15 Creepy Messages Sent From Beyond The Grave

All throughout history, humans have been fascinated with death. Perhaps this is because we have no idea what happens to our spirits after we die. Many experts have debated and speculated over the years, but the truth is that we will only know the answer to that question after we ourselves cross over to the other side. The only other way that we could know for sure requires the dead to communicate with us. And many people, throughout the ages and even now, believe this is indeed possible.

These attempts to communicate with the dead have taken on various forms from mysterious rituals to seances and dreams. As technology improved we used it to assist us with our attempts to converse with the dead. We started trying to record their ghostly voices and capture their fleeting images on film.

But what if ghosts are using the same communication tool that we use every day? The phone. Can they somehow connect with our phones from the other side to send us messages? The people in the list below believe that it’s happened to them. They believe they were contacted by spirits who reached out to them using texts, calls, social media, and even emails.

15 “Soree mom, 4 giv me”

Nowadays we don’t just use phones to make calls. Today our phones can send text messages, emails, and perform a huge amount of other functions. So is it possible that the spirit of a dead person could send a text message?

Not too long ago, there was the case of a student from New Mexico who had a fight with her mother and left the house raging with anger. Shortly afterward the teen was involved in a devastating head-on collision. She was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

But two full hours after she had been pronounced dead her mother received a text from her, which said, “Soree mom, 4 giv me”. The fact that the phone was recovered from the crash, completely melted and destroyed, make this story even more unbelievable.

14 Jack Froese Continued To Use His Email Months After His Death

Would you be freaked out or super excited to receive a message from beyond the grave? Friends of a Pennsylvania man who died in 2011 say they didn’t mind his posthumous emails at all, in fact, they considered them to be a blessing.

Jack Froese died suddenly in 2011 from a heart disorder, leaving his friends and family shocked and full of grief. But five months after his burial those who had been close with him started receiving strange emails from his account. It’s easy to dismiss the emails and say that they were a result of hacking, but it’s the content of the messages that makes you think otherwise.

One message, received by a friend named Tim Hart, began with a subject line that said, “I’m Watching” followed by a message that read, “'Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!!!' Hart says that shortly before Jack died the two of them had a conversation in his attic and Jack teased Tim about all the dust. No one else had been around to hear their conversation so there’s no easy way to explain this one.

13 Was This The Sound Of Someone Crossing Over?

An American teenager named Ben woke up in the dead of night to the sound of his cell phone ringing, showing an unknown number. Ben’s mother was working the night shift at the time, so he thought it might have been her. When he answered he heard what sounded like a strong wind on the other end as if someone was running. Then came a blood-curdling scream followed by a woman’s voice shrieking, “Ben! Ben, Help Me! Help Me!” before the phone cut out.

Ben ran to wake his father and together they contacted his mom who turned out to be safe at work. But later that day they found out that Ben’s great-grandmother had died, around the same time that he received the call.

12 Please Help Me

Most of us would just like to have confirmation that our loved ones are resting peacefully after death so the last type of message that we want to receive is one that suggests otherwise.

One man recounted his terrifying story which involved his sister who had committed suicide a few months earlier. Early one morning, around 3:00 am he was awoken by his phone which showed a private number as the caller. He answered, but all he heard on the other side was muffled static sounds. He was about to hang up when a female voice, identical to his deceased sister, said, “'I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me.' Stunned, he asked where she was but all he heard was a loud screeching sound before the call disconnected.

11 I’ll Never Be Mean To Anyone Again

Reports of calls from the dead have been around for years. This one comes out of the late 1960s.

Simma Liberman had just moved in together with her lover, a man named Johnny. The two were blissfully happy and planned on getting married soon. One night Johnny went out and a few hours later Simma received a strange call from him. The line was full of static and his voice sounded rushed. According to her account, he said, “I just want you to know that I love you, and I’ll never be mean to anyone again.” She tried to ask him what was wrong but the line went dead.

A few hours later she received another call, this time from Johnny’s mother. She told Simma that Johnny had been shot and killed in his car earlier that night, long before she received the strange call from him.

10 Did A Dead Man Make 35 Calls After A Train Crash?

One of the most popular stories involving messages from the dead in recent history was that of a man named Charles E. Peck. In 2008 Charles was aboard a Metrolink commuter train that was traveling through Los Angeles when it crashed into a freight train. The disaster claimed the lives of 25 people, including Charles who was killed on impact.

But in the hours after his death, Charles' phone continued to make calls to his friends and family. The phone made at least 35 calls and when his loved ones answered all they could hear on the other side was static. When they tried to call back the phone went straight to voicemail. The phone was never recovered. Was it a case of a damaged phone malfunctioning or Charles trying to communicate one more time? You decide.

9 Deceased Wife Haunts Her Husband With Text Messages

With the advent of text messages, more and more people are reporting that they have received strange text messages, possibly from the other side…

In 2008 a man from Lancashire claimed that he was getting text messages from his wife. The only problem was that his wife had died a few months earlier. The bizarre haunting started when the man received a phone call from himself and when he answered he was struck by the familiar scent of his wife’s perfume. Then the text messages began; they all came from a hidden number and they all included words and phrases that his wife had often used.

Would you want to receive phone calls or messages from your loved ones after their death or would it just creep you out too much?

8 I’m Freezing – Messages From The Dead On Facebook

Now this story courtesy of Reddit is almost certainly a hoax but that doesn’t stop it from being disturbing AF.

Reddit user Nathan used the “No Sleep” subreddit to chronicle his story of haunting via Facebook. He claims that when his girlfriend, Emily, died, he kept her FB account active and shared access with her mother. But a few months after her death he started to receive really creepy messages from Emily’s profile. She was tagging herself in pictures with him and complaining about the cold. In one message she apparently posted a picture from outside his house looking in.

Nathan was convinced that the messages were coming from her and many people believed him too, although several commented that they thought he was during it to himself because of the grief he suffered.

7 I’m Thinking About You

When people are married for a long time they form deep emotional bonds with each other. Is it possible that these bonds are strong enough to cross between the land of the living and the land of the dead? Eva, a widow from Pennsylvania, seems to think so.

Eva and her husband had been married for 58 years when he passed away in December 2014. On the anniversary of his death a year later she received flowers, cards, and phone calls from family and friends to let her know that they were thinking about her.

But later that afternoon she received a phone call from someone unexpected – her late husband. Her phone rang twice and stopped before she could answer. When she checked her phone, she was shocked to discover that the calls had come from her husband’s cell phone.

6 He Died Alone But Tried To Reach Out One Last Time

When we get the news that someone close to us has passed away it is natural to feel shock and sadness. What makes matters even worse is when we hear that they died alone and were only discovered a few days later…

A woman, who had been separated from her husband, received a phone call from the police informing her that he had passed away. They had found him in his flat and concluded that he had died two days earlier. Minutes after receiving this terrible news her phone started to ring, but when she went to answer it, she saw it was coming from her husband’s phone. She answered, thinking it might be the police calling from his phone but heard only static on the other side. What makes this story even more creepy is that she recovered her husband’s phone later on and there was no record of the call.

5 Something Strange Is Going On Here

Jeremy and Joe were best friends so when Joe suddenly died from heart trouble Jeremy was devastated. But it seems like Joe wasn’t ready to cross over.

A few weeks after Joe had died, Matt, Jeremy’s brother received a phone call from someone who sounded exactly like Joe. He said to Matt, “"Matt, it's Joe. Is Jeremy home? Something really strange is going on.” Matt was so stunned that he could barely answer. He somehow managed to recover himself enough to reply, “No, he’s not here. Sorry.” At that point, the call disconnected. Matt quickly checked the caller ID which advised that the call came from a hidden number. He tried to call back using the *69 feature but was unable to connect. Joe never called again.

4 6 Be Careful

Even celebrities have reported receiving calls from beyond the grave. Best-selling suspense author Dean Koontz is one of them.

A few years ago Koontz said that he had been sitting in his office when his phone rang, showing an unknown number. He answered the phone and a woman’s voice on the other end said, “Be careful”. She repeated this message several times before the call cut out. As Koontz put down the phone he realized that the voice sounded eerily like his mother who had died several years before.

The following day Koontz was visiting his father at the psychiatric hospital where he was being treated for mental illness. His father had somehow managed to get a knife and lunged to attack his son with it. Koontz tried to wrestle the knife away from his father. The police were called but when they arrived, they misinterpreted the altercation, thinking that Koontz was the attacker. They shouted at him to drop the knife and Koontz suddenly realized that if he didn’t comply the police were going to shoot him. He believes that the warning phone call the day before was from his mother.

3 Where Was He Calling From?

Dave lived a troubled life. He suffered from depression and suicidal idealism and to make matters even worse, he had a drug problem as well. Finally, when life became too difficult to bear Dave committed suicide by shooting himself.

But a few weeks after his death, his widow Jessica found a strange voicemail on her phone with no record of a missed call. The voicemail went on for several minutes, there was heavy static, but underneath, a terrified voice that sounded distinctly like Dave shouted Jessica’s name over and over again. A few days later the voicemail mysteriously deleted itself.

A few weeks later Dave’s best friend received a similar voicemail only this time the voice was shouting his name instead, also under heavy static. His phone showed that the call came from Dave’s phone which is impossible as his family had terminated his phone service within a few days of his death.

2 Let Me Leave A Message

During the late 1990s a woman named Betty started working at a new job. A few days into her new job her co-workers left her to answer the phones while they went out to lunch.

While they were out Mary absentmindedly answered one of her co-worker's phones. A man on the phone asked for someone unfamiliar then corrected himself and asked for Mary, one of Betty’s colleagues. Betty explained that Mary was out and the man said, “Could you tell her this is her brother? I really missed her at the family gathering and I wished that she had gone.”

When Mary returned Betty gave her this message. Mary turned white and fled, crying, out of the room. A co-worker then explained that Mary’s brother had died in a car accident five years ago and that recently she had missed a family reunion. The co-worker also said that the unfamiliar name the man had used was his nickname for his sister.

1 How Are You Doing This?

In 1969 a rock musician named Karl Uphoff, from New Jersey claimed that his dead grandmother contacted him numerous times by way of phone calls.

In her final years, Karl’s grandmother had become quite deaf, but she still insisted on making phone calls to her family even though she couldn’t hear their responses. About two days after her death Karl received a phone from a woman who sounded exactly like his grandmother. Karl asked her how she was able to make a phone call, but the line went dead. Over the next few days, Karl received many calls similar to this that all abruptly ended when Karl asked where she was or how she was able to call. After some time the calls stopped just as mysteriously as they had begun.

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