15 Creepy Facts You Didn't Know About China's Hotels

President Donald Trump believes that China is a power-hungry country about to take over the world. Well, I'm paraphrasing just a tad. The commander-in-chief actually said that China is taking advantage of the United States. “We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing,” he asserts.

In my opinion, his words are rather very hyperbolic...not to mention, offensive. Yes, China is becoming a world power, and the nation will probably continue to grow in strength and numbers. So, why is Trump referring to what Americans already know? The Chinese are bolstering their economy via trade, and they've already been a major manufacturer for Americans.

If you think I am lying, visit your local Walmart. Now go peruse the section of t-shirts with the cliché logos, or you can just look at the bottom of your drawer or laundry basket. While clothes are made in China, every material seems to be made in China too. Is the state replacing the United States as a leading power?

According to Trump, the country is only at the top. But he and his administration will provide jobs aplenty, so materials can boast of a “Made in America” tag. However, one aspect of China is hardly spoken from the mouths of American babes.

What about China's hotels? People should pay attention to the country's customer service within accommodations. After all, how much do they know of China's inns, lodgings, or hostels? Forget about the worn and tired news of China's takeover. Get lost in the reverie of their suspicious and weird places of rest and relaxation. Even though summer is almost here, Halloween can come early, you know.


15 Panda Inn

If you're ever going on a vacation, go to China.

The country has a legit hotel called Panda Inn, a place that opened up in 2014. The entire hotel is centered on pandas, and even the staff don their panda-suits for their patrons. “A panda-themed hotel [that boasts of] panda decor [and] a very involved panda-costumed staff will do everything from keep you company during tea time to playing the Jack to your Rose in the hotel's Titanic-themed room,” an article states.

Pandas and the Titanic?

While the hotel's very cute, the place has an eerie presence. Just look at the photos of Panda Inn. Could you really feel comfortable knowing nameless and faceless people are walking around in bodysuits? The rooms may look cozy, but Panda Inn looks like a crime scene waiting to happen.

14 Son Of Heaven Hotel


If you happen to be into Chinese religions, then go visit Fu, Lu, and Shou at their very own hotel.

The Tianzi Garden Hotel, which has an English translation of “Son of Heaven Hotel,” is one of China's prouder monuments. The building was built in the early 21st century, and the place even won a spot in the Guinness World Records. Crazy, right? Aside from the Son of Heaven Hotel's award, the area's entire design is an amazing and awe-inspiring feat. However, there's a couple of concerns.

The hotel's suite is in the palm of Shou's hand, literally. Guests can spend their nights in-side the fixture of a peach, and they can rest uneasy knowing their supported only by a statue's appendage. However, if the patrons are unafraid of heights and death-defying endeavors, then maybe they'll be scared of the building's outer appearance. After all, there are three gods morphed into one building. Would people feel blessed or sacrilegious?

13 Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Your American hotels may offer powdered donuts for breakfast, but China just combined the two into one building.

The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort is famously known for its doughnut-hole shape. While Fox News compares the hotel to a “horseshoe,” the area comes full circle by connecting two underground stories. The building's mostly above ground, though. At almost thirty stories, the building lights up the sky with its bluish color. Like moths to a flame, patrons are attracted to the hotel's glow. However, they should think about the area's overall eeriness, not to mention its price tag per night.

Who would want to spend $400 each night, anyway? Hmmm...well, only the crazy rich.

12 Waterhouse At South Bund


Peeping Toms will love the Chinese hotel Waterhouse at South Bund.

The hotel's nothing much to look at on the outside. The place looks more like an outdated storage unit or factory than nineteen rooms of modish furniture and high-rise windows. Looks can be deceiving, though. Speaking of looks, the place is littered with peepholes so the guests can either spy or be spied. “NHDRO,” the interior design firm behind the hotel, claims that this voyeuristic approach to living harks back to the traditional Shanghai residential alleyways called longtangs. “Among these labyrinth-like communities, neighbors would peep into each other's houses,” an article states.

The building's not shaped like a doughnut, and it's definitely not a shrine of the gods. But the place is still just as cool and creepy.

11 Eden Motel

Even Asian motels outdo American ones.

The Eden Motel in Republic of China's Taiwan will make superhero fans book their next flight overseas. The place has an actual Batman suite that's made to look like the lair of the DC Comics character. “Fans are newly freaking out over the rooms bat-like bed, flat-screen TV, bathtub, miniature gargoyles and actual Batmobile protruding from the wall,” states an article. However, the motel isn't for the prude of hearts. The inn's actually a place where lovers rent rooms for an hour or two.

Unless the dungeon-like suite's just as appealing as the Batman memorabilia, then you may want to check into the other love shacks of Eden. Is there a Jokeresque room nearby?

10 Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao


Humans have figured out how to fly above ground, and they've figured out how to swim above ground too.

The Chinese Holiday Inn, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, should be visited by water fanatics everywhere. The hotel has a swimming pool that enables swimmers to see the sidewalk be-low them. “Part of the indoor pool, which perches atop the 24-story hotel, protrudes from the main building and is suspended mid-air. Its bottom is constructed with toughened glass,” an article relays.

The amenity's a groundbreaking revelation for China's places of stay. The guests of the Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao will definitely agree with that. Well, at least one person agrees. “I felt as if I was flying in the sky—I could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pudong from's so cool and wonderful,” a patron states.

While the person's a proponent of the pool, other people may share a different sentiment. The feature's almost 100 feet high in the air, after all.

9 Waterworld Hotel

The Waterworld Hotel may not be the creepiest inn in China, but it's definitely the coolest.

The building is located in Songjiang, China, in the middle of the greenest patch of land known to man (probably). However, the resort is notorious for other surroundings.

“Set in a spectacular water filled quarry, the 400 bed hotel is constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities,” an article states.

Who needs mythical lands when you can just take a trip to the Waterworld Hotel? The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Unless you have aquaphobia.


8 The Mountain Retreat Inn


Come to The Mountain Retreat Inn, if you're one with Mother Nature.

The resort's located in the Guanxi area, and guests are surrounded by woodlands and rivers. The place looks like a fairy-tale cottage, so hikers, yogis, or couples should really invest their time and money (only $62 a night!) into the inn. “It's all very eco-friendly, with sustainable local bamboo used for furnishings where possible, but it's the scenery that makes this one for the scrapbook,” an article relays. The place looks and sounds too good to be true. So, what are the drawbacks?

The destination's locale seems to be isolated and removed from cell service, so people who are in serious need of medical attention will possibly turn out to be in bad shape. They would be stuck in the midst of a remote area with a broken bone or allergic reaction.

Talk about someone's worst nightmare.

7 Grand Hyatt Shanghai

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai will make you either love or hate laundry even more.

The hotel has a beautiful interior design, so guests are floored when they come inside. They feel like they're in a maze because of the winding floors, expansive hallways, and empty space. However, they check into the hotel for more than appearances. “Dirty loads drop from floor 85 right to the basement in Jin Mao Tower on a daily basis down a 400-meter laundry chute,” an article relays.

The hotel has a unique spin for sure, but the place will literally make patrons' heads spin. There are fifty-six floors for the 555 rooms, so people feel like they're ants trapped inside a spacious, luminous anthill. The blinding lights and swirling staircases will probably give people headaches, nausea, and sweaty palms.


6 Commune By The Great Wall


Is the Commune by The Great Wall serene or scary? You decide.

The building has an unappealing exterior, and the building is surrounded by deciduous trees, dirt, and molehills. The hotel looks more like a rusted trailer than a gold mine of amenities, but guests may be pleasantly surprised. “This unique hotel offers excellent accommodations overlooking The Great Wall of China. The 'Walnut Valley' of the [resort] consists of 11 villas with 46 guest rooms. The 'Stone Valley' section includes 31 villas with 190 guest rooms, a kids' club, a spa, a fitness center, and a conference center,” an article states.

While attendees can get in touch with their environment, they'll also have to cope with the downside of the Commune by The Great Wall. Could they survive in such a barren terrain?

5 Four Seasons Hotel

If you're afraid of heights, then the Four Seasons Hotel is your biggest nightmare come true.

The building has mimicked skyscrapers, and the guests are occupying rooms that are shrouded in mist. With almost 100 floors, about 350 rooms, and approximately 40 suites, patrons have plenty of room to panic. “[The hotel] is situated within the Guangzhou Inter-national Finance Center. It is considered one of the tallest skyscrapers and one of the highest hotels in the world,” an article states.

My heart's racing, and my hands are shaking already.

4 HNA Platinum Mix Hotel


May the victims rest in peace.

The HNA Platinum Mix Hotel made headlines for its deadly fire. At least ten people were killed, and sixteen people were sent to the hospital. “Plumes of smoke engulfed the [hotel] in Nanchang, the capital of China's Jiangxi Province. Firefighters found seven bodies in the blaze debris. Three of the 16 people hospitalized died despite receiving medical attention following the fire,” an article reports.

The fatal incident occurred in February of 2017, so police are still investigating the scene. According to the article, they have detained seven people. Whether the hotel's fiery outbreak was the cause of an electrical misfire or foul play has yet to be determined. However, the case is still just as harrowing either way.

If you're visiting China's particular province, book a room in another hotel.

3 Cecil Hotel

The real-time version of American Horror Story: Hotel resides in Los Angeles. Poignant, right? Even though the hotel isn't located in China, it's the paragon of hotel horrors, and a Chinese-Canadian woman is the hotel's latest victim.

Elisa Lam was staying at the Cecil Hotel when she mysteriously died. People were very intrigued by her death. Did she commit suicide, or was she killed? “We reported on the in-credibly creepy and gruesome case of Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist who was found in a water tank at the top of the infamous Cecil Hotel, a hotel well known to have housed two serial killers and a myriad of strange deaths and suicides,” according to an article.

The Cecil Hotel was located in an unsavory part of California, and the young woman struggled with severe bipolar disorder, so the two combined proved to be a deadly concoction. While law enforcement ruled her death as a suicide, people had to speculate. After all, video feed of the woman showed her in a frantic state on the elevator, and a YouTube video showed how the footage was edited. However, they were just toying with conspiracy theories surrounding Lam's tragic passing.

Until her case resurfaces, the possibilities will remain.

2 Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel


The future's already arrived in China.

The Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel is known for an extraterrestrial style, and guests feel like they've entered another world. When they walk into the hotel, they're greeted not by staff, but by robots. “With robots, neon and shiny surfaces as far as the eye can see, a stay in the hotel has become a must for both local and visiting tech fans,” an article relays. The inside of the building looks like the inside of a space shuttle, so guests can expect visual stimuli more than physical comfort.

The rows of desktops separated by metal, rooms glowing with a bluish light, and robotic staff can create a wooden space...not to mention, a creepy vibe. What if the robots take over the hotel, and make their human guests serve them? If the hotel is doused with such a sci-fi feel, then who knows what could happen?

Visit the Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel at your own risk.

1 'The City Of The Dead'

Okay, okay, so what's deemed “The City of the Dead” isn't a hotel. However, the rows of empty mansions might as well conglomerate into one.

The pricey villas are worth millions, and they were built to accommodate wealthy Chinese citizens. An entire metropolitan area was constructed, yet nobody lives in the homes because of the expenses. They may be able to afford a house in itself, but they can't afford to trek long distances into the city. “In a bid to cater to those wanting to invest in property, entire cities have been built complete with skyscrapers, shopping malls, highways and parks. But they are often devoid of residents and turn into soulless 'dead zones',” an article states.

While investors thought they were going to become wealthy, they ended up with wasted time, effort, energy, and money. The lifeless city has been dead for six years, and people are very upset. “It's a madness—homes built to stand empty,” a person says.

Not only is the area creepy, but the area's also inefficient.

[Insert the rolling eyes emoji here.]

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