15 Creepy Photos Of Strange Unidentified Creatures

Whenever you hear people talking about space and aliens, you most likely agree that there is a rather high probability that we are not alone in the universe. If we were to face the facts and statistics, given what scientists believe might be the actual size of our galaxy and the ever-expanding universe, there is bound to be some other kind of life out there. That sounds reasonable, does it not?

So here is the question we would like to ask you: If it is possible for life out on other planets to exist, how do you feel about the prospect that there are creatures still living on our dear earth that we have not yet discovered? And no, we’re not talking about the little bugs and birds that scientists in expeditions find every year in the Amazon rainforest. We are talking about huge, Loch Ness size monsters that would either haunt your dreams or keep you from sleeping in the first place. Perhaps it is harder to imagine that such mysterious and unidentified creatures might live on land, and if they did, it wouldn’t seem plausible for them to be big enough to scare an adult human being. Under the surface, however, the story is very different.

The sea is a vast and profound place that could very well harbor humongous unknown species that we might not have encountered yet for pure dumbfounded luck. With those mysteries in mind, we have separated a list of 15 creepy photos of strange unidentified creatures that will keep you awake at night.

15 A Russian Fisherman Story

Via: facebook.com

Only people who have been to Russia can really understand how different things are over there in comparison to the West. Apparently, the fauna in Russian waters is also very different from what we westerns are used to seeing. This little beauty came to the surface with the aid of Russian fisherman, Roman Fedorstov, a man who became quickly known around the web for posting pictures of strange fish that he pulled from the water during his fishing trips.

What this image really brings to mind is the question of where has this man been fishing? If he lived closer to Ukraine, we could make a case for how he was fishing near Chernobyl, but according to a Fox News article, Fedorstov is based at a city named Murmansk in northwestern Russia. The report also claims that the fish in question is called a halibut. Nevertheless, it seems more like a cross between a cyclops and a snake-head fish. Either way, we know we are not going fishing near Russia anytime soon.

14 Alien Funeral In Thailand

Via: urloplandia.pl

And you thought that the folks in Roswell made for a good story when a UFO allegedly crashed near the city. Little did you know that in Thailand, they have already held a funeral for an alien. Or at least that’s what this picture looks like. Depending on the angle you look, the creature might seem like a deformed child or the results of an ill-fated human hybridization experiment. At the end of the day, however, what this creature most resembles is indeed what some Hollywood movies led us to imagine aliens would look like.

The consensus around the web seems to be that the creature pictured in this image has to hold some sort of emotional value for the people gathered there, which would explain the amount of folks in attendance, as well as the military personnel pictured there. The most mundane explanation given for this picture is that the carcass is actually an aborted calf. Now wondering why the Thai military would be interested in the funeral of an aborted calf is about as weird as giving some line to the thought that this could be an alien or human hybrid.

13 The Hook Island Sea Monster

Via: unexplainedaustralia.com

When the subject is sea monsters, our imagination immediately takes us to a place in our heads where dinosaurs, megalodons, and giant octopuses live. Those are just the immediate thoughts that run past our heads when the subject arises. The Hook Island monster, however, is a bit different than most of the sea creatures that haunt the dreams of poor folks who suffer from Thalassophobia. While it might be impossible to pinpoint and claim the real identity of this underwater creature, it resembles a giant sea snake.

At least, a serpent was the word used by Robert Le Serrec to describe the monster that he and his family encountered back in the summer of 1964. During a summer trip on their recently purchased motor boat, the Le Serrecs spotted an odd figure lurking below the surface. After diving to take a better look at the creature, Le Serrec and a friend bolted out of the water in fear of the monster they had come face to face with below the surface.

12 Mystery In Indonesia

Via: sciencealert.com

The most common source of accounts of unidentified creatures comes from the variety of carcasses that wash ashore after a period of decomposition at sea. More often than not, these terrifyingly deformed creatures are nothing other than the scattered remains of known sea creatures. This one carcass that washed ashore earlier in May in Indonesia, however, gives off a mysterious vibe.

When a local first spotted the remains and called in some other residents as well as the authorities to check out what had just shown up at the beach, the theories as to what that blob might be, began to soar with their imagination. Some of the locals claimed it was a whale carcass, while others went further and said it could be a dead elephant. One local media outlet even went as far as saying that the creature was a giant squid. What do you think it is?

11 The Canvey Island Monster

Via: pinterest.com

Unlike most of the other monsters on this list, the Canvey Island Monster was not a one hit wonder. Not just one, but two carcasses of this mysterious species washed ashore on the British island.

The first carcass found its way to the beach in November of 1953, when the locals first encountered the creature. Their description of the carcass is about as odd as you might imagine. Its skin was thicker than it seemed at first glance. Its color leaned more towards brown, but hints of red still appealed to those who saw it. Its feet resembled the husks of a horse, but with five toes on each. Did anyone say WWII experiment gone wrong?

Weird and mysterious as their first encounter with that unusual species was, the folks of Canvey Island had to relive the nightmare as a second carcass washed ashore in August of the following year. This one was larger than the first and well conserved enough that scientists were able to collect samples for study. Nevertheless, they have yet to answer the public about what those creatures were.

10 The Goatman

Via: youtube.com

A myth with different beginnings, but one that became highly popularized as an urban legend in the United States after the first reports began to arrive of people who had seen it in the late 50s, the goatman is not something you’d want to run into during a walk in the woods. According to eyewitnesses, the goatman is, as one would imagine, a half-man-half-goat creature that reminds people a lot of the Satyr, a human hybrid creature that dates back to ancient Greek mythology. In the US, this creature became famous for allegedly committing a barrage of atrocities in the region of Prince George’s County in Maryland, such as decapitating dogs, scaring and chasing teenagers as well as terrorizing lovers who were looking for some alone time near the woods.

According to the urban legend, this creature was created when an experiment went wrong as a scientist was trying to mix his assistant’s DNA with that of a goat. In this horror movie plot, the result was the unspeakable monstrosity that has haunted several Maryland residents ever since the urban legend picked up force.

9 The Folly Beach Creature

Via: wpimg.pl

As something straight out of a science fiction movie, the Folly Beach Creature looks like something that has survived evolution for thousands and thousands of years. It was March of 2012 when this monstrosity washed ashore on South Carolina’s coast. With humongous scales that seem like they would be able to withstand bites from a Great White Shark, the Folly Beach Monster must’ve been a creature feared in the depths where it resided before getting stuck on land. The problem here is that according to the good folks at the South Carolina Aquarium, there was a rather easy answer as to what species this monster belonged to. The specialists claimed that the Folly Beach Monster was nothing more than an Atlantic Sturgeon.

While we would still rather believe this was some sort of unidentified creature, the Atlantic Sturgeon is a monster in its own right. This fish can weigh over 800 pounds, reach more than 15 feet in length, and live around 60 years.

8 Chupacabra Sighting

Via: youtube.com

The Chupacabra is one of the most elusive beasts in the world of cryptozoology. There have been so many accounts of people who have seen this mysterious creature that it is about as hard to deny that it exists as it would be to prove that it does. And as is the case with most of the creatures that join the Chupacabra in this weird “you can’t prove it’s not real” category, there are a bunch of disturbing pictures that people claim to be snaps of this elusive little beast.

Often described as an animal resembling a wild dog or coyote, the chupacabra looks and sounds to be a terrifying creature. What seems to be a consensus for people who claim to have seen the beast is that it would be about the size of a huge dog. Some say that it could measure somewhere around 4 and a half or 5 feet tall. It has red eyes and a draculaesque thirst for blood. Certainly not the kind of wild dog you would like to bump into during a hike.

7 The Roch Ness Monster

Via: collegedaily.cn

Arguably one of the most terrifying entries on this list, the Roch Ness Monster was found on November of 2015, when it washed ashore on the Hollingworth Lake near Manchester. The first interesting fact about this creepy lake monster is the name the British media decided to label it with. An obvious wordplay with the name of the famous Loch Ness Monster that supposedly resides on a lake to the north of our seventh place creature. While it might not come even close to measuring up to the enormous size that Nessie supposedly has, those teeth and snake-like body more than qualify this British creature as nightmare fuel.

The real identity of the monster locals found in Rochdale is still a mystery, but this little fact does not keep people from guessing at what this beast might actually be. The most reasonable suggestion so far was that the Roch Ness Monster was some sort of variation of a pike, a fish species that has a healthy population in the region.

6 Kitchenuhmaykoosib Nightmare

Via: liveinternet.ru

It was in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario that the Canadian version of the folkloric Montauk Monster appeared.

A couple of nurses were taking their dog out for a walk when suddenly something seemed eerie. Dogs, being the way they are with the incredible sense of smell they have, can sense things before we do. And the nurses’ dog began sniffing something. It sniffed and sniffed and then lead the two until they discovered a carcass that was unlike anything they had ever seen.

With a body that seemed like a cross between three species like a dog, an otter, and a rat, as well as a head that seems like it came out of Steven King’s worst nightmare, this Canadian monster could scare the hell out of any other beast in this list. If looks killed, there is a good chance no one would have ever seen those nurses or that dog ever again.

5 Nessie In New Zealand?

Via: genesispark.com

The most widely believed culprit thought to be the real identity behind the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric creature called the plesiosaur. Now imagine the excitement and the adrenaline pumping through the veins of Nessie believers when this picture crossed the world back in 1977. Somewhere off the coast of New Zealand, a Japanese fish trawler by the name of Zuiyo Maru hoisted a carcass that seemed to be the spitting image of a plesiosaur.

According to reports, the carcass found by the Zuiyo Maru weighed a little less than two tons and was almost 33 feet in length. Put that together with the long neck, four fins, and the long tail, and we have a very decent case for arguing that these Japanese fishermen found a decomposing cousin of Nessie, lost near the Pacific Ocean.

Some nonbelievers, however, say the creature is probably a basking shark and not the ancient beast believers around the world would like it to be.

4 Panama Alien

We have shown you almost a dozen creatures at this point. Now, could you imagine what your reaction would be if you ever had the bad luck of running into one of these things?

A similar scenario to this one happened to a group of teenagers who were playing near a cave in Panama. The group of kids was playing near the town of Cerro Azul when they suddenly realized they were not alone near that cave. What they saw was a weird creature that seemed to have rubber-like skin, crawling its way out of the cave and towards them. Sounds a lot like a scene straight out of a horror movie, right?

Well, what these teenagers did would have pretty much ruined the plot of every single horror movie in history if they were the protagonists. The group picked up a bunch of rocks and proceeded to beat the living hell out of that creature. Not satisfied with the damage they had already done with the sticks, they threw that rubbery body into a nearby pool of water and ran away. Luckily, they later came back and took the pictures so you could be the judge if they did the right thing or not. Would you have done the same?

3 The Montauk Monster

Via: refresher.sk

Perhaps the most famous unidentified creature on this list, the Montauk Monster inspired fear in the people of the Long Island region where it was found.

“We were looking for a place to sit when we saw some people looking at something” 26-year-old Jenna Hewitt told the Montauk Independent. Apparently, Hewitt and her friends were some of the first witnesses to see the monster as it washed ashore on July of 2008. “We didn’t know what it was… We joked that maybe it was something from Plum Island.”

The Plum Island Hewitt was referring to was the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. A fair suspicion, given the proximity of the facility and likely suspicions some skeptic locals have about the research facility and the alleged experiments they might be conducting on the island.

The official explanation given to the appearance of the creature was that it was a raccoon with its jaw missing.

2 The Trunko Creature

Via: yimg.jp

We watch movies with giant robots fighting oversized monsters and play games where we have to slay giant creatures in order to get experience and level up, but what would happen if one day you witnessed a battle of giants right in front of your eyes?

In December 1924, a group of people who gathered near Margate Beach in South Africa had the chance to witness an encounter that would rival the creativity of most fantasy writers. During three hours, those people watched as a pair of killer whales fought for their lives against a giant creature that became known as the Trunko. According to the eyewitnesses, the Trunko looked like “a giant polar bear.” It might have also had some kind of fish-like features in order to have kept up with two killer whales. Trunko lost the struggle and soon washed ashore the sandy Margate Beach, where this picture was taken.

1 Louisiana Monster

If you are a hunter living near Berwick, Louisiana, you might think twice before going out hunting alone after watching this video. No, we know you better than that. If you have kept up with us until this last entry, we have a fairly good idea that you are at least 1000 times braver than the two TV reporters who showed their community this little gem. The reaction from the two of them is so hilarious that we have no doubt that the one who first saw it was truly terrified and couldn’t sleep after she got the picture.

Nevertheless, the most sensible people will have similar reactions as the folks who sent out their tweets to the show saying that it was a Photoshopped image and that the thing was not real and so on. The problem here is that after it was shown on television, this picture went viral. The monster pictured in that became known as the Campfire Creature or the Louisiana Swamp Monster. It even got a page on monster.wikia. So if you believe that if a lot of people think something is real, it turns into reality, you might want to watch your back next time you’re out hunting in the Louisiana Swamps.

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