15She Was A Pr-------e Pimped By Her Own Brother

While the very beginning of Magdalena Solís’s story is more or less a mystery, by the time her life started getting documented, it had already taken a seriously dark turn. Still extremely poor by the time she reached her teens, Solís became a prostitute the minute it became viable for

her to do so. Creating a warped family business, Magdalena’s own brother Eleazar served as her pimp, initially selling her body to their close friends before moving on to random customers. Given the scenario, there’s also a chance the two may have been involved in an incestuous and/or abusive relationship, although little concrete evidence supports the idea, and neither has commented on it. Either way, it’s extremely disturbing to imagine a teenager selling his sister’s body, not to mention the fact she seemed to be okay with it. Based on what she would do later, it may well have been her idea all along.

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