15 Creepy Photos Of Children That Can't Be Explained

There are a lot of things that children do that we don’t understand. We know sometimes they are just playing, or pretending something is there when hopefully it really isn’t. Children like things that

There are a lot of things that children do that we don’t understand. We know sometimes they are just playing, or pretending something is there when hopefully it really isn’t. Children like things that are scary and they like to get scared. It doesn’t hold them back when they are behaving out of the ordinary for us because it is just innocent play for them. Even if it’s something very, very strange. It makes it even more unsettling when we find children in strange situations. They are innocent and trusting beings and sometimes they don’t why they are here and doing what they are doing as much as we are. Children have so much innocence they don’t see things as we do, either being disturbing unnatural or just plain creepy. They lack inhibition and embrace the lifestyle of doing whatever they feel like, unless the parents say no. Sometimes it is the other way around that it is someone else forcing them to do something that they don’t fully understand but they are caught in the moment of listening to authority figures. This is a list of 15 creepy pictures of children that can’t be explained.

15 Climbing The Wall

Abandoned, dilapidated, the girls in the photo here are in clear bad living conditions. The environment is not friendly and the girls seem to be in a panic and wanting to escape. They are shown here hanging from the walls. It is unclear what they are holding onto and how they are managing to stay attached to the wall but they seem determined to stay upward. They all seem transfixed on what is on the wall and they seem to be inspecting it themselves. Being cautious and curious all the while being in a very frightening situation. If they are in a mental institution they are most likely abused and tormented not only by their own problems but the new environment they are forced to live in as well. The photo gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach as you wonder why are they doing this and if they are forced to do it. The lady in the middle facing the camera seems to be instructing them but the mystery lies still with what could this possibly accomplish?

14 One Last Family Photo

Just a few decades ago the life expectancy was not very high, especially for children. You had a lot of kids, maybe a dozen or so, just because you knew not all of them were going to make it. We weren’t as scared about death as we are now in modern times. It was a natural phase and parents while still heartbroken were very aware of this fact. Since photography was emerging as a wonderful way to remember our loved ones, people used this opportunity to remember their recently deceased. By propping them up and painting eyes on their eye lids. Since the kids weren’t going to move around so the photo wouldn’t be blurry. Families would take pictures not only of kids but any family member before they had to be put in the ground. In this particular one we have a baby surrounded by their siblings. All of them uncomfortable and rigid with this experience of posing with a loved one they would never get to know.

13 An Unexpected Visitor

The photo showcases the Cooper family trying to take a photo, with two grown women and two small children. It is hard to miss the falling mysterious figure next to them that overwhelms the photo and creates a very disturbing presence. The family is in extreme contrast, they all have extremely light skin which makes their dark features such as eyes and hair stands out more. The family is sharp and clear but the figure falling is blurry and of course in action. The shapes look especially unnerving compared to the family that is present. One child seems complacent and smiling for the camera and the other, presumably the younger child on the right, looks startled. As if he knows something the family and whoever looks at the photo don’t know. It creates a feeling that these children are in danger, if they could capture something unusual like this in a photo then what is lurking around them in that house?

12 The Girl In The Fire Building

This photo was taken when there was a huge fire that started in one of the buildings down town. Many people rushed to the scene and others took photos to capture this tragic event. Found in one amateur photographer’s camera was this picture of a little girl seen in a doorway in the middle of all this madness. Her image did not appear right away, it was only after the photo was developed that she showed up. Long after the fire was done. It is said that a body was never found and no one seemed to really know who the girl was in this photo. She looks directly at the camera, she is aware of our presence even if at the time the photographer had no idea she was there. Children are known to panic when something scary is happening, especially something life threatening. Why is she so serene?

11 The Hanging Doll

This photo is most likely a child acting up and wanting some attention from the parents. He is a young boy that appears to be well looked after for the most part. The outside of the house looks like it’s in a nice suburban area which makes this sight a little more disturbing. With his attitude and stance you can see that he knew exactly what he had done, stringing the doll up to such heights and letting it hang to mimic a suicide. Presumably if the doll isn’t his then he stole it from either a sibling or another neighbour child, which would make matters a little worse if the child was looking for the doll and stumbled upon this scene. We don’t see the beginning of the rope but it must be hanging from a curtain rod which is generally really hard to get to, this kid had to put major effort into creating this scene, especially right in the window for everyone who happened by to see in all its creepy glory.

10 Flying Girl

For this photo it just captures a moment of a video that raises even more questions. This one is actually a video on YouTube. The video showcases two girls in a forest somewhere in Russia where a cameraman walking his dog stumbles upon a girl floating in the air. No cranes or wires can be seen, and she is back on the ground in a swift motion. The video is such low quality it is not easy to splice two separate scenes together. One little girl floating way above the other ones head and seems to be enjoying it not knowing what a strange sight this really is until they are almost caught. They then run off as quickly as they possibly could. It leaves us with so many questions, how are they able to do this? They know it’s not natural based on their reaction being spotted so what is going on?

9 Masked Darlings

The children here can be seen sitting comfortably outside wearing unusual masks. The masks themselves have an eerie form, with small eye and mouth cut outs that give the illusion that the children are smiling or have a more pleasant expression. They lack human features yet they smile right back at you. The one child in the middle appears to have a much darker mask, made out of perhaps a cloth. It can be seen that it is sliding off the child’s face a little as one eye is slightly bigger than the other, giving it a much more solemn look than the rest. Although with the picture being so old it is hard to tell true details or intentions as to why they would wear such masks. You can make the argument that it is for Halloween but they still appear to be wearing everyday clothes, what could they be celebrating then?

8 The Third Child

This candid photo showcases what appear to be two children, presumably siblings playing in the living room. There can be several things pointed out about this picture. Firstly the surroundings, the house is filthy. There are mysterious stains on the wall and spots on the carpet next to the younger child. The most obvious unsettling part of this photo is of course the unusual face in the TV next to the children. With that size of reflection it can’t be another child in the background and the flash is right on top of the forehead. The TV is clearly off and with that era of TVs you would be able to tell with an overall static if it had been on before— it has clearly been off for a while. Even the children don’t seem to notice the face staring upwards behind them. They sit there innocently playing with a ball not knowing that all the while there is someone or something watching them.

7 Just A Nature Walk

In this nature picture we see a scared little girl walking around in the middle of night amongst some wild deer. She is clearly terrified, her body is twisted and she's unsure of herself and extremely nervous. Perhaps wondering why she is here in the first place? She is wearing a dress or a type of nightgown and not wearing any shoes. She is holding a toy of some kind, maybe to provide herself with some comfort while she is in the woods at night. She is clearly not meant to be here. By looking in the flash in the eyes of the deer this photo was taken at night using night vision most likely. One deer is looking directly into the camera and the other one is looking directly at the little girl. Animals are unpredictable, sometimes they seem docile but when provoked even deer can attack and be harmful even if you have better intentions. The question still remains, why would anyone let a little girl walk at night in the middle of a forest?

6 Masks In The Woods

We have a group of children here with a strange activity at hand. Six children are standing with nearly identical masks in a forest wearing once again everyday clothes. The unsettling part besides the masks and the identical workmanship of each one, representing a likeness almost to the devil with pointy ears and ribbons meant to be hair as it gives it a more down trodden look. The faces of each mask are all different, some are smiling, and some have more of a forlorn look (the girl on the end to the right). Some children have masks that have no expression or lines for a mouth at all. Perhaps it is just because they forgot or it didn’t occur to them that they would need one but with just a few slight differences it almost builds a hierarchy among them all. The bottom line comes down to again, why this disturbing mask, why are they all the same, and why are they in the middle of the woods?

5 Omayra Sanchez

This is a very disturbing and tragic story. In 1985 there was a volcanic eruption in Armero, Colombia. The volcanic debris from the eruption made landslides and mudslides that destroyed homes and killed nearly 23,000 people. One of the people was Omayra who suffered a very slow death. The debris destroyed her home and trapped her legs in a pool of water where she was not able to escape from. Her legs were in a kneeling position so any hope of pulling her out would only be the result of cutting her legs off. She was in a pool of water surrounded by reporters and relief workers for 60 hours. Her spirit would not quit during this time, she was said to have sang songs and although she was scared she did not let her impending doom get her down. The real mysterious part of the story is her eyes. With her terrible situation and death staring at her in the soul, she looks at the camera not with remorse but with a peaceful acceptance, all the while her eyes are completely black.

4 Little Adults

Two obviously little children are seen here sitting on a bench with their hands suspiciously behind their backs in a bedroom with a realistic mask sitting on both their heads. The masks themselves are not just sacks or paper with eyes and a mouth cut out, a lot of work went into these masks. They appear to represent an older lady or a grandma if you will. With big features like a large set nose, large lips that slightly curl into a smile not to represent happiness but more of a neutral content and then larger than human eyes. The eyes themselves are the basic difference between the two masks. The expression on the mask of the child on the left is more calm and collective, while the child on the right wears a mask with wide open eyes that stares past the camera into something else. The masks have extreme detail including lines around the nose and shaped eyebrows. Who are they representing? Why would they dress up like this?

3 Sleep Tight

A little girl can be seen sleeping soundly. She doesn’t appear to be distressed or in any kind of peril. It looks like this is her regular room, her regular routine and she completely trusts the environment. The real question here of course is why the goblin/gnome doll here hovering over her? You can see through the light reflecting off his eyebrow that it is a toy that was carefully placed. It’s on an edge, and placed so it appears that he is looking right into her face to see if she really is asleep. For her not to notice any kind of movement on the bed or something touching her this would have to be a very deep sleep, the kind that is not easy to be stirred from. This photo would most likely be taken in the middle of the night when such a sleep would most likely occur; they would take the photo after carefully placing the gnome and for what purpose? There isn’t much rhyme or reason as to why anyone would do this.

2 Rock-A-Bye Baby

We have a lovely family here, the older sister holding on to the chair rocking the younger siblings as they all enjoy a day outside in the country side. But all the expressions are extremely pained. The sister for starts has a concerned look as she looks beyond the camera to whatever is behind; actually that is where every figure's eyes are drawn too. As if someone they weren’t expecting just arrived. The boy on the far right holds an especially terrified expression as if he is about to cry. The dark figure in the back is hard to ignore as he is hunched over in contrasting colors compared to the children. He almost bears a resemblance to Freddy Krueger with his fedora hat and slim physique. But whatever is happening behind the camera it draws his attention as well. It is unclear if he has any relation to the children or if he is a passerby that is walking a little too close for comfort.

1 Grave Yard Visit

Taking place during a grave yard visit we see a young girl staring down into her reflection. The environment around her is calm and serene as are most grave yards. Even the water has barely a ripple going through it. What we see here is something that needs more explaining. There are two reflections in the water staring back at the little girl. The reflections are wearing similar clothes to the little girl on dry land but even the one that is supposed to be her immediate reflection looks different from her. The face is dark and she appears to be wearing a head piece. While water is unpredictable and waves or ripples can distort an image, the water is completely calm, and it only discolors her head's reflection and the top of her legs. The duplicate reflection appears to actually be standing backwards looking toward the cemetery, perhaps she is looking at her tomb stone?

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