re discussing that they're going to murder their friend Cassie. It seems like all talk until the last half of the video when they go over what they just did. The murder had been planned for some time and seemed to happen only because the boys wanted to kill someone. They had a strange relationship with Cassie; it seemed like they had had a crush on her, and yet they still ended up murdering her. It seems like dialogue written for a horror movie, but in reality, these boys really did kill a young girl and discuss the murder throughout the video.

6 A Couple Seemingly Drowns On This Found Tape

The video above shows what looks to be two people swimming in a lake. They seem like a happy couple and are just going for a dip. After a bit, however, they seem to start to struggle and eventually disappear underwater. The conclusion is that they both drowned as only this footage has been found, and no one claims to be the couple. It seems strange that they would drown so quickly and easily, but there's an explanation. When people start to feel themselves struggling in the water and think that they might drown, their minds and bodies can go into shock. Oftentimes, drowning victims will grab on to whoever and whatever is around them frantically, many times pulling other people under with them. If both people in the lake went into shock and began pulling each other under, it’s very likely that they both drowned each other.

5 The Graveyard Robber Explains His Ways

The still above is a screenshot taken from a long how-to video about how to rob a grave. In the case that it's a legit skull that this guy stole from someone’s grave, we decided to just include the still so as to spare you from watching him dig around and scoop brains out. If you’re into that, however, the video can easily be found online. Throughout the video, this guy does exactly what the title says, tells you how to rob a grave! It’s pretty chilling to think about people who rob graves like this. It seems like a great idea to get diamond rings and silver jewelry if you can handle disturbing the dead and dealing with a rotting corpse! Hopefully, this is just some guy on drugs going on a rant with a fake skull he found somewhere. If he really is a graverobber and that’s a real skull he’s tossing around, we’ll see him again in our nightmares for sure.

4 Found Footage Of A Diver After He Suffers Nitrogen Narcosis 

The video above is found footage taken from a dead diver’s body. The camera was put in place to record his journey scuba diving, but unfortunately, it actually caught his final moments. Nitrogen narcosis is when a diver reaches such low depths that the high pressure can cause anesthetic-like effects. Some have stated that nitrogen narcosis is like if someone drank over 8 shots of alcohol. It can cause hallucinations and people to completely forget what they’re supposed to do to stay safe underwater. It’s worse than just being drunk and disoriented, especially when you’re at a time when you have to take every precaution necessary. In the video, the diver keeps going lower and lower until he eventually takes his oxygen mask off, probably believing he didn’t need it or was confused by a big piece of equipment on his face. It’s truly a chilling piece of found footage.

3 A Mysterious Phone Call Emerges Of A Missing Woman

The video above isn’t found footage, but rather, found audio recordings. It appears to be of a missing woman who's still not been found. She sounds like she’s talking to a man who’s driving. She keeps asking where they’re going and is obviously very confused as to what the driver is doing. Some might even believe she’s under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol that makes it harder for her to make sense of what’s going on around her. Clearly, whoever she’s driving with is her captor. Some have wondered how this footage was found, but since her brother was in prison at the time she went missing, many believe that she called him and that it was recorded since he was in a secured facility. This is really the only evidence authorities have of finding Amber. It’s tragic knowing how scared and confused she was in her final moments with a dangerous man.

2 Last Moments Of High school Teens Found After Their Boat Sinks, Killing Over 100 Of Them

The image above is of a couple stills taken from one teen’s camera found after the boat he was on sank. The boat ran into some complications while carrying several hundred teenagers. The captain instructed the teens to all put on their life jackets but actually ended up abandoning the boat filled with the teenagers! Most of them didn’t think it was a big deal, as you can see one boy smiling. Others were very terrified, however, and rightfully so. Over 100 of the teens on the boat ended up losing their lives, some because their life jackets actually trapped them inside the sinking ship. The captain, fortunately, is serving a life sentence, for if it weren’t for his negligence, the drowned teens might've known to go to the top of the boat instead of being trapped and dying. We only included a few stills because the real footage is tragic.

1 The Last Moments Of A Pilot Found On Film

Before the footage above was found, there were two men who had gone missing after going for a plane ride. It was assumed they had crashed, but no one knew where. Eventually, their bodies, as well as several rolls of film, were found in the crashed plane. You can see above the stitched-together footage of their final moments before going down. It’s an incredibly saddening video given the panic these men must've felt. After reviewing the footage, you can see that the pilot underestimated an oncoming cliff and tries to quickly dodge it. Instead, he loses control, and the plane crashes. The saddest part is that you can hear him telling his friend to hold on as he attempts to gain control, thinking that they'll end up being fine. It’s truly tragic to view found footage like this.

Source: Youtube.com

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