15 Creepy Facts About The Craigslist Killer, Super Miranda Barbour

Plenty of serial killers have some sort of God complex, and Miranda used hers to transform into a dark superhero/villain.

When Craig Newmark founded his website Craigslist in 1995, there’s no way he had any idea what a gigantic phenomenon it would become. At first, Craigslist was simply a place friends could tell one another about local events they could attend and personal belongings they no longer needed. More than twenty years later, Craigslist is a place where people can find, buy, or sell literally anything. For the most part, this makes the site an invaluable resource in today’s highly digital age. There's a dark side, however, in that some people have used Craigslist for truly horrific things.

Enter Miranda Kamille Dean Barbour, a woman who would later call herself “Super Miranda.” In late 2013, Miranda and her husband, Elytte Barbour, murdered a man she met through Craigslist, leading to a sensational trial that soon captivated all of Alaska, where the killings took place. Soon, the rest of America was interested as well, because Miranda started claiming she had killed dozens if not hundreds of people throughout multiple states.

In light of what Miranda has claimed, police investigations are ongoing in several states checking into the truth of her comments. Although their findings are suggesting she may not be entirely truthful in her story, the details Miranda offer nonetheless manage to reveal volumes about who she is as a person and a murderess. Plenty of serial killers have some sort of God complex, and Miranda used hers to transform into a dark superhero/villain, at least in her own mind. To learn how a woman could attempt justifying the slaughter of dozens in the name of some perverted sense of justice, keep reading for 15 shocking facts about Craigslist Killer “Super Miranda” Barbour.

15 She Was Abused By Her Uncle

Perhaps the most commonly shared trait between serial killers in modern society is a horrific childhood. Miranda Barbour definitely fits this part of the profile, having suffered unspeakable abuse at the hands of her own uncle from the time she was only four years old. In her own words, Miranda stated that her Uncle Rick had created “a monster” inside of her. Rick did so by repeatedly molesting Miranda during family “sleepovers,” which were a constant in her life after he had moved into the same neighborhood as her family. While Miranda’s parents ignored her complaints about severe pain in the areas he abused, the finally believed their daughter when her younger sister Ashley started saying the same things. Rick was sentenced to 19 years in jail for his actions but was released in nine. Almost immediately after, he was sent back to prison for possessing illegal images of children. Seeing Rick released and relapse, plus knowing he could get released again, are two things Miranda would later admit heavily inspired her actions.

14 She Joined A Satanic Cult At A Young Age

People who experienced the childhood trauma inflicted on Miranda Barbour are often highly susceptible to drug abuse and shady authority figures, both areas where Barbour again sadly falls in line with expectations. According to her father, Miranda was addicted to heroin by the time she was 12. The same year, Miranda also joined what she describes as a “Satanic cult,” headed by a charismatic leader she refers to only as "Forrest." Miranda’s mother described an incident where Forrest carved a swastika into Miranda’s neck, which the future killer almost seemed to think was a sign of love. After getting caught, Miranda would claim her first murder came one year into her time with the cult, a random killing to please her master. To this day, Miranda professes to worship and follow Satan from her prison cell. Proving absolutely nobody wants this kind of bad PR, the actual Church of Satan has denied any involvement in her actions.

13 She Was In And Out Of Psychiatric Hospitals As A Teen

Given the abuse Miranda Barbour suffered as a child, it would probably be fair to say the poor kid seriously needed psychiatric care from a young age. Not that a steady therapy regimen would have necessarily helped her, though, as Barbour’s father and one of her friends explained she's been in and out of various treatment facilities. Miranda was typically admitted for what her father Sonny Dean called “behavior issues,” which one of her fellow patients speculated were self-harm, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Worshipping a Satanic cult leader is probably another issue her therapists regularly discussed with Miranda. Unfortunately, Sonny would also explain that Miranda was a master manipulator, to the extent she could convince therapists she was “cured” and earn early release before any of her problems were actually fixed. Upon achieving “freedom,” Miranda would immediately go back to doing drugs, hanging out with her cult, and performing as a go-go dancer in her spare time.

12 Members Of The Cult Routinely Abused Her

As should probably be expected of a Satanic cult, the one joined by Miranda Barbour during her teenage years forced the girl through absolutely hellish behavior during her entire stint as a member. In addition to allegedly telling Miranda to kill, the cult also apparently forced her to have an abortion after one of its male members got her pregnant. Miranda claims they tied her to a bed and made her take drugs that somehow terminated the pregnancy, ultimately inspiring her to leave the cult. Doing so only made things worse for her, though, as the “exit fee” was a gang assault that she claims to have barely survived. All that said, Miranda’s parents deny pretty much the entire story, and they have fairly good reason to do so. After hearing about the abortion, her mother brought her to a doctor, who concluded Miranda showed no signs of an ended pregnancy, let alone any pregnancy at all.

11 She Lured “Companions” On The Internet

After enduring years of abuse from her uncle and a Satanic cult, Miranda Barbour finding Craigslist could almost be considered a dark omen in and of itself. Initially, she used the site for something plenty of others have done without murderous intentions: selling her body for money. Well, maybe we shouldn’t go that far, as Miranda’s husband Elytte claims there was never any sexual contact implied, and she was simply a “companion” for lonely older men. Why exactly a lonely person would pay up to $850 for conversation is a question police working prostitution cases ask virtually every collar, so this story is a little hard to believe. Another issue that often comes up in police investigations is escalation, when a criminal act quickly balloons into a much more severe one, and yet again, Miranda Barbour exhibited the classic behavior expected from a vicious monster with regard to that term.

10 Her Husband Co-Conspired The Craigslist Killing

As this article continues, you’re going to learn Miranda Barbour has made some terrifying and outrageous claims since getting caught, yet officially speaking, she's only been charged with one murder. Being described as a Craigslist Killer, it should be obvious where she found her first victim. Mere weeks after marrying Elytte Barbour, Miranda placed another ad offering her “companionship” services, only this time, the couple had a dark second motive behind the actions. According to Elytte, they had wanted to kill someone together from the day they met, and Troy LaFerrara, one of the people responding to her ad, seemed like the perfect target. With Elytte hiding in the trunk, Miranda took LaFerrara out on a date, using the code words “Did you see the stars tonight?” to signal her husband it was time for him to reveal himself and strangle their victim to death.

9 She And Her Husband Celebrated The Murder At A Strip Club

What serial killers do after murdering a victim often speaks volumes about what drove them to commit such a senseless act. In Miranda and Elytte Barbour’s case, it merely shows how far their depravity goes. After disposing of Troy LaFerrara’s body, the Barbour’s went to Wal-Mart, where they purchased various cleaners required to remove evidence from their car. Deciding it was too much work, they switched gears and headed to a strip club. Coincidentally, or perhaps because the whole thing was a present, it also happened to be Elytte’s 22nd birthday, almost making the location appropriate, if not for the horrific murder they just committed. Admitting they were on “a high” from having taken a life, Miranda nonetheless expresses regret for visiting the strip club. Obviously, there were no moral reservations, but in her words, “it was a total buzzkill” because “the girls were just dirty.”

8 She Tried Claiming Self-Defense Before Her Husband Told The Truth

Though separated perhaps forever in far away jail cells, Miranda and Elytte Barbour apparently continue professing their love for one another to this day. Quite frankly, this is a little bit surprising, considering Miranda might not have even found herself behind bars had Elytte never told the truth. Miranda was actually arrested three days prior to her husband, and during that time, her story was that Troy LaFerrara was killed in self-defense. Given they questioned her husband at all, it's pretty obvious police didn’t believe Miranda’s story. That said, they might not have discovered the truth had Elytte not so readily cooperated, openly admitting the real story during his first police interview. While Miranda alleged LaFerrara had attempted to molest her on a normal date, Elytte came forward with the fact they had been planning to kill someone together since the day they were married.

7 She Tried Using Craigslist To Kill Multiple Times Before It Worked

Anyone who has ever used Craigslist knows the site can be amazing, yet those who use it safely also need to be aware it isn’t perfect. In theory, people can find absolutely anything they could ever want on Craigslist, but sometimes, the things they’re looking for aren’t for sale in the area. Other times, the person you’re trying to do business with disappears, and there’s no real way to track them down. Of course, these people may well have their reasons, and the two men who ghosted on Miranda Barbour unknowingly saved their lives in doing so. According to both Miranda and Elytte, Troy LaFerrara was, in fact, their third intended victim, having sought out two others the exact same way, but they luckily bailed on her the night of their deadly dates. After having read this article, we imagine anyone planning a Craigslist casual encounter in the near future might consider doing the same just to be safe.

6 She May Have Killed “22 to 45” People

So, Miranda Barbour is in police custody, and they don’t believe her self-defense story. Her husband gets involved and tells the truth, and now, the cops know she’s a murderer. This is the story Miranda Barbour stops being just a Craigslist killer and may well be exposed as a serial killer, at least if her own claims are to be believed. Caught red-handed in the Troy LaFerrara case, Miranda decided to come clean about having murdered “more than 22 but less than 100” people, a number she later slightly amended to saying was close to 45. According to Miranda, the vast majority of these murders happened in her native Alaska, though she also alleges victims in Texas, North Carolina, and California, states she visited with her family on childhood trips. Until further investigation is concluded, Miranda is only on trial for LaFerrara’s murder. Of course, this hasn’t stopped certain media outlets from taking Miranda seriously and heavily covering her story.

5 Authorities Have Trouble Accepting Her Story

If Miranda Barbour’s story is true, she is, without question, the most vicious and prolific teenage serial killer in history. This is merely one of several reasons police are questioning her claims, thinking it would be almost impossible for someone Miranda’s age to have gotten away with such vicious acts for so long. There’s also the issue that everyone in Miranda’s family calls her a manipulative liar, her father going so far as to call several of her claims outright impossible. However, the fact authorities didn’t find Miranda entirely credible doesn’t mean they didn’t investigate at all. Both Alaskan police and the FBI have scoured the states Miranda claimed her dirty work was done, and have, thus far, been unable to connect her with any other criminal activity. Miranda argues she could tell authorities exactly where “body parts” could be found, yet they haven’t taken her up on the offer, not fully believing she could do so.

4 Meet Her Murderous Alter Ego, Super Miranda

One theory offered as to why a woman would brag about committing fake murders is that it could help her chances of later getting away with the crime with an insanity plea. If that’s what Miranda was going for, she may have well skipped right ahead to the part where she believes her murders actually made her a superhero. Calling herself “Super Miranda,” she has stated, “People think I’m a monster, but I’ve done a lot of good.” In Miranda’s own words, when she heard about her victims, something inside of her went "off like a switch,” adding, “It’s dark. It’s violent. It’s like another person.” This “other person” tortures victims into admitting their “crimes” and then kills them anyway, hardly the actions anyone but a monster would consider superheroic. That said, should everything Miranda claims about her actions turn out to be true, it wouldn’t be a total stretch to call it warped, misguided vigilante justice (as if there’s any other kind).

3 She Argues Her Victims Were All “Bad People Who Did Bad Things”

Confronted with her crimes, how could a self-professed serial killer like Miranda Barbour possibly justify what she had done? Especially given her own history of abuse, the answer is pretty simple. According to Barbour, her victims were all child molesters of some kind, either directly seeking to have sex with her after she had lied and had claimed to be a minor, or in other cases, people who prostituted children against their will. Barbour’s youthful appearance allowed her to pass as 16 or younger, making it illegal for men to answer the ads she left on Craigslist in the first place. It confirmed Troy LaFerrara’s case, Barbour claims she waited for him to confirm he wanted to have sex with a 16-year-old before saying the code words that made her husband strangle him. Should all of this be true, it’s a little harder to totally condemn Barbour for her actions, though it must still be acknowledged they were horrifically misguided. There are much safer, less violent ways to deal with predators, and hunting them down on Craigslist only serves to put everyone in danger.

2 She May Have Been Inspired By The TV Show Dexter

When Miranda Barbour started claiming her alleged crime spree was an act of vigilante justice, the vast majority of media outlets were extremely quick to draw a comparison. Throw in the fact Miranda openly stated she was succeeding where she felt the justice system was failing, and the murderous Alaskan almost has the exact same story as TV’s Dexter Morgan. Miranda would hardly be the first killer compared to Dexter, yet the breadth and span of her alleged crimes had many wondering if she was a fan of the show. In fact, Miranda’s own sister suggested she was obsessed with the program, though Miranda suggested otherwise. While she admitted Dexter was “good,” she also felt it wasn’t very believable. There goes that theory. However, those looking to blame television can still do so, as Miranda closed out her thoughts on the subject by saying she was a huge fan American Horror Story, which she found the more “realistic” show.

1 She Tried To Commit Suicide In Prison

Despite all her claims about feeling justified in committing countless senseless murders, Miranda Barbour also admitted to what would look like an act of contrition. Of course, it could also be described as an act of cowardice, with the accused murderer terrified about facing punishment for her crimes. The way she puts it, however, it was neither but rather “pressing the reset button.” Due to a strong belief in reincarnation, Miranda Barbour once attempted to end her life from within her prison cell. Her plan was to smash a light bulb and use the pieces to cut her wrists. It failed when she shattered the bulb so significantly there were no pieces left to maim herself with. Believe it or not, this detail goes contrary to everything she had claimed about following a Satanic cult, as suicide is generally frowned upon in such circles.

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