15 Creepy Pics That Were Photobombed By Ghosts

A photobomb is when someone or something unexpected pops up in your photo and ruins the perfect picture you had planned. For most of us, a photobomb just means our annoying friend or relative holding up the peace sign behind our head right at the moment the picture gets snapped. Every once in a while, however, you might get a scary reaction when you realize that something paranormal or supernatural popped up in the back of your picture. It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, when you think you’re taking a selfie, it becomes much more than just yourself in the picture! Sure, some photobombs are scary without having to be paranormal.

Maybe you captured something or someone you weren’t supposed to in the back of your picture. Maybe that person is doing something embarrassing like picking his or her nose or making an ugly face. We’re not talking about that kind of scary photobombs on this list, however. We’re strictly sticking to photobombs of something paranormal, extraterrestrial, or supernatural. Every one of these photographs on the list alleges to have been photobombed by a ghost. The photographers of these photographs claim that no one else was around and that there's simply no other explanation than that there’s a ghost that popped up where it wasn’t supposed to.

Have you ever had a freaky photobomb? Which do you think is the most horrifying on the list? Share with your friends to see what they say! Here are 15 Ghost Photobombs That Will Haunt Your Dreams:

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15 Staring From The Car

When it comes to capturing a ghost in a spooky photobomb, a lot of skeptics have explanations for what it could actually be instead of something supernatural. A lot of the time, people say that strange reflections and our thirst for horror causes us to see faces or bodies when it’s really just the way something was distorted on camera. When it comes to the photograph above, we have no idea what could've been distorted to make it look as though there’s a face looking out the window! We understand mistaking a strange shape for a spooky figure; however, there's no mistaking that this is definitely the face of someone sitting in the other car! If not, what is it? The person in the picture and the one who took the photo stated that they were definitely the only ones there. There really isn’t any other explanation than that it’s a ghost then!

14 Crashing The Family Photo

The picture above looks like a nice family photo. You have mom, dad, and child all smiling happily sitting on their front porch. It really is a great picture. That is, until you look at the front door. Unfortunately, this family of three is a little more than they think and are actually housing something paranormal inside the seemingly perfect home. Some might say that what’s in the doorway is nothing more than simply a reflection. That seems like an explanation until you start to wonder what that reflection might be! They’re all sitting down, and you can tell from the picture that the photographer is a bit further away. If it’s none of their reflections, then what’s the explanation? This one definitely looks like a figure standing in the doorway of a house they thought was empty, and that’s absolutely horrifying!

13 Someone Staring From The Kitchen

The photograph above was taken by a parent who was hoping to simply capture a cute picture of his baby. When reviewing the photographs later, however, he was horrified to discover the figure of a head sitting in the kitchen! That has to be an absolutely chilling discovery, especially for anyone who has a baby in the house! There’s no explanation for what it could be. The head appears really solid and legitimately looks like someone is sitting there and is not just a strange object floating. The scariest part about this one is that it isn’t even necessarily just a ghost. There’s always a chance that they actually captured someone in there they didn’t know was watching them. No matter what the true explanation for this particular photograph is, there’s no doubt that if most of us saw this picture of our own child in our own home, we would be packing our bags!

12 More Than Just A Selfie

The girl in the picture above looks like she got the best selfie. For those of us who indulge in snapping pictures of ourselves, we know that it’s a process. You can’t just lift up a camera and expect to get something good. The angle has to be right, or else, you might show off your unflattering side. If the lighting is wrong, the whole thing is ruined. Even if you have the perfect spot and the perfect angle, you need to make sure you still look good! If you don’t have your hair, makeup, and clothing on point, what’s the point of even taking the selfie in the first place? It seems like the girl in the photograph above is an expert selfie taker, and she looks like she got everything right you’re supposed to when snapping a selfie. The thing she didn’t mean to capture? The freaky ghost in the corner staring back at her…

11 Dancing Ghost

The two girls in the picture above look like they’re having a great time hanging out together. Everyone has a picture from his or her childhood of dancing and acting goofily. Does yours have a freaky ghost photobombing you, however? If you can’t tell where the ghost is, it’s on the left side of the girl to the left in the photograph above. They weren’t expecting to find such a freaky image when they took these pictures to get developed. For this one, you can’t even say that it’s just another person in the picture because it definitely looks straight up like it’s a ghostly figure. What was supposed to be a fun time dancing silly with a friend captured on camera to remember forever actually turned out to be one of the scariest photobombs on the list!

10 Sitting On A Ledge That Isn't There

The picture above looks pretty normal. Nothing about this seems strange at all. That is, until you realize that the girl seemingly sitting behind the fence is probably a ghost. The mother and daughter captured in the image claim that on the other side of the ledge where it looks like there’s a girl sitting is actually a straight drop into the water. There’s no way that anyone was sitting on the other side of the fence. The person who took the photograph also claims he didn’t see anyone there at the time the picture was taken. The only explanation? Ghosts. Of course, this photograph has its critics like all the pictures on the list do. People are always skeptical, and that’s a good thing. We’ve been duped before, and critiquing a photograph so hard only allows us to be better judges for picking out the real ones. The girl in the picture above does appear to be a bit darker than the rest of the picture. What do you think?

9 Whose Face Is That?

The face captured in this photobomb is definitely one of the freakiest faces on the list. It looks more demonic than it really does ghastly, but either way, this is a freaky photobomb. Sometimes, pictures like this are what make us question if someone faked it. When it’s taken at a historic landmark or some other vacation destination like the mother/daughter picture at the dock in the last entry, we understand why people would want to snap that picture to remember the time they had. However, this photograph is just some guy sitting at his computer. Who wanted to take a picture of that moment, and why? However, we all have random photographs of us doing normal stuff that we have no real reason to have, so perhaps, this is the result of some friends messing around with a camera.

8 Peeking Through The Windows

This anomaly in the photograph is probably a hard one to spot, but if you look at the reflections in the room where the kids are making pancakes, you can make out some freaky figures in the windows. It looks as though someone was caught in the reflection rather than having been on the outside of the window looking in. No matter what the case may be, it’s scary to think that these girls making pancakes weren’t as alone as they had originally thought they were. Of course, no one was hurt as there have rarely been cases of a person being hurt by a ghost. That doesn’t make it any less of a horrifying discovery, however, to learn later that there might've been something a little supernatural in the room with you! We should feel safe and comfortable in our homes without having to wonder if a ghost is watching!

7 Who's Coming Down The Stairs?

The picture above of two children was taken by their mother. It’s a nice picture in front of an interesting stone structure out in nature. It seems like a great picture of the kids, one of those that you’d send to the grandparents. That is, until they looked at the photo and noticed the strange ghostly figure running towards them! If you look at that stone structure, you can see what looks to be someone wearing a cloak or a cape floating towards the children! Imagine the horror of their mother who later reviewed the photographs and had to make this chilling discovery! What on Earth could that figure be? It certainly doesn’t look human, and it definitely doesn’t look friendly! It isn’t certain where they are or what location this was taken at, which is unfortunate for those of us hoping to avoid this terrifying place! What do you think this grim reaper-like figure chasing the children could be?

6 Creeping In The Doorway

The girl above looks like any other girl that pops up on your news feed with her selfie. Although it’s a picture of her face, so little is known about this woman. Does she take selfies all the time? Is she one of those people who post the same selfie over and over again every day? Perhaps this was a rare selfie that she only decided to take because she was having a good hair day. No matter what the case, the only thing we do know about this selfie is that she's in no way as alone as she might think she is. It’s kind of hard to see in the photograph, but if you look at the hallway behind her, it appears as though there’s a small child looking straight at her! Who is that child and why is it haunting her hallway? So many terrifying questions that we might never get answered!

5 Yearbook Ghost

When going back to look at our old high school pictures, we can sometimes learn a lot. We might see a face that we forgot, or perhaps we’re reminded of a friend we used to see every day. Everyone occasionally has a moment of finding someone he or she has absolutely no memory of. For the people reviewing the school photograph you can see above, they were troubled with the question of what exactly was lurking behind them all when they snapped the picture. It wasn’t a matter of a forgotten face they had lost touch with after graduation. Instead, it was a mysterious case that made us wonder if there’s something paranormal lurking behind this group of teens. It could always be a glitch in the camera or something faked by one of the students; however, it’s certainly enough to give us chills and want to look behind the group before snapping a picture next time!

4 Ghastly Face

Everyone has an embarrassing photograph of them being wild with friends that they wish people would forget. The scary part for the girls in the photograph above wasn’t the embarrassment that would come back to haunt them at some point. For them, the scary part was the ghost that was already haunting them! You can see to the left of the group what looks to be a ghostly figure floating around next to the girls! From the look of this picture, it seems as though it was probably snapped on a disposable camera, which would make it even harder to fake. The girls don’t seem phased at all and look as though nothing is bothering them. They certainly didn’t feel the same way when they discovered a party crasher in their pictures later! Have you ever discovered an unwanted party guest in one of your photographs?

3 Masked Figure

The girl in the picture above is yet another young lady on the list who enjoys taking pictures of herself. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but a lot of people see the girl in the picture above and feel the need to shame her for taking a picture of her face. What they really should be concerned with is the terrifying floating mask lurking behind her! Sure, some would say it’s just a mask hanging on the wall. The girl who took the photograph states that she’s never seen a mask like that and that there definitely wasn’t one in the house at the time she took the picture. This one doesn’t just look like a ghost photobomb but instead, someone about to get murdered by a creepy masked serial killer! This definitely has to be one of the most chilling on the list as it might've captured more than just a ghost!

2 She Didn't Mean To Capture Him

The girl in the picture above wasn't afraid to take a picture of her brace smile and post it on the internet. It wasn’t until after, however, that she realized she might've inadvertently captured a creepy ghost lurking behind her car! She stated that the guy in the blue hat was definitely there, but if you look to his left, there appears to be another man standing there. The girl who took this particular photograph has since stated that that man was definitely not there at the time that she took the photograph and that she has absolutely no idea who it is. He does look more transparent and less colorful than the rest of the people on this list, which makes her story a little more believable. The face is very clear, however, so it does still make us wonder if it’s just a normal dude who someone was claiming was a ghost.

1 Crashing The Party

The two girls in the photograph above were actually taking pictures together on Halloween! There’s no better time to capture a freaky ghost picture than the scariest holiday of them all. Of course, according to these girls, it wasn’t their choice that they happened to capture such a freaky sight. Both of the ladies in the picture claim that the face that appears between the two of them was definitely not there at the time that they took the photograph. It wasn’t until they were reviewing pictures later that they realized something was there! That’s certainly a very spooky way for someone to celebrate Halloween! Some might say that these girls took this holiday a little too seriously! What do you think is the most terrifying ghost photobomb on the list? Share this list with your friends just in time to really spook them for Halloween!

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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