15 Creepy Criminals Who Were Ruthlessly Murdered In Prison

History is plagued by notorious killers who took the lives of innocent men, women, and children in the most ruthless ways.

History is plagued by notorious killers who took the lives of innocent men, women, and children in the most ruthless ways. These predators calculate their crimes and rob their victims of living out their lives, and when they get caught, they prepare for a new life of their own locked up behind bars.

High-profile murderers can gain respect in jail, but many find themselves going from being the hunter to the hunted. Their horrific acts may have terrorized neighborhoods all around the world, but things change when they're caged, sometimes for life, with other criminals whose desire to kill doesn't end when their prison terms begin. These 15 merciless men made headlines after slaughtering their unsuspecting victims before they, too, met the same fate. Sometimes prisons try to keep them away from other inmates for safety reasons, but obviously, they found themselves in vulnerable situations.

There's a saying: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." While there are those who agree with this statement and don't believe in harming those that have harmed them, there are others who think that these men got exactly what they deserved. Before you jump on either bandwagon, you might want to read through these heinous crimes.

15 Lee Roy Martin

South Carolina serial killer Lee Roy Martin was known as the "Gaffney Strangler." He often said that he suffered from having multiple personalities, but most people contend he was just a vicious, maniacal murderer. Martin's first kill was Annie Lucille Dedmond, but authorities didn't even suspect him for the crime. Her husband was instead arrested and convicted of her murder, but Martin called a local newspaper to tell them that the police had the wrong man. To prove it, he gave details and locations of three other women he had raped and/or killed. Annie's husband was released from prison.

Martin was later sentenced to four life terms but, in 1972, was stabbed to death by an inmate named Kenneth Rumsey who himself was serving out 18 years for murder. Rumsey was sentenced to an additional 20 years. In 1977, Rumsey hanged himself in his cell.

14 Jeffrey Dahmer

When Jeffrey Dahmer described his crimes, he spoke in a cold, matter-of-fact way that sent chills down everyone's spines. He is known as one of the most prolific serial killers in history for drugging, raping (before and after death), murdering, and then cooking and eating his victims. From 1978 to 1991 Dahmer killed 17 men and kept their dismembered remains in his refrigerator. His case gained global attention, and he was sentenced to 16 life terms, a punishment that many believed didn't fit the crimes. Dahmer was placed in solitary confinement for his protection, but he was occasionally let out into the general population where he was the target of other inmates who wanted a piece of the Milwaukee Cannibal. In 1994, he was on work detail with two other prisoners, including Christopher Scarver, who beat him to death with a metal bar.

13 Gerard John Schaefer

The police are in place to protect and serve, but sometimes, they use their uniforms to lure unsuspecting victims. Gerard John Schaefer, Jr. was a sheriff's deputy who, while he was working, picked up two girls he saw hitchhiking. He drove off to the woods, tied them to a tree, and told them he was going to sell them off as prostitutes. He got a call on his police radio and had to leave, but while he was gone, they were able to break free. They ran to the nearest station to file a report. He was charged with false imprisonment and assault but quickly posted bail. Two months later, he kidnapped, tortured, and murdered two teenage girls. Authorities believe he was also involved in 30 other murders, and in 1973, he started serving out two life sentences. In 1995, he was stabbed to death by another inmate named Vincent Rivera.

12 Jesse Anderson

Jeffrey Dahmer wasn't the only one to lose his life during the scuffle with his killer Christopher Scarver (above right). The third prisoner working with the two inmates, Jesse Anderson (above left), was also involved in the deadly fight. Scarver beat not only Dahmer to death; he did the same to the other.

Even if his life wasn't taken at the hands of another, Anderson was going to spend the rest of his life in prison. In 1992, after taking his wife out to dinner, Anderson murdered her, stabbing her about her face and head. He then turned the knife on himself, stabbing his chest superficially. Anderson told police that two black men were responsible for the attack, even offering up fake evidence he said they left at the crime scene.

Scarver never gave a real reason as to why he killed Dahmer but when asked about Anderson, he said that he was upset that Anderson had blamed his wife's killing on black men.

11 John Geoghan

This former priest, John Geoghan,  is responsible for scarring the lives of at least 130 children for decades. He was regularly accused of molesting young boys, and instead of the Roman Catholic Priest being turned in to authorities, he would just be reassigned to a new church. One man even told church officials that he caught Geoghan molesting his son. Another woman complained that he sexually abused her children and settled with the church out of court. The Boston archdiocese paid $10 million to 86 of Geoghan's victims, and he was sentenced to nine to ten years in prison. In 2003, Geoghan was strangled and stomped to death by his white supremacist cellmate, Joseph Druce, who was serving out a sentence of life without parole.

10 Donald Harvey

Serial killer Donald Harvey claimed to have killed 87 people, but investigators have tied him to 40 to 60 deaths. When Harvey was 18-years-old, he began working as an orderly, caring for ill patients. Harvey said that it was his empathy for the terminally-ill patients that made him take their lives, although he did admit that there were a few people whom he killed because they made him angry. His methods of murder were vast: suffocation, poisons, HIV, hepatitis B, or even puncturing their abdomens. The patients weren't the only unlucky ones to cross Harvey's path either. He poisoned his lover for cheating on him and did the same to a couple of his neighbors. He was given 28 life sentences in 1987, and on March 28 of this year, he was found beaten and near death in his cell. He died two days later.

9 Sidonio Teixeira

We like to think that a father will always do what he can to protect his children, but Sidonio Teixeira is a different kind of parent. In 2007, he killed his three-year-old daughter and tried to take the life of his nine-year-old son. A year later, he was convicted and sentenced to life in a prison that was known to have a high-security detail.

On the morning of June 21, 2016, Teixeira went from victimizer to victim when he was beaten to death with a rock covered by a sock. Authorities say that fellow inmate Victor Castigador, also serving a life sentence, was the man behind the bloody assault. Castigador has a rich history of his own as he was convicted of robbing an arcade, but only after he tied up the security guards and cashier, took them down to the basement, put them in a wire cage, doused them in gasoline, and threw in a lit match. The two guards died.

8 Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Some say that Colombian serial killer Daniel Camargo Barbosa's murderous life was the result of a childhood that aided in him becoming a psychopath. He didn't have much of a relationship with his father even though he was home, and when Barbosa's mother wanted to punish him, she made him dress in girls' clothing so he could be teased by other children. As an adult, Barbosa moved on from being a petty criminal to a serial killer, raping approximately 150 young girls. His awful crimes were found out, and in 1977, he was sentenced to 25 years in a Colombian prison. However, in 1984, he escaped the jail and fled to Ecuador, where, for two years, he continued his reign of terror on little girls. After murdering a nine-year-old girl in 1986, he was arrested once again and confessed all of his crimes to authorities. Barbosa claimed to have found God while in prison, and in 1994, Geovanny Noguera made sure Barbosa would meet his maker when he killed him.

7 Albert DeSalvo - The Boston Strangler

Between 1962 to 1964, a murderer stalked the streets of Boston, killing 13 women. Authorities couldn't figure out who could be responsible until one fateful day when Albert DeSalvo knocked on a woman's door pretending to be a detective. He tied her up, raped her, and then ran off. He pulled the same trick with another woman, but that time, he acted as if he were having car trouble. He was eventually arrested for being a serial rapist, but while in jail, he confessed to being the Boston Strangler. Police took him at his word because they claimed he knew details of the women's homes that hadn't been revealed. However, because there was no evidence tying him to the crimes, some weren't as convinced. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to life in prison, but it didn't take long for him to escape. The next day, though, he turned himself in, and six years later, he was found stabbed to death. His killers are still a mystery.

6 Thor Nis Christiansen

Danish-American serial killer Thor Nis Christiansen began his crime spree in the late 1970s. He started by picking up hitchhikers and holding them hostage. He would then shoot them in the head and sexually assault their corpses, a fantasy he'd had for years. The bodies of four women were found on the sides of isolated roads in California. A fifth victim was able to escape after Christiansen shot her in the head while she was in his car. Two years later, she was hanging out a local bar and saw the man who had tried to kill her, thus leading to his arrest. Police were able to link him to the mysterious murders, and he was sentenced to life in 1980. The following year, while he was at the Folsom State Prison exercise yard, he was stabbed in the chest by an unknown inmate.

5 Colin Hatch

Colin Hatch was a deeply disturbed man. He assaulted a number of young boys and was put in prison in the early 1990s. He was paroled in 1993, and just 11 weeks later, the predator struck again. Hatch's very own lawyer told authorities that if he was ever set free, he would become a repeat offender, but his concerns fell on deaf ears.

Hatch met seven-year-old Sean Williams and lured him back to his house. After he was finished abusing the child, he wrapped up Sean's little body in trash bags and left him in an elevator where he was found by a mailman. For that crime, Hatch was sentenced to life in prison, a term that he began serving in 1994.

In 2011, a prisoner named Damien Fowkes attacked and killed Hatch. Fowkes also attempted to kill child murderer Ian Huntley, but Huntley survived the assault.

4 Richard Loeb

When we think of young, wealthy men who get into trouble with the law, they're usually connected with white collar crimes. Such was not the case with Richard Loeb. He was known to be quite intelligent and was the University of Michigan's youngest graduate when he got his degree at 17-years-old. He then went on to study law at the University of Chicago and linked up with a fellow student named Nathan Leopold.

The two men were obsessed with the macabre and decided they wanted to commit the perfect crime. In 1924, they kidnapped and murdered a 14-year-old boy by beating him in the head with a chisel. Both men were sentenced to life plus 99 years, but in 1958, Leopold was paroled. He died in 1971 of a heart attack. Loeb, on the other hand, was slashed to death with a razor blade by fellow inmate James Day, who asserted that he had attacked Loeb for making sexual advances.

3 Leslie Bailey

There are few things scarier than a pedophile child killer, except when they get together with others just like them. In the 1980s, Leslie Bailey, along with a dozen of his sick friends, created a gang that would lure young boys off of the street or would hire "rent boys." The victims were drugged and raped as the horrific group of men engaged them in orgies in an apartment that was specifically rented for their torture parties. Bailey was found guilty of the murder of 14-year-old Jason Swift and seven-year-old Mark Tildesley. Others were reluctant to give information to police, but Bailey freely confessed to his role in the group's crimes.

In prison, Bailey was jailed separately from other inmates, but during a "free roaming" time, Bailey was found strangled in his cell. Inmates Michael Cain and John Brookes killed Bailey and tried to make it look like a suicide, but an autopsy revealed murder as the cause of death.

2 Donald Leroy Evans

Authorities believe that between 1985 and 1991, Donald Leroy Evans killed at least three women. He confessed to taking the lives of over 70 people, which he did by killing them at parks and rest stops all over America. He would lurk around looking for women before sexually assaulting and murdering them. He kidnapped one of his victims, a homeless girl, and spent the day assaulting her. Authorities were skeptical about his stories until they were able to link him to unsolved murders. He was given the death penalty, but before the Mississippi State Penitentiary officials could snuff him out, another prisoner beat them to the punch. While showering, another death-row inmate caught Evans off guard and stabbed him to death. We can't imagine there were too many people who cried when they learned the news.

1 Charles Schmid

Charles Howard "Smitty" Schmid, Jr. had a difficult childhood, but when his teenage years hit, everything changed. People remember him being a polite and smart kid who was a jock in high school. Known as "The Pied Piper of Tucson," Schmid altered his appearance with a fake mole and caked on makeup, but this more unflattering look was still a hit with the ladies.

In 1964, Schmid got two of his friends to convince a girl named Alleen Rowe to go on a double date, but Schmid had actually already picked her as his first victim, strangling her and burying her in the desert. He told one of his girlfriends, Gretchen Fritz, about his crime and when they fought, she threatened to turn him in, so he killed both Gretchen and her sister, Wendy.

He was sentenced to life in prison, but this was later commuted to 50 years. In 1975, two other inmates stabbed him 47 times. After losing an eye and a kidney, he died 20 days after the attack.

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