15 Creepy Pictures Of Real Polygamists

Polygamy is the practice of taking more than one spouse at a time. It differs from polyamory in that it’s usually one husband with multiple wives versus several different genders and sexes dating each other. The most common religion associated with polygamy is Mormonism. Though the official church has outlawed polygamy since it became illegal in the U.S., many people who consider themselves polygamists still use the term "Mormon" to identify each other. The largest church associated with Polygamist Mormons is the FLDS. It's now known as one of the largest operating cults in the United States today.

They live secluded from everyone else, have their own system of law and order, and often practice incest and child marriage. The sickest part of it all is that it somehow still manages to operate in the United States in 2017. The leader, who calls himself a prophet, is Warren Jeffs. Jeffs was thankfully arrested and sent to prison for life after being caught abusing young girls. He would force them to have sex with him under the guise of teaching them how to be good wives. He would also marry young girls, two of which he impregnated, which served as evidence in his trial.

We do have several pictures from them as well as a few from other people who follow the same practices. Here are 15 Disturbing Pictures Of Polygamists:


15 Mother And Son Posing With The Father Who's In Prison

The picture above looks like a young girl posing with a sibling, maybe in front of their father. Unfortunately, that's not the case at all. The young girl is posing with her own baby placed in front of a picture of her husband and the father’s baby. It’s stomach-turning to know what this young girl went through. They disguise it all under their cult’s religion. This young girl deserves a future and the independence to explore the world. Instead, she was told that her only purpose was to have a child and that marrying this disgusting pedophile was a great honor. He abandoned all of his young wives when he was sent to prison, leaving them free from him physically but forever brainwashed by his disturbing words. Hopefully, wherever this girl is now, she’s healing from what he did and finding a new and better life.

14 Escaping The Feds Using Ridiculous Disguises


Because of the disgusting acts Warren Jeffs has done throughout his life, he was a wanted man by the feds at one point before his arrest. During this time, he fled the compound in which the cult operates and took a few of his favorite wives with him. Above, he's pictured in one where they’re both wearing disguises so as not to be recognized by anyone during their escape. Why are they even taking pictures if they’re supposed to be in disguises? They think it’s all fun and games to run from the police; however, it’s actually a terrifying situation. This poor young girl was ripped from her home thinking that her husband was under attack from people who couldn’t recognize their power. Instead, he’s a sick freak making her wear dollar-store wigs and hide out in a freaky cabin somewhere.

13 Abused Women All Pregnant By The Same Disgusting Man

Unfortunately, those who follow “the prophet” Warren Jeffs aren’t the only freaks who practice polygamy. Above is a photograph of one disturbing man named "Tom Green," not to be confused with the actor. Like most polygamists, he started with one wife. Then he got another. She also happened to have a daughter that he decided to take as his own wife, which means he married his stepdaughter. He also managed to get them all pregnant at the same time! It’s devastating to know that his poor stepdaughter was made to think that he was such an amazing man that she should throw her life away and just become another one of his wives. Her mother’s child will be the sibling of hers, as well as their aunt/uncle. These men aren’t even rich and powerful. They just have the power of manipulation, which allows them to control these innocent women.

12 Husband, Wife, And Wife


The photograph above is another group of people who don’t belong to Warren Jeff’s cult. They still practice polygamy, however. The older man and woman in the photograph were just a normal couple married for decades before they became polygamists. He met the young girl one day, and they started dating. She then ended up pregnant, so he brought her home and ended up making her another wife. It’s disturbing that the original wife was just chill with this. She’s so much younger, and now, they have to have another baby. She’s young enough to be their daughter, their child -- even their grandchild. Instead, they’ll all live happily ever after. Some people say that if they’re all consenting adults, let them live. However, the child isn’t a consenting adult and will be born into this strange life. A lot of children of polygamy choose to go a different way than their parents but still have to deal with their lifestyle growing up.

11 That's His Wife, Not His Daughter

The girl in the photograph above looks as though she’s happily posing with her father. If you look really closely, however, you can start to see the fear in her eyes. She’s actually posing with a man she now knows as her husband. This picture was taken just several weeks after her thirteenth birthday. Most girls this age are just discovering their sexuality and whom they might be attracted to. They’re supposed to go to high school social events and sleepovers with their friends, not get pregnant by a much older man when they’re barely a teen. It’s a devastating reality for many young girls in the cult, and Warren Jeffs was just one of the few who got caught for it. One of the saddest parts is that her mother allowed all of this and was probably behind the camera telling her daughter to smile.

10 A Disturbing Letter From A Brainwashed Girl


The letter above is a bit hard to read but was written from a young pregnant girl to the father of her child, Warren Jeffs. In it, she basically states how grateful she is to have him as a husband. It’s disturbing to think about how brainwashed these poor girls are. They think that he's a god and that it’s great to be abused by him. That’s the worst part. They’re made to say 'thank you' for everything he does for them. During his trial, pictures like this and audio recordings of Warren Jeffs’s “training” sessions were played to jurors. It was a clear-cut case, and it's easy to see that this man was definitely guilty. He represented himself and often objected to things like this being shown, saying that it was infringing on his religious freedom. For him to use that argument is so disturbing.

9 All Pregnant By The Same Disturbed Man

This is another photograph on the list of women all pregnant by the same disturbing man. They're all carrying Warren Jeffs' children. At this point, there’s no way of really knowing how many children he has. Most of them probably fled when he was arrested, and the young ones might not even know that he’s their father. Hopefully, he doesn’t have any contact with them, and they are able to grow up and have a good and normal life. Unfortunately, a lot of these women are probably still living in the compound and believing Warren Jeffs was right in what he did and that he's in prison even though he’s innocent. A lot of these women will die believing this. It’s unfortunate, but because of the free state we live in, we can’t dictate how everyone lives their lives.


8 The Groom And Bride


The photograph above is of Warren Jeffs’ father and his 19-year-old bride. At least she wasn’t just a teen when she was married off, but that doesn’t make this any less disturbing. Our final teen years and early twenties are supposed to be the best years of our lives. We get to have freedom from our parents and can really start shaping what we’ll be like as adults. Unfortunately, this girl wasn’t given any of those chances and was instead married off to a man who luckily died not too long after this. Unfortunately, once Jeff’s father died, he married all of his wives -- or stepmoms -- so that they weren’t widows. Obviously, he had a messed up dad, so we know why he was the way he was to an extent. However, how can so many people just let this man keep doing what he’s doing? Although he’s been taken from the compound, his words will forever stick in their heads and control their thoughts.

7 Cemetery For Stillborn Babies 

Because the compound is so large yet so few people participate in the polygamy, a lot of half-siblings, cousins, and even uncles and nieces are married to each other. Not everyone grows up in a tight-knit group with twenty-plus siblings, so these relationships don’t always seem strange to them. They also see incest as good, as it keeps the genes the same. We, not being cult members, know, however, that incest can result in some internal and external deformities causing serious medical conditions or miscarriages. Unfortunately, this is very common in their cult, resulting in an entire cemetery dedicated to stillborn babies of incest. They won’t admit that, however, and state that these babies die from God’s will. A lot of the babies also die because not every thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old girl’s body can handle carrying a baby, and yet, many of them are ultimately forced to.

6 The Creepiest Cult In Modern Society


Could this picture get any creepier? It’s a group of Warren Jeffs' wives posing in front of his picture. They intended it to be sweet and romantic, but it’s seriously so disturbing. Even the best horror directors and writers couldn’t come up with something as creepy, mostly because it’s actually a real group of people doing this and not actors reading a script. What on Earth are they thinking with this? It’s chilling enough that he has so many wives, but for all of them to do this pose is just seriously messed up. Unfortunately, most of these wives also probably have at least 3 or more kids and more on the way. It’s really not fair to the wives or the kids to live a life like this. Having a child is difficult for one couple, but forcing these young women to care for multiple children when they’re still so young is really unfair.

5 Getting A Second Wife Is As Easy As Tinder Now

Although some people claim to hate it, the internet is amazing. You can get anything you want at any time, and it’s full of cool things to look at (like this list). Unfortunately, there's some messed up stuff online, like this new website for finding a second wife. If you’ve ever wanted to be a polygamist, now’s your chance! It’s a site that makes it super easy to hook up with other people looking for plural marriage. If all the adults are consenting, it seems harmless. However, who knows who might not always be consenting when put on a website like this. It’s just strange that you can go on here at any time you want now and find so many people looking for multiple marriages. Who knows what other disturbing sites might pop up in the future and cause even more freaky things to be available with such ease.

4 Worshipping The Gross Man


When entering a marriage, there’s a certain amount of admiration you have for your partner. You choose the other because you trust your partner to lead in some situations and offer assistance in others. It’s all about having respect for the other person to continue to work through things together as a couple. When it comes to polygamist families, however, the dynamic is altered so much more. All of the women are supposed to worship their husband through thick and thin. They’re praying to him in the photograph above! They’re supposed to blindly follow him and do whatever he says. Warren Jeffs has also given some strange advice on this, saying that women must shower before touching their husband and must ask for approval before they do pretty much anything. It’s scary to know that some people think that this is what marriage is. What makes them think that a man is so much greater than all of the women?

3 Keep Your Hair Long To Wash Your Husband's Feet

One thing you’ll see among polygamists is them growing their hair out super long and never cutting it. They do this because they believe that when they get to heaven, they’ll use their hair to wash the feet of their husbands. Imagine being so brainwashed that you grow your hair out so you can use it to wash other people’s feet. That’s seriously one of the most disturbing things to learn about the religion. They’re always braiding it up in strange ways as well and never dyeing or altering it. Some people definitely put a lot of importance on their hair, but these people really take it to an entirely new level. This picture is pretty terrifying-looking, knowing what they’re doing it for. Pictures like this aren’t supposed to be scary, but this one, in particular, is pretty disturbing.

2 Warren Jeffs Is Still Leading The Polygamists From Prison


The photograph above was taken from a prison security camera. It shows Warren Jeffs on the phone with the appointed leader at the FLDS compound. He's still directing what people do while he rots behind bars. He tells them what rules they need to follow and lets them know he’s getting out of prison any day now. The reality is that he was sentenced to life in prison plus twenty years, so he's never going to get out no matter what happens. These people still think he was falsely accused, however, and that he’s a great man who was wronged by the government. They don’t believe anything anyone says about him even though they know he got underaged girls pregnant! They think that that’s normal life and that’s how things are supposed to be! A picture like this is truly disturbing in that it shows how pathetic he is in his prison clothes; however, he’s still a powerful leader in their eyes.

1 The Ceremonial Bed For His Child Brides

The photograph above is definitely the most disturbing on the list. It shows a ritualistic bed that Warren had his followers build in order to “train,” “teach,” and “break-in” young girls who were going to become wives someday. He basically used the bed to molest innocent children that looked up to him as their leader. It was found in a locked room with seats, suggesting adults might've watched this all happen. What kind of disgusting group of people allows something like this to happen! Luckily, the bed, as well as many tapes and letters, was found and destroyed, and it led to the arrest and conviction of this evil leader. He’ll never be able to harm anyone again, but there are still plenty of polygamists out there following his words and abusing women without any sort of punishment.

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