15 Creepy Pictures People Took While Camping

The purpose of camping is to have fun while connecting with nature. Those who go camping seek an adventure that you can’t find anywhere other than the wilderness. Camping isn’t for everyone, and everyone who camps does it differently. Sometimes, people enjoy camping in the most expensive campers in the fanciest of campsites. Others like to take nothing but a small bag of supplies and the clothes on their back. No matter how you like to camp, there’s no right way to do it. As long as you’re having a good time, that’s really all that matters. Unfortunately, not everyone always has the relaxing oasis they expected when camping.

The forest is a big empty place full of mystery and wonder. It’s hard to know who might truly be lurking in the woods when you plan your next camping trip. Not only are there scary real elements, like bugs bears and other woodland creatures, but who knows what human threats there might be? There could be murderers, rapists, and serial killers just waiting for their next unsuspecting victim in the woods. There are also supernatural forces and paranormal activity that could cause a threat, depending on what you believe in. As if all of those terrifying elements aren’t bad enough, just imagine not having a nice clean toilet to poop in private in!

On a more serious note, camping can be dangerously terrifying. If you have a terrifying camping experience, share it with us and with your friends to see what their spooky stories are. For now, here are 15 Chilling Pictures People Took While Camping:


15 Time To Burn The Tent

When it comes to camping, the most real threat any of us will ever have to face is bugs. Some of us aren’t scared of bugs at all and have no problem swatting them away. Even if you aren’t scared of bugs, you have to admit that they’re annoying. They chew up things we need like food and wood and also bite through our skin, giving us some pretty nasty wounds. For the rest of us who are scared of bugs, spiders have to be the worst. Something about the way that they crawl and the way they spin their webs is nightmare fuel. It’s much more common to run into someone who hates spiders than someone who likes them. When it comes to the spider in the photograph above, there’s no doubt very few people in the world would be OK with this sight!

14 Who's Creeping In The Woods? 


The photograph above was taken by some campers who thought they heard something in the nearby woods. They decided to snap a picture to illuminate the dark sight and see if they could capture anything. They didn’t see the terrifying face hidden in the woods until they were reviewing the photographs later! It’s hard to see at first but, zoomed in, you can make out a terrifying face staring right at the camera! The most horrifying part of the face is how it doesn’t look human or like a mask. It doesn't look like something that we’ve ever seen before, and it's something that we’d hope to never see again. Photographs like this are what make us terrified of the woods and of ever going camping! Sure, it’s a great way to get some scenic views and some relaxation in; however, the site in this photograph is certainly neither of those things!

13 What's This Cage Used For?

The photograph above came from one viewer who decided to go for a little hike during his camping trip. About forty minutes away from any other civilization, in the middle of nowhere and buried deep in the dark scary woods, he found this mysterious cage. He was an expert camper and knew most animal traps to look out for that hunters had set up. However, this cage was unrecognizable. It didn’t look like a common trap of any sort, and even if it did, why was it so big? It also wasn’t close to anything else like a home or a campsite, so it’s not like it was a home for farm animals. It’s pretty terrifying trying to imagine what this cage was there for and who put it there in the first place. Was it a sadist keeping people hostage in the middle of nowhere? Is someone trapping and torturing animals? What do you think the cage was there for?

12 Unknowingly Capturing A Dying Camper


Hiking can be dangerous, but for many campers, that’s the reason they decide to set up a temporary home in the middle of the woods. People die all the time from hiking and if a camper isn't dealing with death, injuries are incredibly common as well. That doesn’t stop people, however, and the views are always said to be worth it. In the photograph above, you can see one hiker climbing up a cliff. Their friend took the photograph to show their progress in climbing. During their expedition, they ran into a girl and her friend who had both fallen while hiking. Unfortunately, one of the girls was dead, but they were able to call for help and have her taken to safety. It wasn’t until later when they were reviewing their photograph that they realized that they had captured one of the fallen girls in the background of their picture!

11 When The Grim Reaper Crashes Your Campsite

The picture above was one of the few pictures on the list to be taken with film rather than being digital. This means that shopping the picture would've been much more difficult, meaning that it’s unlikely the image was faked. You can see from the two images that in the first, there appears to be a man wearing all black in the middle of a group of playing campers. In the second photograph, taken only moments later, the black figure is gone! This is certainly a chilling discovery that was only made later when the photographer was reviewing their pictures. If you count the men, they all add up, but in the first photograph, the man in black looks very clear and solid like he’s really there and not just a shadow or a glitch in the film of one of the other men. Could this have been a grim reaper looking for the next unsuspecting camper to take?

10 Not As Alone As You Think In The Woods


The photograph above was taken by one camper who decided to go on an adventure all by himself. Camping alone is certainly not something everyone would be able to do. Braving the darkness and silence that comes along with sleeping in the wilderness can be a chilling task that not everyone can manage. However, some people think that it’s certainly the best feeling anyone can ever have. Unfortunately, the camper who took this photograph stated that he had difficulty really achieving that feeling of being alone during his expedition, as he seemed to be carrying a feeling of being watched by someone or something the entire time. It wasn’t until later, when he was reviewing some of the pictures that he took, that he realized that feeling might have been there for a reason. You can see in this picture that he took that a ghostly figure seems to have appeared in the middle of the woods!

9 Campfire Crasher!

Campfires are fun ways to hang out with friends and relax while cracking a cold one open with the boys. In the picture above, you can see a great group of buds having the time of their lives in the middle of the woods. It was a great location where they could all really let loose and have a good time roasting each other while tossing back a few cold ones. Memories that will last a lifetime are made in places like these, and unforgettable moments with friends are priceless, eternally lasting keepsakes. It seems like they really had the best time at this little-wooded hangout. That was, until they were reviewing photographs later and realized they might not have had such an exclusive hang-out session after all. In the zoomed-in version of this picture, you can see an extra figure of a younger looking boy. The guys who took the picture claim they have no idea who that little boy is and that they hadn’t seen anyone who looked like him all night.


8 A Face In The Fire


Fires are mysterious forces that, at one point, seemed like magic. Without fire, we’d really have nothing. It’s a mystical force to stare into, but sometimes, you might see something staring back! That was the case for the camper who took the photograph above. It looks as though you can see a face being created by the flames! The scary part about this picture is how clear the face looks. Oftentimes, when you see something like this, you can assume that a mix of smoke, shadows, and lighting created the illusion of something that isn’t there. Smoke, shadows, and light are all certainly present in the photograph; however, there’s something different about this face that really makes it feel real. Have you ever stared into flames and seen something that wasn’t really there? Next time you’re around a fire, see what you can make out in the flames.

7 Not Your Average Campers

Some people don’t really enjoy the outdoors but still want to feel like they’re on a nature escape. When you’re looking for that sort of feeling, a camper on a nice campground is always the way to go. For the campground above, however, they found themselves with a little more than just a relaxing vacation. In the picture above, you can see what looks to be like a group of people wearing white suits. This isn’t because of an alien invasion or a government attack. They’re crime scene investigators there gathering clues after two women were found stabbed on the campground! Murder is certainly a way to be completely terrified to the point of never going camping again! Luckily, because of the diligent work of the investigators in the photograph above, the evil murderer was caught and arrested. But it’s still a terrifying reminder that literally anything, scary or not, could happen while you’re camping!

6 A New, More Terrifying Way To Camp


People are always coming up with new ways to do everything everybody already does. That’s certainly the case for camping. It always seems as though camping is intended for relaxing and separating yourself from a society that craves new and interesting ideas constantly. Camping will always be evolving like the rest of the world, however, as you can see in the photograph above. This picture was taken of a group of people who enjoy cliff camping, a new way to sleep off the side of a cliff. What's the point of this other than having an interesting social-media picture? You can’t move around and interact with others and, instead, are just lying on the side of a cliff. It seems counterproductive and just overall pointless. What if you have to pee after finally getting safe and comfortable? Would you or anyone you know ever have the guts to try cliff camping?

5 Will The Real Blair Witch Please Stand Up?

The Blair Witch is a terrifying horror movie that convinced people it was real when it first came out. It follows three people who decide to go on the hunt for the Blair Witch, a creepy woman only told of in urban legends. Of course, the movie was fake, but that hasn’t stopped people still believing in someone known as the Blair Witch. Two girls who went camping alone think that they caught what others would believe to be the Blair Witch! It wasn’t until they were reviewing photographs later that they discovered the strange white figure in the background of their zoomed in picture that you can see above! Of course, this photograph has had its fair share of critics and skeptics. Some claim that it’s just another camper walking through the woods, even though the girls stated that they were alone in the area. Others think it’s Photoshopped, but because of the quality of the picture, it looks fairly seamless.

4 The Man In Black


The picture above was taken by a group of hikers making their way through an old quarry. They stumbled upon a strange man wearing all black and staring at a rock. They stated it was a nice day out, so the long black coat was a bit unnecessary. They also stated that he didn’t even notice the group of people staring down at him from the top of a cliff! Later, one of their friends decided to meet up with them on their camping trip. They were driving down a dirt road leading to where the friends were hanging out when they ran into this same man! Only this time, he was standing still on the road and didn’t move out of the way at all when he saw the car in the middle of the street! They actually had to drive around him! It’s scary that they all still decided to hang out in the creepy forest this dude was roaming around in!

3 Creeping In The Moonlight

The picture above was taken by yet another camper who thought he heard something terrifying in the night and decided to take a picture to illuminate the dark and creepy forest. Like the rest of the campers on the list, he didn’t notice this terrifying and dark creature until he was reviewing the photographs later. When he saw this terrifying creature staring back at him, he freaked! Wouldn’t you? It looks like something that came from outer space! Whether this is an alien or a strange forest creature that only lives in the woods, it’s something terrifying that we hope to never see again! This picture was taken in Wisconsin, so if you’re ever in the area, camping with some friends, be sure to be on the lookout for something terrifying like this! The way the creature's eyes shine back at the camera really makes it seem real.

2 A Bear With Mange Stalking Campers


Bears are a big threat to campers, but most skilled hikers and other adventurers have their own way of protecting themselves from bears. Plus, most of the time, bears aren’t interested in anything other than the snacks and garbage of the campers. Bears aren’t really known for eating people. Unfortunately, this bear wasn’t aware of the societal norms of campers and other bears and decided he wanted to stalk a lonely man. The camper who took this photograph claimed that the bear followed him around. The most terrifying part of the bear is its appearance, as it had mange, causing it to lose all its hair. The camper also stated that he wasn’t aware of the disease that causes animals to lose their hair at the time he was being chased, and he thought he was under attack by some strange beast! Luckily, he escaped from the bear with nothing more than this creepy picture of it.

1 Why Was This Campsite Abandoned? 

Bears get into campsites all the time and can wreck the place on the hunt for food. That’s what one camper thought when he ran into this torn-apart campsite with his dad one day. He figured the original campers had just left their campsite to nature and abandoned it as food for the bears. However, after investigating the site further, he realized there was no way bears were involved in this abandonment. The food was left behind and hadn’t been torn into like how a bear might normally do. They had also left all their clothes and other expensive camping gear. Since the other camper had been in the area for a bit and hadn’t run into other campers, he speculated that this place had been abandoned for a bit. He contacted the local authorities, too and nothing had been reported about an attack or missing persons. So, what could've caused the campers of that site to abandon everything, including food, clothes, and expensive camping equipment?



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