15 Creepy Images Taken From Your Favorite Vacation Destinations

Here are 15 Disturbing Images Taken From Your Favorite Vacation Destinations.

The point of a vacation is to relax and have fun. Doing the same thing every day can be exhausting, and all of us deserve to take a break from our everyday normal, boring lives to experience something that reminds us of what we’re all working for. For all of us, vacations can mean different things. There are some people who seem to go on vacations at least once a year, while others wait decades in between the time they’re able to take trips.

Some of us have destination spots that we visit every time we decide to escape from it all. Others might like to travel and find small or unique places that they can really call their own. Whatever you might prefer, there are a few spots both in the United States and outside of the country that some people would consider staple vacation locations. There are just some places that thrive on having tourists visit them, while others are so beautiful that people just cannot resist.

Whatever the reason, the important characteristics of a vacation location are that it’s relaxing and tranquil, not full of anything that would make a scary pictures list! What’s your favorite vacation spot? Did it make the list? Next time you’re planning your vacation, be sure to reference this list so that you can find what places are best to avoid! Do you have any vacation horror stories or pictures that showcase a scary location? For now, here are 15 Disturbing Images Taken From Your Favorite Vacation Spots:

15 The Amusement Parks In Thailand Have Demons

Thailand is a great vacation location if you’re looking to travel outside of the country. It’s visitor-friendly, which is great when it comes to foreign countries. Sometimes, traveling somewhere where people speak a different language, where they use a different currency, and where everything is printed in different words can be scary. However, Thailand is pretty welcoming to outsiders. Although it’s become a popular tourist destination, you might want to reconsider if you’re planning a trip there. The photograph above was taken at an amusement park in Thailand. It seems like a normal photograph taken of a group of friends having a great time. If you look on top of the food stand behind them, however, you can see a terrifying gray demon-looking guy sitting on top! If this is a common sight, we’ll stick to just watching travel shows from the comfort of our living room.

14 The Hand Of A Construction Worker In This Haunted Chicago Hotel

Chicago is a great city for people to travel to. Cities are great destination spots because they’re wonderful places to be, but living in them is hard. Staying at hotels is a great way to experience city living without having to actually commit to the lifestyle. One of the most popular cities in the country for people to visit is Chicago. It offers some beautiful sights and even better shopping destinations! If you’re planning a trip to Chicago, however, you might want to consider somewhere other than the Congress Plaza Hotel! In the photograph above, you can see something terrifying taken in the hotel's basement. Allegedly, there's a severed hand from a construction worker gripping onto a pipe! The hand is said to still exist there and has been perfectly preserved from the worker it came from during construction! Whether it’s just an urban legend or a terrifying secret is for you to discover.

13 Don't Use The Toilets In Australia

Australia has to be one of the most interesting places in the world. It’s a country that’s also considered a continent. They have so much rich history, stories about the origin of the people of Australia, interesting information just waiting to be discovered by tourists. It’s also known for being a pretty scary place, however. The locals there are used to it, but if you decide to ever tour Australia, you might be faced with an unknown creature you’ve never seen before! The photograph above was taken in an Australian toilet! It’s pretty terrifying to think about walking in on this in your own bathroom! It’s a place you’re supposed to feel safe and protected. You’re very vulnerable on the toilet, and unfortunately, in Australia, there might be some terrifying creatures waiting to attack when you’re down.

12 Texas Is Full Of Killer Clowns

Texas is an interesting state full of great tourist destinations for people all over the world to enjoy. They have a long history that makes them fairly unique to other states. There’s so much about Texas that makes it its own state, and even if you’re from there, there’s probably a great vacation location within the state that you've yet to discover. Since it’s located in the South and since most areas outside of the cities are pretty desolate, it seems like a safe place as opposed to a murderous city like Chicago. However, the photograph above proves that that might not be the case, exactly. This picture of a murderous clown holding a knife was captured on someone’s security camera! It allegedly walked away when it realized that all of the doors were locked and that there might be a security system in place! It's never been caught, and this isn’t even the only instance of a clown being caught in Texas! Beware if you decide to visit here!

11 These Centipedes Are Common In Hawaii

When people start to think of vacation locations, Hawaii is certainly a place that pops into most of their heads. It’s a tropical paradise filled with amazing attractions and events for people to escape to. The sights are breathtaking, and everything about this place screams vacation. Well, not exactly everything, however. All of us have encountered a house spider at one point in our lives. Though they’re creepy, usually, a shoe will do the trick to rid your home of the terrifying creature. Unfortunately, it seems like you’d need an entire shoe store to terminate the disgusting creature in the photograph above. The centipede you can see in the picture is one that’s common on the island of Hawaii! It’s a terrifying sight and seems like something that was made for a movie prop or a Halloween decoration. No matter what the case, we certainly don’t want to ever run into one of these things on our next vacay.

10 You're Never Alone In This Hotel In Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city that pretty much only exists because of people on vacation. If it didn’t have tourists flocking in every day, the city would only consist of bartenders and showgirls. Because of the focus on tourism, however, it’s become an oasis for those looking for a good time. It’s become more and more popular over the years, so it’s a bit pricey when planning a trip. After the airfare, hotel, and food costs, there isn’t much money left to gamble or buy souvenirs. Some people have found a way around this and have chosen to stay a bit outside of the city. That seems like a great plan until you start looking into some of the hotels! The photograph above was actually taken in a hotel outside of Vegas. It seems normal until you see the black figure standing in front of the window!

9 This New Orleans Amusement Park Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

New Orleans is an incredibly culture-filled city in America just waiting to be visited by anyone interested in the history of the country. They have plenty of amazing sights and events welcoming to all different sorts of people. They’re also known, however, to be a bit of an eerie location filled with some paranormal rumors and haunted activity. Although there have been plenty of alleged ghost sightings in New Orleans, one of the most haunting parts of the city has to be the location in the photograph above. It’s an amusement park in the city that was abandoned after the hurricanes. It’s a terrifying sight and something we certainly wouldn’t dream of visiting! At one point, this was a destination spot for people all over the world. Now, however, it’s a desolate wasteland of dangerous rides and terrifying buildings. Enter at your own risk!

8 A Department Store In Japan

Japan is an amazing destination spot for those interested in visiting somewhere full of culture and new exciting sights to experience. Although it’s a smaller country in comparison to others, it holds one of the largest cities in the world and is filled with some of the greatest technology humans have ever seen. Although it’s a fast-paced city that's constantly moving forward, a lot of history still exists in the country. Not all of it is exactly exciting, either. The photograph above was taken inside of one of Japan’s many abandoned buildings. It’s of mannequins outside of a department store. It’s always fun to explore a country’s history, but this is one place that we might want to stay away from if we ever decide to venture into a place like this! Although the whole city isn’t like this, it’s still a spooky sight that makes us second guess our vacation!

7 A Sunken Cruise Ship In Alaska

Alaska is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the country. They have breathtaking views of mountains and other gorgeous landscape. Unfortunately, they also have some spooky sights. One popular thing to do in Alaska is to take a cruise. Although it isn’t a tropical oasis that you might think of when it comes to cruises, Alaska is still a great place to hop on a boat with your family and explore the many things offered along the coast. It seems like a great idea; that is, until you see a photograph like this. If you look below the icy blue waters, you can see a sunken ship! The ship is so large that it’s just been left there as a terrifying sight to anyone who wants to venture over it. The waters are filled with many mysteries like big whales and seals. However, this is certainly one mystery we hope to never see if we choose to visit Alaska.

6 A Creepy Amusement Park In China

China is an incredible country filled with some seriously amazing culture. It's another place that’s rapidly evolving and always has new and exciting things for tourists all over the world to enjoy. Even though it can be fun to visit, not all of China is the best. The photograph above is of an abandoned amusement park in China. It’s always haunting to see amusement parks left behind. Once they’re forced to close, it’s usually because they don’t have the money to keep running it. If they don’t have the money to run it, they certainly don’t have the money to tear everything down. That's why you’ll see so many abandoned amusement parks like this. Once the life leaves the place, it becomes extremely haunting. The one featured above is certainly a terrifying sight. The way the fog lingers over it makes it seem like a terrifying movie set. Would you enter this amusement park?

5 An Old Animatronic In Florida

Florida is a place many Americans flock for some sun, sandy beaches, and swimmable water. It’s become such a tourist destination that many people decide to retire there as well. Many people have mixed opinions on whether or not Florida is a good place to visit, but it’s certainly true that most people you know have been there at one point or another. If you’ve vacationed in Florida, there’s also a good chance that you’ve visited Disney World. Disney World is always changing its attractions based on what is popular, is relevant, and will make them the most money. Because of this, a lot of the old attractions get tossed out. In the photograph above, you can see just that. It’s an old animatronic that they no longer had any use for. These are supposed to be exciting for kids, but this is something that looks like it was made for nightmares.

4 This Hotel In Malibu Is A Cheaper Option For Your California Dreamin'

California is one of the biggest states in America and is filled with countless places to visit. You could live there for a year and still barely see everything the state has to offer. Because of its popularity, it invites people to not only visit but choose to live there as well. However, a trip there can be pretty pricey. Airfare to get there isn’t cheap, and once you find transportation you can afford, you have to find a hotel that you can afford as well. If the price is something that scares you, look no further than the hotel located in Malibu in the photograph above! This hotel looks like the place you would go if you wanted to get murdered. There are plenty of abandoned hotels all over the state, but this one is different in that it was actually open and had rooms available to stay in when this photograph was taken!

3 Would You Stay At This Hotel?

Any place that's known for being a tourist destination is a place that needs to make sure it keeps up with interesting trends and cool attractions to maintain its relevance. It’s hard to compete with other tourist locations, but this particular hotel thought it had the perfect idea to attract as many tourists as possible. Sometimes, the worst part about vacation is having to share it with strangers. An annoying kid or a creepy old man at the pool could really ruin your good time. You don’t have to worry about that at this hotel located in Mumbai, India. Each room has its very own pool! Although this hotel still isn’t open quite yet, it’s definitely getting attention for its individuality. That’s scary, however, thinking of all the potential disasters a balcony like this could cause! Would you be brave enough to stay here?

2 A Sweet Heart Made Out Of Skulls In The Most Romantic City

Paris, France is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. What many people might not know about it is that it’s also allegedly one of the most haunted. Underneath the breathtaking streets of Paris are the catacombs, underground tunnels known for containing hundreds of thousands of bones. The bones were moved from other gravesites in order to make room for more construction. They've since been arranged into beautiful and intricate designs, like the heart above. Such designs are cool to look at; however, it’s still terrifying to remember that they're real bones taken from real people who died real deaths! Do you think you could ever be brave enough to travel down into the catacombs? They’re popular among tourists, so it’s not like you’d get lost. However, it’s still very eerie to think of yourself in such a haunting place surrounded by so many bones!

1 The Most Disturbing Vacation Ever!

Vacations are exciting for all of the things you can see. When it comes to vacationing in foreign lands, all of a sudden, you get to experience other wildlife as well. If it weren’t for zoos, many of us would never see any animals that aren’t considered some sort of rodent or pest. Even in zoos, we don’t have the ability to interact with them. In some wildlife reserves, however, you get exactly that chance! However, the guy in the photograph above doesn’t look like he’s having the best interaction with the lemur. He’s smiling, but who knows if he was that he was about to be covered in lemur pee? This photograph isn’t as haunting or spooky as some of the other ones on the list, but there’s definitely no denying that it’s absolutely disturbing! What would you do if a lemur peed on your head?


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15 Creepy Images Taken From Your Favorite Vacation Destinations