15 Creepy Kids With Even Creepier Imaginary Friends

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when your kids are constantly changing and showing you their true colors. Sure, some parents are fortunate to have been given easy children, but some parents are not so lucky and end up having to overcome some whacky circumstances. While a parent's love for their child never dwindles, it isn't uncommon for them to come face-to-face with uncontrollable issues. For the most part, parents have to deal with their kids misbehaving or acting somewhat different than what the public considers to be normal, but there are times when parents don't have the slightest clue on how to handle their kid's outbursts or problems.

We've all seen scary movies that consist of parents waking up to their young children standing at the foot of their bed, complaining about there being something strange occurring in their bedrooms. However, these scenarios don't only exist in movies and are often real problems that parents need to acknowledge. While most parents will shrug this off or blame it on their child's wild imagination, some spooky stories are just too unsettling to ignore.

It is no secret that young children are fond of imaginary friends, which is why most parents think that their kids are simply going through a phase. While some parents might think their kids' imaginary friends are "cute", this isn't always how it goes down. Now, imagine your kid telling you about their frightening imaginary friends, and then seeing proof of their existence. Pretty scary stuff, right? Well, the next 15 stories are not "cute" or "scary", they are downright terrifying.


15 "That Looks Like Kelly"

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Most parents would not think twice about their child having an imaginary friend — until something weird happens of course. When a couple heard that their 3-year-old daughter had an imaginary friend named Kelly, they were nothing short of happy that she had a "friend" to keep her company. According to their daughter, Kelly lived in her closet and would watch her sleep from the rocking chair in the corner of her room.

Two years later, when the couple was watching The Amityville Horror, their daughter came into the room during the scene where the dead girl's eyes turn pitch-black. Instead of being frightened, the then 5-year-old girl said, "That looks like Kelly."

Slightly disturbed, her parents asked her who she was referring to, and their daughter answered, "You know, the dead girl that lived in my closet."

14 "He Doesn't Want Me To Tell You His Name"

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When a child has an imaginary friend, it is very rare that they hide it from their parents. Instead, they usually babble about their newfound friends and tell their parents everything there is to know about them. Well, this isn't the case in this story.

When a young girl started talking to herself and showing signs of having an imaginary friend, her parents and family began questioning her about it. But she wouldn't say a word.

At last, she confirmed their suspicions and told them that she did in fact have a new friend, but that she wasn't allowed to tell them his name. He had made her promise. This caused her parents to become curious enough to spy on their daughter while she played with this nameless friend. So imagine their surprise when they overheard her call him by the name 'Lucifer'.

13 Her Name Was Emily

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A 7-year-old girl once befriended an imaginary girl named Emily. Allegedly, Emily lived in her closet, was also 7 years old, and had long dark hair. At first, the two "girls" got along just fine, and so her parents thought it to be cute that their youngest child had made an imaginary friend. However, things quickly took a turn for the worst, and their daughter grew distant and different. She began acting in strange ways while whispering to Emily. What's worse is that she started crying at random, waking up on the roof, and finding herself in compromising situations.

One day, the young girl's brother walked by her room and saw her sitting on the floor with her hair covering her face. She turned to meet his eyes and hissed at him. Oddly, her brother recalls her looking nothing like his sister. When he told their parents, they rushed to confront their daughter, only to be yelled at hysterically and told to, "GET OUT." The family eventually moved, without Emily, but the subject remained a touchy one. Apparently, Emily would try to turn the girl against her parents and tell her to hurt herself.

12 The Evil Bunny

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Imaginary friends come in all shapes and sizes. They can be completely invisible or even inhabit the bodies of plush animals. In this case, a 5-year-old girl found friendship in her stuffed animal. It would seem that this plush rabbit could talk and think for itself, which is what made the young girl want to bring it with her everywhere she went. One day, the girl's older cousin was watching her as she slept on the couch when she suddenly sprung awake. She began yelling at her plush rabbit, "No! You can't do that! That's bad! Don't do it."

The little girl became so hysterical that her cousin grabbed the rabbit and put it into another room. When she got back to the living room, her little cousin was fast asleep, as if the incident had never occurred. The cousin never did find out what the rabbit's plans were, and was somewhat relieved to have been spared the information.

11 "The Evil Is Coming"

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It isn't uncommon for children to have imaginary friends. In fact, most of them are harmless and actually help parents out by keeping their children busy. So when the mother of a 3-year-old started hearing about her daughter's imaginary friends, she was fascinated by her wicked imagination. Her daughter commonly played with her two imaginary friends DeeDee and Dodo, who seemed to be nice enough.

One day, when the mother walked by her daughter's room, she noticed her talking on a fake telephone. When her daughter saw her looking into her room, she instantly hung up. She looked at her mother with a strange expression and said, "The Evil is coming." Hearing this scared the crap out of her mother, who had hardly recognized her daughter's dark tone. However, she soon found out that The Evil was the name of one of her daughter's many imaginary friends — if that's any consolation.

10 "Leave Us, It Is The Punishment"

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Most of us have turned to babysitting for money at some point in our lives. The job is relatively easy, the money is good, and kids go to bed early enough that their babysitters can spend the night watching movies or chatting with their friends. However, not every babysitting gig is going to go as planned, as some kids tend to differ from others.

In this scenario, a babysitter was helping out a family friend by watching over their little boy for the night. He had been acting strange, but she didn't think much about it and put him to bed at his regular hour. A couple of hours later, she decided to go check on him and was astonished when she creaked open his bedroom door to find his bed empty. She opened up the door completely and saw that the little boy was standing in the corner, facing the wall.

When she asked him what he was doing, the boy turned around with a creepy smile on his face and whispered, "Shhh. Leave us. It is the punishment."

9 "Stop It, Jessica"

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The year Julia's little sister, Abbey, was born, she developed an imaginary friend named Jessica. It didn't take long for Julia and Jessica's friendship to take a wild turn, and sooner than later things started to get weird. One night, Abbey would not stop crying in her room. Her parents were doing everything to console her but to no avail. When Julia walked into the bedroom, she pointed near the crib and yelled, "Jessica stop it!"

The second the words left Julia's mouth, Abbey stopped crying and her parents were horrified. "Sometimes Jessica likes to put on scary masks and scare people," said Julia, adding to their dismay. A couple weeks later, Julia told her mother that when Jessica was angry her voice would get deeper and her eyes would glow green.

One year later, when Abbey started talking, she told her mother that she had an imaginary friend. When her mother asked her what her name was, she responded, "Jessica."


8 The Killer Captain

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During a parent-teacher meeting, the mother of a 7-year-old boy told his teacher that she was beginning to question her son's sanity.

Apparently, her son was being visited by a ghost called The Captain. The Captain was an old white man with a long beard who was constantly making her son cry. When the mother asked her son why The Captain was making him cry, he told her that he kept telling him that when he grew up he was going to kill people for a living. To add to this, The Captain would also tell him that the people he killed would be of his choosing.

To make matters worse, when the child would tell The Captain that he didn't want to kill people, The Captain would tell him that he didn't have a choice and that he would get used to it...after a while. So it isn't hard to understand why his mother was concerned.

7 Angels Or Demons?

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When children are young, it is very common for them to see things that adults can't. Sure, you can tell them that what they see, hear, and feel isn't really happening, but as Dumbledore would put it, "Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

When a young mother had her second child, she quickly found out that he wasn't like most children. From a very young age, her son acted as though he had angels surrounding and talking to him at any given point of the day. Unable to stop him from doing so, she left him to play with his "friends". After all, he wasn't hurting anyone, right? One day, his mother overheard him say, "I can't kill him! He's my only dad!"

6 Tony's Sister

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When a young couple's 4-year-old son asked them, "Who is that girl down the hall?" They were instantly creeped out– and with good reason. At first, they shrugged it off but their son kept asking about this girl so they decided to ask him questions about her. When the father asked his son what this girl looked like, he answered, "She looks flat."

During the next few months, their son started to ask about this girl less and less, causing them to become curious. One day, they asked their son what had happened to the girl, to which he replied, "She's Tony's sister. He says hi."

Hearing this caused the father's body to go stiff, as he had once had a best friend named Tony. You see, Tony's little sister had been run over by a car when she was only 6 years old. As for Tony, he had committed suicide when he was 16 years old.

5 The Creepy Man

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Children usually have imaginary friends or spiritual encounters from the instance they are born until reality sets in at around 7 years old. With these statistics in mind, it is common for children around the age of 3 or 4 to start talking about things or people who aren't actually there (or can't be seen my adults).

The mother of a 3-year-old boy started getting worried when her son would talk about the "Creeper Man" every single time they left her parents' house. According to her son, the "Creeper Man" lived in their bedroom, and was present every single time they went over to visit.

Curious and somewhat frightened, the mother asked her young child what this man looked like. To which he answered, "Oh, he doesn't have a face."

4 "Scotty Wants You Both To Leave"

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When two young kids started to befriend a shy and awkward 7-year-old named Andrew, they believed him to be that way because he had recently moved from out of state. Andrew seemed nice enough, but would always sit alone, slightly peeved, muttering to himself. While his two new friends thought this to be strange, it didn't stop them from playing with him or accepting his offer to have a sleepover at his house.

The kids had a great time during the day but everything changed once they fell asleep in the basement. The two boys woke up to Andrew making high-pitched noises. Although it was dark, they could see that Andrew was sitting upright and screaming. He got up, walked towards them, grabbed their arms tightly, and whispered in a dark voice, "Scotty wants you both to leave."

By the time the boys managed to escape Andrews grasp, he was laughing hysterically amidst screams. When Andrew's mom rushed to the basement, she grabbed hold of her son and said, "Scotty isn't real Andy, you're okay. " The following week at school, Andrew told the boys, "It's okay now, you won't see Scotty anymore. No one will."

3 The Dead Policewoman

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An aunt who regularly babysat her 4-year-old niece was constantly amazed by her vivid imagination. For starters, her niece was always blaming things on her imaginary friend, talking to her, and even watching Scooby Doo with her. Her aunt began to get curious over this matter and decided to investigate further. She asked her niece to fill her in on who her imaginary friend was and what she did.

"She's a she and she's dead. She does what my daddy does!" Answered the little girl. The girl's father was a policeman. "I met her when I was in my mummy's belly. She touched it when I was inside." Added the girl. The aunt was instantly shocked, as she had a cousin named Tracy who had tragically died before her niece's birth. Tracy had been a policewoman who absolutely loved everything about Scooby Doo.

2 The Creepy Twins And Their 'Bunny'

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When a 16-year-old girl was given the chance to babysit a set of twins, she jumped at the opportunity since it was the only paying job she could find. However, she quickly found out that these twins were not typical children, and were plagued by their imaginary "friend" who allegedly walked around their home in an Easter Bunny costume.

During one of her babysitting shifts, one of the twins was upstairs taking a shower while she watched TV with the other. Suddenly, he became horror-struck and turned towards her, "You need to go check on Matt," he said, petrified. Not even two seconds later, Matt started yelling, "He's in here! He's in here!!!," from the upstairs washroom. The babysitter quickly jumped up and went to his rescue, however, she never did manage to see the Easter Bunny man with her own eyes.

1 The Bad Boys In The Kitchen


When a man's 6-year-old son started to have imaginary friends, he couldn't help but shudder as this topic brought forth bad memories. You see, when this man was young he used to hear voices at night saying things like, "Is he asleep yet? No, he's just pretending." On top of that, he would also hear footsteps running around his room, which scared the crap out of him— literally. When he would relieve himself, the voices would laugh and torment him, even going as far as physically harming him in his sleep. He called them the Bad Boys in the Kitchen.

Now, decades later, this man's son approached him saying that he had met a group of boys in the night and that they had told him that they used to make his father crap his pants when he was little. Completely horrified, the father shrugged off the accusations, but couldn't help but tremble when his son referred to them as the Bad Boys in the Kitchen.


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